A/N-Oh dear, here I go again! I really wanted to write a sequel to one of my other stories but I just can't...I've been developing this story in my head for some time now. This is the first time I've written a fic that has a character experiencing vivid dreams and visions. To assist you in knowing when it's changing from reality to these dreams or visions, I will show a sentence in bold just before it begins...Got it? Good!

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Chapter One

Hermione stretched out along the seat in her compartment and dosed off. She and Draco had just excused the prefects for their rounds and she was feeling exhausted. He muttered something about finding Crabbe and Goyle after she had said she was going to take a short nap. I can't believe he didn't fly off the handle about it. The Head Girl sleeping on her first day? Unheard of! Preposterous! But I'm just so tired. Hermione had been extremely fatigued and light headed since yesterday. She couldn't explain it. She felt as if she had spent the last few days studying for an intensely important exam but her mind was so clouded. She couldn't think of anything significant that she had done to make her so tired.

After about an hour, she was awaken by the compartment door slamming shut. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "How long was I asleep?"

Draco scoffed as he flung himself on his seat. "Like I really keep track of you mudblood."

Ah yes, it has been a few hours since I've heard that insult. How original and yet…How familiar? Hermione sighed and retrieved a book from her bag. She wasn't looking for anything in particular. Just something to keep her brain focused and thoughts clear. She looked down at the book she had grabbed and raised an eyebrow. Reminiscence. That's odd. This book looks familiar but I don't remember buying it. Oh I had such a large stack of books at Flourish and Blotts, I bet the clerk slipped it in by mistake. Hermione flipped through the pages of the blue and silver colored book curiously.

She looked at the contents page that listed several different chapters ranging any where from Advanced Dream Interpretation, Making Memories Remain, Visions of Inquiry, and Occlumency. What an interesting book! Hermione shut the book suddenly as she thought back to her second year. Tom Riddle's Diary! Better safe than sorry. Hermione pointed her wand at the spine of the mysterious book and muttered the incantation to reveal any dark magic or curses inside the book. No, perfectly safe.

She turned to chapter one and began her journey into advanced dream interpretation. She chuckled to herself at some of the explanations of dreams she had had over the past few days. What rubbish!

"Enjoying yourself mudblood? Well I'm not! What in the hell do I have to do to make you stop that?" Draco sneered.

Hermione blinked furiously at his words as her thoughts raced at his question. She shook herself back to reality. "I'm sorry what? I mean what?"

"I said, what in the hell do I have to do to make you stop that?"

"What?" She mumbled as his question echoed in her head.

"The laughing Granger! You're completely annoying you know that?"

For an unknown reason to her, Hermione was distracted again at his words as they repeated in her head. "I uh….I guess you'll just have to leave."

Draco chuckled to himself in disbelief. "Right. I'm not going anywhere. Just shut up will you? You're not the only one who needs to sleep around here."

Hermione grimaced and shifted herself in her seat. She tugged her skirt down absentmindedly and then realized Draco was still looking at her. He suddenly realized the same and quickly lay back in his seat and whispered. "Stupid mudblood."

Not being able to leave things unfinished, Hermione struggled through the nonsense of the dream interpretation chapter. She finished it just as the train reached Hogwarts. As the students approached the Great Hall, Hermione heard someone calling her name from behind.

Ginny ran up to her with a bewildered expression. "What happened to you?"

"What do you mean? I'm fine." Hermione said curiously.

Ginny crossed her arms in anger. "You didn't meet me at the gates. I needed you to come and get me remember?"

Hermione looked crazily at Ginny. "Why on earth would I need to get you at the gates? You're a prefect Ginny. You're allowed to patrol the grounds on your own. But why would you be patrolling so early? Malfoy and I haven't even delegated the duties yet."

Ginny squinted down at Hermione with a hurtful expression. "I can't believe you would do something so insensitive Hermione. You know I didn't really want to talk to him! I just figured you could rescue me before things got too mushy. God Hermione! I know you said you didn't agree with it but you still promised you would come. And to pretend you don't remember? I just asked you last week!"

"Ginny I'm sorry but I have no idea what you're talking about. Who were you supposed to meet?"

"Dean! He wanted to patch things up and I was only going to be nice. I thought we'd talk and-I already told you all this!" Ginny stomped off to the table and sat far away from Hermione.

Hermione laughed to herself. Ginny's obviously been hit in the head with one too many bludgers this summer. How sad. Hermione shook off the encounter. She knew she could talk to Ginny later and get to the bottom of the misunderstanding. Hermione started to place food on her plate when Ron passed her the strawberries. "Hurry Mione, these first years are eyeballing them."

