Last A/N: This is the final chapter! I hope you will enjoy! Also, I forgot to mention this b/c I realized some people might be confused. The following is occurring after Kenpachi has died in Seireitei and is reincarnated many years later into the human world. I hope you will read and review!!! Enjoy!


As the Sun Rises

Kenpachi Zaraki was your typical average gym teacher at a regular private all boys' school. He'd had the job for years and was sure it would be the last job he ever had till the day he died. He was a tough guy, but he was a caring man as well. He had to be, with his adopted daughter Yachiru to look after. He had been stuck with the brat after his younger brother and his wife died in a car accident long ago.

Kenpachi had a strong set of morals also. He did not teach wimps. If you were weak, you got stronger so you wouldn't be weak anymore. No one would be cut any slack as long as he was around. He was respected head of the athletic department and his subordinates all had an odd respect for him and his teaching methods. Although sometimes he would get in trouble for not paying attention-

"Are you listening, Zaraki?" The old principal shook his hand in front of Kenpachi's dazed face. He could never stand these long boring teacher conferences.

"Huh?" He sat up from his lazy position on the table. The principal scoffed but Kenpachi could care less.

"I was informing you that your new assistant is here."

"Where is he?" Kenpachi scoured the room with a look of interest. He had been waiting forever to finally get someone that seemed up to par at his job like he was.

"Right here."

Kenpachi turned and saw a woman standing in the doorway wearing sweats and a tank top.

"A woman? No way!" Kenpachi choked on his air as he laughed. The girl glared death at him but it went unnoticed.

"I'm Ms. Kudo…and I'll prove I'm a match for even you!" She challenged as she brought out some gloves from her tiny pockets. He looked back at her with cool interest and grinned.

"I must say that this is preposterous! Ms. Kudo, you already have the job so there is nothing you can do to stop this! Kenpachi, see reason!" The principal advocated. Kenpachi stood, towering over the old man who gulped and sat in his office chair.

"Fine. Go ahead and have your little brawl but its no skin off my head, understood!" He yelled at the two. They just smiled and walked out the door.

Students crowded around the outside courtyard as the two teachers stood opposite each other preparing themselves. She gripped her gloves and took a few practice swipes at the air and a few high kicks as well. Kenpachi held a long wooden bokuto and swung it up and down a few times too. He then looked at her smirked.

"Are you ready to play, girl?" He motioned a hand for her to go first.

She bowed. "Ladies first." She echoed back at him. He grinned wickedly and raised the bokuto with one large arm in the air. He swung it down and she ran at him, full speed. She jumped onto his shoulders and sat upon them. She quickly twisted his head, almost snapping his neck but his strength over powered hers, as he threw her like a twig to the ground. He then brought the bokuto down upon her shoulder and she cried out loud in pain. She then sat up rubbing her shoulder. She glared back up at him and he smirked.

Suddenly, she kicked his legs out from under him and he fell quickly. She then launched herself atop of him like a pro wrestler and entangled her limbs with his. He kicked and she latched onto his top like a leech. He then rolled his large mass over on top of her lithe form and she gasped for air. He got up and pointed the wooden sword at her throat.

Her eyes narrowed up at him as she glared up at him. He stopped smiling and gave her his own hand to help her up. She stared at it, and then accepted it as she rose to her full height. He then turned over to the principal.

"She's hired." He spoke as students started cheering. She blushed bright red and the principal fumed over the fact that she was already hired and that he was not in charge of who was hired and who was not.

As the echoes of loud cheers filled his ears, Kenpachi turned over to his female opponent.

"So, what was your name, again?"

He could've sworn his life that he had seen her somewhere before. Her face and her moves seemed all too familiar and he tried to remember her.

She smiled up at him. Hazel eyes twinkled as she flipped back her chestnut brown hair.

"Kudo. Chise Kudo."

The two both smiled at each other as the sun rose higher into the sky.