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Orbs of green stared down at an empty vial, it's rim still holing a tint of jade from the last substance that was being held within it. Next to it were more vials and a surplus of various chemicals used to create medicines, but to the young, pink haired nurse near the verge of tears, it wasn't enough.

Her fists were clenching the lab table out of frustration, the metal rim bending under her touch as her mind raced from herbs to animals, animals to chemicals. There was nothing her mind didn't touch, including a new formed emptiness, some form of blackness that light couldn't fill. It reminded her of her hopeless search to find her once biggest crush; now farthest friend- this only made the table's metal crunch into a tangle of metallic gray.

"Sakura-san," A voice called from the hallway, a door sliding open to the far right of the room. "Is there anything you want from the coffee shop? Or would you rather me fetch some other type of drink?" The woman made no comment to the table's look or even to the cloud of loneliness lingering over Sakura's head- it was rude to intrude on ac other's life and feelings.

Sakura lifted her head so she could see through the pink strands of her hair that were jumbled into an uncombed nest. "Sake… some sake would be nice Ryo-san." The women left with a simple nod, the door closing silently behind.

It would be another long day with no bundle of sunshine to come bouncing in.


Cloud nine was a beautiful place to be when all else was too troublesome to deal with, this was a simple fact that Temari had drilled into her head by her all around lazy lover, a man that thinks daily life was the same as death. Or so he thought.

Temari sighed as she thought back to the day Shikamaru discovered one of his best friends, Naruto, was laying ill in a hospital bed with no cure; it changed his view on everything- the clouds, the grass; life. It pained her when the image of the shaken face of her boyfriend reappeared within her head, but she simply shook her head and looked up at the clouds to further clear her mind.

But even the clouds seemed to signal pain.

She just sort of gave up once discovering that; letting voices and images of everyone's grief of the illness that had taken over Naruto fill her mind as if they were a hazardous flood coming straight from Heavens inner, darker core. The flood seemed to rage on for hours, each minute that passed breaking her mind's barriers and smashing her heart. Only the noise of a young boy sneezing forced her eyes open to see the sun setting, raining hues of pinks and oranges onto the land laid out before it.

Her eyes shifted from the happiness of the sunset to look at the sneezing boy now kneeling in a flowerbed to pick some flowers. She smiled slightly as the thought hit her that this boy was only sneezing because of the flowers he clearly loved so much. It amused her at the similarity of him and the flowers; ninjas and their villages. They both would go through any pain, large or small, to protect and cherish a simple thing that can be replaced so easily- in it's own way, it was rather ironic.

'This is the way it's meant to be.' Temari thought, her smile growing sad, then coming back with a force of happiness unrivaled. Whatever would happen in the next few days, it was what her ancestors wanted it to be, and though the events might bring pain, it would be the right event; the right path to follow.

Her mouth opened to thank the boy, even if he wouldn't know the reason of her thanks, but she stilled as the boy sniffed a large multicolored flower- so beautiful that it alone could make her smile- and then fell back onto the moist, dirt ground without a noise. She moved over to his side in a flash, checking his pulse, his heart, and his breath, but there was nothing to find.

In that one instant the boy had just died- a flower the cause.

Her heart clenched as she looked down at the unnamed boy that had just given her so much hope to the up coming future, so much hope for Naruto. But now it seemed as if it was all flowing away with the river of painful memories. This just wasn't fair.

Already knowing CPR wasn't going to help, her head fell out of respect, and her mouth forming unspoken words- this was the least she could do; send him off to heaven to be with his own ancestors. It was a few minutes before she reopened her eyes, only to see a pair of eyes looking right back at her.

She screamed.

"Why did you scream miss?" asked the once thought to be dead child as he slowly sat up without a pain in the world. Like nothing happened. "I simply fell over from allergies, please do not be scared, I'm fine."

Temari tried to form a sentence to explain, but all that came out of her throat were an assortment of random words, only causing more confusion for the young boy.

The boy smiled sweetly, bowing his head as a friendly good-bye. "I must be going now, miss, I'm truly sorry for frightening you so." He stood, bending over to grab the bundle of flowers he had picked, even grabbing the one that had supposedly killed him. Then he left with a quiet hum, squishing the flowers to his face to sniff them all.

Timed seemed to stay still after that for Temari, her eyes not leaving the spot where the boy had laid. This wasn't normal, and she knew it. People don't just die and come back without realizing they were dead- at least they wouldn't think it was simply allergies.