Hermione took one look at the strawberries and became nauseated and oddly enough, agitated. "No thanks Ron. I'm not really in the mood for strawberries."

"What? They're your favorite snack." Harry said curiously.

"They just look horrible to me. I'd much rather eat something else." Hermione said and dug into her food. Ron and Harry shrugged happily and split the bowl of strawberries while smirking at the scowling first years.

After delegating prefect duties Hermione headed towards her new dormitory. Her very own private dormitory. Down side: sharing a common room with the ferret. She sighed heavily as she hoped they would both be so incredibly busy that their paths would never cross in the common room.

Just as she reached the bookshelf Professor McGonagall had mentioned, Hermione slid her finger down the spine of the book Pinnacle and watched the book shelf swing open. As she was about to step in she was lightly shoved to the side. "Move it Granger. Can't have you tainting the room before I've had a chance to look at it."

Hermione shook her head and walked in behind him. "What a gentleman."

Draco snorted as he looked around. "Well I guess you could say I'm not known for my manners. The girls here don't seem to require that sort of thing."

"Ugh! You pig!"

Draco bowed animatedly. "At your service mudblood." He looked to his right. "Ah yes, that must be mine." Draco opened the door to his right and shut it quickly behind him.

Hermione looked to her left and entered hers. She didn't bother closing the door and was distracted at how wonderful her room looked. It was painted with the Gryffindor colors and had an entire wall full of books. Most of which she had already checked out from the library and read during previous years but she was delighted all the same. She placed her bag on a large desk in the corner and took out her new book. She tossed it on the bed as she grabbed her pajamas and went to the bathroom to change. After she braided her hair and exited she plopped down on her stomach and opened the book to the second chapter. She twirled her hair and let her feet wobble in the air as she read.

She suddenly felt as if someone was watching her and looked up with a groan as she noticed Draco standing in her doorway. "You see this?" He outlined the door with his hands in exaggeration from top to bottom. "This is what we call a door mudblood. I'm sure you've come across them on occasion in the muggle world. This here is called a door knob. Say it with me now, doooooor knooooob. You turn it to the right and left like this." He turned the handle as Hermione raised an intrigued eyebrow. "It's a very complex procedure but I'm sure with some practice even you can master it. Now I'm going to demonstrate it for you this one time but I expect you to take over and handle it on your own after my demonstration. Are you watching me? Pay attention because it all happens very fast. You ready?" Hermione chuckled as Draco grasped the handle and waived the door back and forth with a goofy expression. "See? It moves back and forth. Now here's the tricky part. This is how the door looks when you've done it properly." He walked further into her room and shut the door. "Aha! Fascinating isn't it Granger?"

Hermione chuckled again as she turned a page in her book. "Get out Malfoy. You're sarcasm is completely nauseating."

"Oh please Granger. This is probably the most action you've ever gotten in your own room." Draco said with a smirk.

Hermione shifted on her side with an indifferent look. "You have no right to be in here and you know it. Professor McGonagall told you the rules and-"

"What's the matter Granger? Afraid I might ravage you or something?" Draco said evilly.

Hermione burst out laughing. "I'm not afraid of you Malfoy! Besides, I know you would never lay one finger on me."

Draco seemed to twitch in shock at her comment. "How do you know?"

Hermione gestured as if it was obvious. "Because I'm a muggleborn and you're a snobby little pureblood. Because you're father would have a field day if he knew you did anything inappropriate with a muggleborn. Wouldn't want to taint your superior blood line now would you?"

Draco nodded in satisfaction but then eyed her book curiously. He stepped towards her with his finger pointing at it. "Where did you get that?"

Hermione pulled the book closer to her chest. "Flourish and Blotts." She then whispered uncertainly. "I think."

"You think?" Draco said as he placed his hands in his pockets and peered down at the book.

Hermione looked at the cover of the book as she tried to remember her trip to the bookstore. "I think a clerk must have slipped it in with my other books at Flourish and Blotts last week."

Draco scratched his head and paced the room as helooked around. "I hate these colors." He quickly looked back at the book. "So you have a new book and you don't know where it came from?"

Hermione shrugged. "Why do you care? It doesn't belong to you does it?"

Draco shook his head with a smirk. "I just find it quite interesting that the Head Girl stole a book."

"I didn't steal it! I just found it in my bag on the train! I had a whole pile of books at the store. I probably picked it up myself and paid for it."

Draco nodded. "Sure you did. So Granger's turned into a thief. Very interesting. I didn't see that one coming."

Hermione stood from her bed furiously and shoved him out of her room. "I didn't steal it you twitchy little ferret!"

