Chapter Seventeen

The Final Look

Osias came back to Hogwarts from his meeting with Voldemort exhausted. The stress finally catching up with him. His tired legs carried him down into the dungeons where his family was gathered. Severus patted his shoulder with pride shining in his eyes, no words needed to be said. Flitwik was just looking amazed that Osias had come back in one piece.

Osias only really noticed one person and he easily pulled the slightly smaller creature down on top of him onto the couch. Inhaling the scent of Draco was calming to his frazzled state and the words whispered in his ear made a smile go across his face. All the adults heard was something along the lines, the angel was right.

It took Severus a few seconds to work it out and when he did, he couldn't help the small smile over his own features. "When did you find out?" Severus asked the blond, Flitwik still not quite understanding.

"Last night after we finished talking. I haven't been feeling good in the mornings, so when Osias said we would go after Dumbledore at breakfast I went to get a check up and she told me. I didn't want to distract Osias right before everything was supposed to happen." Draco explained.

"Why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling good?" Osias asked.

"I didn't think it was important compared to everything else going on. It wasn't that bad really just enough for me to get it checked out." Draco quickly reassured his mate.

"Don't hide that from me again. There is nothing more important to me then my mate, and now my child." Osias said resting a light hand on Draco's abdomen. That would be when Flitwik remembered that part of the angels explanations and he was happy for the young men.

"I guess fate is deciding she likes me right now." Osias said with a laugh.

Later that evening as he lay in bed his arms wrapped securely around Draco their child safe between them. He truly couldn't think of a better reward for all his work. He knew he wasn't finished but he was well on his way to achieving what he had been destined to do.

The radical changes the wizarding world underwent in the following year was enough to set everyones head spinning. The ministry was being run by death eaters and Hogwarts was under predominantly light control. Both worked seamless together, aside from the time Voldemort had to be reined in, to produce students of a caliber not seen since the founders died out.

The biggest treasure to the little group that started it all was Braden William Malfoy-Snape. The little boy was growing up strong and cunning, an unusual and very hard to raise kind of personality. He drove his parents to insanity but they loved each other deeply. Draco and Osias had decided since they were immortals and had the rest of forever to have children they would focus their attention on raising one happy, healthy child at a time so no one felt left out or neglected.

The Angelus and Demonus realms soon had kings seated at their thrones. If every once and a while those thrones were occupied by more then one creature at a time it was overlooked as the mates enjoyed each others company so much they rarely left each others sight. Braden was also even more unusual for his parents. There had never before been a single heir to both thrones. When it was time for his fathers to step down he would have control of demons and angels no one knew what his rein would bring but they were all looking forward to it.

The legacy left by the hybrids in the mortal realm continued to grow and prosper. Time past and new rulers came to power always in balance, and if they did show signs of shifted the kings rose and fought the needed battles to regain peace. It was a simple existence but Osias and Draco couldn't ask for anything better.

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