Harry Potter and the Twist of Life.

Summary: twist on Severitus, Snape is Harry's father, unfortunately this Harry is different he is done with Dumbledore's games so with his father and other unlikely allies he will fight for the right to have his own life. Creature Harry and Snape

Rating: M this is quite possibly the most graphic story I have attempted yet the warnings for my chapters will be child abuse to the point of torture, past self mutilation, and future slash.

Disclaimer: I do not own it I am just one bored teenager playing around with the wonderful characters J.K. Rowling created.

I have recently made some changes to this story as of 8-4-07 this is now a sixth year fic.

Chapter One

Unexpected Occurrence


The greasy haired, hooked nosed, potions master of Hogwarts castle by the name of Severus Snape was working carefully on one of his privately ordered potions. Truth be told he could have put it off for another week or so but he was currently trying to avoid a young youth with platinum blonde hair and mercury eyes, his godson Draco Malfoy. The young man was bored out of his mind locked into the confines of Hogwarts dungeons where his godfather's personal quarters were located. Severus Snape was just not cut out to dealing with extremely bored adolescents, so had locked himself in his potion room to give both of them some space.

You are probably wondering just why the two men had locked themselves into the potion master's quarters. The answer to that is fairly straight forward but will take some time to explain. This whole misadventure was the doing of three important wizards. The first was a dark wizard by the name of Tom Marvolo Riddle, this wizard had become the worst Dark Lord in history calling himself Lord Voldemort, the man's deeds were so notorious the general populace refused to speak his name. Most just called him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who, for the surprisingly large group of followers he was the Dark Lord. Only two wizards referred to him as Voldemort and they were Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore. These two wizards were the icons of the light side, Albus Dumbledore the light's general, and Harry Potter its warrior despite his tender age.

The potions master was branded as a follower of the Dark Lord, but held the precarious position as a spy for Albus Dumbledore. No one but him knew his true allegiance and that had lead to this sequestering of his life. He was hunted by men on both sides. The two leaders were hard pressed to keep their loyal followers from killing him. He held the power of being too valuable to kill but too uncertain to trust. It made for a very nervous life.

The younger wizard was there because his father, also a follower of the Dark Lord, had a sadistic side to his nature his son refused to be a party to any longer. Draco had yet to decide his own allegiance but it would not be given to his father he knew that much.

So now you are wondering how Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter fit into this whole mess aren't you? Well the elder's involvement was a much more obvious one. Albus Dumbledore was the headmaster for a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry that just happened to be located in Hogwarts castle where the two ambiguous wizards were currently staying. Dumbledore was a man who liked to keep his players close to him, so he could guide, watch, and generally order around.

Harry Potter had become an enigma. The boy was a selfish, arrogant, child who Snape had to save his pristine neck from being broken in one of the boy's idiotic Gryffindor adventures on more then one occasion. Snape had been incredibly hard on the boy trying to toughen him up for the real world. Snape had hated the boys father James and in turn took that anger and hatred out on the boy. The mysterious part came that even though Snape had admittedly made the boy's life hell, Harry had tried to save him at the end of the boy's fourth school year. The boy had seen one of his class mates get killed directly before his eyes and then was forced to duel the Dark Lord upon his rebirth. When he eventually made it back to the school he had made a point of telling Snape that the Dark Lord knew he was a spy and had mentioned he would be killed.

What the boy hadn't known was that both Dumbledore and the Dark Lord were fully aware of his murky allegiance. The reason the Dark Lord wanted him dead was that he had chosen to stay by Dumbledore's side instead of answering Voldemort's summons. He had yet to make the decision to cut ties completely with the Dark Lord and throw in his lot with Dumbledore, or go to the Dark Lord and stop being Dumbledore's chess piece.

