The Broken Road

(A/n) Hello ever faithful readers… I come here now on July 25, 2006, to present you with my new story: The Broken Road which I hope you will enjoy. The main characters: Robin, Slade, and one new-comer. You will meet her shortly. The Summary: Slade is back and he wants what he always wants… Robin. The titans are led through a series of unfortunate occurances and all seems lost, but can this new girl help?

On with the show…..

Chapter One: Sunrise… then the Gloom

The sun was rising… dawn spelled itself across the fading night sky of Jump city, Titans Tower glistening in the first golden rays of sunshine that cast themselves into the depths of all darkness. The waves that crashed upon the shore of Titan's Island shimmered with the captured light, releasing it onto the windows that were nearest to them. Life began to take wing.

Slowly, the wildlife was rising, birds sang their songs of the new day, and the people began rising, reluctant as they were. All except one… one who loved to see the new day come forth. It was a boy… a black haired, blue eyed, tall, thin boy. His name, was Robin.

He stood on the edge of the roof of his home, the Tower which now gleamed brilliantly. A breeze thrown by the sea threw his hair back, whipped his cape around his form as he stood, watching the horizon, not moving save for the rise and fall of his chest as he let the fresh morning air fill his lungs. This was his city, he and his team protected this city, and thus they were entrusted with the people's lives. Day after day they fought villain after villain, the same ones that kept returning, petty threats… except one… one was more than a petty threat. He was a murderer and kidnapper, a psychopath and criminal mastermind… his name, was Slade. Not Slade Johnson or John Slade… just Slade. That was all…at least all the Titans knew.

Robin left the roof as the sun rose to its highest point in the sky, wandering downstairs to eat and then maybe workout. He walked through the metal door leading to the commons area/ dining room/ kitchen, and found his friends already there.

"Where were you?" a young girl with lavender locks and a glistening red gem on her forehead asked, lowering her steaming mug of tea to the counter.

"On the roof." He answered, grabbing himself a mug and filling it with coffee… black… he always drank black coffee to help him stay focused and alert. He took a sip and sat beside the gothic girl, and Cyborg, a cybernetic teen. These were two members of his team. The others were an alien named Koriand'r, whom they called Starfire, and a green boy who could change into any animal imagined, Beast Boy. These two were opposite them at the table. They sat in silence a few minutes, before Starfire said,

"What shall we do today?" conversation burst out each one having suggestions of their own.

A reverberating clang resounded through the tower as someone brought their fist into the door… and again… and again. Beast Boy got up to answer the knock.

A girl about 16 years old stood at the door. She wore a black dress with a black cloak, her icy grey eyes shifting about the room under her hood. Her cloak shifted to reveal a sword, which her hand was upon the hilt of, ready to strike at any moment. She quickly re-covered it.

"Hel-" he began, before he was interrupted. Her black eyes piercing him with a stare.

"I've come to see the one you call… Robin."

I stand aloof and in the silence, fading into gloom

You seek to see, you seek to know, will I bring you doom?

Though you shall never find a way, I wish for you to know,

That I will be a help to you although it may not show

-By Basketcase101

A/n: Chapter one everyone… read and review please! I hope you enjoyed it! You will find out who the girl is in the next chapter, but please try to refrain from killing me until then. Thank you!