Author's Note: Honestly, the ending might seem a little anti-climactic but it was kind of what I had planned from the beginning. Also, really, I'm just glad this story is over. Lesson learned: never write without a full plan ever again. This poor story doesn't even get a soundtrack like most of mine do. Of course if you want to pretend there's one I recommend "Let's Go to Bed" by The Cure (for Tom and Magdalena's relationship), "Miserable Lie" by The Smiths (for Aidan and Bianca's relationship), and "Raven's Land" by Voltaire.

Chapter 20 (Part 2)

So this is father-son bonding, Aidan thoughtas he followed his paternal figure down the hall, his hand sliding along the railing as his eyes passed over the stationary paintings. They had been talking for hours about such normal things like Quidditich, books, music, and hobbies and now he was getting a tour of the house, finding things to discuss every step of the way.

"So even the muggle part of my background was famous?" Aidan asked, moving away from the railing to run his hand along the gold ornate, baroque-style frame of one of the former patriarchs. He looked down at his hand to see the dust he had picked up in the process.

"Yes," Tom answered flatly. "You have quite a legacy."

Aidan paused, staring into the cold, murky stare of a great-great-great grandfather, thinking of the club and the respect he had received almost instantly from his Slytherin classmates wondering what his father would think of such a thing, wondering if his father agreed to the same theories or if he had since parted from such prejudicial thinking that ran in their bloodline.

"What are you thinking about, Aidan?" Tom asked, sensing that something important had been sparked in his mind.

Aidan laughed nervously. "Oh, well when I was a kid I used to think I might be a descendent of Rowena Ravenclaw on my mum's side. When my grandmother was younger she looked so much like those old paintings of Ravenclaw and mum does too a little bit."

Tom's eyelids fell halfway, looking at Aidan inquisitively. That hadn't been what he was thinking about and he knew it. "It's possible," he said dismissively, having wondered the same thing before without thinking about it too deeply. "What were you really thinking about?" he asked, his tone dropping a few notes.

Aidan looked away from his father and back towards the wall again, wondering how he had known that and deciding that there was really no use in lying anyway. Why was he so nervous that he instinctively lied? Was he afraid of the answer?

"Well, at school I'm in this club and the club is made up of Slytherin-house kids but they made me the head of the club. It was almost like they knew," he said slowly, testing the waters.

Tom tried to stifle a grin of success. He had heard about this club since it was formed by 

the offspring of some of his most trusted followers but he had no idea that Aidan would somehow find it. He should have known when he met those two friends of his at Christmas. They gave off a certain vibe.

"How do you feel about that?" Tom asked calmly, folding his hands gracefully in front of him like a psychiatrist.

"Being the head of the club or being in a club with Slytherins?" Aidan inquired, trying to deduce what his father was getting at.


Aidan scratched the back of his head, like he was trying to dig out the answers through his skull. "Being in a club with Slytherins isn't too different from being with anyone else really. The only difference is that they are really more biased against our other classmates. It didn't really bother me until tonight when they made some comments about this girl's suicide. . ."

"Radella Lestrange," Tom interrupted.

Aidan looked at him with wide eyes. "How did you know?" He asked. Did his father have connections with the club?

"I read it in the Prophet," he said simply. It was not a lie. He had read it in the paper, after Lestrange had told him about it. Tom had never met the girl but he didn't really see a problem with her being alive or dead. She would have just been another kid who wouldn't follow him but wouldn't fight against him either because of her family's involvement. For the most part Lestrange seemed indifferent to his daughter as well.

Aidan nodded with the most miniscule amount of relief. "About being the president of the club I felt . . . powerful."

Tom smirked with pride. "Congratulations son," he gushed, turning around towards an open door at the end of the hallway. "Do you want to see the rest of the house, then?" he asked, motioning to the room.

"Yes," Aidan replied, walking towards him. "But . . . Dad, how do you feel about muggles and muggle-borns?"

Tom's smile dropped. He had been wondering how long it would take Aidan to ask that question. He had been building up to it. He chose his words carefully.

"Muggles have been nothing been malevolent and oppressive to me since before I was even born when my father left my pregnant mother. Muggles do not care to understand our ways because they know deep down that they are inferior to us. And it's not just me who has suffered at their hands; I'm sure you know about your mother's father."

