Chances in this lifetime…


Ok so I want to get this straight….this is not taking place in New Mexico everything is changing. I thought about doing something different. Ok so Gabriella is living with her Aunt, because her parents died. How they did will be revealed shortly. Troy is a life grad and Sharpay is a snobby rich girl. Her father is a T.V. reporter. Ryan is just a kind person. There will be singing in this don't worry. So Gabriella lives like right next to the beach and all. Oh, and Kelsi, Zeke and Jason aren't in this sorry… well they might make an appearance. And Taylor is Gabi's next door neighbor so they become friends instantly…so on with the story

Moving in this house and making a friend…

Gabriella's POV

I stepped out of the car and looked around. People were on the beach playing. I sighed…I missed New York! My Aunt and her stupid company. I groaned and shut the car door. I went around the car to the trunk where we brought out small things. I opened the trunk getting my box and pushing passed my Aunt and walking to the new house. I looked around and saw men bringing in boxes of our stuff. I saw a guy with a box and my name on it. He was walking up the stairs so I just followed him.

He walked up to the attic. It was beautiful! I mean it was painted white and my bed was in the middle of the room and boxes pilled on it. I knew exactly where I was putting the bed. Then I saw two doors.

"Oh my god…" I said trailing off and leaving my box on the ground and dropping my bag. I went to the French doors and opened them. I walked out to a balcony. It was filled with flowers along the side. It had view of the whole beach! I leaned on the balcony and let the wind blow against my face. I heard my aunt calling my name and I went downstairs.

Around six PM we finished unloading the moving vans and they drove off. I was in my room putting all the boxes to one side of the room and moving my bed towards the wall. I had a dresser and a shelf. They were both painted white. I looked through the boxes for my bed stuff.

Finally I found them. I made my bed. The quilts were all blue and then I had a small pink blanket my mom had made for my when I was little. It was square so I put I like a diamond on my bed. I set my pillows on the bed with the pillow cases on them. They were mixed like a sun set. I looked at my book box and opened it.

I started to line my books up on the shelf. When I was done I went to my baby box. All I had in it was my dolls and pictures. I pulled out one picture. It was with my mom and dad when I was little. I got up holding the picture. I set it on the top of my other dresser. It wasn't white like the room. It was dark blue then fading into black.

My fingers lingered the picture frame for a moment longer then I went back to the box putting my pictured everywhere in my room and next to my bed dresser. When I was done with that I got my lamp out and set it next to the picture I had on. I still had more boxes to unpack. They were all cloths and things. I looked out the French doors and saw the sun setting. I walked out the two doors that I had left open. I looked around and saw people gathering there things and leaving. I looked at the sun. It looked just like my pillows.

I heard a knock on my door and I turned around to see a black girl (Sorry! I'm not racist just to let you all know! I hate saying colored and black so sorry again!). She looked nice.

"Hi…who are you?" I asked walking in my room stepping over boxes and finally meeting her. She came fully into my room and we were facing face to face.

"I'm Taylor your neighbor. My mom is downstairs with your mom talking and she told me to come up to the attic." She said.

"She's not my mom. She's my aunt. My parents died." I said to her. Her smile drained from her face.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know. I just assumed." She said.

"It's ok." I said smiling at her. She looked around my room.

"I like your room." She said smiling.

"It's a bit messy." I said to her. She started to look around the room then she noticed something behind the door. She went over to it and closed it. She was looking at it. Soon she pulled open a door….strange I didn't know I had a closet.

"I didn't know I had that." I said to her. I walked over to where she was standing. It was a walk in closet…we walked in and looked around. It was dark.

"Oh, I found a light switch." I heard Taylor say. She flicked it on and the door turned blue. The sound of an Ocean came on. I looked up and saw the ceiling.

"Taylor look." I said tapping her. We both looked up. It was like looking at the ocean floor…

There were fish, star fish whales and dolphins and everything! You could hear seagulls too.

"Wow…who ever lived here did a lot of work." Taylor said.

"Yeah…" I said trailing off in awe.

"Taylor! Gabriella!" We heard my Aunt call from downstairs. We looked at each other.

"I have an idea!" Taylor said to me.

"Ok lay it on me." I said smiling.

"Well can we be best friends?" she asked.

"Well duh! You are the first person I met here." I said to her laughing.

"Ok, well this could be our little place." She said smiling at me.

"Yeah!" I said smiling.

"Taylor and Gabriella!" my Aunt called again.

We ran down the stairs hearing them say;

"God they've been up there ten minutes and they're already attached." Taylor's mom said. We looked at each other and smiled at the comment.

We walked into the kitchen where my Aunt and Tay's mom were.

We all talked awhile and then Tay and I went to our spot. We sat on the blue carpet talking. Then we heard my room door opened and we quieted down.

"They must be in the yard." We heard my aunt say. Then we heard the door close and we bursted out laughing.

"We should get out before they call the cops." I said laughing. We got up and went out downstairs to the yard.

Taylor and her mom left for home while my aunt and I were inside.

"You see less than a day and you made a friend." She said going upstairs.

Well it was true. I went upstairs to my room and went to sleep.

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