CHAPTER 1 - The Kidnaping

Note: Saber description: Dark Brown deep velvety fur, tri-colored gold eyes, long black hair with cream streak from bangs to back of head, long talons on paws and feet, and retractable canines.

WARNING: Violence, Rape, some language

The Chief Enforcer of Megakat City has been kidnaped. After many weeks of searching by the enforcers without success, the Swat Kats found the missing Commander while on evening patrol for an elusive power signature that Razor had detected some time before.

Passing over the warehouse district, Razor's instruments picked up the odd power signature that had been flaring strongly off and on for weeks.

"Got it T-Bone!" Razor crowed "It's located in the Firebird Design Warehouse"

"Right, I think I can land on the roof next door" T-Bone began to maneuver the jet into hover mode and glided down to a smooth landing. They quickly jumped down and ran across the tarred surface for the edge facing the target building. Ejecting twin grappling hooks they swung over to the opposite roof. Moving quietly, they found a skylight to peer down into the interior. Through the dirty glass they beheld a shocking sight. They had found the missing commander.

Feral was pinned down naked on a massive bed with satin sheets. His feet were spread wide and shackled to each bedpost. His paws were pinned together by some kind of strange, metal shackle and attached to the headboard. A powerful kat, larger than Feral was straddling his body. The kat was the same coloring as Feral, except he had long black hair with a cream colored streak down the middle of it. They couldn't see his face, but could see Feral's and saw anguish and fear in his eyes, eyes that were no longer the familiar solid yellow but a glowing, gold tri-colored. Feral writhed helplessly, trying to unseat the bigger male. The stranger only laughed evilly and stretched his frame over Feral's more completely all the while gloating.

T-Bone was getting ready to leap through the skylight to stop Feral's torture when Razor stopped him. "No T-Bone something is very strange about that tomcat, something deadly. We can't help Feral if we get killed" Razor cautioned. "But he's going to rape him!" T-Bone raged, but held back and fumed. The Swat Kats could just barely hear the tom through the glass.

"It's no use, my mate, but keep it up it feels soo good. I need to dump some power now and you are going to take me and like it." Fitting action to words the huge kat lined his hips up with Feral's and thrust forward hard. Feral wailed in pain while the bastard continued to thrust fast and furious until he climaxed and his body gave off waves of energy that lit up the room in a fierce light. The light gradually faded and the male withdrew from the now whimpering commander. "Ah, that was great my traitorous one. Maybe later, I will let you finally release your energy too. Meanwhile the backed up power will remind you forcefully that I am your master and mate. It's the perfect lesson to teach you not to run away again. Be glad" he snarled "that I didn't choose to kill you. Your running away humiliated me before the rest of the clan. I was beaten and thrown out of the clan holdings because I allowed a breeding female to leave. I've searched a long time for you bitch and I'm thoroughly enjoying making you pay for your disobedience." With that final nasty comment, the male grabbed a robe off a nearby chair and left the room.

"Oh my god, T-Bone, Feral and that big male are Sabers. The most dangerous felines in the whole world. They were thought to be extinct. Their bodies collect energy from nature and they can use it for defense. If you had jumped down there that big guy would have incinerated you before you could hit the floor. Now aren't you glad I told you to wait?" Razor stated grimly.

"Yeah you're right. But now, we'd better get down there and get the commander out before that big creep gets back." T-Bone put action to words and wasted no more time in discussion. He opened the skylight, quickly attached his grappling hook and began to descend to the floor below. Razor quickly followed his partner down.

Landing beside the bed, T-Bone looked down at his hated enemy. Close up, Feral's face looked the same and the body was just as powerfully built and as large as he remembered but the image was altered by the very real appearance of parts that screamed female to his stunned sight. He found himself shaken at seeing the powerful commander whimpering and shedding tears of pain and fear. Her strange tri-colored eyes beseeched him to free her. That look set off a burning rage in his chest. No female should be treated this way and if he could just have a few minutes with that asshole he'd pound him into hamburger. T-Bone gently touched Feral's arm only to have her flinch away.

"Hey, it's okay" he said gently "we only want to help you get away from here."

"Yes, yes...please release me before he comes back. I can't take anymore" she pleaded tearfully, the deep commanding baritone voice was missing, replaced by a hoarse croak.

T-Bone felt sick, this wasn't the Feral he knew. This was a terrified and abused female. They just had to get her out of here fast. Razor had dropped down near him and was studying the shackles.

"Razor, can you get those off?" He asked anxiously

"I can remove the foot ones, T-Bone, but the paw ones are different. They are made of a special alloy that prevents Feral from expelling her energy and keeps it trapped in her body. Once I release the cuffs her energy could overwhelm her, exploding outward reducing us and this building to ash." Razor said tightly. T-Bone gaped at him.