Aidan looked down at the floor knowing that he was right. "And muggle-borns?" he asked. Aidan didn't know how he felt about them personally: Adonia, Pat, Liam, they were all so different. In a way, he was impressed by the spawning of wizards and witches from such ordinary beings. Those muggles who created them should have something special of their own inside themselves to do something so extraordinary. But Aidan did not know what his father would think of the idea.

"They taint the gene pools," Tom said with a much more pleasant tone than the phrase was deserving of, almost as if he was trying to not disappoint Aidan completely. Aidan nodded in a way that said he was merely acknowledging his father's view; he didn't know what to think.

"Now, follow me."


Fuming with ire, Magdalena stood outside the entrance to the Slytherin dorms, tapping her foot and checking her thin black wristwatch every five seconds. She had looked everywhere in a five mile radius of the castle and asked everyone she had come across but no one had seen her son for hours. Now she had no choice but to ask the last two people she was sure had seen him. The problem lay, however, in the unfortunate fact that Slughorn was supposed to be back at nine o' clock that night but her watch read 9:15. She couldn't unlock the passage to the dorms, since she was not granted the password. She was not from that house and she was also no longer a teacher at Hogwarts as of 9 o'clock and didn't have a son or daughter in Slytherin house to visit.

From her inquiries, she had found that Chad and Bianca were in fact in the dormitories as some meeting they had been attending had terminated about an hour ago, some meeting that Aidan had been present at. That had sparked her curiosity, but the timid first-year Slytherin was shaking in apprehension at the thought of revealing any details about the meeting to a clearly infuriated professor/mother so he had scurried off the second he saw an opening.

9:20, damnit, Magdalena thought, ready to rip her watch off her arm and smash it.

"Maggie Lumairo!" A voice bellowed behind her.

Magdalena turned around to look at the ruddy face of Horace Slughorn, slightly thankful but mostly annoyed. Aside from not coming back when she had expected, he had also called her the nickname that she had made painstakingly clear to him that she did not like.

"You know, I never appreciated that nickname as a student and now as your contemporary, at least in an academic sense, I find it disrespectful and obnoxious." She blurted out before considering the hundreds of different, more polite ways she could have phrased her distaste for his pet name.

Slughorn furrowed his brows. "Well, you're clearly not the pleasant girl I remember from school, Miss Lumairo. I apologize for making such a mistake." He said, rightfully angry.

Magdalena sighed and shook her head. "I'm sorry. That was very rude of me to say. I'm more than a little uptight today. It is good to see you. How is everything?" she asked, trying to hurry the small talk along so she could focus on finding Aidan. But she had never had anything against the man, excluding her disapproval of his favoritism among his students. If anyone ever asked, she always said he was a decent guy.

"Well now that I had my little vacation. How about you? How's work at the Ministry? Are you married yet?" he asked avidly. He loved hearing about the successes and experiences of his 'chosen ones.'

"Aside from the distress I told you about, I'm fine. The Ministry is busy and in a bit of panic, as I'm sure you know, but I love it. I'll miss teaching though. I've had such a good time here. And no, I'm not married." She said quickly, barely taking a breath. She wanted to get to the reason she was there.

"Not married?" Slughorn said, inadvertently choosing the touchy subject to capitalize on. "I always thought you would have found someone easily. You've always been smart and interesting and pretty; I expected guys to be all over 'ya." In spite of his somewhat awkwardly phrased compliments, Magdalena knew to take them as she would if a loving father were saying them.

Slughorn tilted his head as he spoke like he was perplexed by a thought. "For instance, remember back in school there was a kid your age named Tom Riddle? You sat next to him at the one meeting you came to? Well, I always thought something would have happened between you two. You seemed to have so much in common but, hey, I guess my instinct was off." He said with a laugh.

Magdalena's face visibly paled and hardened. He couldn't have known, right? There's no way, she thought.

"What's got you so tense and bothered anyway? Not my students I hope." he asked, walking past her to the front of the wall that concealed the Slytherin common room.

"No." she snapped fretfully reflecting on Slughorn's previous comment. "I'm leaving tonight and no one has seen Aidan in hours. I mean, maybe it's nothing but I have looked everywhere. I was actually waiting here to ask you a favor." She said, in her usual straight-forward manner.

Slughorn smiled. "Anything for one of my favorite former students."

Magdalena smiled back weakly. "I was wondering if you could go into the dormitories and get Chad Harman and Bianca Sarin for me. Supposedly they were the last to see Aidan."

Slughorn tweaked his large mustache contemplatively. "Ah yes. You know, I like Mr. Harman and Miss Sarin but they aren't the fastest brooms in the closet."

