Chapter I—The Prophecy of Eltar


It was said that the Empire of Eltar would fall to its sworn enemy. It was said that in order to prevail, the Royal Family would have to reunite and bring the forces of opposites together. It was also said to be impossible.Eltar was laid to siege by the Chrominite Empire. I, Zordon, the leader of the planet Eltar and the rightful king—and therefore ruler—fled the planet with my one and only son in hopes of raising him to assist me in my reclamation of my planet. Despite my less than mobile state—newly trapped in an inter-dimensional vortex to keep from rapidly aging—I hoped to lead a rebellion against the forces of evil sweeping the universe. But I was wrong.

As I hurtled through Earth's atmosphere, unsuspecting of the intense gravitational field and lack of shielding my ship possessed, I was separated from my son in a dodgy teleportation attempt by my assistant, the automaton Alpha V. And as I hastily searched for him, it became evident that my baby boy—my little Hunter—had already been taken in.

With the pain of loss heavy on my heart, I struck numerous blows to the United Alliance of Evil's agenda to conquer the universe. I recruited teenagers with skill and heart to combat my battles for me, and empowered them with the ancient magic of the Eltarians, hoping that one day, I would be able to see my planet again.

And then I was presented with such an opportunity. I had been keeping an eye on the battle back on Eltar, as my planet slowly fell under the iron fist of the Chrominites. Dimitria, my beloved wife of the planet Inquiris, was leading the small forces of our planet's soldiers against the Chrominites, attempting fruitlessly to overthrow them. When it became obvious she could not, I made up my mind to switch places with her. I would lead an assault against our sworn enemies, and she would mentor my Rangers.

But I never made it. Hunter Andrew Zeta—now Hunter Bradley—would never know his true family.


As I headed to Earth to teach my husband's team of Rangers how to trump the forces of evil, I could only hope my daughters, Nike Elizabeth and Andrea Erin, would be okay on a planet under fire. It wasn't until I made it to Earth that I discovered Zordon never made it to Eltar. My heart all but shattered, having realized I had lost my entire family; my son, Hunter Andrew—now growing up somewhere in California—and my husband; my daughters, who were sure to be captured or killed sooner or later, and everything else I cared about.

My only alternative was to hide the Cronus Stone on Earth where the Chrominites could not reach. At least, not any time soon. I would remain a prisoner for years to come, unable to reach out for help or tell my daughters how to survive. I could only hope that they would hear my prayers, feel my bond, and know that some day, I would see them again.

I knew it was foolish to attempt to battle them. They were Gods, so to speak—the celestial negative of the Eltarians. It had all started in the beginning of time, when the bodiless entities known as Ouranos—the Heavens, and Gaia—the Earth, joined in a unity of body and soul that brought forth life. Of their unity came very different castes of children; the atrocious but emotionless Cyclopes and Hecatonchires, the bestial and misunderstood Titans, and the perfect and benign Seraphim. But Ouranos hated the physical atrocity of some of his children, and hid them from Gaia, who became furious at such an act. She convinced Cronus, the youngest of the Titans, to destroy Ouranos's favorite who doted in his heavenly domain – the Seraphim. Then, he was to destroy Ouranos himself.

But Gaia's plan failed. The Adamantine Sickle she'd forged for Cronus could not best the powers of Zeta, Cronus' triplet Seraph brother. Unable to defeat him, Cronus sought out their triplet sister, Omega, and absorbed her life force, destroying her forever. Cronus, now unmatched in power, set out to destroy his father, Ouranos, and then sought out Zeta.

Zeta, the last Seraph, pled with his mother to help him, but when she refused, he went into hiding. Now king of the Titans, Cronus imprisoned the Hecatonchires and Cyclopes in a prison known as Tartrus, and began a reign of ruler ship known as the Golden Age.


But my father's reign did not last long. Disgusted with the treachery displayed by Cronus, Gaia, my grandmother, prophesied that he would fall to one of his children should he have any. From the union he formed with his sister, Rhea, came a set of immortals like the world had never seen. As the universe began to form, the rulers of its future began to take shape.

But Cronus, afraid of Gaia's deceitful prophecy, swallowed each of my brothers and sisters as they were born: Demeter, Hera, Hades, Hestia,and Poseidon. When all was nearly lost, my mother consulted Gaia, who was even more distraught over the situation than she had been before.

What she did changed the universe forever. Working with her only other living son, the last Seraph, Zeta, she created a stone so powerful it required the sacrifice of Zeta's godhood. He sliced off his wings, created a seal on the stone, and urged me to use it to imprison Cronus forever so that I could rule over the Gods and the universe.