A year had passed since then and he had yet to make a true decision about his allegiance. He had gone back to a few death eater meeting but was not entrusted into the inner circle just yet Voldemort was waiting for him to make a final decision on which side he would fight for in the end. The proof of that was the steadily burning mark branded into the skin of his left forearm. The level of pain was just bearable which told Snape Voldemort was irritated with him and growing impatient but not quite ready to kill. Dumbledore himself didn't even know Snape was still deciding on who to follow he thought he had Severus right where he wanted him thanks to his insistence he refrain from going back to the Dark Lord that night in June.


Harry Potter, was captive at his relatives home at the same time Snape and Draco were at Hogwarts. Petunia Dursley was Harry Potter's aunt, sister to Lily Potter Harry's mom. Contrary to one snarky potion master's beliefs Harry did not live a coddled life. Sure it was nearly noon and he was still asleep in his room. Normal parents would have been contemplating waking the teen up to do some chores around the house, but the Dursleys were anything but normal despite what they liked to believe.

Harry wasn't in a bedroom he was shoved into the cupboard under the stairs yet again, and he wasn't really sleeping he was lost in the darkness of unconsciousness. Petunia Dursley worked him like a house elf, no matter the injuries he sustained. He was fed a slice of bread and a half cup of water once a week if he was lucky. He hadn't had a full meal since he had left Hogwarts.

Vernon Dursley used the boy like a human piƱata. He used his hands, feet, an old belt, and an ancient riding whip which often left Harry on the floor of his cupboard a bloody heap. Between the two older Dursleys they were slowly killing the wizarding world's hero. Dudley Dursley, Harry's fat whale of a cousin, was hastening Harry's death. Harry was forced to cook all meals, and Dudley ate enough for five people. Harry was forced to clean the entire house from top to bottom and Dudley would drag mud throughout the house just before Harry had finished making him start over again. This treatment would have been annoying but bearable if it weren't for the injuries he had sustained making every chore agonizingly painful.

When the day was over and Harry was locked back in his cupboard for the night, the night terrors came to him. He had woken up every night without fail since coming back to the Dursleys after his fourth year at Hogwarts. Most nights he was able to keep from screaming, but sometimes he just couldn't hold them back and Vernon decided his freak nephew needed a lesson in waking people up.

So you can see now after everything he had been through in the summer it was a blessing unconsciousness had taken hold of him. The only reason he had been allowed this escape was because he was nursing a broken right leg and a severely sprained ankle on his left. It wasn't until the wounds on his back had begun to fester and putrefy with infection that the darkness took him. Before the blessed moment of darkness had come he had been dealing with the horrendous pain in silence hoping someone from his school would notice the lack of letters or communication of any kind and retrieve him from this Hell hole, he really couldn't tell how much more of this he could take with his sanity intact.


Finally Draco's boredom had overcome him and he crashed through the door to Snape's potion room. The elder man was just in the finishing portion of the potion and all his focus was on the potion. The last ingredient had to be cut by hand, directly into the cauldron, and in exact amounts. Just as the last dose fell in the cauldron Draco came in startling the man. The scalpel Snape had been using slipped the tiniest bit and a single drop of blood fell into the crystal clear potion.

Severus rounded on his godson ready to tear into the boy about the ruined potion. The only thing that stopped him from it was Draco's ashen face. He was staring at the potion. He knew his godfather's blood had fallen into the cauldron, and the clear potion was now swirling and changing color. He only knew of two potions that changed color when blood was added, Polyjuice which was thicker and a muddy brown color to start with, and the Paternity Potion.

The Paternity Potion was fairly straight forward. It sensed the bonds of blood and magic a child developed between its parents, in the case of this specific potion the bond between father and child. If it found such a bond it changed color to indicate the presence of the child and gender. It was used by Pureblooded families planning marriages, they wanted to make sure the soon to be husband had fathered no illegitimate heirs.

Severus turned to see exactly what had caused Draco to pale that dramatically. What he saw made him work to hide his shock and Draco could still see some of it on his face. The potion had turned a bright red, now since he was no one's father it should have remained clear.

He closed his eyes shook his head to clear the image then opened his eyes again, yep still there.