Magdalena's lips curled up in silent agreement.

Slughorn kept talking. "Nope, not like Aidan. You've got yourself a good boy there. He'll do great things just like his mother."

"Thank you." Magdalena said, as Slughorn whispered the password to open the passage to the Slytherin common room and disappeared behind it.


"You wanted to see us, Ms. Lumairo?" Bianca said, feigning an ingenuous expression that could not conceal her tenseness. She knew Aidan's mother did not like her so she assumed that anything Ms. Lumairo would have to talk to her about would be very serious and could result in a detention or even never getting to see Aidan again. Of course, after the way he lost it at the meeting, she was afraid of that very thing already.

Magdalena's face was rigid and her eyes flared with repressed disgust as she looked at her son's two-faced girlfriend and 'best friend.'

"When did you two last see Aidan?" she asked harshly, crossing her arms in front of her as if she very well could have been one of their disapproving parents.

Bianca looked over at Chad as if she was handing over the duty of answering to him. Neither of them was sure of how they could tell her without revealing the nature of their secret club.

"Well, you see Ms. Lumairo, Aidan was at this . . . party with us and someone made a comment about Radella Lestrange's suicide that he found offensive and he ran out. He didn't say anything about where he was going. This was at around six o'clock." Chad said, trying to only rehash necessary information without detail.

Magdalena was not convinced. "Bradley Gallager, Aidan's roommate, if you remember him from Christmas, told me that he saw Aidan leave with both of you at one o'clock. Were you at this party for a whole five hours?"

Bianca piped in. "Well, no. We went to lunch first. Then Aidan went somewhere to study; I'm guessing the Astronomy Tower since he always goes up there. We met up with him again at five to go to the party." It was not a lie so Bianca felt okay with telling Magdalena the story.

Magdalena nodded, believing everything Bianca had just said but not satisfied with what Chad had told her. "What kind of party was this?" she asked, suspicious of the crowd Aidan sometimes ran with.

"Just a bunch of friends getting together to ease the blow of classes starting again," 

Bianca said casually.

"What kind of friends? Friends of yours?"

Bianca looked to Chad again. "Yes," he said simply.

Magdalena knew what that meant: Slytherins.

"So what was this offensive comment anyway? It must have been something." Magdalena said, staring them down. Guilt began to form on their faces and she knew they were the ones who had made it.

"It was something like 'good riddance,'" Chad said, trying to evade the topic.

"That's awful," Magdalena said dismayed, glowering at them. "Did he say anything before he left?" she continued.

Chad and Bianca shook their heads. "He just yelled a lot about how the suicide was a tragedy and stormed off," Chad said.

Magdalena glanced up towards the ceiling. Something did not add up. She was more of the dramatic exit type than Aidan. If he were to leave out of anger over an insensitive comment, he would say where he was going for emphasis ("I'm going to the library so I won't have to hear this rubbish!"). He would not disappear. There must be more.

"What was the last thing you said to him before he left?" she asked, her eyes fixated on their faces for any sensation that might run across their features.

They both distinctly remembered what they said but neither of them spoke; not even to lie.

"What is this club you're all in?" Magdalena asked, leaning towards them. Bianca took in a sharp breath of noticeable fear.

"It's just, you know, a club." Chad offered weakly.

"Aidan is really special." Bianca blurted out as if she couldn't contain herself. In truth, she possessed a certain amount of strange admiration for Magdalena. No one had ever gotten so close to the Dark Lord as Magdalena had, so to speak, but why she wasn't on their side was apparent. She didn't agree with them and Bianca was starting to think Aidan had been corrupted by his mother, since he had never known his father. She was also pretty sure Aidan's mum didn't know for sure if Aidan's father was the Dark Lord. It was only really known among his followers that he was related to Salazar Slytherin. The public had yet to find out but she was sure they would eventually.

The thing that still confused Bianca about Aidan's father however was the man who came 

to Christmas dinner. Who was he, she wondered. Tom! That was his name. He looked so much like Aidan; he easily could have been his father. However, she had been told by her parents that the Dark Lord looked particularly snake-like; nothing like the handsome man who had eaten with them. Aidan had seemed convinced that he was his father. The Dark Lord must be able to take on different forms. And if Ms. Lumairo doesn't agree with the Dark Lord's way of thinking, why would she have invited him to dinner? She's not putting on an act with all this pro-mudblood stuff so maybe he had cast a spell on her. . .

