How To Correctly Break Rules

By: NefariousImp

Rating: R

AN: This is my very first fic. All reviews good and bad are welcome. How else will I get better? Also, my grammer isn't very good even with the spell and grammer checker. I somehow forgot most of the rules that I learned in English Class ten years ago. I, also, have some trouble knowing what stuff goes with what ratings so If I cross the line someone please let me know.

Chapter One: The First Step

Hermione came out of her room and walked down the stairs to the Head's Common room. When she found out that she was Head Girl for her seventh year at Hogwarts she was ecstatic. That is until she found out that Draco Malfoy was Head Boy and that they'd be sharing living quarters for an entire year.

Draco Malfoy was the bane of her existence although there was something slightly different about him for the last few years. Something was definitely off about him but she just couldn't put her finger on what it was. There was something in his eyes when his voice spat out his normal cruel words. When he called her 'Mudblood' now, he almost flinched and she could swear she almost saw a flash of guilt in his silver eyes. And even the way he said the word didn't hold as much malice in it as it used to. She shrugged it off as her imagination.

As she finished her descent into the Common Room she noticed Draco sitting on the small couch facing her deep in though. It had only been two weeks since the school term had started and they'd barely spent two minutes in each others presence and even then it was only for Head Duties. Which was just fine with her. But as she passed the sitting area he jumped up and looked at her sharply. She didn't even see it coming much less prepare herself as he pointed his wand at her and said "Petrificus Totalus." Her body immediately locked up and her forward momentum caused her to pitch forward towards the floor, but just before she hit face first she felt two strong arms wrap around her saving her from a broken nose at least.

She was terrified. She couldn't move. Her arms and legs were frozen straight. She couldn't even blink or scream. But she was aware of everything going on around her. He hauled her up and laid her flat on her back on the couch. She could only stare straight up at the ceiling. But she could see him in her peripheral vision.

He pulled her wand out of the pocket of her robes and she saw him place both of their wands on the mantle of the fireplace. He slowly walked back over to her and sat on the edge of the couch by her hip.

'How could I let my guard down like that?' she thought. 'He's got me where he's always wanted me. Wandless, silent, and at his complete mercy. Yeah, right, like there's gonna be mercy. He's gonna torture me. And probably kill me. Or worse, hand me over to Voldemort. I bet that'd make him climb the ranks real fast cause with me as a hostage Harry will come to rescue me and be killed.' she wished she could cry.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Draco's hand coming in front of her face. She was glad she couldn't move cause she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her flinch. But she was surprised when the only thing his hand did was gently brush a strand of her hair out of her face.

He sighed deeply. As she looked at his face, the best she could, she saw resignation on his face, almost sadness. Her terror was starting to subside and curiosity was getting the best of her.

"I...I know you hate me." He said softly.

'Hello? Can you say understatement?' she thought.

"I know that doing this makes it worse. But I didn't know how to talk to you without you talking back and then we'd just end up screaming at each other and I wouldn't be able to say everything I need to say. I wouldn't be able to say everything I've needed to say for a long time. Just so you know... I'm not going to hurt you. In fact quite the opposite." He sighed deeply again.

"For the last seven years, I've been more horrible to you than I have been to anyone else. Ever. I've hated you and despised you for things that quite frankly I should have admired you for. But I was jealous of you. Oh, not at first.

"At first my little eleven-year-old mind only knew what my Father had drilled into me from the moment I was born, quite literally. His first words to me were 'My Pureblood Heir. You'll grow up and help rid the world of all the filthy blood.' Until you, I believed that Purebloods were superior to Mudbloods without question. You shook that foundation. You beat me in everything, even Potions. Although Snape has it rigged so that it seems like I'm better, but you probably already knew that. I was so jealous of you. I hated you. It didn't help when my Father started to beat me when he found out that a Mudblood had better grades than I did. Not even a Half-Blood A muggle. He was furious. It was the first time my dad ever used a Crucio on me. It was the first time I ever remember crying." He got silent for a moment. Hermione's head was reeling. 'What kind of parent uses an Unforgivable on their own child? No wonder he's so messed up.'

