Chapter Four: In Which Hinata Gets Some Avenging Action

By: Guiltshow

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Hinata sighed as she stared out the window. How could so much happen to her in over a week? She couldn't believe that Lee had professed his love for her after giving him advice; Shikamaru and her had a few moments together(which was a lot for Shikamaru who usually didn't get any action); Gaara had complimented her and was as nice as a insomniac could be who wanted to kill people for fun. Not to say that Kiba was any help; All he had been doing was being overly protective of her.

And to top it all off her beloved Naruto was still out on a mission that conveniently had happen right after Lee began to like her. Why couldn't her youthful love be as spirited? She let out a soft giggle. Youthful. She had heard it so many times that she was even beginning to think it was a proper word to use.

"I've never had so much attention before." She tapped her fingers together as she sat on a dock to a small lake. "Now it would only seem fitting if I befriended Sasuke-san." She burst into another fit of giggles.

Sasuke was an untouchable. She knew the village heart-throb was trying to be as exclusive as possible. It must have been hard to be stalked by so many girls. She sighed. "Stay strong, stalkers. I have faith in you." Being half a stalker because her admiration brinked on becoming stalkerism, she sighed. Just because you liked a guy and followed him didn't mean you stalked him, right?

A sweat drop followed. She felt sympathy for them to say the least.

"Yeah. Sasuke would start paying attention to me once pigs began to fly." Getting up, she turned to bump into a very familiar looking avenger. Gapping like a fish, she began to babble. The shade of red on her face was in between brick red and dark red: just like the crayola crown colors. "Sasu-Sasuke-san. I'm sorry."

"Hn." He stared down at her, wondering why she was talking to herself. Of all the strange girls in Konoha, Hinata had to be the strangest. Not only was she quiet and not loud and obnoxious like the standard girls there, she had never once – not once! - alluded to liking him. The outrage of it all. He shook his head and just brushed past her and sat on the dock. "Hinata-san, come sit by me."

She blinked and did a double take. Just as she sat down, she saw the fifth Hokage's pig fly over the water, and saw a flustered Shizune chase after it. She heard something along the lines of "Experimenting on a pig while drunk – seriously? And she's the hokage for God's sake!"

She sat by him, her legs swinging carelessly as she stared at their reflection in the water. Sasuke and her had once talked for a bit about their pasts when he came back to Konoha from a mission and was stuck doing paper work with her. Now this was the second time that he had asked her to sit down.

"So, Sa-Sasuke-san, is there anything I can do for you?"


"Oh. Alright then. What is it?"

"EEEEE! I swore I saw him around here somewhere, Ino!" Sakura's squeal could be heard a mile away, though it wasn't needed because she was just a few feet off.

"Keep looking. Your forehead is bound to flash a signal towards him anyway. The sooner we find him, the better. We can finally ask him to take our virginity!"

"Yeah! I mean, we are so in love with him, this will be the only way to make him love me back!"

"What do you mean – you? It's me he will love!"

"No way! It's me!"

And so on and so forth. Hinata paled as she thought of Sakura and Ino's plan. Poor Sasuke. Next time she saw Naruto, she wouldn't be as scary as they were.

"I want you to kiss me."

"What?!" She gapped at him, but before he could explain he heard a "There he is!" and his mouth found hers.

To say she wasn't happy would be a lie. The tingle went from her mouth to her toes, a blush was conquering her face just like Napoleon did with countries.

"AH! Sasuke-kun is kissing some chick?!"

He broke off and turned to glare at the girls. "I'm busy. Go away." And he went back to kissing Hinata so he blocked the two girls view of the poor heiress who was being violently molested by mouth. Not like she was complaining.

Once their footsteps couldn't be heard anymore, Sasuke let go of her and stood up with a blush on his face.

"Thank you. I hope that you don't get-get any funny ideas, Hinata. I'm still avenging." He stumbled towards the hill, his face beet red.

Hinata was speechless though slightly wondering why he choose her over anyone else. She didn't even get to talk to him much.

When she got back to the Hyuuga complex, she wondered why Sasuke was so out of character. It didn't help that Kiba was there.

"Hinata, are you okay? Your lips look a bit swollen. Did a bee sting you?" He looked hopelessly over at his one true love as she passed out from the blush that had again struck her face.

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