Title: mayonnaise versus strawberry jam
Author: mysterio000
Pairing: touyaxnakura
Fandom: CCS
Theme: #5, argument
Disclaimer: apply standard CCS disclaimer.


am so happy, i snagged TouyaxNakuru (being the avid fan that i am) on LJ community, 7snogs. Whee.

"Mayonnaise? Gross." Nakuru snatched the mayonnaise bread from Touya's hand, who frowned immediately.

"Dammit, Akizuki. Give it back to me."

"How can you stand eating something so...eewy?" Nakuru made that word up along, as she examined the yellow substance oozing out of the two slices of bread that were meshed along with it.

"Fine, then don't complain if you're not eating it." Touya tried to reach for his breakfast again, but Nakuru was jumping up and down intentionally to prevent him from grabbing his desired food. "Give it back to me, Akizuki."

"No, eeew. Mayonnaise is gross. I'm preventing you from making the worse eating decision in your life."

"Very funny, Akizuki, I'm amused," Touya rolled his eyes, "But mayonnaise is NOT gross."

"It so is." She challenged. "Name one reason why it is not!"

"Because I like it, no matter how gross you think it is, okay?" He was frowning, looking grumpy by now.

"Here, you can have my breakfast - strawberry jam sandwich!" And she handed him her breakfast from her lunchbox. It made him eye the reddish pink substance that was very gooey-like with wariness.

"What the hell is this?"

Nakuru looked irritated. "Strawberry jam. I said already, Touya."

Touya flinched involuntarily. Strawberry jam made teeth go, well, red. Or pink. He pushed it away from his sight. "No, I don't like strawberry jam."

"It's better than mayonnaise." She said with affirmation in her voice.

"No, it isn't." He tried reaching for his mayonnaise sandwich back.

"Try strawberry," she almost shoved the sandwich in his mouth, until he recoiled away with haste, "it's MUCH better than mayonnaise, I assure you."

"No, go to hell." He told her off, but she was too busy trying to stuff the strawberry jam sandwich in his mouth. "Dammit, get that thing away from my face, Akizuki!"

She giggled like a schoolgirl, "Never, Touya-kun! Fight my strawberry jam and die! Mayonnaise loses!"

"In your dreams. Mayonnaise is much more delicious than strawberry jam." He constantly argued. By now, he was contemplating running away from Nakuru's death shoving of pink stuff into his mouth. "Get away from me."

And she abruptly pulled back, a smirk on her lips. "Ok, sure, Touya." And she popped the mayonnaise sandwich into her mouth.

Touya's eyes widened into the size of saucer as he hastily tried to reach out and salvage his half-digested sandwich. "Akizuki! Give that back!"

"Here, you can have my strawberry jam." She teased, shoving it into her mouth.

"Dammit, what the hell have you done to my mayonnaise sandwich!" And he abruptly lunged at her, causing her to hastily swallow the mayonnaise sandwich at the sudden move of his. She hurriedly tried to squirm out of his grasp, but he was too quick, too strong, and in one second, he was atop her, and--

"Touya, what are you--mfff!"

And she never got to finish her words. Touya had accidentally kissed her on her mayo-tinged lips.

His eyes grew very, very wide.

Nakuru was beginning to think Touya could be very desperate when it came to his mayonnaise sandwich, even when he hadn't mean it.