"You know the funny part? You knocking me silly in third year was what shook me up. Made me see you in a different light. But it wasn't until fifth year that I started realizing my Father was wrong. He's following Voldemort, who hates anything muggle or even half-blooded. Yet he himself is a half-blood that is scared of a Pureblood little boy. He's been scared of Potter since he was a baby. He was defeated by a mere baby, for crying out loud! How can anyone respect or follow someone like that? Fear? Yes, lets all be idiots and give more power to someone we fear. And Purebloods; Potter's right we are all inbred. And we're dying out. "This whole world is filled with Muggles and half bloods. There is no going back to what it once was. And even if we could I honestly don't think I'd want it to anymore." He suddenly leaned over her and looked straight into her eyes.

"Granger...Hermione, for the last seven years I've called you all sorts of horrible names. But I believe 'Mudblood was the worst. I know it probably means absolutely nothing to you and I don't blame you. But I've never said 'Sorry' in my life. But I'm saying it now. I'm sorry, Hermione. I'm sorry for making you cry. I'm sorry for calling you 'Mudblood' when we were younger. But mostly I'm sorry for calling you it after I realized it was wrong but still needed to keep up pretences. You aren't. You are better than me in everything. You are a better Witch, and a better person than I am. I've been jealous all these years and I'm sorry. You deserve everything you've worked so hard for. You've deserved better from me. I'm even sorry to Potter and Weasley. And I'd like to start over if we could. If you can forgive me, even though I don't deserve it, I'd really like to be your friend." He stared into her brown eyes a few more seconds before standing up and retrieving his wand. "Finite Incantatum." He said pointing the wand at her. She sat up slowly. Through his speech she could barely summon a single thought but now her mind wouldn't stop working. She finally settled on though and looked up at his face. His eyes were filled with trepidation. She stood up.

"You're wrong." She said simply. He looked confused. "It doesn't mean 'nothing' to me. You're apology means more to me than you'll ever know and I accept it. And I'm not mad about the spell you used on me. You're reasons for using it were justified. I would've started yelling at you. Thank you for saving my nose by the way. Did you mean everything you said to me?"

"Every single word." He replied looking her in the eye. She nodded slightly.

"Then I accept your friendship. Although trust will be a while in coming, alright?" He nodded. "You know Harry and Ron will have a fit and think this is all a trick, right? They won't believe you." Panic started to cloud his eyes.

"No! You can't! Nobody must know. If my Father finds out then I'm dead! He'll kill me. And I don't mean that the way other kids say that my Father really will kill me." He said grabbing her shoulders. His eyes were almost wild.

"Calm down. Malfoy! Let go of my arms. Calm down. I'll make you a deal. We talk to Harry and Ron and try to get them to see reason. And if they can't then we Obliviate it from their minds. And you know how I feel about memory charms. Especially on Harry and Ron. But I can't keep this from them without giving them a chance. Do you understand that? I'll even do the spell myself. If nothing else just to make sure it's done correctly." He still looked hesitant but had calmed down considerably. "Alright? But no secrets. We tell them and we tell them everything. Any plans of Voldemort or your Father's. And I'm bringing a vial of Verataserum. They won't trust you on you word alone. Tonight after supper I'll invite them back here. I promise you no one will know anything you've said here tonight. We won't even tell Dumbledore until he needs to know it. Agreed?" He stared at her a few more seconds.

"You may not trust me yet, but I trust you. In public I will have to act like I always do. You know that right? My Father can't know. If I act any differently it will get back to him. Other Death Eaters kids go here and it's like a giant spy network. Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise, to name a few. So, as long as you can understand that, I'm agreed. Tonight after Supper." He said.

"Okay. I agree as well. I'd better go; I'm late for meeting Ginny." She said and picked up her wand and went to the portrait to leave. "Firestorm." She turned before it opened. "Draco?" He looked up at her. "Thank you." He nodded and she left the room.

She ran down the halls and stairways as fast as she could to the Gryffindor Common room. She slid to a halt outside the portrait and composed herself. "Pepper Pops." She said and the portrait opened. She walked in Harry, Ron, and Ginny sat on the couches talking.

"Hermione! You're late." Ginny said standing up.

"Sorry, got caught up in Head Duties. Thank God there aren't any classes today, or I'd have never made it on time to any of them." They looked at her funny. "What?"

"Nothing, Mione, just never heard you say anything pleasant about not going to class." Ron said chuckling. Hermione tried not to blush and fixed a scowl on her face.

"I do have a life outside class you know."

"Yeah, and it's called the library." Ron snickered.

