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"Guys! Don't crowd me! Go get something to eat or something just give me a break." Jenn yelled at the 3 anxious people crowding her. Dean looked at the other two and said.

"You two go to the diner and get us all something." He ignored their protest's and shoved them out of the hotel room. Turning around to Jenn he looked her in the eye and told her with a small grin on his face.

"They have been virtually unseperable." Instead of finding this amusing Jenn looked at Dean and said in a serious voice.

"We have to leave, and you two have to go the other way." Dean looked at her with an angry look on his face.

"We just saved your ass from being a Werewolf and all you have to say is that?" He yelled. Flinching, Jenn looked at him and said.

"Vampires are after me. The ones I thought were dead aren't and they're really really pissed off at me. I'm going to drop Chrissy off at her college and then I'm going to disappear. Do you see why I have to go? I wish there was another way but there isn't, Chrissy will be safe. She'll be surrounded by friends and I won't be there to put her in danger. You and Sam fight these things for a living, there is no way that she can be safe with you two. I wish there was another way but there isn't. The hunter who saved will be in danger and I need to find him and tell him they're still alive." She looked at him with pleading eyes.

"How do you know that they're still alive?" Dean asked coldly.


Jenn was still unconcious and her dreams were now filled with a woman who had fair skin and carried a bow and arrows.

"Who are you?" She asked the woman.

"My children call me many names, you might recognize me as Diana." The Godess told her, Jenn gasped and the woman continued to speak.

"I am the godess of many things and one of them is the hunt, I protect those who hunt and in doing so I protect you. I am here to warn you that those dark beings that took you many years ago are still alive, they managed to stay alive by going into a sort of hybernation and have just awoken they are now out for revenge. The hunter is also in trouble and you need to find him and worn him, he will help you." The Godess faded away and Jenn sat down to think of what she said.

End Flashback

"Now do you see? I have to find the hunter and I have to tell him or else we will both die." Jenn pleaded with Dean. He looked at her coldly and said in a frigid voice.

"I understand." He then turned around and left the hotel room. Looking down at the floor she saw Venator sitting there wagging his tail.

"Hi, baby. Do you still like me?" The puppy jumped up and licked Jenn on the face making her laugh, but it wasn't a real laugh, it was the hollow laugh of someone who had died inside.


"What do you think they're doing?" Chrissy asked Sam as they walked to the diner for dinner.

"My guess is either arguing or doing things I'd rather not think about." He told her, making a face at the end. Laughing Chrissy said.

"Yeah I'd rather not think about your brother and my cousin doing the horizontal tango, thanks for the mental image though. That'll only scar me for life permanently." Sam laughed and held the door open for Chrissy as she walked in.

"That's what I'm here for." He told her with a smile.

"Oh. I thought you were here for something else. Guess I was wrong." Chrissy said with a wink and then she sauntered away. Sam watched her walk away and he muttered to himself.

"You were so right."


A few mintues later Dean opened the door to the room "Listen Jenn I'm not quiet sure how to say this but I well I'm.." he asked clearing his throat. Jenn looked at him and walked up to him kissing him deeply. she pulled away and said

"You don't have to say it I'll miss you too" she said. Dean smiled kissing her again. He started to pull off her shirt as they fell on the bed


Chrissy and Sam were sitting in the diner waiting for there dinner to come. Chrissy looked out the window at the hotel. She bit her lip as Sam finally spoke up

"So I guess you guys are leaving tommorrow?" he asked looking at her. Chrissy turned to him and nodded. She sighed

"Yeah" she said turning to him "We'll stay in touch right?" she asked. Sam nodded

"Hopefully" he said as there dinner came. "I wonder if Jenn and Dean are argueing or doing something else" he said looking at her

"Stop with the metal images!" she said laughing slightly. Sam laughed

"Fine" he said sighing "Well that just took away all the fun" he said jokingly.

"Haha" she said sarcasticly smiling and looking down


"Should we go see if they want some food and risk permament life threatening scarring or should we just text them and let them come to us?" Chrissy asked as they were walking back to the hotel with the dinner. Sam thought a few minutes and then said.

"If I know my brother, which unfortunately I do. We should probably go with the text idea." They decided to go back to the boy's hotel room and watch old movies on the crappy tv and just veg out. After they text the other two they left some food on the side for them and began their old movie marathon.

"Don't go around the corner!" Chrissy yelled as she 'hid' her face. Looking down at Chrissy in amazement Sam asked.

"How can you find these movies anything but amusing after what you do for a living?" Chrissy thought for a minute and then said.

"I think it's because then I can balance my life out. Normal scary movies against not so normal real life scary." Sam was quiet for a minute and then he quietly told her.

"I never was able to balance my life out. I always found a way to make it seem like it was out of my control but I was just so mad at Dad that I just didn't wan't to be satisfied. I had to be mad at something." Chrissy looked at him thoughtfully.

"It doesn't have to be that way. You can make it so that you can help people and then go and maybe study or go to, for example, a scary movie it's all up to you." Sam nodded and they went back to watching movies, with Zeppelin hanging his head off the end of the other bed and watching them both with a curious gaze.


