Yin & Yang Reborn

By: Crystal Persian

Sum: okay, I thought this idea would make a good fanfic, cause everyone knows about Yin & Yang right? Well, since Starfire's & Raven's attitudes fit perfectly, I thought this would make a great fic!

Pairings: Robin/Starfire & Beast Boy /Raven

Chapter one


"C'mon sister! Mommy says it's time to eat!" said a very small girl with short purple hair, violet eyes, and pail white skin.

"Coming sister!" said a very small girl with waist length raspberry colored hair, tan orangish skin, and all emerald green eyes.

Both girls laughed as they ran towards a pinkish purple colored tree where one would think 2 older versions of the two young girls sat, waiting for the young ones. Once they got there they were both picked up by the man that looked like the long haired girl, and a woman that looked like the short haired girl. All of them started laughing when all of a sudden...

/End Dream/

In their rooms, both Starfire & Raven bolted awake yelping in the process. Both were panting hard, while sweat beaded on their skin.


'Why do I continue to have that same dream every night, & just who is that little girl & strange woman?' Starfire thought to herself. She looked over at her digital clock to only see that it was 3 in the morning.

Just as she was about to try to get more sleep, a knock was heard on her door.

She quickly got up, & opened the door, and realized it was Robin, standing outside her door, his hair looking even more messy then he did in the day time.

"I heard you yell. Everything okay?" he asked in concerned voice.

"Oh yes Robin! I was just waking up from a mare of the night was it called?" Robin chuckled at not only Starfire's cuteness but at her misuse of language as well.

"I think you mean nightmare Starfire." Starfire blushed and said, "Oh,"

"Just try to sleep Starfire," he was about to leave, when Starfire stopped him.

"Do you mind staying until I fall back to sleep?" Robin smiled & nodded as he followed the beauty back into her room. When she finally fell back to sleep, Robin bent down, and kissed her on her forehead.

'I'm, always here for you Starfire. Remember that.' Robin thought as he watched her sleep for a moment, before going back to his own room.


'That same dream with that weird man & little girl again. Why...' Raven's thoughts were interrupted when she heard a knock on her door.

"Raven, you alright in there?" 'Beast Boy...' Raven thought while she answered, "Yeah I'm fine Beast Boy, go back to bed." She replied in her darkest voice ever.

"O-okay. You know where I am if you need me." and with that, he ran back to his room.

Raven sighed before laying back down on her comfy bed, & shut her eyes. It was only a few seconds, before sleep reclaimed her.


Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg were already up, and all three were scarfing down leftover pizza. Just as they were about to continue with the scarfing, their two female friends staggered into the room tiredly, and quickly plopped into their usual spots on their couch. The guys looked at each other in worry, before deciding to try to speak to the weary girls.

"Hey Rea, Star, you two want breakfast?" Both girls looked at Cyborg sleepily, before Raven closed her eyes, & with her powers, picked up 2 black & blue coffee mugs, & filled them up with freshly made coffee. It wasn't long, before both mugs were filled, & were floating over to the tired girls, who immediately grabbed them & both took a huge gulp. Just as if they read the others mind they both said at the same time, "Coffee is just fine thank you." before they both took another huge gulp of their coffee.

NOW the guys looked at the girls with surprised confusion. As long as they could remember, Raven would always want just herbal tea for breakfast, & Starfire would always try to make her weird alien food. NEITHER OF THEM EVER WANTED COFFEE BEFORE! HECK, THEY BOTH HATED COFFEE! A/N: Okay, I'm not sure if they like coffee or not, but please go along with the flow

Just as they were about to ask what was up with the change in the girls taste buds, the alarm went off. Everyone ran to the screen to see which villain it was this time.

"Dr. Light! He's robbing the art museum, & he's made a huge metal dragon. Titans Move!" Just like that, they were out of their tower, and on their way into the city to save the day, once again.

/Jump City/

The Titans touched down right in front of Dr. Light. "He's done it again, why does he always have to be so difficult?" said Robin, pointing to the magnificently huge metallic dragon that was clearly the source of all the problems.

"I've got other problems right now, I'm not feeling so hot!" said Raven, clutching her stomach.

"Yes, I am also not feeling so well in my tummy!" proclaimed Starfire, doubled over in pain.

"We'll deal with your problems when we get back to the Tower, right now we have much bigger things to worry about!" Robin began, "Starfire and Raven, you two try and take out the metal dragon; Cyborg, Beast Boy and I will take out Dr. Light!" Everyone nodded, and went into battle.

They were in the middle of the battle when Starfire, & Raven simultaneously felt sharp stabbing sensations in the pits of their stomachs.

"Raven, I feel even worse than before!" Starfire screamed, with pain in her voice.

"Same here! WHAT'S GOING ON WITH US!" Raven retorted, sounding just as weak as Starfire. The two girls were so delusional with the pain that they seemed to forget their purpose in the battle, but the boys had not.

"Starfire! Raven! You're right in that dragon's line of fire...get out of there, NOW!" shouted a very anxious Beast Boy. Both girls came around to realize that they were still in the heat of battle. The boys were now just shouting for them to get out of the way as they fought Dr Light on the ground, but it seemed to be too late for Starfire and Raven, because the dragon just blew its fire straight at them, as the boys could only watch helplessly.

Because they were so scared, the two girls held hands, not fully aware of the fact that they were. Just before the fire hit them, Starfire's emerald eyes began to take on a haunting whitish glow. Raven's usually violet eyes took on a dark, glowing hue—eventually turning black.

Not knowing what was happening, Starfire and Raven began to scream. When they opened their mouths, fire that was the current color of each of their eyes shot straight out of the girls' mouths. They mixed together, making it swirl around, like a hypnoses wheel. The swirling fire encompassed the entirety of the dragon, which promptly exploded.

The burning, destroyed head of the dragon landed right at the feet of Dr. Light. "NOO! MY DRAGON! MY MASTER PIECE! NO, NO, NO, NO, N-" Dr. Light was silenced in an instant, because of the rest of the titans tying him up. They then stared at their female friends with looks of astonishment on their faces.

"DUDE! Since when can Raven & Starfire breathe fire!" Cyborg exclaimed with surprise. They then saw that the metal death trap was fully gone, & now both girls were unconscious & falling to the ground.

"STARFIRE!" "RAVEN!" Beast Boy and Robin yelled, as they both quickly ran over, and grabbed their secret loves in mid air, leaving Cyborg with Dr. Light.

"I'll take Dr. Light to jail! You two get your girlfriends back to the tower!" Robin and Beast Boy were too worried about the girls to even notice what exactly Cyborg had said. They nodded and quickly rushed back to Titans Tower with both girls who were breathing heavily.

A/N: Okay, that's chapter one. What's going on with our two little aliens? Are they sick? Will Robin and Beast Boy be able to tell Starfire and Raven how they feel about them? And why am I asking you all these questions? Anyway, review and tell me what you think! And no flames please, it's my first fic after all!