Magdalena raised an eyebrow. "I'm sure you are thinking he's special for a completely different reason than I am." They know his father is one of those things, those Death Eaters. Special. Hell, they may have found a way to prove that Tom really is this 'Dark Lord.'

"Thanks," Magdalena said curtly. I am not closer to finding Aidan, she thought as she ran towards the Astronomy Tower to check for the third time. But at least I have the comfort of knowing that somehow every prejudice Slytherin bastard in school worships Aidan because they have discovered that he is a descendent of Salazar himself. Maybe they even suspect him of being the Dark Lord's son.



Feeling dejected, Magdalena stood on the rickety bench of the Astronomy Tower, looking out on the empty castle grounds as warm tears started to form in her eyes.

"Where's Aidan?" she wondered as a tear rolled down her cheek that had turned a bright pink shade from the freezing air passing through the tower.

She was standing on the exact same historical spot that she and Tom had sat on during their first official date. It was even close to the actual day, as if her return to the tower was a celebration of their twenty-fourth anniversary. She tried not to think about him of all people, as she knew it would distress her more, but she couldn't help but remember that night.

"I can't believe I kept that damn rose," she said quietly to herself, picturing the dried out rose on her nightstand. She still wondered why she had it. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but she was sure she kept it because she still cared about him. At least, the person he was when he had given it to her.

She sometimes wondered if he was the only person who ever truly cared about her. Every other guy who had wanted her either thought it would be fun to take advantage of such a strange person, found her oddly beautiful and didn't care to get to know her, or was too young for her, and therefore, she felt was too ignorant to even understand such feelings.

His lips against hers as her pushed her down onto the bench . . . one of his hands entwining in her hair as the other cold hand ran slowly up her leg . . .

Magdalena shivered at the images her mind drew and bit her lip, trying to keep from crying any more. She wasn't this weak. She doesn't cry.

"Where is Aidan?" she asked the wind. It responded with a bitter breeze that made her think of Tom's hands again, a thought that made her want to jump off the tower for being so uncharacteristically dependent on the comfort of a memory.

She sat down on the bench and hung her head in her hands, her brain dizzy from stress and the cold air that usually didn't even affect her.

"Where's my son?" she yelled, her tears of frustration turning quickly to uninhibited anger.

Suddenly, Magdalena jumped in her seat as she felt something ice-cold against her heart. Instantaneously she pressed a hand to her breast and beneath her black sweater, she felt something hard.

The silver locket!

Magdalena had forgotten about it. She hadn't taken it off since Christmas so she usually didn't even realize that she was still wearing it.

She reached into her shirt and pulled out the necklace, shocked to find that the locket had opened. The chilled face of the locket pressing against her skin had been what startled her. The stars on the face of the locket were now stationary and glowing red. She looked inside to see that the two halves had a swirling, misty substance inside that reminded her of a crystal ball. Curiously, she stared at them as she would if she were trying to make a prediction and saw a house in the abyss. Well, it wasn't so much a house as it was a mansion. A mansion she had visited twice before: once in a nightmare, and once in a dream-like daze that, regardless, was still reality.

The Riddle Mansion.

Magdalena had heard of a cornucopia of different charmed items that could show you what you want but never a locket that acted like a crystal ball and responded to questions. Thinking back, Magdalena realized that she had asked different variations of 'where's Aidan' three times outloud before it opened. That must be how it works.

But how could Aidan be there? Magdalena watched the locket for a prolonged minute but the image of the stately home never faltered until the locket eventually snapped shut, almost nicking Magdalena's right thumb in the process.

Magdalena started to descend the stairs of the tower thinking she should find somewhere that didn't have the school's apparition restriction on it so she could make an attempt at getting there.

Did Tom give Aidan his address when I wasn't looking? Is this a trick? I did get this locket from Tom for Christmas. He had said in a letter that he had a locket that I would like but that he didn't know how it worked. And why would he be trying to lure me to the mansion at this time and not sometime when I did not have more pressing matters to attend to.

No, Aidan must be there. I saw the light in his eyes when he met Tom. He had found what he had been searching for his whole life and if she knew Aidan, and she did, he would not just let such an opportunity pass him by.

I must go to the Riddle Mansion.


