Title: Who's Hunting Who?
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Okay we do not own Supernatural if we did Sam and Dean would be our love slaves
Summary: Jennifer and Chrissy are supernatural hunters , when they run into Sam and Dean their lives are turned upside down , theres love and pain thats all brought together by a werewolf that has been following the boys and bite one of the girls and now they have only so long to find the cure thts within the town before its to late...


"Jen are we lost?" asked Chrissy looking up from the map,

"We are not lost I know where I'm going!" said Jennifer.

"But the road sign says ten miles to Georgetown where going to Johnsville" She said "You missed the exit" she said.

"Damn it!" Said Jennifer.

"Just turn around and we'll get on the exit" she said rolling her eyes.


Chrissy sighed as the black ford F-150 truck pulled into parking lot of a bar "Another bar?" she asked raising her eye brow and looking at Jennifer.

"Yeah so?" asked Jennifer getting out of the truck and slamming the door.

Chrissy rolled her eyes and got out of the truck as well. She looked over and saw a 1967 chevy impala. She whisled "Nice car" she said walking up to it. "Orignal interior, orignal paint" she said fingering the side of the car and kneeling down to look underneath.

"What are you doing with my car?" she heard a deep voice. She jumped up and turned around.

"Umm sorry I was just looking at it." she said looking at a guy. She turned to Jennifer who was staring at him.

"Its okay, I'm Dean" he said holding out his hand smiling proudly that someone was admiring his car.

"Hi I'm Chrissy and this is my cousin Jennifer" she said taking his hand and shaking it. "Jennifer!" she hissed nudging her.

Jennifer shook her head "Oh um hi" she said turning on her charm.

"Well I'm going inside" said Chrissy walking past them and into the bar. She looked around and saw another guy who sorta looked like Dean. She saw that he was reading a book on supernaturalism. She looked at the book in her hand that was the same. She smiled and walked over to him "Thats a good book" she said "I'm Chrissy can I sit?" she asked looking at him.

He looked up "Um sure" he said smiling "I'm Sam" he said holding out his hand and smiling "You've read it too?" he asked her. She held up and smiled.

"Reading it now I'm on the chapter about werewolves" she said "Where are you?" she asked.

"Same" he said smiling.


Jennifer laughed at something Dean had said "So, uhm, do you want to go inside?" she asked smirking at him.

"Only if I can buy you a drink" Dean said smiling.

"I'll take you up on that" she said walking into the bar. Dean smiled and followed her.


Chrissy smiled as she took a sip of her beer "So what do you do for a living?" she asked Sam smiling.

"I'm in college but I'm on a road trip with my brother right now" he said "You?" he asked.

"Road trip with my cousin" she told him smiling.

"Aah, has it been fun?" Sam asked with an actual curious look, not like one of those guys just wanting to get in her pants.

Chrissy began to think back on the 'road trip' so far. They had run into a nest of vampires, a few black wiccan's, 1/2 a dozen demons and various other entities.

"Yeah. I guess you could say that, an even better word would be eventful." She told him with a light chuckle. He nodded his head in an understanding way.


"So then the cop is so busy with the bag of crap on fire that he doesn't notice me sneak out of the back office!" Jennifer told him with alot of laughter. Dean was laughing so hard he had to hold his side so as to not get hurt too bad.

"I have to admit that you do have class and imagination". He told her saluting her with his beer.

"I second that!" She said taking a gulp of her beer and realizing that she was already done. Looking at her watch she noticed the time and decided to make a night of it.

"It's 12:30 and I have to be up a little early so I'm gonna hit the hay" she told Dean, who waved and said good night.


Sam and Chrissy were in a deep conversation about the time it takes a werewolf bite to take effect when Jennifer walked up to them.

"Chrissy, I'm going up to the room. It's number 13." Then after giving her the second card pass she left with a wave.

Looking down at her watch Chrissy saw that it was 12:30 and decided to join her cousin and go to bed.

"I guess I better go to bed too. It looks like it will be a long day tomorrow. Night Sam, I hope I run into you again." And after grabbing her book she headed out of the bar to the room.


"Who was the chick you were talking to?" Dean asked later as they were making their way to their hotel room.

"Her name is Chrissy Renaud ,she's on a road trip with her cousin. In fact the very same girl you were hanging out with, the brunette one." Sam told him with a sort of far away look in his eye.

"Yeah, that's Jennifer." Dean said shortly. And if Sam weren't no much into his own day dreaming he would have noticed the same far away look in Dean's eyes as in his.


As they were getting into their seperate beds Chrissy turned to Jennifer and asked.

"Do you think we could stay a little while? Sam said he would be in town for a few days at least." Jennifer thought it through quickly and finally came up with an answer.

"Sure. I just hope you don't get too connected to him, he could turn into some freak or pervert or something." Then with that she turned off the light. Though in her head she was thinking that at least she might get a little extra time to flirt with Dean.

"I won't"Chrissy said closing her eyes and turning on her side. Chrissy took a deep breath and looked over at Jen who was already almost asleep. She started to feel her eyes fill up with tears about her ex boyfriend who had been killed by some supernatural sprit. Mitchell had been hunting with them and was trying to save her but ended up getting the sprit after himself. She sighed and wiped her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep


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