An Over the Hedge Christmas Carol.

Gladys Sharp walked out of her jail, surrounded by to guards. It was Christmas, and her prison time had just ended.

She sat on the bus taking her home, slowly remembering all that had happened...


Gladys and Dwayne began tearing into the hedge with their weapons, when a bear smashed into therm, setting off the Depelter Turbo...

(Present time)

The bus arrived at her house, and everyone in the neighborhood stared at her as she walked inside...

Gladys walked to her bed, and heard a cat meow outside. She picked up a book, and threw it at the cat outside, scaring it away. She then turned off the lights, and as she crawled into bed, she heard moaning.

Gladys looked up, and saw a turtle floating above her.

"What the-?" Gladys said.

"You will be visited by three ghosts tonight. The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future."

"Aren't you that turtle I fought a few years ago?"

"Yes, but according to this script, I'm now a ghost who's haunting you. Stick with the script."

"Three ghosts? Yeah, right."

Gladys picked up another book and threw it at the turtle, who vanished on impact.

"Who believes in ghosts anyway?"

Gladys turned over to go to sleep, when one of her windows flew open.

A Possum floated inside...