And so it… begins.

Yes kiddos, brand new multi-chapter fic! Me the Anon One and I were talking and she said someone should do a Danny Phantom Robin Hood parody. We jumped right away to the idea of a Robin Sam, rather than a Danny Hood. So in this fic, Sam is the hero.

This fic is rated T for some yuri, romance, and perhaps some other adult themes.

Some other notes: this is D/S. J/T. Ember/femaleOC. Maddie/Jack. Onesided Vlad/Sam. Nonny is also my editor in every sense of the word on this fic. She has all the Robin Hood knowledge, so yeah. She'll be helping me A LOT.

Neither Nonny or I own anything to do with Danny Phantom or Robin Hood. (Although I might call Robin Hood public domain, but there ya go. Just be safe…)

Without further ado…

The Misadventures of Robin Sam


A wild blue-haired bard strummed her guitar and motioned to those nearby to come sit with her.

Gather round dear friends and listen well

A most intriguing story I'm about to tell…

You've all heard of the legendary Robin Sam

But I tell you she's real, as sure as I am

I met her once, I swear on my life

And she told me of her romance, her anger, and strife

She helped me reunite with my lost love

Surely, she is a gift from above

But gather round friends and listen well,

A most intriguing story I'm about to tell…

Friar Tuck threw a smirk at a blushing woman of about his own age. The firelight illuminated the small clearing they were hiding in, dancing around her short black hair and violet eyes. It was hard to tell if she was more embarrassed or infuriated at the apparent mutiny of her band of merry thieves. Robin Sam did not like to be embarrassed, or infuriated.

"Oh come on, Sam, it's all in fun!" The friar teased as he poked her.

"I don't find it funny!" The honorable thief, dressed in tight black pants and a deep violet men's tunic, protested.

The Merry Men hooted and hollered with laughter. Although Robin Sam was their leader, it was too precious to pass up the opportunity to hassle her about her feelings for a certain boy of Nottingham.

"Oh," Jazz Scarlet chimed in. She too, was dressed also rather peculiarly for a woman of her time in tan leather pants and a turquoise tunic that matched her eyes, "I'm sure Maid Danny would find it amusing…"

Robin Sam rolled her eyes in exasperation "Why do you insist on calling him 'maid?' He's no more a girl than our dear Friar. He's just poetic. The lot of you are only jealous."

This earned her more laughter.

Sam stood and angrily threw her small dagger at Friar Tuck. It hit the ground just between his feet, the point jabbed into the ground.

The twenty-one year old Moorish Friar drew back in fear as though at any moment the dagger would leap up and cut his throat. Everyone else immediately shut up.

"That's enough, all of you!" Sam bellowed. She retrieved her knife and brandished it at her band of thieves.

"Oh no," one of the younger one mocked, "we've made her angry! She's going to sick Maid Danny on us!" The unwary youngster chortled to himself, unaware of the silence around him.

Before anyone could blink, Sam was behind the boy, holding the dagger against his neck. "Say it again. I dare you." Suddenly, she froze solid, the blade still pressing against the foolish boy's throat. Her alert lilacs eyes darted around in search of something.

No one else seemed to notice her alarm. "Sam," Friar Tuck began, "Let the kid go, he's new, he doesn't know any better."

"Shut up," Sam hissed. She continued listening intently, but received only the night music of the forest.

"Sam, relax," Jazz chided, "there's nothing there, you're being paranoid."

"Shut up!" Robin Sam commanded softly. "There it is again!" She released the boy and padded stealthily to where she presumed the noise was coming from, the blade of her trusty knife thrust out before her. Sam was easily one the most sly people in of Sherwood forest and Nottingham. She could sneak up on anyone or anything without being seen or heard until the very last second. "Show yourself!" She demanded. "Show yourself or we will be forced to attack!"

A woman, probably a few years older than Sam, with odd blue hair and a guitar slung round her back appeared. Clad in a simple blue dress, her pale skin and magenta eyes stood out even more in the firelight. "You're the one the called Robin Sam, yes?"

"I am."

"And you help those in need?"

"Yes. Is there something you need?"

"I am Ember of the Dell. And yes, there is something I require your help with."

Sam gestured to the open spaces by the fire and Ember sat down, Sam following her. "So, what is it that you need our help with? Surely it must be important, for it is not safe for a woman to be wandering Sherwood at such a time of night."

