"Uaaah. This sucks.", X said to himself, barreling over in pain.

"Who ARE you?", Blue asked the silver-haired man.

"Dante. Those guys though...Jadow? You're ridin' against them?"


"I'll come with you."

"Yeah! That's whatcha get for messin' with the V-man and--what's your name?", Joe taunted.


"Yeah! And that guy too!"

"Damn you, Viewtiful Joe! I'll return to fight you, someday. Probably in the sequel, but maybe in the third one,that's the "trequel", right?"

"Umm..I dunno."

"Yeah,well...Whatever!",Captain X yelled, fleeing(but not before being sucker-punched by Captain Blue, who ripped the V-watch from Captain X's slimey arm).

"So,what next,Cap?", Joe questioned.

"Uh...clues! Yes,clues!",and so the trio looked for clues,and found...a rather clich'e note:"If you are reading this, our agent has been defeated, yes, we actually DID think ahead on this one! Anyhow, this guy was merely a distraction, because the real plans are being initiated somewhere else,so now would be a good time to research where we actually are, kinda like that game,'Where Is Carmen Something or other?', and it's a good time to delve into the characters. Go on,delve!"

"Okay,right...delving. Why are you going to help us, Dante?",Blue asked.

"My brother...he's...with Jadow."

"Oh. So you're gonna try to get 'im out?"

"No...I'm going to kick the living crap out of him."

"Uh...Why's that?"

"Because he really doesn't care about Jadow, he's just luring me out, so he can kick the crap outta , that's why I have to kick the crap outta him first."

"I see...so,why are you guys racing to kick the crap out of each other?"

"Um...It's...sort of...a family thing. Yeah,that's it! A family thing!"

"Okay...then...enough delving for now! It's detective time!"

The trio decided that the note should be investigated,more thoroughly, so they took the obvious road, a crime lab. After a long investigation, they found two sets of finger prints.

"Okay, let me run the most recent one through the data banks. Here it is...Oh no! It matches..."

"Who, Joe? Who? C'mon tell me!"

"It's...you, Captain Blue!"