"Do shut up Ron. By the way, I need both of you to come to my Common Room immediately after Supper. Ginny, I think I want you there too. I need to talk to you guys about something very important. But don't tell anyone you're meeting me in my Head Room. Just trust me." She said.

"Alright, but what about Malfoy."

"He won't be a problem. It's already taken care of. Ginny, if you're ready?" She nodded and stood up. "Bye, guys." They waved and left the common room. They had planned on working on picking out an outfit for tomorrows outing to Hogsmeade. When they got to Ginny's room. Hermione turned to her. Making sure no one was in the room she said

"I need your help. I need some Verataserum from Snape's potions closet. I need a lookout. I'll explain why I need it tonight, but it's really important that no one finds out about it. Will you help me?"

"Hermione? What's going on?"

"I...I I'll tell you some but not everything. Malfoy and I talked a few minutes ago that's why I was late. He actually apologized to me for the last seven years. In short he's asked me to become his friend but we both know that this could easily be a plot to get us to lower our guard. But there's something...I really think he's serious. There's just something in his eyes...His father uses the Cruciatus on him. He's really terrified of his father. So, tonight I'm sitting the boys all down and giving Malfoy the Veretaserum. I'm going to take all of the wands except yours and mine. Cause we both know that we are more levelheaded than the boys are. I'm also going to bind the guys to their chairs so they can talk without killing each other. Malfoy didn't want to even tell the guys cause he's scared it'll get back to his father. But I promised him that if the boys couldn't handle it then I would Obliviate the whole conversation from their minds. I don't think I'll need to do that with you now do I?"

"No, I can handle it."

"He'll have to act like the same old Malfoy we all know and loathe to keep up appearances cause apparently most of the Slytherins are all Death Eater's kids and it'd get back to his dad."

"Okay, I can see that. Not a big shock when you think about it. So, do you need the potion now?"

"Yeah, I better get it now. Can you keep Harry and Ron busy while I get Harry's invisible cloak?"

"Yeah, come on." She sighed. Wait at the foot of the stairs out of sight and I'll draw their attention away from you. Here, I'll change shirts." She said pulling on a really tight low-cut lavender baby tee that showed her mid-riff. She ran down the stairs. She went to the side of the room opposite the stairs and spun around for the boys to see.

"What do you think?" Ron and Harry looked up. Harry was slack-jawed over seeing Ginny's curvy form, while Ron was spluttering in shock from seeing his baby sister in revealing clothing.

"What do you think you're wearing! Go change right now! Where did you even get that?" Ron choked out. Hermione slipped up the boy's stairway.

"You're not the boss of me!" Ginny screeched. Hermione went to Harry's trunk and pulled out the very think cloak. She slipped it on and padded down the stairs casting a 'Silencio' spell on her feet. She walked over to Ginny and nudged her gently from behind. Ginny stomped over to the portrait as Ron was still yelling at her. "Pepper Pops!" She yelled the portrait swung open and Hermione slipped out. Ron grabbed Ginny's arm before she could follow.

"Go change!" He bellowed.

"Fine." She stormed up the steps and the portrait closed. Hermione ran down the halls to Snape's potion closet. He was nowhere insight. The hall was empty. She whispered a spell she had learned in fifth year that opened any door or lock. 'Solarioma' was stronger than 'Alohamora' and it was rarely known. She had stumbled upon it when she couldn't sleep one night and decided to sneak into the library to get a new book and went into the restricted section. She hadn't found a thing yet that it didn't open, even password protected doors. She quickly slipped in, and shut the door behind her.

"Accio Veretaserum." She whispered and a vial flew off the shelf into her outstretched hand. She tucked it into her pocket and slipped out of the room looking up and down the hall to make sure no one saw the door open on it's own.

She locked the door back up and ran back to the Gryffindor Common room she whispered the password and slipped inside. Ginny had drawn the boy's attention away from the door and it shut behind her. She went up to Ginny and nudged her back again.

Ginny walked to the other side of the room. She had seen the door open. Hermione dashed up the stairs and returned the cloak to the chest, relocking it. She walked back down the stairs and peeked around the corner to see the boy's attention still away from her. She walked into the room and behind the boys and plopped down on the couch.

"Hermione, tell Ginny that shirt is too revealing." Ron turned to her. Hermione shrugged.

"It's my shirt. And I think it looks great on her. If I was wearing it you wouldn't have any problem now would you Ron." Ron gaped at her like a fish. "That's different, Mione. She's my little sister!"