"I'm used to wandering at night. I'm a bard," Ember explained. "But, yes, what I need your help with is very important. It concerns an… arranged marriage," Ember had been told by several of the elders in town, who knew almost everything, that Robin Sam hated anything that had to do with arranged marriage. No one knew the exact reason why, but it was said that you were assured Sam's help if your problem concerned arranged marriage.

Sam leaned toward the fire, a strange look falling over her face. All the Merry Men were silent. "Go on," she said curtly.

"My lover, she-"

"SHE!" A few of the men, including Friar Tuck, who was the loudest, jumped to their feet and shouted. Ember winced, preparing herself to be banished from the campsite.

Robin Sam shot them all back to their seats with one glare, which she rounded last on Tuck. "Well aren't we one to talk Mr. I'm a Friar in love involved with a woman when I'm not supposed to be?"

The infamous Jazz Scarlet suddenly turned a peculiar shade, equivalent to that of her name. "Um… excuse me, Sam, I think I left something… uh… over there," she said and pointed in some ambiguous direction, before standing and following her finger's direction.

Tucker glared at Sam, which lost about half its force due to the redness overcoming his face. He stood up silently and turned in the general, but not same, direction Jazz had gone. "I have to… go say some prayers now. For your soul, Robin Sam," he told her warningly, but Sam just rolled her eyes.

"Prayers. Right," she said slowly, clearly not convinced. She turned back to Ember and gestured impatiently. "Continue."

"My lover, Marina, she's being forced to marry a nobleman she doesn't care for. And I, of course, do not want her to marry him. It's not that he's horrible or anything, Robin Sam, it's just that she does not love him. She loves me and I just need your help to find her. You see, her father knows about us and he's taken her away, I don't know where, except that it's nearer to Nottingham than farther, but I need to get to her before she marries…" Ember paused, "but I understand completely if you do not wish to help someone like myself."

"Someone like you?" The entire camp seemed to lean forward in interest, making Ember nervous.

"A woman who loves another woman," Ember muttered quietly.

"What's that got to do with anything?" Sam asked in bewilderment. "Love is love."


"Look, Ember," Little Jack finally piped up, "Don't you worry at all. Robin Sam is not the sort of person who cares about that kind of thing. If you want our help to find your Marina, you've got it."

Ember smiled warily, slightly intimidated by the mountain of a man before her. Little Jack was in no way little. He was a huge, hulking man with graying black hair and fierce blue eyes that shone with battles of the past, but he had a very gentle nature. "T-thank yo-you," she stammered.

Robin Sam nodded. "He's right. We'll set off first thing in the morning. We will help you find Marina. For now, you will stay with us."

"Bless you all," Ember gushed.

Drinks and stories were passed around, along with Ember's guitar and a few songs until Jazz returned; her red hair slightly more mussed than it was before she'd left.

She walked over to Sam. "He wants to talk to you…" She gestured over her shoulder with her thumb.

Sam nodded and walked out into the woods, her dark hair and clothes disappearing among the black outside the firelight. "Tuck?" She called. Sam's eyes adjusted quickly to the lack of light.

"Right here."

Sam sat down beside him on a log. For awhile, the only sound that hung between them was night music and the noise of camp. "What's up?"

"Sam, you know, if my superiors find out about Ember…" he started to say, his voice soft and filled with worry, and Sam instantly knew what he meant.

"Tucker! Just be quiet! You've got no right to say anything about Ember! Besides, your superiors think you're on sabbatical. They've got no idea you're running from them with a kind outlaw who took pity on you simply because you fell in love when you weren't supposed to."

"But Sam it's not-"

"Not what? Not right? Well, you being with Jazz isn't right either, but there you have it. Open your mind Tucker, just let it go. She needs our help."

"Fine. I'm sorry," and he was, he knew better than most the secrets and burdens his friend carried in her heart.

"Hey Tuck…" Sam said softly after a little bit of comfortable silence, the talk of forbidden love had made her unhappy and unsettled. "Can you give me a moment?"

Tuck smiled, understanding her sudden sadness and stood. "Of course," he walked back in the direction of camp.

Sam fell back onto the forest floor and sighed. "Don't worry, Danny," she whispered, "I'll be back soon…"