After X-3

After many days, Scott Summers finally manages to make it from the lake back to Xavier's mansion with his eyes closed. With sticks in his hair, lake water in his shoes, and in general disarray, he staggers blindly back onto the grounds. He finds his room, a spare pair of glasses, and Logan.

Logan: Damn it.

Scott: What the hell, Logan. What the god damn hell…

Logan: Look, we thought you were dead.

Scott: For the love of God, WHY? I was stuck by the lake for three days WITH MY EYES CLOSED. Did you guys even do a search?

Logan: Well, gravity had gotten all weird.

Scott: I know, Logan. I know. I was stuck in a tree for about seven hours. I believe I was violated by a raccoon. I'm not sure. I couldn't open my eyes.

Logan: We found your glasses and brought them back and…

Scott: Oh, yes. Thank you very much for that. That way I had no shot at finding them.

Logan: Well, were going to search but Kitty broke the DVR and Desperate Housewives was on and…

Scott: I swear, I should just kick you in the balls right now.

Logan: snikt

Scott: Glances out the window Is that my name on that tombstone? OH MY GOD I HATE YOU GUYS!

Logan: Well…

Scott: Did you guys even have a funeral for me?

Logan: Um…

Scott: Where's Jean?