Magdalena found herself on the side of a grassy hill that she had remembered standing on top of just months ago at night as she waited for Tom to open the door to the mansion. She looked towards the ominous, stone mansion in the distance and saw the door open. She quickly crouched down into the grass, hoping that the figures she saw leaving the house would not be able to see her over the high topiaries that lined the path they were walking down that led to the cemetery. Even at such a distance, she could see the figures of Tom and Aidan, each of them holding their wands out in front of them to light the way down the path.

They were heading towards the cemetery.

Stealthily Magdalena crept threw the grass in the direction they were walking, trying to form a plan. All she was sure of was that she wanted Aidan away from Tom but she hadn't exactly thought about how she would succeed in doing this without interrupting their father-son bonding with an announcement that Tom was a death eater, a claim she didn't even have physical evidence of. The only alternative she could think of would be to spy on them for now to make sure Tom didn't do anything corruptive and then talk to Tom about it later.

The two figures had reached their destination and Magdalena took to concealing herself in a dark spot behind a large tree growing close to the headstones but far enough away so that there would be a slim chance of them walking in her direction. She could see their place faces illuminated by the moon. Tom was standing towards the center of the graveyard while Aidan slowly walked around, studying the headstones and statues intensely.

"You know you've made it big when your family has its own personal graveyard," Aidan joked, getting a smile out of Tom, the moonlight reflecting off his pale skin making him look nothing short of sinister.

Tom turned around, his gaze falling directly where Magdalena was hiding, and he quirked his head to the side with intrigue.

"Aidan, I think we have a visitor," Tom said cheerfully as he lunged at the tree, grabbing Magdalena's arm before she had a chance to dodge him or disapparate. He flashed her his most menacing smile before pulling her out of the darkness and into the graveyard.

"Mum?" Aidan asked thinking the question of what she was doing there was implied.

Neither of his parents looked at him because they were locked in a staring contest: Tom giving Magdalena a sly smirk that revealed in her misery and Magdalena giving Tom a death glare that would make anyone else quiver in fear. After ten seconds of loaded silence, Tom pulled Magdalena with two hands into a forceful kiss that Magdalena instantly started trying to get away from. Aidan turned his head away from the scene, at first, thinking it should be biological encrypted in his cells that he would be disgusted by the sight of the people who made him engaged in a passionate embrace. However, after a few seconds, he turned back towards them, concluding that he should be happy by this before he realized that his mother was fighting against his father.

Magdalena, who had her eyes open and her hands pressed firmly against Tom's chest, suddenly felt something sharp against her scalp that she identified as Tom's fingernails. Her eyes grew wide as he raked them through her hair making her realize that they were pointed and dug deeply into her head to the point where she was sure she was bleeding. When he had grabbed her by the wrist he had accidently dug his fingernails into her and they were short and flat.

Aidan rubbed his eyes furiously, sure that the blue-green hue he saw rising up in his father's skin was a mere trick of the moonlight, maybe he wasn't blinking properly and his vision was distorting.

Magdalena started involving her foot, pressing it into Tom's stomach the second she noticed his skin. Somehow his mutant hands became vice-grips on her arms, prevented her from backing away from his mouth which was growing colder instead of warmer and dry instead of wet.

Tom opened his eyes revealing red eyes that burned with fervor, for what Magdalena was unsure but she let out a muffled squeal of shock and horror. Tom held her closer, limiting the movement of her legs to the point where she could barely fight back. All she could do was watch in repulsion as his nose shrank to snake-like slits, his skin became even more discolored and transparent, and his hair disappeared completely.

When he finally let her go after his transformation had completed, Magdalena literally jumped as far back away from him as possible, stealing a glance over at Aidan whose mouth had dropped in an almost comic manner of surprise.

Magdalena wiped her mouth with the back of her mouth, finding nothing palpable on it but trying to rid herself of the feeling of his lips pressed into hers.

"I knew it," she loudly accused, pointing a finger at him as if she was condemning him but he felt no disgrace.

"Of course you did," he said unmoved by her revelation. "You were always a very clever woman, Magdalena. And I bet you even know what I used to fool you," he said, calmly folding 

his long, skeletal fingers in front of him.

Magdalena rolled her eyes at herself. "Vultus Verus. I must be losing my touch," she said, extracting her wand swiftly and pointing it at him.

"Potions always was one of your best subjects," Tom noted casually as if this was just a typical reunion. "You just aren't as perceptive as you were, my dear. Did you know our son can talk to snakes?" he asked with a smirk, knowing the answer.

Magdalena shot a look at Aidan that spoke a loud and angry exasperation of 'what?!'

