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"W-Would you run that through me again?" said the Hokage, Tsunade in complete shock at what just came out of the medical ninja's mouth. She was sitting at her desk doing boring paper work before the medical ninja arrived but now she was standing up, trying to comprehend what she was listening to.

"Hm? Oh yes, Hokage-sama." The man said, reading once more the information that was written on a white piece of paper in his hands. "In our research of the nine-tailed demon, Kyuubi, we have discovered that he is actually a male fox. But, in further research on this topic, we have also discovered that Kyuubi is, well, gay." He paused to let the Hokage take in the information. "Through hard work, we have figured out who Kyuubi's boyfriend was- I mean is."

"Is? I thought... never mind go on." sighed Tsunade, not sure if she was going to understand all this even if it was told to her a million times.

"Yes, Hokage-sama. Well as I was saying, Kyuubi's boyfriend is Shukaku, the demon that is sealed within the Kazekage, Gaara."

Then just like that, it all made sense to the Hokage in some twisted way. "Ah! So that's why Naruto has been dreaming non-stop about Gaara for the past 2 months!" She laughed. "I thought it was because of- Oh… is there more you have to say?"

The medical ninja nodded. "Of course this is because Kyuubi and Naruto are becoming one person by the second. Also, we believe that if the desire for Shukaku isn't met then the fox might release his anger on the village once again and maybe Gaara's too."

"We can't have that now can we?" Tsunade said smiling, finally sitting back down at her desk. "Please send a message to the Kazekage telling him there is an emergency concerning our villages that we can't sayin the message and that he is needed here for alittlewhile." She paused to sign a paper in front of her. "You may go now."

"I'll get that done right away Hokage-sama." Then he hopped out of his chair and made his way out the door, thankful that Tsunade didn't get mad at the news he brought but then once he closed the door, a large object was thrown at the door, making him run down the hallway, back to his job.

"Gaara!" yelled a girl sand ninja with a fan in her hands named Temari. "Please don't try and kill people when-."

"Stop talking Temari… Let me think." Gaara said with no emotion what so ever in his voice, sending chills down Temari's and the puppet master Kankuro's necks.

The three of them were walking up the hallway to the Hokage's office that was far too long for Gaara's likes. They had passed several rooms, each one containing a person that would rush to the door to look at Gaara's emotionless face.

When they had finally reached Tsunade's door Gaara knocked twice before hearing voices from inside the room.

"No! Now get out of my sight Kakashi! I'm about to have a very important meeting, more important then asking Jiraiya when the next book in that perverted series will come out!" yelled the Hokage, slamming her fist on her desk- almost breaking it in half.

"What could possibly be more important then-" Kakshi started but was cut off by something being thrown at him.


"Fine, fine. Just remember to be less grouchy when you have this importantmeeting of yours."

"Ka-ka-shi! One more word…" Tsunade said as Kakshi backed up to the door, knowing that he was digging a hole he didn't feel the need to dig.

"I'll just be going now Hokage-sama." Then Kakashi opened the door and saw Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro looking at him like he was crazy but Kakashi walked away before anyone could say anything.

The sand ninjas walked in and saw that it had been a gold sphere with silver spikes coming out at every place it could that had been thrown at the copy ninja Kakashi but they really didn't pay attention to that, they were more interested in what the Hokage looked like at the moment. Her normally straight blond hair was now sticking out in every which way, there were dark bags under her eyes indicating that she hasn't been getting any sleep, and she had a murderous look in her eyes.

"Temari, Kankuro," Tsunade said, making the two she addressed get goose bumps. "Please leave the room and come back in 2 hours, this matter only involves your younger brother."

The two nodded and walked out of the room, closing the door behind them.

"So what is this all about?" Gaara asked sitting in the chair across from Tsunade. "You said it was an emergency."

"Kyuubi's gay."

Gaara looked at her, having no clue what she was talking about. Is she drunk or something? He thought, wondering if they came at a good time or not.

"Shukaku is gay too…"

If Gaara had eyebrows he would have raised them by now but sadly Lee had ripped them off a long time ago and made his own extra big.

