A/N: And you thought it was over...


Chase arrived back at his lair to a most unsettling surprise. Wuya was sitting on his throne as though it were hers.

"Wuya," he growled, "I told you to get lost!"

"Oh, Chase," she sneered, "You did tell me to get lost, but you failed to specify where I was to 'get lost' to. I went to your library, Chase where guess what I found?"

"Oh no…"

Wuya held up her long fingered hand.

"I found a little spell that has changed everything," he finger tips began to glow green.

A look of terror and disgust came over Chase's face. He came home expecting to find himself the only force of evil, the top dog. Now the hag witch had her powers back. He was disgusted in the fact that he hadn't been thorough in making sure the hag had left. Chase growled at her.

"What's wrong, Chase? Did you really think that you would have all the Heylin power to yourself?"

Chase was infuriated.

"But think of it this way, Chase," a glowing orb appeared in her hand, "It's just the two of us now. No bean or screwed up teenager. It's just us pros."

Wuya began to cackle madly.

"Leave this place," Chase hissed.

"Oh, but I like your set up here. It's so… Roman," Wuya cackled some more.


"Fine, I don't like sharing anyway," with a snap, Wuya vanished.

Chase was filled with a mild sense of panic until he felt the earth beneath himself begin to shake. He ran to the entrance of his lair to find a humongous, dark tower sprouting from the land.

"She had to ruin the view," Chase hissed.

"Well, Chase," she called to him, "Looks like we're neighbors!"


A/N: Know it's over. There may still be a sequel... (looks around nervously) if you want...