"But then how do we get her out of here! We can't just let that bastard hurt her more!" he exclaimed angrily.

"I know that T-Bone, but there's only one way to safely free her and that's to do what that creep did to release his power." Razor stated grimly. His partner stared at him in shocked dismay.

"But, that's like raping her all over again!" T-Bone was horrified.

"There is no choice, she's too dangerous to release and I'm real sorry, but I can't do something like that under these conditions." Razor hung his head in anguish.

"Crud, this just gets better and better. I can't do it either unless she agrees and she's been so hurt already" T-Bone shifted uneasily. Not having any choice, T-Bone turned to Feral, "Uhm, commander...we want to get you out of here fast but we have to cause you to release your energy first. I know you're hurting and the last thing I want is to do this to you again, but this time, I promise, there wont be any pain. Will you trust me and let me help you?" he begged her gently.

"I understand, do what you have to, I want out of here, please" she looked away, closing her eyes as more tears fell. Feeling sick at heart, T-Bone gently began caressing her arms, then her torso all the while she flinched. Her fur was thicker and softer than any female he had ever touched. He hoped he could do this. He needed to arouse her quickly or they wouldn't get done before the male returned.

All her life, she'd only known punishment and pain from her mate and the clumsiness and sometimes cruelty of the temp males she was forced to use for power dumping. Never before, had she been touched so gently and with such concern. She just didn't know how to react. Her body seemed to think this was very nice but her mind was in turmoil. She tried to relax even though the power tethered in her body strained to get out. T-Bone did his best to cause her only pleasure from his touch. He carefully reached between her legs to gently caress her soft folds. He was rewarded by her sudden gasp of air and jerk of hips. Continuing the pressure, he flicked his finger up and down in a slow rhythm that got her hot and wet. Oh, the touch felt so good and so very different from her mate's hurtful contact. How was this possible, this wonderful feeling was beyond anything she had ever felt. Her power was straining harder, she knew she couldn't hold out much longer. Seeing her excitement increase and her body begin to glow, T-Bone signaled his partner to release her paws.

"I'm going to release your paws now, Feral. Hold on to your power, okay" Razor warned her.

Unable to speak she merely nodded her head. Razor took only moments to break the shackles. She grit her teeth as the power overwhelmed her for a moment, but she didn't release it. T-Bone felt that energy pressing against him in a pleasurable wave that tightened his groin making him ready for her. Quickly, T-Bone laid his body on top of her and gently entered her warm heat. She moaned and prepared for pain but was surprised when there was none, only a pleasurable fullness. It felt so good that she began to rock her hips against him causing even more waves of pleasure. It felt incredible. He could tell she was enjoying the ride and was no longer fearful. They picked up the pace as waves of sensation washed through both of them. His paws continued to rub up and down her body increasing the sheer erotic pleasure sending her higher and higher. Her power rose to a fever pitch till she could take no more and released it in a strong wave of orgasmic energy sending them both over the edge. The room glowed so brightly, Razor had to hide his face in his arms. When he could see again he found the pair limp and barely aware.

"Come on buddy, we've got to get out of here" he pulled at his partner urgently. Struggling to rouse himself, T-Bone carefully disengaged from Feral and put his clothes to rights, then reached down to gently pull Feral to her feet. Just as she stood up, the door flew opened and in strode the male saber..

Taking in the sight of his mate freed, he snarled in fury and launched himself at the retreating kats. The Swat Kats fired their glovetrix at the charging saber sending him into the far wall. But it only stopped him a moment before he once more lunged at them this time knocking the duo off their feet. Before they could recover a large, screaming, shape forcibly shoved the saber away from them. They jumped to their feet and witnessed Feral with long fangs and talons extended ripping away at her erstwhile mate while he attempted to do the same to her. They were so entangled, the Swat Kats were unable to get a clear shot at the male. Just as Razor thought to hit them with knock out gas, it ended, brutally, with Feral ripping his throat out. Her face and chest was covered in blood. She stood there heaving for breathe then, suddenly, she collapsed to the floor, curled into a fetal ball and began sobbing.

"I think she's in shock, buddy" Razor said worriedly. He grabbed a blanket from the floor and wrapped her up. "We've got to get her medical help."

"Roger that, Razor. I'll go up to the turbo cat and call this in and I think I better contact Callie as well." T-Bone decided. He grabbed a sheet and covered the deceased saber. Using his grappling hook he quickly rappeled up to the roof. Minutes later, returning the same way, he dropped down near Razor and glanced over at Feral.

"They're on their way and I caught Callie just leaving her office. No change, huh?"

"No, she's really out of it. You know T-Bone from what we heard from the skylight, it sounds like that creep was her mate. Her behavior looks like a textbook case of domestic abuse. It appears that bastard abused her before she came here and that is why she ran away from him. Some of what he said while he was gloating sounded like he had. I wonder how long ago that was and where she originally came from?" Razor mused.