Aidan looked earnestly at Magdalena, wondering if he was going to be completely left out of the conversation up until that point. "I only found out recently and I didn't want to freak you out, mum. I didn't know you knew about dad's family."

"Dad?" she questioned, raising an eyebrow. Aidan didn't respond, just looked towards the ground. Magdalena exchanged glances with Tom who flashed a toothy grin that made her instinctively start walking sideways toward Aidan until she was standing in front of him protectively, her eyes never leaving his.

"Why?" Magdalena demanded.

Tom chuckled deeply, as if her angry was amusing. "You are no superficial person Magdalena, but you do read the paper. If I had appeared to you in my actual form you would have dueled me on the spot. No questions asked. You wouldn't have even cared to find out that your Tom was actually the man inside."

Magdalena smiled, a smile meant to lure one into a false sense of security, a smile that mirrored the man's in front of her. "My Tom . . . is dead," she said with an eerie sense of composure that anyone could see as the calm before the storm.

"Why did you want to contact me anyway? Why did I all of a sudden become your new conquest?" she asked, still with her wand directed at him, still more relaxed than she should be for someone ready to strike.

"I must admit, I tried to forget you but you are a hard one to forget," he said meeting her smirk challenge as if they were seeing who could be more annoyingly complacent. "I had to move on, I had to focus on my lifelong goals that you had so blatantly chosen not to be a part of. It wasn't until Lestrange had shared with me that he had seen you on the platform, and, from the way he talked about you, had hit on you to no avail. Of course, he was punished appropriately. However, aside from stirring up those memories I had magically repressed, he told me that you had shared with him that you have an eighteen-year-old son."

Magdalena's eyes widened in aghast. So he had known that they had a son for much longer than just the Christmas party! He had sought her out because he knew!

"Now, I will also admit that you were a fascination of mine for a long time after we stopped seeing each other and I knew that you had not been seeing another man eighteen years ago when you so willingly gave yourself to me. . ."

"Willingly!?" Magdalena shouted furiously.

He ignored her flare-up and continued. "I guess one night was all we needed. I couldn't just let this new information go unacknowledged. I wanted to see you again. I wanted to meet this boy. And what a good boy he is," Tom added, taking a step towards them.

"Stay away from him," Magdalena commanded, tightening her grip on her wand.

He blatantly disregarded her demand and continued walking slowly, allowing his mouth to run amuck. "You know, you were the only person who could say my birth name and not make me cringle with distaste?" he asked, moving a large step forward.

"Well, that doesn't really matter anyway," Magdalena spat back. "You are Lord Voldemort now. Hell, you were probably Lord Voldemort then most of the time; we just didn't have a proper name for it; and what a silly name at that!"

He cocked his head to the side and gripped his chest melodramatically where his heart would be if there actually is a vital organ there. "That was harsh, Magdalena. I loved you, did I not?"

Magdalena laughed far too loudly and bitterly. "What do you take me for?" she asked rhetorically. "You never loved me! I'm sure you have no idea what love entails. You just want to possess me, to have me as one of your sycophantic followers!"

He simpered at her as a silent confirmation that she was right and he was fine with the truth. "But you know what love is, don't you? You can't hide the fact that you loved me. You love your mother, lying pitifully in that hospital bed, a mistake on my part I will admit but I am not all to blame for her careless behavior. Jumping in front of a mudblood! Oh, foolish! You love your filthy friend, Adonia, too. And you love our son, which is why you are still standing in front of him as if you are afraid I would hurt him. He is not a child, Magdalena. He has been legal for more than a year and perfectly capable of defending himself what with his fortunate genetics. And what motive could I possibly have for hurting him?"

"How about if I attack you first?" Aidan chimed in, raising his wand over Magdalena's head and pointing it at him. Up until that point, he could only watch in dismay as his most bizarre nightmares took form before his eyes but the mention of him had snapped him back into reality, deciding quickly what needed to be done.

He feigned a look of hurt at his son's question. "But why would you want to attack me, son? We just started to get to know each other!" he said, hoping that somehow Aidan's deeply rooted desire for a father figure was stronger than whatever silly morals his mother had hammered into his brain. "Your mum is like you, Aidan, always trying to believe that everyone 

is equal, always trying to do the right thing. But she isn't as level-headed as you. You know that there are the superior and the inferior and you know which is which."

