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Summary: Captain of 11th Company, Kenpachi Zaraki, gets a new recruit that will make him question what he believes in…


In the wondrous world known as the Soul Society, far past the random konpaku villages, into the illustrious city, and even further into the Court Guard Companies' quarters, in his own dimly lit room sat the fearsome Captain of 11th Company, Zaraki Kenpachi.

This was not good…Kenpachi does not just "sit" around for no reason! Even when in an unusual bored state, he always has something he'd rather do. Something truly troublesome, truly horrible, must have happened to make the great Kenpachi Zaraki sit around doing NOTHING!

A knock came at the door to Kenpachi's room. The captain didn't even bother to look up as one of Soul Society's quick messengers bowed in his doorway.

"Greetings Captain of 11th Company, Zaraki!" the young man spoke, shivering in the presence of an uncaring Kenpachi.

"Fool, just read the damn message." the low raspy voice muttered.

"A new recruit is to be assigned to the 11th Company, sir. It is the replacement shinigami for the absence of Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa. The name is Kudo sir! That is all, sir!" The man shook uncontrollably.

"Leave!" Kenpachi growled out at him.

"Gladly, sir!" The messenger boy yelped as he disappeared in a rush. Kenpachi sneered as he scribbled the last word in the 'Shinigami Times' crossword puzzle, one of his favorite pastimes.

The bells braided in his hair tinkled as he leaned forward to look at the stack of papers in front of him. He had sent out a request for a new recruit to replace Yumichika and Ikkaku, since said shinigami decided to take a who-knows-how-long vacation to the human world. Even though in actuality 'vacation' is an understatement to the word 'war'. But that is how Kenpachi classified it in his book and everyone knows you don't tell him he is wrong. Anyway, after three weeks of waiting he finally got what he asked for. An extremely powerful warrior who shared his ideals of 11th Company. Kenpachi hoped this man, Kudo, would do an exceptional job, for surely Kenpachi would work him like a dog…


Yachiru, who found out at once that Kenny was getting a new recruit, immediately ran about telling all of Soul Society that they were getting somebody new into their company.

The doors to the Women's Soul Reaper Society meeting room swung open all of a sudden as a pink blur sped past all the chairs to the podium. Vice-president Yachiru looked around to see her fellow members cease talking and waiting to hear Yachiru's news.

"I have called everyone here today, because 11th Company is getting a new member!"

Everyone gave her a deadpanned look. Yachiru was confused.

"We already knew that Yachiru." Soi Fong pointed out. Yachiru looked disappointed.

"But it's important news! This person is supposed to take over for Yumi and Baldy!" Yachiru looked over at Nanao. Nanao merely shrugged her shoulders.

"All the companies that are heading to the human world are having shinigami cover them. My own company is taking over for 5th Company because Hitsugaya can't do their work since he's leaving." Unohana explained.

"No! My company is getting an entirely new member! His name's Kudo!" The women all looked up. Truly, a new member?

"Yachiru, do you know what he looks like?" Kiyone asked already obsessed.


"Is he young or old?" Nanao asked, also interested.

"I don't know."

"What's his name?"

"I told you, it's Kudo!"

The meeting continued to progress over the issue of the new member of 11th Company, Kudo. Questions flew about all their heads. Who was he? Where was he from? Was he a good fighter? Was he handsome? And most importantly, when was he getting here!?

Not even a week after the big news had spread all over, the new recruit apparently had arrived! Lucky enough for the luckiest man in town, Ikkaku was the one to escort Kudo to see Captain Zaraki. He had been stuck in Seireitei while Yumichika scouted ahead for a place of residence in the human world.

Promptly at noon, Ikkaku entered the Courtroom's main hall. He looked around the marvelous and grand marble hall until he spotted a black-cloaked person staring up at the beautiful ceiling. Ikkaku strolled up to the cloaked figure.

"Hey, are you Kudo?" He asked gruffly. The hooded man promptly pulled the hood down further to cover their face and turned to him. He started nodding his head.

There was no telling what Kudo looked like at all under the hood and full-length cloak. Ikkaku shrugged. He just needed to escort Kudo to see the Captain,

Ikkaku stood close to the hooded figure. He was a good five inches shorter than him, unusually short for a man, but not as short as Captain Hitsugaya. .

"I am Ikkaku Madarame, 3rd seat of 11th Court Guard Company! I shall be escorting you to see the Captain, Kenpachi Zaraki." Ikkaku bowed and started walking. Kudo followed swiftly behind.

"Excited to be joining a Division?", Ikkaku tried to break the ice.

"Hm.", was all he heard as the ice punched Ikkaku in the face.

They both reached the Captains' quarters. Ikkaku opened the door.

"Captain, I've brought Kudo." Ikkaku motioned Kudo to go inside which he did.

Kenpachi glanced up at Kudo, still in a mass of black robes. His wicked smile showed through as he licked his lips.

"What are you doing in that getup? Are you afraid to look me in the eye?" Kenpachi chuckled.

Yachiru smiled as she popped up beside him, wanting to see the new recruit.

Kudo, who had been bowing on one knee stood tall and tore the black cloak from his body to reveal…

"My name is Chise Kudo! And I fear nothing!" a delicate, but strong toned voice called out. Ikkaku's eyes widened, as the new male recruit Kudo became a woman named Chise.

The proud female figure donned a regular black shihakusho. The only difference in her uniform was the obi belt tied off the side of her curvaceous hip and the sleeves were incredibly lengthened far past her hands. A black high collared shirt was seen poking out from under the top layers.

Her face was distinct and firmly formed. She was a beauty in her own right. Creamy white skin that held long auburn hair that was pulled back in a loose bun. The lips were the lightest red color and her eyes held the colors of forest leaves and earth with gold flecks edging the pupil. Heavy brows were arched and slightly spiked above the hazel eyes as they looked at Kenpachi.

She was the first woman ever to be recruited into the 11th Company, other than Yachiru. Ikkaku turned worriedly to his Captain, but would she be accepted? According to Captain Zaraki's rules…most women are weak and they all have many weaknesses. Kenpachi only so far, respected two women, and they were both called Yachiru.

"Well," Kenpachi still glowered over the woman whose eyes kept locking on his," it seems this should be fun."


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Preview: After heated words are exchanged between Kenpachi and this new recruit Kenpachi tells her she can stay but only on one condition. But what happens when doubt sets in and Kenpachi isn't sure his decision was right?