A/N: Oh no! An XS fic! Okay, I wrote this at 2:35 in the morning so be nice in the grammar department. I hope you like it! My first XS fic ever...


The Jackophile

The cool night air blew across his face as he glided through the starry sky. His heart was light with victory. As he thought of future plans of conquest. As he thought, his mind wandered to the safety of his home, the place to which he was returning. Clutching the sack of magical objects that were his reward for his well thought out plans, he thought about a nice cold shower and his mother's freshly baked cookies. Even the most hardened of villains had a place in their hearts for Mom's homemade cookies. A light smile crossed his lips as something dark in the sky ahead caught his eyes. The mass billowed up from the ground and gathered high in the sky. He flew forwards a bit more before pausing to squint off into the distance. His heart froze in his chest as he set his propellers into a horizontal position and sped off in the direction of the billowing smoke. The closer he got to his home, the larger the smokestack became.

It can't be…

His red eyes beheld a most terrifying scene. Fire. Flames danced merrily in the night as they devoured the place he had once called home. The windows of the large house glowed angrily at him; his eyes refusing to look into them.

Mom! A cold feeling filled every inch of his body as he ran into the fiery building.

"Mom," he called, "Dad?"

Maybe they weren't home. Maybe they were lucky enough to have been at some party instead of here at home.

"M… Mommy?"

A delicately charred object that resembled a human arm caught his eye. A lifeless hand stuck out from beneath the fallen basement door. Bending down beside the arm, he lifted the door from his mother's fragile body. Sweat soaked his body as the heat from the fire joined with his over-powering fear.

"M…Mom?" He shook.

Glazed-over eyes looked out at nothing, but locked within them was a terrible sense of fear.

"Mmmm…" His voice was trapped in his throat.

Pale white fingers trembled as he reached out to touch his mother's delicate face.

"Mom…" he choked as he brushed her cheek with his trembling hands, "Mommy…"

Tears welled up in his eyes and dribbled down his own pale cheeks; washing away soot and make-up.

This can't be happening…

His mind began to spin with the chaos around him.

His body shook as he looked around to find his father's crumpled body lying in a far corner.

The fire was too intense and the smoke was thickening; he was beginning to choke. Jack Spicer stumbled to his feet and ran from his burning home. His life as he knew it was changed forever.