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Starfire, and Raven sighed. It had only been a day and a night since they returned to their beloved Joranga, and don't get the wrong idea! They had so much fun at the party and were glad to be back and studying with their old master and friends, and heck even Silky loved it there! But even with finding out what they wanted to know, and staying once again... they still missed earth.

It was now the middle of the day. Taya was on guard duty as usual, and Shayna asked Raven and Starfire if she could take Silky to the park to play with him and when they responded with a 'yes' Shayna immediately grabbed Silky and ran towards the park at full speed. Starfire and Raven however, just decided to do a quick workout before having lunch. After they were done, Master Taurus told them that they were still permitted to eat in their room, which made both girls squeal with excitement and give their master a thankful hug, before going to get their favorite foods. They were in the middle of eating their favorite lunches when Master Taurus silently opened the door to their room to check on them, and was surprised when he saw their troubled faces as they ate. Hating to see his girls so depressed he decided to see what was wrong with his favorite students.

"Starfire, Raven." both girls looked startled when their master addressed them. When they saw who it was, the two sisters relaxed, and straitened themselves as they carefully stood up to greet their master.

"Yes master. What will you have of us?" Taurus chuckled silently, at the was his two students addressed him, but never-the-less he had to know what was making his girls feel so down.

"You were both a little sluggish with your attacks on the battle field, and I've known you two for quite awhile, and in all the years that I've spent with you two, neither of you are sluggish when it comes to battling. Will you please tell me what is wrong my dears?" Raven and Starfire looked at each other and sighed, before turning to answer their master.

"Well master Taurus... It's not that my sister and I aren't happy to be back on Joranga, we really are glad we're back!" Raven started while Starfire nodded her head vigorously. "It's just... when we left earth, we had to leave without saying a word to our team, and after everything we've been though... they've... become like a second family to us." Before Raven could go on, Starfire saw her soon to be tear stained face, and decided to take over.

"Yes master. We are just wondering how they are doing without us there." Taurus looked at his girls with a face of understanding, knowing what they were trying to say. He thought for a moment, before snapping his fingers.

"I have an idea." He began. He made sure both girls were looking at him, before he continued, "Why not send them a transmission? You can tell them how you're doing, let them know that your pet is with you, and tell them that you'll be here for awhile. It might not be much, but they'll at least know you're both safe." Both girls liked this idea soo much, they gave their master a bone crushing hug to show their gratitude, before heading to the transmission room. Taurus stood their for a moment, but soon chuckled, and shook his head, knowing that these two girls were definitely the two girls he raised. Beforeleaving the room however, his eyes glowed bright blue, before turning back to their original shade of brown. When they did, he had a look of worry on his face. 'Something tells me that they'll both need some calming tea, after their conversation with their friends.' With a firm nod, he headed to a near-by café to buy two cups of fresh herbal tea.

/Earth/Jump City/Titans Tower/

"C'mon you guys! It's only been a day since your little girlfriends left, and I know that you're both taking it very hard that they didn't even say 'bye', but you can't be mopping around on that couch 24/7 until they've returned!" Cyborg was trying his hardest to get the boy wonder, and green changeling off their butts, but so far... he wasn't having that much luck. Robin and Beast Boy were too busy sulking and remembering all the times they had with the two strange girls.

A/N: Sorta like what Starfire did when Robin went on his 'quest'. Just imagine Robin and BB moping on the couch with sad faces and soulless looks in their eyes, Okay?

The times they laughed, the times they fought together, even the time – Their thoughts were halted mid-way when a familiar sound reached their ears, but they just ignored it, and went back to Starfire and Raven World.

"Hey we're getting an incoming transmission from... Hmm? It doesn't say where it's broadcasting from." Cyborg looked over his shoulder to see that his two comrades were still lost in their dream world, so he sighed and answered it.

"Titans Tower." While Cyborg answered, Beast Boy and Robin just rolled their eyes to the screen to see who it was. Suddenly Starfire's and Raven's faces popped up on the screen.

"Hey guys!" They both answered in unison. Before Cyborg could even get a word out, Robin and Beast boy jumped on top of the poor dude, just so they could get both girls to look at them.

"WHERE ARE YOU!" "WHY'D YOU LEAVE US!" "ARE YOU COMING BACK ANYTIME SOON!" Starfire and Raven blinked at the boys in surprise. Sure, they thought their friends missed them, but they didn't expect them to be missed THAT much!

"Umm... We're on a planet called Joranga..." Raven answered first. "We had to leave because we had to see if our master knew why we blew the colored fire..." Starfire then said. "And no, we aren't coming back sometime soon." Both girls answered at the same time. When the last question was answered, both boys/whom were still on a struggling Cyborg/ fainted, making it now easier for their cyborg friend to get them off his back.

"Why? You HAVE to come back! Robin and Beast Boy won't stop moping around cause your not here. HECK! THEY WON'T EVEN TELL ME TO QUIT IT WHEN—" His speech was interrupted by the two beautiful girls.

"CYBORG RELAX!" Raven began. "Were gonna come back, don't worry! We just have to stay here awhile."

"How come?" Both sisters gave nervous glances to the other, when Cyborg asked this. They couldn't tell their friends why they had to stay on Joranga—at least— not yet anyway.

"We cannot give that information my friend. At least— not as of yet. There are some things are master wishes to teach us, and we do not wish to disappoint him." Starfire mustered up, as Raven was sighing how pointless this was. Before Cyborg could say anything else, he was trampled again, by two you-know-whos.

"YOU HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAVVVVEEEE TO COME BACK!" Wailed Beast Boy, before turning into the green kitten, and meowing a pathetic 'Come Home!'

"RAVEN! STARFIRE! AS YOUR LEADER, I ORDER YOU BOTH TO COME BACK ASAP!" Robin snapped at them, while his face went red. Starfire and Raven blinked at their new reaction, before giving cold stares. The two males were treating them like they were children!

"Well sorry guys!" Raven suddenly shouted, "But Master Taurus is our father figure, not you guys, and what he says, goes!" Before she could continue shouting, Starfire stepped in.

"What my sister says is correct! You cannot order us around like small children! Now we must go! Transmission OVER!" When Starfire finished shouting, Raven pressed a button on the screen, making both sets of screens go dark. As soon as they did, Beast Boy and Robin began hitting their heads hard, while chanting— "STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!"

/With the girls/

"THOSE JERKS!" Raven shouted while pacing back and forth, with Starfire watching her do so.


"My sister please. You must—" "I was afraid this would happen." Both girls looked up to see Taurus walking towards them, with two cups of freshly made herbal tea in each of his hands. As he handed his girls the cups filled with tea, and gestured them to drink them to clear their throats, he spoke again.

"When you both left your room... I had a vision about you fighting with your friends on Earth, although I did not see the reason of the argument. Do you mind sharing with me?" Both girls nodded, as the group of three took a seat on the cushioned-like floor in the transmission room, and began explaining.

/15 to 20 minutes later/

"And that's what happened master. At first we missed them, and now all we want is to live here once again, with everyone we've known since we were little. Would that be alright Master Taurus?" Raven concluded, while Starfire nodded with every word that came out of her sister's mouth. Taurus had a pondering look on his face, before he sighed and looked at his students.

"Well... If you really do not wish to return to Earth... You're welcome to stay here once again." When that was said, both girls looked at their master with wide eyes.

"Truly Master Taurus?" Starfire asked. Her answer was a short nod. Both girls squealed and hugged their master in gratitude. Taurus didn't mind, he simply laughed as he hugged them both back, while both girls chanted thank yous over and over again.

But little did they know...


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