Severus Snape greasy git extrodinar had a child, and because of the color he knew he had a son. In the instant he recognized that fact his mind was assaulted with images, memories of times past that had been lost to him for fifteen long years.


Harry back in his cupboard was beginning to come back into consciousness. His eyes opened tiredly and he looked around. By the golden tone of the feeble light leaking in through the grate in the vent of the door. He knew it was late afternoon he sat up and swore softly in pain. Slowly, he reached up and pulled a piece of paneling sideways off the wall. In that small niche he had several things stashed, his wand, invisibility cloak, photo album, and a few small vials of dark purple liquid. He took one of the vials of liquid popped the cork and drank half of it. The purple liquid was a pain numbing potion and he only allowed himself half a dose, he could still feel his injuries but it numbed enough for him to get work done.

He tried to get up but his broken leg and bad ankle refused to hold his weight. He nearly cried out in exasperation, he knew even in his severely weakened state if he did not finish the chores Vernon would just make things worse. As much as he wanted to get up and get things done his body betrayed him he just couldn't get himself up. He knew better then to finish the numbing potion he needed every vial he brought and more. He struggled and struggled to get up, the pain in his legs, ribs, and back throbbed in rapid pulses. Half an hour later he heard the sounds of doom. His uncle was home and he hadn't been able to finish any of his chores. His chances of living to see Hogwarts again was slim to none.

His uncles voice was loud obnoxious and slurred with drink. He came and ripped Harry out of the cupboard by the scruff f his neck. He began to hit the small teen with his beefy fists and any thing with reach.

He through his back into the cupboard removed his massive belt and proceeded to lash the boy with that for a solid half hour. After the fourth solid whack Harry stopped trying to scream and just took the beatings.

His eyes were squeezed shut so he was not aware when Vernon reached up and brought out the long riding whip from its place on the top shelf. Harry was aware of when the pain switched from the wide swaths of agony into the smaller slices of pure pain. The whip came up and down repeatedly onto Harry's pale creamy flesh. It made a horrid wet thwack sound every time it hit and a line of red welled up and spilled over within seconds.

Vernon just kept up the beating switching between weapons occasionally. His favorite weapon was most definitely the whip he kept coming back to that over and over again. Vernon just kept going while Harry just got more and more soaked in his own blood. The ugly wounds both new and old were all reopened and bleeding, the older ones were exuding a putrid odor and thick yellow pus was oozing from them as Vernon busted the scaly, itchy scabs. Vernon took great pleasure in only using his fist in Harry's face.

Harry knew by now most of his ribs were at least cracked if not entirely broken. His cheek bone jaw and nose were smashed, plus his left hand and right clavicle. His wrists and arms were riddled with cracks and fractures. Finally an hour and a half into the beating Harry let go and lat himself fall into the welcoming darkness of unconsciousness. Vernon just continued to beat his unresponsive nephew to a pulp. One unconscious the other busy with whipping the boy neither of them heard the front door open the duel horrified gasps. Although Vernon did feel it when the taller of the two intruders stupefied him.

Harry managed to fight the darkness enough to open his eyes just enough to see shadowy black shapes descend near him. He couldn't keep up the fight long so when the smaller of the two picked him up the wave of pain knocked him out again.


Draco waited anxiously for Severus to come to, luckily he didn't have long to wait. He watched the older wizard's onyx eyes open then Severus whispered in a weak voice. "I remember now."

"What was that all about?" Draco asked.

Severus answered him mechanically as if he was reliving the event not just telling it. "I didn't remember untill now, that must be Lily's doing she was marvelous with charms. Draco a little over 16 years ago the year I graduated from Hogwarts my father sent me to the Dark Lord to be marked. That night a few others and I were put through a loyalty test. We were to swarm a muggle village, kill all males in the village and capture the women. It was the meeting after I was officially marked that a group of women from the village was brought before the newly inducted death eaters we were instructed to rape and then Obliviate them.