She turned back around and plopped back on her bed. Draco called out from the common room as he sat on one of the couches. "Hey! You forgot to use the doooor knooob."

She ignored him and dove back into her book. Again he was in her doorway. "What's your problem Granger? Close the door! I don't want to have to look at you every minute of the day!"

Draco started to close it but Hermione leapt from the bed and stood in the way. "Don't." She said as the door slammed into her back.

"Why not? You just had it closed with me in there and you seemed just fine about it." Draco demanded.

The truth was, she didn't know why. But something about her being in a room alone with the door closed was terrifying. "I just can't. I can't have the door closed." She said sternly. Draco looked at her as if she were mad. "We can play this game all night Malfoy. But the door stays open."

Draco shook his head and returned to the couch in confusion. He shouted at her a moment later. "Hey Granger! There's something on the table for you from Professor Dumbledore."

Hermione sighed as she walked back out. "What is it?" Draco pointed at a basket of fruit that held mostly strawberries. "Yuck. I don't want those." Hermione said as she rubbed her stomach and took the card from the basket furiously. "How thoughtful of him."

Draco seemed to be thinking back on something and spoke curiously. "You don't like strawberries?"

Hermione shrugged as she sat on the arm of the couch. "Well I used to. They were my favorite. Ugh, just any time I look at them now I feel like chucking them across the room."

Draco laughed loudly. "You're mad? You're mad at the strawberries?"

"No! They just make me sick. I can't look at them. You can take them if you want." Hermione said pushing the basket towards him.

Draco held up his hands. "No thanks Granger. You can keep your unruly strawberries. Or better yet, give them to one of your stupid friends. I saw them practically inhale a bowl full at dinner."

"Maybe I will." Hermione said indifferently as she walked back to her room.

She lay back down and eventually fell asleep in the middle of the second chapter of Reminiscence. Draco started to nod off on the couch so he headed for his room. Just as he was about to close his door he saw her sleeping peacefully with the book laying on her stomach. He closed his door gently and fell asleep.

Hermione began to toss and turn in her sleep. She started to have flashes of Draco knocking a basket full of strawberries out of her hands over and over. Suddenly the flashes stopped as she drifted off into a deeper sleep and dreamed the most vivid dream in her entire life.

It's as if she were someone else watching a muggle movie:

As Hermione carefully picked out her strawberries at the fruit stand in Diagon Alley, thoughts of her upcoming year at Hogwarts made her smile. Four more days and I'm Head Girl. How wonderful. As she paid for her favorite snack and bid the clerk a nice day she felt as if someone was watching her. She looked behind and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. In fact, Diagon Alley was bursting at the seams with shoppers picking up last minute items for their young students. She was surrounded by several witches and wizards rushing their ways in and out of shops. She couldn't shake the eerie feeling so she continued to look around curiously as she walked.

She decided to pick up some chocolate frogs for Ron since he had had such a dreadful summer. Lavender had broken up with him in late July leaving him an utter mess. Hermione felt extremely sad for her best friend and was willing to do anything to cheer him up.

These should work. Goodness knows a sugared-up Ron is a happy Ron. She thought to herself as she grabbed a handful of the chocolate and headed towards the registers. She noticed some enchanted lollipops and stopped to look at them. She realized someone needed to get by so she moved closer to the lollipops and whispered as they passed. "Oh, excuse me."

The person stopped quickly and turned around in surprise. For heaven's sake not him! Who stood before her? None other than Draco Malfoy. He looked tremendously disturbed to see her standing there. He shook his head, looked around warily, and spat his words harshly. "And I thought my day couldn't get any worse. Shouldn't you be in Flourish and Blott's mudblood?"

Hermione sneered at the boy who appeared to have grown another foot since last term. "It's none of your business where I shop Malfoy. But if you must know, I was there yesterday."

Draco looked down on her with disgust and then looked around again. "Where are Pothead and Weaslebee? Surely they're around here somewhere ready to rescue you from some evilly possessed lemon drops."

Hermione sighed in repulsion of him. "Once again, none of your business." Draco became distracted with something behind her and quickly moved to block her way to the registers. Hermione gasped and raised her voice. "Move Malfoy! I haven't done anything to you. Just get out of my way."

Draco shushed her as he shook his head and whispered evilly. "No, I don't think I will filth. I'll tell you when its time to go."

Hermione sighed and then walked the other way but was blocked by group of old witches laughing about the lollipops. Hermione whipped back around with an angry expression. "You vile little ferret. You probably went out of your way to find me today just so that you could try and terrorize me. Don't you have any other hobbies you spoiled little brat?"