Rhea, my mother, then faked labor and wrapped the stone in clothes, handing it to Cronus to devour. As it entered him, it drew from all his elemental powers and forced up all five of my siblings and itself. Zeta took his chance and intervened, using the stone to grant my siblings and I power, where we would henceforth be known as Olympians. As I had conquered Cronus, I would act as supreme ruler over the skies, thunder, and lightning. My sister and future wife, Hera, was granted the power of Unity from the stone. Meanwhile, my older brother, Poseidon, was given control over the seas, Demeter became Goddess of the Earth's harvest and life, Hestia earned the power of the home and spirit, and Hades received the underworld and death as his power.

This all-powerful stone became known as The Cronus Stone.

We freed all the titans, Cyclopes, and Hecatonchires to help us defeat my father, but it was Zeta who delivered the final blow. In a cataclysmic battle resulting in his near death, the wingless Seraph swore his son would one day avenge him. On his dying breath, he sealed Cronus away and cast the stone far out of our own reach, claiming to have detected the malice in my heart. From then on, I renounced any Seraph descendant, cursing them with the name, "Wingless-One":Eltaryan.


Zeus was furious at my judgment of him, as he felt betrayed and less powerful without the stone I'd forged with Gaia. Cronus, with a final vengeful blow, imprisoned me in a prison of magic I could not bend—something he called a futuristic energy known as a "digital" domain.

From my dimensional prison, I watched as my predictions of Zeus came true. He led a crusade against his own grandparents—the ancient Titans I called my brothers and sisters. One by one, he had them thrown into Tartarus in a colossal battle known as the Titanomachy. He eventually locked away 14 different titans: his own mother, Rhea; Okeanos, Tethys, Hyperion, Theia, Koios, Phoebe, Mnemosyne, Themis, Krios, and Iapetos and his sons Atlas, Epimethius, and Promethius. Very few titans were spared, except those cowardly enough to denounce their superior power of him and pledging to serve him for eternity: of these were the sons and daughter of my brother, Hyperion: Eos, Helios, and Selene.

But as Zeus spent years capturing the Titans, his hated Eltaryans grew in number, for my godlike blood overpowered nearly all other bloods, leaving my lineage undiluted. Zordon, my eldest, carried on my legacy as he established a planet called Eltar, where he kept the Cronus Stone safe from what the Eltarians had come to call "the Kromynitap," or "Chrominites." Roughly translated, their term meant "Descendants of Cronus."

Unbelievably, peace reigned for quite some time. With my son growing more powerful each day, an anti-Chrominite barrier was erected around the 3rd dimension. This wall of energy lasted thousands of years until the rise of the United Alliance of Evil nearly 10,000 years later. It came to Zordon's attention that Zeus's energy was somehow getting through, being reincarnated through sacrificial and demonic rituals that invoked the very spirit of the God of the Heavens. Once the barrier began to crack, under the influence of Dark Specter, the Chrominites pushed, influencing a horde of events.

Now the barrier has been shattered, its weakened state unable to continue the struggle against the Chrominite powers. The malevolent band of warriors is making their way toward Earth, even as I warn you. They have been scouring the entire 3rd dimension, sniffing out the Cronus stone one corner of the galaxy at a time. They have grown in size, having had years to copulate and reinforce their army; you must know the face of your enemies, including the original 6. They are divided by their ever-present castes, proving superiority over one another. Learn them well.

The Olympians: Zeus, the God of the gods and lord of the heavens; Hera, the goddess of unity and queen of the gods; Poseidon, God of the Seas; Demeter, the Goddess of Earth and Life; Hestia, the Goddess of the Home and Spirit; Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Apollo, God of the Sun; Ares,the God of War; Artemis, the Goddess of Nature; Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom; Hermes, the God of Guidance; and Hephaestus, the God of masonry.

A second, lesser-known group of Chrominites were the Omagnas, which were ruled by Hades, God of Death and comprised of misfit Gods like Dionysus, the God of Ecstasy; Helios, the Titan-god of the Sun; Eos, Titan-god of the Dawn; Selene, Titan-goddess of the Moon; and the Infernal Demon God, Belial.

Not only will they find the Cronus Stone, they will use it to free and control Cronus to usher in a new Golden Age. I cannot stop him again; however, my prophecy holds power yet, for I swore on my very life—the very slim remainder of my godhood—that an awesome force made from the opposites of the celestial spectrum would bring balance to the universe once more as Saviors of the Stone.

Annotated Log: 00:01:32 GMT 07/16/3047—

"Warriors once touched by Power
Live in its embrace eternally
Yet few remain in the final hour
To now Release Nature's Fury."

To whosoever finds this accumulation of records; please use this wisely. Under the Universal Temporal Laws, I am not allowed to disclose this information. But maybe you can save us from this terror. Because your prophecy failed. And the universe failed. And quite frankly, there isn't much left to save here. I have gathered the journal entries of the most prominent figures in history, going back in time to speak with each of them. One of them has got to make a difference. Somehow. So, do what it says; Release Nature's Fury.

Power Rangers: Nature's Fury