You Can Still Be Cool With Green Spandex

By: Guiltshow

Disclaimer:If I owned it...well. I would own it. And be cool. And wear ninja bunny pjs.

Staring at the ground, the young, enthusiastic ninja just stared. He felt lost. He knew he could turn to his sensei for advice...or he could train to get his mind off of it.


Yes. It. He couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with him. Sure, he was a different ninja. He had different styles, different powers, and...different looks.

Staring up now, he redirected his gaze and looked at the stars. They had different looks...what was wrong with being different?

A big enlightenment happened a few hours ago. As he stared at the vast horizon, he wondered. 'I'm not...ugly. I'm not...awful to look at.' He shook his head.

"NO. I'm not!" He shouted. "I have a burning youth literally spewing out of my pores! I'm not...horrid." He sighed, staring at his nice guy pose. It wasn't working. Rock Lee didn't know what to do.

"Poor Lee-kun," Hinata whispered. "He looks so...sad." She looked over at her friend.

"So, Hinata? He'll bounce back. He does that alot...Oi. Hinata. Its late."

"But-but-but, Kiba-kun..." Hinata stared at the ninja whose self-esteem was lacked. "Kiba-kun, we need to-to help him."

"Feh. Why should we? I don't see the point..." Kiba stared blankly at the girl he secretly loved, and instantly regretted saying it. "Hi-Hi-Hinata, why are you crying!"

Hinata wiped away her tears as she stared at the ground. "I-I-I know how he feels...Kiba-kun, would you-you like to feel like him? Sad...alone...and confused."

Kiba was about to open his mouth and he gulped, Hinata was teary-eyed again. "Hinata, don't cry. We will go cheer him up...I guess."

"Thank-thank you, Kiba-kun."

"Yeah, yeah. Lets get this over with, I need to get you home before my life becomes in danger."

The two walked carefully towards the depressed ninja as he switched poses.

"I AM ROCK LEE!" He roared, his hands on his hips. "I AM BEAUTIFUL!" He was out of breath and Kiba couldn't get it. He didn't seem sad. He seemed...normal; Normal for himself anyway. Until Lee became teary eyed as he slumped back on the grassy hill. "I am...ugly." He sighed as he tried to inhale his tears. "Sakura-chan...I'm sorry. MY SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH CHARMS DID NOT WORK ON YOU!" He wailed as he crumpled into a little ball.

"Sakura-chan?" Kiba asked Hinata, trying not to grin. Scratching his cheek, he stared at his companion. She looked furious: furious in a hidden kind of furious way. Hinata never really liked Sakura. He didn't know why...she just didn't.

" haired..." She mumbled as she walked over to the once zealous ninja. "Lee-kun - "

"AH!" He yelped as he looked up. "Oh...Hinata-chan. Where is - Oh! Hi Kiba!" His pressed grin was painful to watch as Kiba drew in nearer for back-up. It was a safety precaution, just in case Lee tried to pull anything on Hinata.

"Lee-kun is-is everything alright?" Hinata asked meekly, her fingers tapping against each other in a habitual manner.

"Why...of course I'm alright? I'm Rock Lee, after all!" He tried to strike a pose but couldn't find the strength.

"Ha. Don't lie Lee. Just tell Dr.Hinata over here so we can leave..." He snorted, folding his arms as he arched an eyebrow at the spandex wearing man.

"Kiba-k-kun..." Hinata stuttered in protest.

"Ah. Hinata-chan. Its alright. You happened this morning:

I walking towards the forest because Gai-sensei said I needed to train. Whatever Gai-sensei says is usually right, and so I wanted to train. So I could become stronger and a better youthful ninja. I realized that I hadn't done my daily talking with Sakura-chan. So, I ran into accident. As I blurted out sincere apologies, I also blurted out my feelings. I asked her that I wanted to go out with her. She then...said with a PITIFUL laugh that she didn't like me that kind of way, and left me there. Of course, Sakura-chan being an amazing girl with talkative skills, it spread quite fast...Like the flames that burn in my soul for her! I was deeply crushed but I didn't want that to ruin my day. I simply found the perfect solution for her to like me. I asked around, asking why some of her friends why she doesn't like me. Their words cut me, like a million daisies papercutting me. They all basically said I wasn't attractive. PAH Me, not attractive. I already decided that I would change anything about me, until I heard her joking with someone. She said that she thought I was a wonderful guy, but even if I became attractive - which was slim to none- she still wouldn't go out with me. I have no more excuses. I u-g-l-y?" Lee looked up hopefully at Hinata as she shook her head.

"No. You aren't...Le-Lee-kun. When has-has...your looks...your-your disabilities ever stopped you? I-I-I mean, everyone has them. Even tha-that cow...I mean even Sakura-chan has them. You be the-the best you can b-be. That's all really can do. At least, this is what...what Kiba-kun has said to me. He said that even-even if people find me weird...its okay. Be-Because, as long as I have friends who-who like me for who I am...then I will be okay."

"Hi-Hinata-chan!" He was on his knees, clasping his hands in her own. "Hinata-chan. Your words...they speak to my youthful heart. Thank you. Thank you." He popped up like a daisy and began to run. He turned around. "I'm off to go talk to Gai-sensei. Hinata-chan, you are my number one friend!" He spun and did an extravagant nice guy pose and ran off.

Kiba chuckled. He was quite proud of Hinata. She barely spoke...yet alone talked motivatingly to people. Men even. He walked over to her and she peered up at him, smiling softly.

"Did-did I do okay, Kiba-kun?" She squeaked, the confidence leaving her.

"You did wonderful, lets go Hinata." He patted her head affectionately, like he did with Hinata. Her blush grew more apparent. "Come on. If you want me to live to see tommorrow, I have to take you home, Hinata!" He grabbed her hand and ran with her, as he howled at the moon in excitement that they were going to cut it close. He liked the challenge, almost as much as he liked her hand.

Luckily, they made it and he began walking home. He saw Lee. He was staring at the moon as he turned towards Kiba.

"Ah, Kiba. I just wanted to thank you."

"Huh? What do a mean? I didn't do nothing."

"Well, those powerful words Hinata spoke, they came from you."

"Well...yeah. I guess they did."

"We are now rivals of love! Kiba, you are a worthy opponent for Hinata-chan's heart!"


"I will see you bright and early tomorrow, my rival!"

"LEE! Don't-Don't you dare lay a finger on Hi-...nata."

But the stealthy Rock Lee was gone, only leaving flower petals behind. Kiba shook his head. This wasn't good. First it was Naruto...and now Lee?

"Why does everyone just now notice that Hinata is so great?" He mumbled, as he walked home. "Heh. Rivals. That's new."

He walked home, trying to ignore his horrifying dreams of green spandex and ramen.

A/N - Ah. I had the urge to write this. I just think Lee is perfect the way he is. He doesn't need to change. :D Plus, Sakura is unworthy of his love.

I know...random Hinata/Kiba hints. Eh, what can I say? Its hard to avoid.

I'm pretty sure I would kill it if I wrote anything more, so most likely it is a one-shot.