"Ron, you're being a hypocrite. Come on Ginny; let's go change it before he has a coronary. Besides I think I'll wear it tomorrow." Ginny looked at Ron smugly as the girls walked back to Ginny's room.

"So, did you get it?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah, now the problem is putting it back when we are done. We only need about three drops. So, I'm gonna go ahead and go."

"Okay, see you at Supper."

A few hours later, Hermione was seated in the Great Hall at the Gryffindor table facing the Slytherin table. Draco walked in and sat in his normal spot facing her. He glanced at her. She tilted her chin down slightly in a nod and he did the same. Ron and Harry sat down across from her, blocking her view. It was just as well. They didn't need to be caught staring at each other. They left Supper a little early. They didn't want anyone to see all of them going to the Head's Common room. Draco had left a few minutes before them. "Firestorm" she whispered. They ducked quickly into the Head's common room. Draco was nowhere to be seen.

"Wow, this is really nice." Harry said. They hadn't been in here yet.

"Yeah, sit down." She said. The boys sat on the couch. "Accio Harry and Ron's wands." Both of their wands flew into her hand."Immoblio." She said before they could protest. Their arms and legs flew together like they were tied up but without the stiffness of the spell Draco used on her.

"Mione? What's going on?" Ron said hesitantly.

"What's going on is I need you guys to sit and listen without your usual tempers flaring. I'm trusting Ginny to stay calm. I've told her a bit about what is going on so she's somewhat prepared. Malfoy!" Hermione yelled.

The door at the top of the stairs opened and Draco walked out and down the stairs. He saw Ginny and hesitated, lifting an eyebrow in Hermione's direction.

"I trust her more than the boys in this situation." He looked at Ginny and nodded. "I need your wand." He didn't even hesitate as he handed it to her. Harry and Ron's mouths dropped open. "Sit, please." He did as she asked. "Immoblio." His arms and legs bound together. She pulled out the potion. "Harry, Ron, Ginny, I've asked you to come tonight to find out what I found out this afternoon. That Draco has changed." Harry and Ron started protesting. "Do I need to silence you too?" They shook their heads. "This is Veretaserum."

"You got it! Hell, Granger, I'm impressed." Draco said with a grin.

"It was easy. I'm actually disappointed it wasn't harder. Snape must be slipping. Now, there are rules to this. Draco will take the serum. However, if your questions start getting cruel or too embarrassing I will silence you two and I'll ask the questions. This was my idea and he agreed to it. He apologized to me this afternoon. We talked or rather he talked I listened. He asked to put it all behind us and be friends. I agreed. I also told him I couldn't trust him and that I'd have to tell you guys. Well, this is how I fix both of those in one blow. Draco, I'm giving you three drops of this, we'll wait for one minute for it to take effect and then I will begin to question you. After I'm sure it's working we will begin the so-called interrogation."

She gave Draco three drops of the potion and put the top back on, putting it back into her pocket.

"Ginny can you put the wands up in my room so there won't be any temptation to Accio them?" Ginny nodded and took the wands upstairs. She returned a moment later and sat down in the chair across from Hermione's. Draco and the boys stared at each other from across the coffee table so that they were sitting in a square. Draco, to his right, Hermione, then Ron, Harry, then Ginny.

"Ron, Harry, one more thing. Anything said here stays between us. I've already promised Draco that if I can't trust you with this then I will Obliviate this whole thing from your memory. None of this goes outside the five of us. And we won't tell Dumbledore until it becomes necessary. Until Draco or I think it's necessary. Outside of these meetings we act like we always do. We hate Draco and he hates us. His Father cannot find out. I've promised him. Draco, are you ready?" He nodded. "What is your name?" He rolled his eyes.

"I don't have amnesia. Why don't you ask how many fingers you're holding up and we can see if I have a concussion as well."

"Malfoy, just answer my questions and stop being a smart-ass. And here are your fingers." She said giving him the two-finger salute, which is the British equivalent to the U.S. middle finger. He chuckled.

"Draconius Black Malfoy, And two fingers."

"Alright. What is your biggest secret?" He looked terrified. "I'm sorry, but I have to make sure it's working."

"Can I please whisper it to you?" He choked out trying his best to hold it in. She was about to say 'yes' and stand up when he couldn't hold it any more and it burst out. "I'm in love with you!" All four of the other people in the room gaped at him with wide eyes. Draco looked down at his lap in shame, not able to meet any of their eyes.