Jenn laid in Deans arms looking up at him, she smiled slightly and quietly got out of the bed and went to have her shower. When she was finished and had done her makeup she went back into the room and saw that Dean was just sitting up in bed and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Hey, you." Jenn said as she put her toiletries into her suitcase. Dean watched her as she moved around the room, effectively packing her and Chrissy's things.

"So, you're still going?" Dean asked, a little bit of hopefulness buried deep in his voice.

"Yeah. I have to find the hunter. He could be in danger right now because of me and I don't want to be responsible for another un-needed death. Chrissy and Sam text us last night and they have our dinner over their, though I imagine it might be going bad over there." Jenn said, not noticing the look of hurt that passed quickly over Deans features.

"Either that or being eaten by Zeppelin." He said, his voice emotionless as he dressed. Venator who had spent the night in the bathroom came over and began to lick Deans foot and look up at him with a loving gaze.

"Yeah, your dog is turning out to be just like you." Jenn said laughing. She was still walking around the hotel room hurriedly packing, very unaware of Dean's own pain and hurt.


Chrissy sat up with a groan and looked around the hotel room but couldn't see Sam, she just about called his name when she heard the shower turn on and she knew that he was still there. Looking around she saw that he hadn't packed at all so she began to fold clothing and put them in his army issued duffel. When he walked out of the shower dressed in clean clothes he found that all his clothes had been folded and packed for him and that he had alot of extra room that he didn't know he could ever have.

"I thought you could use some help with your packing." Chrissy said as she blushed while Sam looked over his organized duffel.

"This is amazing, thank you." He said. Turning around he looked at Chrissy and said in a serious voice.

"You're amazing." Chrissy blushed and was about to say something when Dean came storming into the room muttering about uncaring females and how he would be better off if he just forgot the whole thing. Looking over at Sam, Chrissy said in a small voice.

"I guess I'll see you later." And rushed out of the room.


Walking into the room Chrissy looked around and saw that it was clean and organized, looking all over the room she couldn't see her cousin. Listening closely she thought she heard sobbing coming from the bathroom.

"Jenn? Are you in here?" She heard someone blowing their nose and then she saw that her cousin come out of the bathroom with red rimmed eyes.

"Right here. Are you ready to go?" Jenn asked. Chrissy knew that if she pushed the issue that Jenn would just shut her out and that they would leave each other in a fight so she just kept her mouth shut.

"Yah. Let's go before I decide to stay." Chrissy told her cousin truthfully.


Jenn and Chrissy were ready to go and Sam came out to say goodbye, Jenn, after seeing that Dean wasn't there decided to not get out.

"So I guess I'll see you around?" Chrissy said making it more of a question than a statement. Sam nodded and pulled a sheet of paper out of his pocket which had a few phone numbers on it, each had a number, name and a short explanation of who they were.

"They can help you. Just tell them you're my friend and that you're a hunter and any of them will help you. You can just phone me and we can talk, it would probably be best if you call me in the evening though because that's when I'll most likely answer." Nodding, Chrissy put the sheet into her pocket and accepted the hug that Sam offered.

After they were done hugging Chrissy walked back to the truck and as she did Jenn sighed and turned to look at Venator who was sitting in the back on a blanket and she said.

"Well, I didn't need him anyways I have you. Don't I?" And she patted him on the head and turned to face the road ahead as Chrissy got in. Jenn drove a little down an empty road that led out of town but before she made it very far Chrissy suddenly yelled.

"Jenn stop the truck!" She jumped out as the truck stopped and ran down the road to Sam. She kissed him deeply as soon as she reached him. She pulled away and looked at him.

"After you figure out how to balance your normal life and your not so normal life you call me and I'll come for a visit. And this time it'll be a real visit with romantic walks and maybe a few poltergeist's who know. Okay?" Sam smiled and said.

"Of course. I'll let you know when I'm all balanced out." Smiling all the way, Chrissy ran back to the truck and got in.


Walking back into the hotel room Sam watched as Dean angrily shoved things into his army duffle while muttering to himself things like.

"She would've folded everything and if she just would be more emotional then I could've said goodbye." Sam sighed in disgust and said to Dean.

"Yeah. That's right she's the one who isn't emotional enough. That's not the pot calling the kettle black. You know you ruined a very good thing when you didn't go out and say goodbye." He then picked up his duffle and went to put it in the back of the impala, leaving behind a very confused Dean.


"Are you ok?" Chrissy asked Jenn as they drove down the dirt road. Jenn was silent for a few minutes and then she said in a cold voice.

"It was just a way to relieve tension, it didn't mean anything." She told her cousin, reffering to the night before. Then putting on her aviators she turned the music up high. Chrissy sighed and looked down at the list that Sam had given her and she began to copy a print for Jenn for when she left.

"It didn't mean anything." Jenn whispered to herself, unheard over the loud music and she felt her throat tighten knowing that she was lying to herself.


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