Gladys looked around.

"Well, at least its finally over..."

Then, another ghost appeared, and this time it was a Squirrel.

"I am the ghost of Christmas Future."


"Follow me."

Gladys walked over to him, and they both vanished...

Gladys appeared in her house, but this time, it was mangled.

"What happened to my house?"

"The bank is auctioning off all your stuff."


"Because you're dead."


"Yep, you're dead."

"How did I die?"


"Who poisoned me?"

"How would I know? The script doesn't reveal some things."

"Where am I buried?"

"In a pet cemetary."


"You were too poor to afford a people cemetary because you had no friends to pay for your burial."

"You mean, if I don't change my ways, I'm gonna be buried in a pet cemetary?"


"Okay, okay! I'll change!"

"Good. Bye-bye!"

Before Gladys vanished, the squirrel picked up a box of cookies.

Gladys appeared back in her room.

"I'll change my ways!"

She ran out into the streets, and people stared at her out their windows.

Gladys changed her ways, and made tons of friends and was nice to animals.