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An hour later after the kiss incident, the doctor walked into the room looking very serious, which frightened Riza. "Tomorrow morning you will be prepped for surgery at eight o'clock. The procedure will take about two hours and the anesthetics will wear off about an hour later and then if all goes well you will be released from the hospital in two days."

"ok, thank you very much doctor." Roy said. He glanced over to Riza who was sitting up with a blank expression on her face. "Surgery Roy how am going to get through surgery."

"Riza I will be there you twenty-four seven it will be ok I promise." Roy said giving her hand a reassuring squeeze.

The next day went by so fast Riza barely remembers any of it she just remembers that waking up, after what felt like twenty minutes, and sees Roy standing right by her side.

"Good, afternoon sleeping beauty, the doctor told me everything went well and they just have to do a few more tests to make sure everything is ok and then tomorrow morning you will be released from the hospital but, you cant stay by yourself for the first week because you will be in a lot of pain so you'll be on pain meds so you'll be a high for a while and someone will have to change the dressing on your stitches from the surgery. But that's it."

"Well, Roy would you mind calling Fuery and ask him if its ok he takes care of me for a week that would be really great." Riza asked with pleading amused eyes.

Roy looked like he just got slapped in the face. "Riza, don't call Fuery, he is to immature. I would be happy to take care of you for a week and don't say anything cause my mind is made up and that's what I'm doing.

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