Temari's eyes widen, her mind zooming in on that one topic and the boy. The boy was sneezing every second from this simple thing before he had 'died', but when he left, sniffing the flowers like they were about to wither, he was perfectly fine and sneezing free.

That flower must have done something, Temari thought, looking at a patch of the flowers not too far from where she knelt. She smiled as an old saying came to her: when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

She broke into a sprint, bending over as she ran to grab a bundle of the unknown, healing flowers. Then she was off in full speed towards Konoha's hospital where Sakura was busy at work to save Naruto.

It's time to make some lemonade


Sakura had been deathly wrong when she had thought that no sunshine would come bouncing in.

She had gone through four bottles of sake by the time Temari rushed into the room, shouting Sakura's name as loud as she could much to Sakura's displease. Adding to headaches wasn't a thing she liked all that well. But as soon as her head was clear of the ringing of Temari's voice, her slight drunkenness that she received from the sake came back in at full speed.

"Naruto! You're alive!"

Temari froze in the doorway as soon as Sakura spoke, unable to comprehend what was happening at the moment, but she guessed there was some clue behind her. She looked back. Nothing.

"Sakura… are you feeling…" Temari drifted off as soon as her eyes fell upon the sake near Sakura's left. "You're fucking drunk," Temari pulled on a strand of her dirty blond hair, looking at it for a second, and then down at the flowers. "Well excuse me for being an over excited blond, finding a cure for Naruto would make even Shikamaru do the Chicken Dance."

Sakura's head titled to the right, confusion filling her mind as the words 'finding a cure for Naruto' came out of who she thought was her blond teammate. "What- what are you talking about Naruto…?" She paused, a thought coming to her and making her freeze. "DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE HIS GHOST!"

Temari put her head in her hands, trying her best not to laugh. This was something she wished she had a video camera for- The Great Sakura, Drunk! That would be the title of it when it came out in stores and she was willing to bet it would sell fast. If only she had that camera…

But her thought stream quickly came to a halt as her ears picked up the quick movement of feet- running towards her. She looked up in time to stumble to the side to dodge Sakura's fist. The said fist made contact with the wall, making Temari wince as a large piece of stone hit her spine.

"What the hell are you thinking?" Temari yelled, her fan folded in her fist, ready to open if it was necessary. She hoped to all Gods that it wasn't. "Snap out of it!"

Sakura looked at her, her green eyes searching for an answer- a hint. Anything. Her eyes soon fell upon the sash around Temari's waist, engraved into the metal attached was Suna's symbol, an hourglass. "Shit…" Sakura mumbled, holding her head in one of her hands. "I'm drunk aren't I?

"You think?" Temari asked sarcastically, walking over to her pink haired friend to help her to a near by chair. After a few seconds of silence, Temari sighed. "Mind telling me why you filled your head with sake?"

Sakura didn't look at her; she didn't look at anything really. Her eyes were blank and downcast, and her body was still. Her mind though, was racing, trying to drive out the sake with pure will. It didn't work. "Team seven… it doesn't exist anymore." Sakura mumbled, her pale lips moving to say more, but voiced nothing. Instead tears took their place, flowing down her cheeks and dripping onto her legs.

Temari wrapped a comforting arm around the other; silently promising it was all right. She didn't trust her voice, knowing it would crack in their shared sorrow.

"I'll be alone if-if," Sakura sniffled slightly, biting her lower lip in worry. "If I don't find a- a cure." More tears slipped from her eyes, and a mournful sound emerged from her throat as she buried her head into the shoulder of the other. "S-Sasuke left… M-my heart- it… it shattered… If Naruto… I'll lose my m-mind!"

"Shhh…" Temari whispered, shedding her own tears for her friend. Her eyes closed and her mind tried to gather Sakura's grief with no avail. So she simply hugged her tighter, her memory skipping over the forgotten flowers slightly squish by the rocks that once supported the ceiling. That was until a soft cracking noise intertwined with Sakura's sobbing.

"Wha- what is that…?" Sakura asked, lifting her head to inspect where the noise was coming from. Her eyes wondered around the room until they spotted the demolished wall. "That was one of the main support beams for the building!" She yelled, pushing away from Temari and rushing over to the disaster; her sorrow forgotten.

Temari's eyes were wide and alert, staring at the rocks in alarm. Only then did she remember the reason why she even came down here. "Grab the flowers!" She urged, running towards Sakura. "They can cure Naruto!"

But she never made it to her.

The ceiling collapsed.