"I didn't want you to find out like that. And I certainly didn't want to tell you in front of an audience. But there it is. Go ahead and laugh at me. Pureblood Draco Malfoy has been in love with Hermione Granger since I saw her at the Yule Ball for the Tri-Wizard Tournament. What's bad is she's the one girl I can never have. My father would kill me, and you guys would kill me. But now you know." He looked up at them.

"All this time you've been mean to her, you've been in love with her?" Harry asked.

"Yes, but only since the Yule ball. Before then I meant it. And actually I even tried to mean it until fifth year. I tried to fight it for a while. But she's incredible, and beautiful, and smart, and sexy, and..."

"We get the idea." Ron interrupted.

"Sorry, you ask me a question I'm forced to answer, obviously."

"Alright." Harry said with a sigh. "Is any of this a trick? Is this to gain our trust and then turn us in?"


"Are you a Death Eater?" Ron asked.


"Are you going to be one?"

"If my Father forces me to, yes, but no, I don't want to be one."

"Why not?"

"For starters Voldemort is a hypocrite. He hates anything not Pureblooded but he himself is half-blooded. He may be a big scary powerful wizard but a baby defeated him. Yet all these idiots follow him. And yes that includes my Father. If they had half a brain they'd gang up on him and kill him. He couldn't fight them all off."

"Why don't you join our side?" Harry asked.

"Because I don't think I can stomach killing my father. I want out of the war completely."

"Come on, Malfoy," Ron said. "Your fathers an evil, sick, sadistic bastard." Draco looked at him sharply.

"Weasley, if you found out tomorrow that your father was an undercover Death Eater, could you kill him? Even if he was about to kill you?"

"No, I couldn't, but that's different."

"No, it's not. My father is my father, sick evil bastard or not. I love him. I hate who he is, but I do love him. Even if he's about to kill me I don't think I could do It. I might, but I won't know till I'm facing the end of his wand with the killing curse on his lips."

"What does your mother think of all of this?" Harry asked.

"Just before school started this year, my father obliviated my mother. She's in St. Mungo's next to Gilderoy Lockhart. So she isn't thinking much of anything."

"He did that to his wife?" Hermione looked at him in horror.

"He'd do it to anyone, even himself if Voldemort told him to. She was the reason I decided to confront Hermione and ask for help from her. I'm actually glad she asked to include you guys cause I've always wanted to be friends with you Potter. And as for the Weasleys, lets just say I've been warming up to them for a while now. When we first met I was actually hurt that you rejected my friendship. It was a first for me. And I was jealous of Ron and Hermione cause they were nobodies in my world. But they got the most powerful and feared wizard next to Dumbledore and Voldemort as their best friend. And I hated you guys for it. Well, I've grown up quite a bit."

"When does your father expect you to take the Dark Mark?" Harry asked.

"The day after Graduation, but I'm But I'm not going to be here. I'm leaving for the Muggle world as soon as graduation is over. Sooner, if everything gets fucked up before then. That's why I needed Hermione's help. I know very little of the muggle world but If I'm going to live there for merlin knows how long I'd better get a tutor. It's the only place my father won't look and if he does it's a big world. And nobody but you guys will know I'm still alive."

"Do you know of any of Voldemort's or your Fathers plans?"

"He's planning on killing Dumbledore, but he's been planning that for years so who knows when it is. But if I had to hazard a guess I'd say it was before the end of the year. "

"Malfoy," Harry said. "Have you ever killed or used an unforgivable?"

"Yes. My Father taught them to me. Before I started Hogwarts." He paused. "It was a month before first year. He brought a boy to the house. He was a little older than me, maybe thirteen to my eleven. He trained me on all the curses."

"You killed him?" Hermione said wide-eyed.

"No, my Father did. But I used the others on him for practice. I didn't like it. But I wanted to please him so much. He made me kill my horse with the killing curse. I loved that damn horse. He bought me a new one. Never did like horses as much after that. I think I'd rather have used the Killing curse on the boy than the other two. I don't think it would have haunted my dreams half as bad as hearing that boy scream in pain while my dad stood by laughing and telling me what a great job I was doing." They all sat silently absorbing this information for a moment.

"So any other plans?" Harry asked.