"Kyuubi and Shukaku… they're a couple, Gaara… a couple!" Tsunade shouted, grabbing her hair.

What is she talking about Shukaku?

I was wondering whenthey would find out about that.


Kyuubi's my Boyfriend, Baka.

… fuck…

"How exactly did you find this out?" Gaara asked calmly even though on the inside he was in total confusion.

"We did some tests on Naruto… apparently Kyuubi's just not gay he's… he's… he's a over possessive, sex manic." The Hokage said, trying to calm down. She had been up the past 2 days, realizing how bad of a situation they were in if Gaara didn't cooperate with her.

Why is someone like that your boyfriend?

You try dumping that damn fox! I was only going to do a damn one-night stand but nooo, it just had to be a fucking long-term relationship!

You disgust me…

I'm surprised, I didn't know you understood the whole birds and bees thing.

You know Kankuro explained that to me a while ago...

While trying to run away as you hung him upside down in the air with our sand.

Your point?


"So why is this so important?" Gaara said, just as calm as before, bored of watching the Hokage trying to calm herself down by breaking pencil after pencil in half.

Tsuade looked up at him and said, "Sooner or later he's going to want you more then anything and if he doesn't get want he wants, then he might destroy this village and move on to yours." She paused then added, "He already dreams about you every night, and wakes up- er, never mind, you don't need to know about that part."

"Oh. So I'm guessing you want me to give Naruto my body to play around with for some time until he finally gets over me?" Gaara questioned.

Tsunade laughed. "That's the thing, the chances of him getting over you is very, very slim."

"Oh." Was Gaara's simple reply as he thought the whole situation over. "For the sake of my village, I guess I have no choice but to do this. But," he paused he stared into the Hokage's eyes. "But he'll have to come stay in my village, I still have paper work to do there and other stuff."

"Yeah, yeah. I already knew that was coming." Tsunade stood up and walked over to a mirror hanging on her wall and started to brush her hair. "I already told him yesterday that I was sending him on a long term mission to Suna to try and find a murder that doesn't exist."

Gaara nodded and stood up. "I'll leave tomorrow morning, 5 a.m., make sure he's ready by-"

"Gaara!" yelled a boy barging into the room and wrapping himself around the red haired Kazekage. "I missed you soooooo much!"

Tsunade turned around in shock as she saw Naruto hugging the also shocked Gaara. W-What in the world? Are his emotions already going this high? The Hokage shook her head, trying to think of something else that could cause the container of the nine-tailed fox Kyuubi to act like this.

"Get off me Naruto…" Gaara mumbled, trying to calm himself down but Shukaku seemed to like what was going on and some how forced Gaara to some what like it as well, even though it was only a hug.

"Do you want me to go that badly?" Naruto asked, looking into the eyes of the taller boy. "Do you not like me?"


"Ahhh, how mean! You're ignoring me!" wined Naruto, pushing his body against Gaara's. "Don't ignore me… Gaara." Then Naruto bit Gaara's ear, sending the Kazekage some weird kind of pleaser.

"Naruto… get-" But right at that moment Naruto's hand had some how managed to get on Gaara's thigh, moving up ever so slowly. Gaara felt weird at this action, knowing it had to stop but then again he didn't want it to stop. But he fought against Shukaku's want for these actions and grabbed both of Naruto's arms, then pushed him away from him. "No more hugs."

"Awww…." Naruto said, giving Gaara a puppy dog pout. "Why are you so mean?"

Naruto's want is more then I could have ever imagined… Tsunade thought, relived that that was over with but she worried what more could happen in the next few minutes but kuckly Naruto turned back to his normal stupid self and acted like nothing had happened between him and the red haired boy.

"Mmmm… I'm hungry. How 'bout some raman?" He asked putting his hands behind his head and looking at Gaara and the Hokage, grinning from ear to ear as he thought about what type of raman he would order today. But then he frowned as the two other people in the room stared at him like he had lost his mind. "What? Is there something on my face?"

I hope you're all not thinking that Tsunade freaking out is so not like her an all that kind of stuff but I thought that it would be nice to see the Hokage in a diffrent sort of view.

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