"I bet he did and it seems obvious that he picked up where he left off when he kidnaped her, but we won't know for awhile, if at all depending on if she's willing to tell. Too many abuse cases aren't able to open up and face what happened to them. They'd rather forget. Can't say I blame them." T-Bone sighed sadly. "It's still hard to believe this is Feral. Everything we thought we knew about him is all a lie. How much of what she portrayed is the real person?"

"Guess we won't know until she recovers, if she does" Razor said quietly

They heard sirens approaching, both moved without thought to a guard position in front of Feral as the first of the enforcers arrived. Lt Commander Bastille strode at the head of a small squad of enforcers and medics. Right behind came Ms Briggs. The group halted a few feet from the Swat Kats and the sheet covered corpse.

"Where is Commander Feral and who is that?" demanded Bastille.

"That is a saber male and the commander is right behind us" Razor stated plainly.

The medics started forward, but were stopped by T-Bone's raised palm. "Just a minute. You need to be aware of something first before you can approach. Like Razor said that is a male saber, Commander Feral, it turns out, is a female saber. When we found her, that creep" pointing to the corpse, "was raping her, we tried to rescue her and in the process she ended up taking matters in her own paws and ripped his throat out. Killing him pushed her over the edge and we're afraid she's in shock from the effects of possible abuse at the paws of the deceased. We caution you to be very careful in handling her, she is very dangerous and, at the moment, emotionally unstable." T-Bone warned. With that, the Swat Kats slowly moved away from Feral's huddled body.

The medics moved in cautiously. Lt Col Bastille glared at the Swat Kats, as Callie looked shocked and confused.

"Come on Swat Kat, you really expect me to believe such an outlandish story?" he snarled in anger.

At that moment one of the medics gently tried to move the blanket from Feral to ascertain her condition only to be knocked on his butt by her suddenly whirling upright form. She crouched with fangs and talons extended, her tri-colored eyes glowing, frantically searching around for danger, her body beginning to glow with destructive energy.

"Everyone freeze! No one say or do anything." T-Bone ordered sharply. He moved slowly towards her tense body. "Easy Feral, it's alright. No ones going to hurt you anymore. The medics just want to help you." T-Bone coaxed softly as he gradually closed the distance between them. She sobbed for breathe as she stared wildly at him. Trembling, she retracted fangs and claws and let T-Bone gather her up in his arms and begin rubbing soothing circles down her back. "It's alright, you're going to be okay, I promise. Just take it easy." T-Bone soothed. Meanwhile, Razor sidled up to one of the medics and asked for a strong sedative. Carefully, he circled to her blind side and gently injected the medicine while T-Bone kept her distracted. Several minutes later, she slumped unconscious in his arms. He gently laid her on the stretcher the medics had wheeled close and covered her naked form with a blanket. Only then did all those present realize that they had witnessed first hand that Commander Feral was indeed female and was definitely not a kat.

"Alright Swat Kats, I'd appreciate it if you'd give me a statement about what happened here," Bastille sighed.

"Sure, no problem. Anything to help the enforcers." T-Bone smirked. But his face went quietly serious as they wheeled Feral out.

Calico Briggs was still reeling from the evenings shocking revelation. All this time no one had known that Commander Feral had been successfully carrying out a perfect charade, fooling all the katizens of Megakat City. If what the SWAT Kats had heard was true, she couldn't really fault Feral for her deception. But were there other secrets he, or rather she, been keeping from them? Mayor Manx was not going to be happy by these revelations and it was her sad duty to find out all the facts and present them to his honor by tomorrow before he heard about them on the news. And speaking of news, she had to spin big time to prevent the press from sniffing out that the affair with Feral was more than a simple kidnaping. She made it clear to all parties that had been on scene, that no one speak to the press and to keep Feral's true situation secret. She also made sure Feral was placed in a secure and private medical facility that specialized in her type of trauma.

She was exhausted by the time she made it home. T-Bone and Razor's statements about what happened in the warehouse to Feral was still too shocking for her to absorb. Until Commander Feral was able to tell her side of the story, they were left with only suspicions and heresy about what went on between the dead saber and Feral and what the Swat Kats had witnessed when she was rescued.

As she prepared for bed, her mind was still playing back the odd behavior of the SWAT Kats towards the commander. It wasn't like them to be so solicitous towards their sworn enemy. They seemed to have been very disturbed and upset by what had happened to her, dropping their constant animosity. She was even more shocked when she witnessed Feral letting T-Bone comfort her. Something more had happened between Feral and the Swat Kats, something they wouldn't tell the enforcers. She sighed, she was just going to have to wait and see if Feral recovered enough to talk to her.