The sun's last rays shone over protecting mountains by the time Kiba entered the Hospital, Lee following right behind him in an unusual silence. His footsteps echoed softly off the titled floor as he walked towards the front desk. A blond nurse greeted them with a soft smile.

"Kiba-kun," She said in a cheerful tone that continued on throughout her words. "Nice to see you again. You too Lee-kun." She blinked a few times when Kiba smiled awkwardly, different from his usual enthusiastic greetings. Lee as well didn't cheer a hello. "Who do you guys need to see so bad that you must come at this hour?"

"Naruto." the two guys said at the same time and in the same solemn tone.

Almost at once the nurse understood why.

"Please follow me." She looked at the two before shaking her head. It was just too weird to see the two acting so… different. They were usually the two who would cheer up any sick, down, or dieing man- to see them down themselves was just beyond her. "He's in room 206."

The nurse led them down a series of hallways, her pace quick and her walk bouncy- her happiness shining through a rehearsed, stone face "So Lee-kun," The nurse started, turning her head slightly to look at the said person silently. "Is it true that you saved Uzumaki-san?"

Lee nodded his head. "Yes. But it was no challenge for Gai-sensei and me." He stated with pride. The nurse smiled in response, knowing from a string of rumors that the ninja they had brought in for interrogation was one of the strongest in Suna- so what did that say about the two 'clones' she wondered.

"And Kiba-kun," She paused to open the stairway door- room 206 was on the second floor. "You and Shino saved the Kazekage right?" Her voice was filled with wonder as she asked.

Kiba's narrow eyes turned to look from the floor to the nurse, his feelings of annoyance and boredom blatantly showing their presence. "The Kazekage was poisoned and we gave him the antidote- he killed the guy who poisoned him, not us." The difference between the truth and this 'lie' was simply the fact that the poisoner was never a 'thing'- only an empty shell now broken and buried.

"Whatever you say-" The nurse began but her words died in her throat as the floor started shaking. Lee was first to act, grabbing the nurse while Kiba opened a near by door. They ran into the room, and on instinct, looked out the window for enemies. Nobody in sight.

The shaking continued for moments longer, and stopped just as suddenly as it came. To Kiba, it seemed a little too sudden.

Lee looked away from the window. "Kiba-san, I don't believe that was an earthquake, I see a villager looking at the hospital." Kiba's eyes looked outside again. Lee was right. "That means…"

"The building's collapsing." Kiba finished for his friend. "But then why did it stop?" He paused, deep in thought. "If it was an attack- the building would still be falling. Anyways, the hospital is the least likely place for an attack; most people here are sick or injured, no threat to an enemy."

"Unless it's a distraction." Lee offered.

"No." Kiba shook his head. "Like I said, the building would still be falling."

Lee scratched his chin. "Then it was an accident?" He asked, but he answered his own question by nodding his head. "Yosh! We must get as many people out of here as possible!" A muffled sob from the nurse confirmed that.

"Lee… Hokage-sama probably has enough ninja helping out already… idiot." mumbled another, grabbing the attention of both Kiba and Lee. "In fact I don't doubt that every available ninja is here. What a mess…"

"Neji-san!" Lee yelled, running over to his bedridden teammate. "I didn't see that you were here! I'm sorry! Forgive my delayed greeting!" Kiba grinned, rubbing the back of his neck to emphasize that he hadn't known about the Hyuuga ether.

"If this greeting is a hug- step away now or arrange for a funeral." Neji stated, almost smirking when Lee's smile flattered slightly. 'So predictable.' "Now," He paused to sit up. "Would you mind helping me 'escape' with you guys? I rather not be squished by falling debris."


Staring dumbfoundedly into the surrounding darkness, Temari hesitantly proceeded to grope her gaunt body covered in cold sweat with a shivering hand, and not only was able to take a breath of air but even to release it in relief. She was alive- but for how long?

Her nose scrunched up in answer to her question, taking in the rotting odors of the broken vials. Their liquids drifted together, and soaked her backside. The shards surrounding dug into her skin, mixing blood with poison; herself with Death. Yet her strength hid within her- caged; imprisoned in a void of nothing. She couldn't help but laugh.

The life she had just been relieved to find was now found fading into a darkness blacker then where she laid, but held within it the same loneliness.

"Sakura?" Temari tried to yell, but heard it come in a hoarse whisper. She tried again, but her lips now spoke no sound. Tears became her words as they fell down her cheeks shamelessly, her grief and sorrow trying to wash away with them but only continued to build where happiness once resided.

'At least Naruto will now be cured.' She told herself, but some how found no comfort or hope within them.


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