Forever Twilight

CHAPTER 1 – Lonely Day

I woke early Monday morning with the sense of the dull clouds outside pressing in on me. But this did not depress me, if anything it made me much happier. Knowing Edward had no excuse not to come to school today I jumped out of bed looking over to the rocking chair in the corner expectantly. My face fell. Where was Edward?

I looked all around me just in case I had missed him due to jumping out of bed so quickly. He was no where to be seen. Slightly worried but not yet losing faith in my angel I looked out the window in which he had so many a time come through just to see me.

Still, I couldn't find him. My breathing erratic, I basically flew down the stairs into the kitchen – he had to be here, but being the complete klutz I am, I tripped and lay sprawled on the lino on the kitchen floor. I hit my head pretty bad and was slightly dazed for a few moments.

But one thing was so sure, Edward wasn't here. If he had been anywhere near me or anywhere in the house for that matter he would have caught me before I hit the floor. I felt the beginnings of hurt and anger… Where was he? How could he be inconsiderate? This wasn't like him at all!

Maybe he just went home to change or something, we had a pretty big day yesterday, I smiled to myself as I remembered the previous day. He insisted that as an anniversary for the first day we met as Forks High (even though on that first day he wanted so desperately to kill me the moment he first caught whiff of my scent) that we do something special.

He ended up taking me to the meadow in which we had our first date and in which where we first declared ourselves to each other.

It had been even more beautiful than I remembered. The wild flowers were in full bloom and the leafy green forest that I had grown to love and associate with protection blossomed around me, intertwining its vines and leaves with the other plants. It made me think of myself and Edward. I had smiled to myself when I saw it which caused him to ask me what I thought was so amusing 'Oh, nothing – it's just so green.' I had answered and his reply was to making his bell-like musical laugh sound all around me making me practically glow with warmth.

Feeling slightly happier I went upstairs to take a shower. I would just see him at school I thought to myself. I can fend for myself for an hour or two.

I let my thoughts wonder all over the place as I stood under the steaming shower, letting the water cloud my sensed and calm my pulse. When I rinsed my hair from he strawberry scented shampoo, I noticed a pink smear in the water.

Utterly perplexed I watched the pink becoming more dark and thicker. The pink became red and then I realized it was my blood! I had hit my head of the corner of the cabinet when I fell down the stairs and probably split my head open. Immediately I felt my stomach clench and instantly felt dizzy.

That was the last thing I remembered when I passed out.

When I came back to my senses, it took me a while to remember where I was and then a further few moments to realize why I was sleeping in the bloody shower.

Instinctively I raised my hand and felt the back of my head. It wasn't bleeding anymore thank god, but I wondered what time it was. How long was I out? I climbed out of the shower gingerly trying not to slip. I dried myself much more slowly than usual and studied myself in the mirror. I looked a bit dazed and confused, oh well.

I walked carefully to my room not wanting to fall again, my head really hurt! I looked across at the alarm clock on my bedside table – 10:01am, oh shit. Well I guess I'll be late today. I was surprised by the fact that Edward hadn't come to check on me. I hadn't turned up for school and he hadn't even tried to contact me. Not even a phone call! But now that I think about it, if he had called I would have been unconscious and unable to hear it. 'He'll probably of just come about during break' I convinced myself.

It was still cloudy but even while inside it was still muggy and hot. I pulled on my tight dark denim jeans and a brown three-quarter sleeved shirt that came off my shoulders. My hair was knotted from the way I had been lying in the shower so I just pulled it up into a high pony. No make-up as usual, but I pulled on my tennis shoes and bounded out the door, filled with a strange new energy caused by the thought of seeing Edward again. I missed him a lot already.

I pulled into the office car park at 10:20am. I walked into the office to see the kindly old receptionist standing there smiling warmly at me.

'Hello dear,' she beamed 'slept in did we? Not a problem and quite understandable. Just sign here and off you go'

'Thank you' I muttered shyly. I was glad she told me what to do; I had no idea, never being late before.

I collected my schedule of the desk and saw I had advanced chemistry. Excited, I set off knowing I would be with Edward (we had purposely picked all the same subjects). I opened the door and swept the room searching for the only face I wanted to see, he wasn't there. I stood frozen in the door way for almost a full minute checking and re-checking the room. Finally the teacher seemed to notice me staring around like and idiot and called me forward so I could present my late slip.

There was an empty desk at the back and in front of that was another single empty seat next to Mike Newton. I started for the empty table but Mike waved me to his seat. I hesitated knowing how much Edward loathed Mike but I was feeling a little depressed and didn't much feel like sitting by myself. So I reluctantly set my books down and took my seat. Zoning out for the remainder of the double period.

When I entered the cafeteria my eyes instantly swept for the source of inhuman beauty. I gasped as I saw their table was completely empty. I began to feel faint and as though he were watching my reaction Mike turned to me,

'Hey where was Cullen today anyway?' he said it with as much resentment as possible.

'I dunno,' I answered truthfully. 'Maybe he was sick' I shrugged but not feeling it entirely. I suddenly felt empty.

'Then why isn't the rest of them here? They can't all be sick' he said slyly

I realized I should change the subject before I got them into trouble. 'Hmm, I dunno they must have gone camping earlier' I lied convincingly. I batted my eyelashes as I spoke.

'Oh ok then,' he said completely dazed. 'hey, I'll buy you lunch and you cant sit with us today?' he looked hopeful.

'Er... I dunno Mike, I kinda just wanna think about some stuff actually' I started

'No, you can sit with us, we all miss you! You haven't sat with us for ages' he finished somewhat lamely.

So I had no option but to be steered to the old familiar table, everyone looking happy and excited (All except for Lauren of course). Despite my sudden depression, I smiled at the look on her face and forgot about my loneliness for a while.

Surprisingly, I continued the rest of the day in the same high spirits. Hell, I missed Edward so much it almost killed me, but I got a sudden rush of energy from spending time with my new friends. Mike was right; I hadn't sat with them in ages. Even when the Cullen's were away due to the weather, I usually still sat at the Cullen's table by myself feeling lonely and depressed refusing to speak to anyone. Now that I thought about it, I seemed quite sad. But even so, I couldn't wait till I got away from my friends and into the arms of my angel.

Gym was my last subject. Without needing to say I fell down a lot and unfortunately Mike, who seemed to be even more dazed by my presence than usual kept insisting on picking me up every time even though I was quite capable myself.

When school finished I jumped into my truck and drove straight to the Cullen's house without even bothering to go home first. While driving along the road flanked by wild forest on each side, I began to worry. Now that I was away from my friends at school (even the wretched Mike Newton) my high spirits were failing and I began to get scared. The Cullen's had never been away from school when the weather was ok. Hell, it was no where near sunny!