"They're gonna use Granger to get to you. It's already in his plans to take you down. They're gonna kidnap her. You being your normal heroic self go to save her and walks right into their trap. They're gonna use Hermione against you. One way or another. Even if they just kill her to lower your moral or make you angry enough to get sloppy." They sat in silence a moment.

"Why don't you take her with you?" Ginny asked suddenly.

"What?" Draco asked.

"Hermione. Why don't you take her with you when you go to the muggle world?"

"Well, frankly, I'd love to, but I don't think they'd go for that."

"I'd go for it." Hermione said suddenly. All four heads whipped up to look at her. "In fact I think it's a great idea. I don't get used as bait; Harry and Ron don't die because they care about me. I help Malfoy get used to a whole New World. It's perfect. We can stay with my Aunt Marie in America or my Uncle Tom in Italy. My parents can go on some cruise or something so they aren't targeted cause we all know that they'd come after my parents to get to me."

"Mione, are you sure?" Ron asked.

"I think so. Draco, what do you think?"

"I think it's a perfect idea. It's what I wanted to suggest at first but didn't cause I didn't think any of you would be open to it."

"I think it's a good plan." Harry said. "Draco, I want you to make me a promise while you are under the truth serum. I want you to promise that you will never hurt Hermione. I want you to promise that you will protect her with your life." Harry said looking into Draco's grey eyes.

"I promise that I will never knowingly hurt Hermione Granger and that I will protect her with my life. I also promise that anyone who does hurt her I will seek vengeance upon them." Silver and Green eyes connected for several long moments. Harry broke the contact with a nod.

"I accept your promise and if you still want it I accept your offer for friendship."

"Thank you and yes. Weasley? Are we friends too?" Draco looked over at Ron. Ron looked at him for a moment undecided.

"Will you extend those promises to Ginny as well?"

"You want me to promise to never hurt her and to protect her as well?" Ron nodded. "Alright, I extend my promises to include Ginny Weasley as well."

"Thank you. And I accept your friendship as well. Although, I still think you're a twitchy ferret!" Hermione and Ginny smiled at each other.

"Well, I think we can release you guys now. Finite Incantatum." Ginny ran back up to get their wands as the boys stood up and stretched.

"Malfoy, will you guys take Ginny with you when you go?" Ron asked.

"If she wants to go, she's welcome as far as I'm concerned. Hermione?"

"Of course, but don't you think you should ask her first?"

"Ask me what?" Ginny said coming down the stairs.

"If you want to go with us when we jump ship." Malfoy smirked.

"Sure. I don't think I'm cut out for war anyway."

"Okay, on Christmas break I'll start making the arrangements. We should probably make emergency arrangements as well. Just in case the ship sinks faster than we thought." Hermione said.

"Well, we can make a really small object a Portkey that works with a password. Like a ring or something." Ginny said handing the boys their wands. They all sat down.

"Actually, I've already made one. I just figured out the charm for it a few days ago. See my ring? I just say the word... well; it takes me to my parent's house. Into the garden in the back yard. I'll make an emergency one though that will take me to a cave in the woods behind my aunt's house in America. That will be our emergency Portkey destination. Ginny hand me your bracelet." Ginny took it off and Hermione put it on the coffee table along with her ring. "Draco? Do you have a ring or something you wear all the time? Harry? Ron?" Draco ran upstairs and returned a minute later with a ring. It was a silver dragon with emerald eyes. "Wow, this is pretty." Ron and Harry each had gold rings. Harry's was a Griffin with ruby eyes. It was a birthday present from Hermione three years ago. Ron's was a simple gold R traced in crimson. "Alright we need an activation word. It will activate it no matter who says it or who is wearing it. Like if I'm captured and incapacitated and you dumb-asses come to rescue me you can say the word from a distance. If I can hear you then the Portkey can hear you. And if we are both wearing our Portkeys then we are both teleported to our safety zone. And that includes us as a group. Like if they were already active and we were all wearing them and I said the password it would activate all of them. So, we need a rare password. Preferable something muggle that none of the wizards would think of. Like Mitochondrion."

"What the bloody hell is a Mitochondrion?" Draco looked at her funny. She noticed the funny looks on the others.

"It's a microscopic part of the body." She frowned.

"Uh, how about something we can remember if we are fleeing for our lives. Not all of us can remember big words like your dictionary-brain can." Ron grinned.

