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Chapter Ten

"Secret Notes"

Bella's POV

By the time I got to school, I remembered I still didn't have my backpack, nor had I asked Alice for her notes. I wondered if Edward had gotten our backpacks from the school, as I searched for an empty parking spot. I only found one open and, sure enough, there was my backpack sitting in front of it. I smiled to myself as I parked my car and got out, snatching my backpack before I got back in again.

I still had all of my homework to do, and first period was already fifteen minutes in. I'd already learned Trigonometry five times before, so ditching class and finishing up my morning homework sounded like a very good idea. I spread it all out, there really wasn't as much as I though, some Trig, which I could persuade Mr. Wilcox into letting me turn in a little late, Government, French, and English. I could do my English homework during lunch, so I could easily finish the other three before Biology class started.

I was done a half hour later and still had ten minutes before class ended. I packed up my stuff slowly, replaying these last two days. Two days? Is that all it had been? It seemed far longer than that, as if everything was in slow motion. From Peter making snow appear all over town to Edward showing me his pictures of us, the same ones I was supposed to have in my old wallet. It was all very suspicious, really. How a vampire I had supposedly met fifty years ago was coincidentally going to the same high school as me. I had only heard about things like that happening in books, and that was when the two people were meant to be with each other.

I paused, I knew I wasn't in love with Edward, but what was it that Alice had accidentally slipped out yesterday? She had said Edward would be heartbroken if she had to tell him Henry and I were serious. What did she mean by that? Edward had said that we had known each other very, very well when I was human. Could that mean we had been together all those years ago?

I snorted, very unlikely. Vampires didn't go out with humans, and even in the most unlikely case we did, he would've changed me. If vampires were ever attracted to a human, they changed them, it was almost fact. We were most likely just friends, and even that sounded unlikely between vampire and human.

The sound of the bell signaling the end of class knocked my mind back into reality. I packed up my things quickly and got out of my car, trying to look as though I had been at first period the entire time, but, sadly enough, that was also unlikely. Students whom I faintly recognized in my Trig class pointed slightly and whispered to their friends. I glared at them all, what was this? A zoo? As if none of them had ditched before, this was school, wasn't it? I was about to walk away, but something they said made me stop short.

"Are you sure, Cooper? She doesn't look sick."

If course I'm sure. You know Mrs. Carver, the school secretary? Alexandra Thomas is her niece. She told Alexandra everything."

"Wow, I never would have expected Isabella Swan to have a disease though, she looks perfectly fine."

Alexandra Thomas, I faintly remember her being in my PE class yesterday. She must be feeling somewhat territorial. It didn't really matter, we'd all had bad rumors circle around us, most of them work than disease, but we just ignored them. I rolled my eyes and kept walking until I reached the Biology classroom. I walked in and was greeted by more annoying, unwelcome stares. Even if we ignored the rumors, the stares were hard to ignore.

My next two classes were like that, though in PE, I could easily spot Alexandra smiling smugly the entire hour.

I walked to the cafeteria quickly, trying to avoid the stares. Of course, my mind hadn't fully wrapped around the concept that I was walking into the cafeteria, the one place more students could stare at me at once than I wanted. That didn't hit until I had actually walked into the cafeteria and most of the talking stopped, then sped into overtime. Almost all of it was close to work-for-word that I had heard this morning.

I walked swiftly to the empty table my family usually occupied, and started fiddling with a loose strand of thread on my shirt as I waited for them. I scanned the large room and realized that I had gotten her earlier than I actually though, for most people were just now strolling into the room and glancing over to where I was. I kept thinking how nice it would be to sink into a wall and disappear, or like Henry, just become invisible whenever I wanted. To not be noticed with humans around was pretty much impossible to a vampire, and the gift to hide would be greatly celebrated by most of us.

Gossip had to be spread sometime, I suppose, I though idly to myself. Better me than anyone else ion the family. The thought of this being stuck with Peter or Christiana or someone else in my family was unflattering. Simon could easily block it out of his mind, pretending it didn't exist in the slightest. He was good at that. Peter, on the other hand, would be annoyed to no end about it, finally coming up with some strange act of revenge. Christiana was always very confident, never really caring what people thought of her. Maybe because she'd done this so many times before, I reasoned. I'd never really seen Henry react to gossip in any way. It never really followed him, girls liked him too much, and guys always though of him as a nerd for his love of science, not worth their time.

I was left thinking for a few more moments before I noticed the Cullen family enter the large room, all of them passing my table and smiling. They all went to their designated table, except for Alice, who paused at mine, setting down a small notebook with blue swirls.

"Thought you might want this." She mumbled in a volume I could hear, still smiling, and skipped off to her siblings.

I opened the notebook, revealing a plain white envelope with Bella scrawled in neat letters on the top. There was only one small sheet of paper, on which was also written in the same lettering a small message.

After school. Five o'clock. Directions will be given shortly.

I turned the paper over, looking for any sign of a clue, but here was none other. My eye caught the door, where my family was filing in, usually late. I hid the letter and envelope in my jacket pocket, and smiled when they walked over. They all sat down, none of us bothering to get any food. Only Henry spotting the notebook on the table.

"What's this?" He picked it up before I could snatch it away and examined the over. I big my lip, could there still possibly be more in there from Alice and Edward, and if there was, how would Henry react? Before I could say anything, he was casually flipping through it, reading bits and pieces. "Notes?"

I sighed in relief, remembering Edward's promise of Alice letting me borrow her notes from English before class for my homework. "For English class. Alice Cullen is letting me borrow hers so I can get my homework done."

To add to my emphasis, I took my backpack out from under me and started on my homework. My family just sat there, occasionally talking or just making a small comment. I worked slowly, so I would get done by the time lunch had ended.

When lunch had finally ended I waved goodbye to everyone and headed off to English. By the time I reached the classroom, I was surprised not to see Alice there. She didn't arrive the rest of the period, and I assumed I wouldn't see her brother next period either.

I was right, and had to spend the rest of Theatre feeling the stares on the back, front, and sides of my head. School couldn't end fast enough. But, as usual, when you want things to go fast, they're bound to go even slower than usual. The movie seemed to be on slow play, each minute feeling like five. Finally, after what seemed like the longest period in the entire century, the bell gave off its annoyingly nasally whistle that never seemed to die.

It seemed to have rained during class, and stopped almost as soon as it had started. There were still large puddles all around, and I splashed through them as I walked to my locker. My locker was nicely under one of the covered walkways, so it wouldn't get drenched. I felt sorry for the freshmen students, who had their lockers out in the open.

When I got to my locker, a little white rectangle was peeking from the bottom, obviously stuffed in quickly, trying to get in all the way in, but abandoned. I opened the locker, catching the paper before it fell out and grabbed the few books I needed, before grabbing the note again and shoving in into my back pocket. I walked swiftly to the safe confines of my car before locking it and taking the note back out again.

The note was simple enough, easy directions to somewhere. I quickly calculated, coming to the conclusion that it was located somewhere in the forest. I raised my eyebrow slightly, confused and curious. I shook my head, trying to clear it. I had two hours to get my homework done, get ready, and try to figure out some excuse Christiana would accept.

The next thing I could remember was speeding away from the school, stressing about what was going to happen next.

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