Aidan was caught off guard for a second, a part of his brain thinking that his father made a valid point, thinking about what that kind of power, the kind his father had, would feel like. The opposing part of his brain reminded him that he was dealing with a serial killer who, while unlikely to hurt him if for no other reason than because he could carry on his legacy, had just brutally insulted his mother and grandmother.

Against one half of his judgment, Aidan found himself stunning his reptilian looking father unsure if it was because he had decided against him or if he just wanted him to stop putting such tempting ideals into his mind.

Approaching him quickly, Magdalena stood over him, her wand pointed at his head.

"I could kill you right now," she declared. "I'll bet I wouldn't even get prison time if I did because you are the most wanted wizard in the world and I am a Ministry worker."

His face was frozen in a permanent smirk from the spell.

"I have dignity however, so instead I propose a deal. If you promise to never communicate with or come anywhere near me or my son again I promise not to kill you right now. When I leave, you will go back to scheming and murdering and I will go back to working towards your downfall but, for now, these are the terms," Magdalena said sharply, now pressing the tip of her wand into his forehead, hard enough to leave an indent. "Remain silent if you agree to these terms."

He did not say anything, mostly because he was still stunned.

Keeping a close eye on him, Magdalena removed her wand, admiring the red mark she left and hoping it would last for a few days as a reminder. She tapped a finger to the tip of her wand finding that it was burning hot.

"Goodbye forever, Tom. Here's to your death, Voldemort," Magdalena uttered unable to shake the feeling that if he could move, he would be laughing at the valediction.

With a strong stride, Magdalena walked over to Aidan snatching his wrist in hers.

And they were gone.


When they reappeared just outside the Hogwarts grounds, Magdalena instantly pulled Aidan into a tight hug.

"I'm so sorry, Aidan," she murmured. She was not crying but Aidan had a feeling she 

would once she was alone. He knew his mother didn't like crying in front of other people because she hated seeming weak. "I should have told you about your father. I knew he was a bad man but I didn't know. . ."

"I know," Aidan interrupted, stroking his mother's back in an effort to calm her. "I know now. I don't think he'll try to attack us." Aidan truthfully wasn't sure but he couldn't think of a logical reason why he would try to hurt them. They hadn't chosen to follow him but they weren't really a threat. Even at his mother's job, she was only creating weapons, not using them.

"I hope not," Magdalena said trying to be more realistic based on her history with him. Loosening her grip on her son, she looked into his dark eyes. "I'm proud of you for making the right decision," she said seriously.

Aidan nodded slowly to appease her but he couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if he hadn't.


Epilogue (to make you feel good about the anti-climactic ending):

Severus and Magdalena become penpals and remain so for years and years. He never hooks up with Lily unfortunately (as you know).

Bradley and Kate move to China to train animals: Bradley specializing in dragons (particularly the Chinese Fireball, obviously) and Kate specializing in Pixies and Unicorns. Kate also becomes the human leader of China's chapter of the House Elf Liberation Front. They become engaged after three years.

Pat joins the Ministry as an Arithmacy worker and occasionally takes time off from work to enter worldwide Wizard's Chess tournaments. He eventually gets a job as an Arithmacy teacher at a private school in England at the age of twenty-seven.

Brody works his way up to become the manager of the largest magic library in England. He has devoted copious amounts of time to becoming like a human card catalog.

Bianca takes her break-up with Aidan very badly and goes on a binge of partying and drinking, only finding comfort after her mistakes by talking to Chad. On drunken night they hook up but deny the occurrence the next day and stifle any feelings they have for each other until after they graduate. Chad gains ownership of an ancient weaponry shop in Knockturn Alley and Bianca gets a job working as a secretary/treasurer for a "secret organization."

Adonia and Liam get married.

Aidan becomes a research doctor, his main goal being to find a cure for those who have magic-related memory loss and those who have been driven mad by the Crutiatus Curse. On a year 

spent working at a hospital in Italy he meets a woman named Silvia and they marry. They have fraternal twins named Ian and Lucia. Lucia becomes a beater on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and Ian upholds the family tradition of becoming a prefect and Head Boy.

Eventually as the years pass he comes to terms with the fact that he made the right decision to keep his father out of his life.

Tom keeps his promise. If for no other reason than breaking it would be too much unnecessary trouble when he has much more "important" things to do.

And, as for Magdalena, although she never finds someone, she is happy. She knows that everything worked out for the best and takes comfort in how truly lucky she really is.

And she never has another nightmare about him.