"Well, this will take a few minutes. Why don't you guys go do something? Draco, give them a tour or something. A quiet tour, I really need to concentrate. This is a really complicated spell; it's like me trying to create a Stargate. That's it! Our activation word: Stargate. It's perfect cause it's easy to remember and none of the wizards will know the word much less put two common words like that together." She said excitedly.

"What may I ask is a Stargate?" Draco asked patiently.

"Well, it's not real, well as far as we know, I mean muggles don't believe in magic...anyway, it's a muggle Science-fiction show on the Telly. It's mostly in America. I fell in love with it when I stayed with my Aunt Marie one summer. It's about these Stargates that are really Wormholes that connect different planets and galaxies. And these government guys go to them and save the planets from evil aliens called 'Gould' who look like our Ancient Egyptian Gods."

"Okay! Stargate it is. Come on before she goes off on another tangent." Draco said pulling Harry's arm towards the stairs.

"What's a Wormhole?" Ginny whispered to the others. As soon as they disappeared into his room Hermione began. It took fifteen minutes to finish it and she had sweat rolling down her face.

"Alright, I'm done." Hermione said collapsing on the couch. They came down the stairs and sat down. Draco sat next to Hermione and Harry sat on the other side of her. She handed each of them their Portkeys. "Don't say the word unless you're ready to visit America. This room is the return destination. However, Hogwarts is supposed to be warded against Portkeys and Apparating, but I don't think we want to visit it unless it's an emergency."

"I think that's a very wise decision, Miss Granger." They jumped up and faced the down to see Dumbledore himself standing in front of the portrait.

"Headmaster!" Hermione cried out.

"Please, sit down." They all sat back in their seats as Dumbledore took the empty chair across from the couch. "There is no spell that is performed here within these walls that I don't know about. This year at least. Over the Summer I devised a Magic Alarm spell to protect the students. I know about the Petrificus Totalus and the Immoblios and the very intriguing new Portkey spell Miss Granger has created. Not to mention the very rare unlocking spell used on the Potions closet. Miss Granger, I do believe you have a potion that belongs to Professor Snape?" Hermione fumbled in her pocket for the Veretaserum.

"Headmaster, I can explain." Hermione said quickly as she handed it to him. He raised a hand to silence her.

"There is no need, Miss Granger. With Voldemort back and a war imminent, I felt the need to take precautions. I am aware that there are spies in our midst. So, I out thought them. Have any of you ever heard of a video camera?" Hermione and Harry's jaw dropped while the other three shook their heads no. "It is a muggle device that takes moving pictures, If hooked up to a Telly or monitor, I can see and hear everything that happens in the room as it is happening.

"This Summer I had a muggle friend of mine who is aware of the Wizarding world order me enough for every room in the castle. He also came and set them up for me in secret. Only Professor McGonagal and my self are aware of them. And now you five.

"This afternoon my magic alarm went off so I went to my Video Surveillance room that I have now hidden in my office. And I have watched the five of you very closely today. And I have listened. And I am very proud of all of you.

"Mister Malfoy, I do believe I am the most proud of you. It takes great courage to go against what you have been taught and those who taught them. I also approve of the way you five have handled yourself today. Even the broken rules were not broken without good reason. They were not done in mere mischief or for evil. They were done for protection for others and for protection for yourself. I find myself immensely pleased and proud that the five of you are the future protection of the innocent and our front line against Voldemort.

"I am in agreement that Mister Malfoy, Miss Granger, and Miss Weasley need to leave. Mister Malfoy, I do believe that if you were to be pitted against your father in battle you would hesitate and perish. And that is as it should be; that is the hesitation, not the perishing . It is unnatural to kill anyone, much less your flesh and blood. It pains me that even the thought needs to be entertained. Even if you were to succeed in killing your father in battle it would lead to a lifetime of pain and self-hatred. Your subconscious mind will not see that it was either him or you. It will only see that you killed your father." He looked at him. Draco was trying to keep his eyes dry.

"You all may keep the Portkeys, as I'm sure you will need them and will only use them for emergencies. They will work here. My wards are only for existing spells. You, Miss Granger have created new ones that my powerful wards don't cover. I commend you for your work, but guard your secrets closely. We wouldn't want these spells in the wrong hands.

