S o m e t i m e s

Tell us about Rose Tyler

"I don't know much about her. We've worked together at Tourchwood for a little less then three years, but I never see her after work."

What is there to say about her? She always keeps to herself, doesn't talk to anybody. She has a close knit family though. Only five of them left. The others were probably killed back with the cybermen.

She seems like the dull lifeless shell of a woman who was shit on by life.


What? It's true. She just walks around with that key around her neck and a broken cell phone in her pocket. It's not normal.


My name is Rose Tyler. Three years ago I died. My body was missing, so my name was placed on the list of the dead. So many people died that day, and I was one of them. Physically I exist in another universe, but my heart and soul are not with me, and so I am dead.

My heart and soul are with him, in his magic box that travels anywhere, any time, any day. He is lonely because I died. There is no way to be with him, or so I thought. But he always liked a challenge, and I suppose that rubbed off on me. The bad wolf isn't done doing the impossible, because there is a better life out there, with him.

With My Doctor.

And sometimes, impossible is just an exaggeration.


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