Draco smirked as he crossed his arms. "Trust me Granger…You-are-the-last-person-I-wanted-to-terrorize-today."

Hermione faked a laugh and crossed her arms as well. "Oh really? What's the matter Malfoy? Is your Daddy running out of dark habits to teach you? Have you become so unbelievably bored with torturing and killing muggles that you've decided to cruise the candy shop for unsuspecting victims?"

Draco shook his head and whispered again. "You should watch yourself Granger. You're awfully stupid to be shopping alone at times like these. You wouldn't be what others call street smart now would you? No, if you were you wouldn't be by yourself today. Merlin you're such a stubborn thickheaded little mud blood!"

Hermione didn't respond. She simply shook her head and leaned against a shelf. Draco glared at her in repulsion as the unaware shoppers passed by. Hermione sighed and grabbed a box of the lollipops. Ignore him. Just pretend he isn't there. He'll eventually get bored and go away. She began to read the label to pass the time and heard Draco scoff and curse under his breath. She heard the bell at the front of the shop jingle as someone left.

Draco looked her up and down in spitefulness and spoke with hate. "Life would be so much easier if you would just stick to your books Granger. God you make me sick!" Draco stormed out of the shop leaving Hermione confused but relieved that he was gone. She paid for the chocolate frogs and decided to buy the lollipops as well. They looked quite entertaining.

As she exited the candy shop she realized that a few new quills wouldn't hurt for next term. She turned down an alley where in her opinion, the best quill peddler usually set up his stand. As she walked she re-read the label of the lollipops and laughed at the enchantment. Suddenly she realized how quiet it was compared to usual down that alley. She looked up and realized that the stand wasn't there. No one was around. That's odd. She sighed in disappointment and turned back only to meet eyes with a smirking Lucius Malfoy.

Hermione stepped back in fright as she noticed his delighted expression. She quickly whipped out her wand but he shouted the incantation before she even opened her mouth. "Experiallmus!" Her heart began to pound as he walked towards her slowly. A thick fog began to appear behind him blocking any view from passer bys. His soft but evil voice made her hair stand on end. "My, my, my…What a pity."

Hermione stepped back again as her chest heaved up and down. She looked behind and whimpered at the sight of a very tall gate. The only way out is behind him.

Lucius smiled evilly as he watched her contemplate an escape route. "I'm afraid you won't be getting away Ms. Granger. You're cleverness won't save you this time."

Hermione mustered up the courage to speak although the fear in her voice could not be concealed. "What do you want?"

Lucius clicked his tongue and shook his head. "It's not what I want dear mudblood…It's what he wants."

What does Voldemort want with me? Hermione started to envision all the terrible things Voldemort would do to her when someone stepping out from the fog caught her eye. She could recognize that strut from a mile away. "Malfoy?"

Draco looked even more sickened to see her standing there than he did in the candy shop. He shook his head and looked at his father with a blank expression. Lucius nodded and gestured towards Hermione. Draco took a deep breath as he walked towards her with a harsh expression. He took out his wand causing Hermione to back against a brick wall in terror. "Oh God please Malfoy! Don't do it! Please don't do it!"

Draco waved his wand binding her arms and ankles as she dropped her strawberries and candy. He placed the langlock charm on her causing her tongue to glue to the roof of her mouth. She stared down at the strawberries wondering why on earth she had to choose this day to go shopping. Stupid strawberries! I hate you!

He whispered with detestation as he pulled her close. "You should have stuck to your books Granger." He closed his eyes and appeared to be concentrating. Suddenly Hermione felt the familiar feeling of apparation. He's going to bring me back to his manor and kill me.

She awoke abruptly to someone holding her wrists and shaking her gently:

"Granger! Wake up!" Draco yelled.

Hermione screamed and tried to pull her wrists out of his grasp and socked him in the nose in the process. "Get away from me! Let me go Malfoy! You're not taking me anywhere!"

Draco was leaning over and pinching the bridge of his nose in shock. "I wasn't trying to take you anywhere you lunatic! You were yelling my name in your sleep like you had gone mad! And then you started yelling something about how you hated your stupid strawberries."

Hermione looked around the room as she rubbed her eyes realizing she had been dreaming. "Oh….I uh….I do hate those strawberries." She said in humiliation as she lay back down.

Draco shook his head and headed for the door. He stopped quickly and turned with a smirk. "You should really make amends with them Granger. I'm sure whatever they did…They're sorry."

She tossed a pillow at him but he ducked out of the doorway just in time. Hermione sighed as she started to fall asleep again. She was so amazed at how clear and detailed the dream was. It almost felt real.