"Just remember to be careful when creating your own spells and charms. The Killing Curse was in truth meant to be a mere stunning spell. But when its creator went to use it on his enemy, his hate for its victim twisted it into what we have now. Also, Miss Granger, I find that I trust your judgment and I am giving you and you alone access to the restricted section of the Library. However, I would be careful what you read. The Dark Arts are not to be taken lightly." He turned to study Draco closely. "Mister Malfoy, is there something you wish to tell me?" The Veretaserum had yet to wear off.

"Yes, Sir, Professor Snape is a Death Eater." The other four gasped. He turned to look at them. "What you guys are actually surprised?" They all shook their heads in the negative.

"I am aware of Professor Snape's status as a member of Voldemort's inner circle. Many years ago he came to me. I myself used six drops of Veretaserum on him. I was not about to take my chances with a Death Eater. He agreed to be a spy for Voldemort. Mister Potter, do you remember your first Quidditch game? Where you thought Professor Snape had hexed your broom? Snape was chanting a counter-curse."

"Why is he so mean to us?" Hermione asked.

"Like our young Mister Malfoy here, he must keep up pretenses. He is actually quite fond of the three of you." All of them looked shocked.

"Man, he's a good actor. I'd have never guessed." Ron said.

"Here is your library pass, Miss Granger." He said pulling a card from his robes and handing it to her. "If you need me for anything my office door is always open to any of you. I give you all permission to visit in the Head Common room until midnight on Saturday nights but try to stay in here. Mister Filch doesn't like you much Mister Potter. I'm not sure why."

"Why is he so cranky all the time?" Harry asked.

"Isn't it obvious that he needs a good shagging? Have you looked at him? I don't think he's ever had sex with a girl." Draco clapped his hand over his mouth as everyone laughed. Even Dumbledore chuckled. "Stupid truth serum." Draco grumbled.

"It should wear off by midnight." Dumbledore smiled to him and pulled a jar out of his robes and set it on the coffee table. "Have some Fizzing Whizbee. Good Night." He said and left. It was already ten o'clock. They stayed up until midnight talking and goofing off. At one point Draco threw a pillow at Hermione and the two of them started beating each other up with pillows.

"I give! You win." He finally wheezed between laughs. The others stared at him.

"Who are you?" Ron asked. "The Draco Malfoy I know would never surrender, much less have a pillow fight."

"This is me being the kind of person I've always wanted to be but couldn't. I still can't be outside these four walls. I've always wanted friends; I've always wanted someone to be proud of me for reasons other than me being a complete bastard. I'm sorry to all of you guys. I wish I could have said it sooner. Course now when we fight it'll be more banter than pure hatred. That at least is a relief." Draco sighed.

"Well, alright then." Harry said and began pummeling Draco with a pillow. Draco roared and started hitting back.

"I might give in to a girl but there's no way I'm giving in to you!" Soon all five of them were involved.

Later, after they had calmed down. The talked about the plans for the 'Trouble Trio', as Harry called Draco, Hermione, and Ginny. He said he actually felt sorry for Draco having to live with two stubborn, strong-willed girls. But he did promise. Draco gave them all the advice and plans of his father's and Voldemort's that he could think of. They eventually said their goodnights and left Hermione and Draco alone.

"Thank You, Hermione." she looked at him. "Thanks for making me tell them. You have no idea of the load that's been lifted off my shoulders. It really means a lot to me that you guys are giving me this chance."

"Say it again." She whispered.

"Thank You." He said. She shook her head no.

"No, the part where you said my name." He smiled at her.

"Hermione...I've always liked your name, that's why I never used it. I thought you didn't deserve such a pretty name. I was wrong, It doesn't do you justice." She smirked at him.

"Boy, you really are smitten with me aren't you. I could get used to this truth stuff." She smiled softly at him. He scowled at her.

"Don't mock me."

"I'm not and besides it's after midnight."

"So?" He huffed.

"So?" She grinned and reached up and kissed his cheek. "So the Veretaserum has already worn off." She winked as she climbed the stairs. "Goodnight, Draco." She said as she disappeared into her room.

Draco dropped the hand that was covering the spot where she had kissed him as a wide grin slowly spread across his face. He started dancing around the Common Room whispering 'Yes! Yes!' He suddenly froze and looked around the room wide-eyed a moment before he chuckled.

"Goodnight, you Old Coot." He said as he went to bed.

Across the castle, Dumbledore sat chuckling. In front of the magically powered television monitor.

"Goodnight Mister Malfoy. I should have gotten one of these years ago. I do believe this will be a very interesting year."