The women were all under glamour charms we were not supposed to know who we had taken. I had a distinct distaste for rape, and no real interest in women. I think it would have been better just to kill those women insead of degrading them like that, but I had no choice Voldemort wanted him to suffer. They brought to me a petite blond with an abundance of freckles and exceedingly curvy. I never knew how she knew but she sensed my reluctance and gestured like she wished to speak. I wanted to at least let her have her final words before I took her so I removed the gag and actually looked at her for the first time.

I knew before she spoke who she was, the glamour was strong but not strong enough, no glamour on the planet was strong enough to cover those beautiful eyes. She spoke thought, 'I know that is you Severus. I know this is not the real you please for your sake and mine talk to Dumbledore get yourself out of this mess. I know what you must do and if this had to happen I wouldn't choose a different death eater.' She spoke so quietly and with such bravery. I don't know how I forced myself to do what I did.

When it was over I told her I was supposed to Obliviate her. She agreed on one condition, that I leave her my name nothing more. She left then with the rest of the Obliviated women and I let my heart grow hard it hurt so badly. I listened to this women though and went to Dumbledore and told him the whole story my actions and her words. He let me switch sides as long as I agreed to be his spy. I was basically trading one master for another but I would do anything for that emerald eyed women that I was forced to hurt.

It was not a month later that I heard she had married none other then my old nemesis. She called me to the wedding and we talked, she told me about a child and then there is a short gap in my memories. After that moment I didn't remember anything about that woman except the things that happened at Hogwarts. I was told to believe I had gone to Dumbledore off my own accord." Severus finished as if drained.

Draco was almost afraid to ask his next question. "Who was it?" he asked hesitantly.

"Lily Evans or as she became after her marriage Lily Potter." Severus answered quietly.

"Harry Potter is your son?" Draco asked unbelievingly. Severus just nodded and then sprang into action. He went into his room and came back five minutes later changed out of his work robes and into his imposing black ones.

"Draco I think we need to go get him, I have been watching Potter for awhile just to make sure he stays out of trouble. I saw some disturbing signs if I am right we need to get him out of there if I am wrong we need him here anyway to explain things. You have your portkey right?" Severus asked.

"Yes always," Draco answered.

"Then I will apparate us there and we can take the portkey back." Severus told him.

Severus swiftly strode out of his chambers with Draco at his heals. The hurried up and out of the dungeons across the entrance hall out the front doors and down the path to the end of the wards. When they got there Severus drew Draco close to himself and both of them disappeared with a quiet popping sound.

They reappeared just outside the wards at privet drive. They swiftly walked up to the house and Severus was reaching to knock when he heard string noises from within. A whistling sound then a wet smacking sound, like oh Merlin like a whip on wet flesh. That thought came to both wizards simultaneously and Severus blasted the door open the sight that greeted his eyes sickened and enraged him. A large beefy muggle was holding a whip bringing it down onto a quivering mass of flesh.

Severus was appalled when he realized that bloody mess was his son. He quickly stupefied the large muggle and rushed, with Draco right next to him, over to Harry. "Draco he is too bad for me to do anything here. Take him back to my quarters with you while I deal with things here. I will follow you in a minute or two." Severus told his godson quickly as he helped Draco pick up Harry and hold him close. He activated his portkey, a pendant around his neck and made sure tit was touching Harry.

Soon both boys were gone and Severus was left with these child abusing muggles. First he called out, "Accio Harry's things." From out of the cupboard a leather bound book, Harry's wand, and a few vials wrapped up in a silky cloak came soaring towards Severus who easily caught them.

Then he turned to the still stupefied Vernon and told the unconscious man. "I wonder if you enjoyed doing that to Harry because I can promise you, the rest of your life if you think a single bad thought about that boy you will regret it." Then he pointed his wand at the obese muggle and whispered a few words. The man glowed yellow for a second then returned to normal. Severus quickly enervated him then activated his portkey, he was gone in the blink of an eye.

He returned to his quarters and worked herd to revive his son. In due time all that could be done was done, and Harry was now in a restful sleep instead of unconsciousness.