The risk is worth it

"After all this time, it's the TARDIS you want to see first?" Despite being overjoyed to see Rose again, the Doctor couldn't help but feel the slightest bit indignant. Martha had given up trying to follow anything at this point.

"Now is really not the time to get defensive, Doctor, "Rose said. "I don't have much time, if I don't get to the TARDIS, my plan wont work," she pleaded.

"That's exactly the problem, Rose. You don't have much time and there is something I need to tell you in case this opportunity never comes again!" The Doctor sounded as though he was begging, but Rose couldn't bear it. She knew this would be her only chance to return to her Doctor, what ever he had to say could wait till she was corporeal in his world.

Rose spotted the blue box behind the Doctor, as well as a very confused looking young woman. She smiled despite herself knowing that the Doctor would be lost if left on his own for to long. She could bear no grudge on the new girl any more then she could towards the doctor. Martha seemed to realize she was being stared at and felt a bit uneasy. It wasn't every day that someone from another universe stared you down.

"I'm sorry, I don't know your name, but could you open the door to the TARDIS?" Rose asked. Martha realized it was she who was being addressed. "I'd do it myself, but I'm just an image…right now."

The subtle hint was lost on both Martha and the Doctor. "Right…" Martha said, opening the door quickly.

"Rose, what are you doing?" the doctor asked, still a bit annoyed that he was being ignored. "I have something I have to tell you and you want to go through the TARDIS?" As confused as he was, the Doctor couldn't help but smile. Rose had changed in his absence. She was stronger and surer of her self. Rose had always been able to stand up for what she believed in, but now it seemed that she had actions as well as words. The Doctor felt a bit proud.

"I need to see the heart of the…"


The smile vanished from the Doctor's lips once he realized Rose's intentions. After what happened last time, he couldn't believe she would even consider doing something like that again. "It nearly killed you last time. I know you would do anything to come back, but this is going too far!" the Doctor pleaded.

"But it's not me!" Rose begged. ""it's just an image! A signal. If I can turn that power into a signal and send it back to me it would be as strong. I can do this; the TARDIS is already a part of me now!" Rose wasn't sure what made her say that. She had never felt like she and the TARDIS had become one, but for some reason it felt that way now. Strangely, that feeling had been with her since lunch.

"Don't make me risk you!" the Doctor said, his voice sounding tired and defeated. "I love you, Rose Tyler."

It was barely above a whisper, but Rose heard it.


Jamie and Linda watched as tears formed in Rose's eyes. They had no idea what was happening anymore. Since the signal started sending, they had not been able to hear Rose. They knew she was speaking because of the movements her lips were making, yet no sound came through. They shared a satisfied smile among each other. They knew the outcome already, they always had.


"Please don't make me risk you, now that you know."

The air was solemn between Rose and the Doctor. Rose lifted a hand to touch the Doctor's cheek, but she felt nothing, and neither did he. Tears formed in Rose's eyes. She wanted nothing more then to feel his skin and wipe away the tears he now shed. This was the closest she would ever come to her Doctor. After everything she had gone through to be here, she couldn't bring herself to do what the Doctor asked her not to. It ravaged him as deeply as her to know that all they could ever be to each other was an image on the other side of another universe.

Rose succumbed to her tears as she lost the ability to stand. "It's not fair!" she cried. "I tried so hard. I knew you wanted me to find a way back and I did but you won't let me know even though I know you want me to an…"

Rose couldn't control her words anymore. They barely made sense in her head as they rambled from her lips. The Doctor understood though. Inside the same things were running wildly through his thoughts. He wanted her back, he wanted to hold her, but he could never risk her life so freely.

Martha watched as the brave man she admired so much crumbled beside the glowing image of Rose. Her heart broke into a million pieces watching the scene. There was one thought that struck her as odd though. Rose was a part of the TARDIS. Her eyes danced back to the console. She felt drawn to it. Without really knowing what she was doing, Martha lifted what was apparently a lid.

The power seeping out of the console pushed Martha back. All she could do now was watch.

The Doctor wanted so badly to touch Rose, hold her and comfort her, but he knew she was just an image. He couldn't touch her anymore then he could touch air. He felt a warm, comforting hand slip into his own. He looked up to face Martha.


Lights flickered and died all around the Torchwood lab. Pete Tyler stood in the room as everything quieted down. "Jackie is going to kill me," he said to no one in particular. He looked back to where Rose's friends had been standing, but they were gone. As one of the lab coats went flying by, Pete grabbed his arm and swung him around. Once they were face to face he asked, "Who were those two?"

The lab coat shrugged. "No clue, never seen them before. They aren't on record for ever working here," he said.

Pete let the man go to rub his head. Today had been too much, and tonight was not going to be much better.


It was not Martha's hand, as he expected. The doctor was looking into the now solid face of one Rose Tyler.

"You feel that too, right?" she asked. The smile almost broke on her face as she waited his response.

Instead of a yes, the doctor pulled her from the ground into his arms and swung her around. He had no clue how this happened, but that didn't matter. In this moment, he was holding his Rose.

"Um, Doctor?" Martha asked meekly. The pair turned to look at the confused woman behind them. "I Think I might have broken the TARDIS."

Through the open door, the Doctor could see the latch of the TARDIS's heart was open. It shut by it's self, and the Doctor could almost hear innocent whistling. He smiled regardless.

"Don't worry Martha, I sure I don't need to do any work on her for a while." He laughed, but stopped abruptly. For once he didn't mind the interruption. In fact, if Rose was to kiss him in the middle of every sentence, he would probably never mind.

A/N: that's the end…kind of. Prologue will be out before David leaves the show. Like I'd really leave it without explaining the Jamie and Linda thing. ;)