Title: Easy, Tiger.

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Warnings: None, really.

Setting: Um... sometime after Provenance.

A/N: This is a Supernatural fic, with a slight Simpsons crossover. Kind of... random.

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Chapter 1-

"Uhh... I thought we were done with crazy rednecks," stated Dean, raising his gun.

"Dean! You can't just shoot someone!" Sam exclaimed as they crouched besides the impala.

"Dude, she's throwing cats at us!" Dean shot back.

"Yeah... they're just cats," stated Sam obviously. "I remember we looked after Jess' mom's cat for a week..."

Dean sighed inwardly, hearing Sam's voice grow sad. "Sam, could we concentrate on the matter at hand? Killing the killer cats!"

"Aw... but, Dean... they're so cute!" said Sam, picking up a kitten, no more than a mere bundle of fur. He hissed angrily and dropped the cat as it swiped at his hand. "Son of a-"

"Now do you believe me?" said Dean smugly. "It could've killed you!"

Sam rolled his eyes. "Don't be so melodramatic. It didn't even get me; I moved my hand out of the way."

At that moment, the Crazy Cat Woman ran around the corner of the car, screeching incomprehensibly and throwing cats around.

"God dammit!" Dean muttered angrily, as a cat scratched his arm, leaving a long, bleeding gash. "That little bastard got me!"

"Don't be like that!" A little girl with spiky hair came running up to them. "They're so sweet!" She picked up the cat and ran off with it, patting its soft head. It mewed in contentment.

"I guess it didn't like us," said Sam in bewilderment. "Maybe it's a female thing..."

Dean shrugged. "Whatever. Let's get out of here." He looked around. "Hey, where's the psycho Cat Lady?"

"I guess she's gone," shrugged Sam. "And as far as I'm concerned, that can only be a good thing."

"Mmm," agreed Dean half-heartedly.

They stood up warily.

"Hey, you want to drive?" asked Dean.

Sam just stared at him strangely. "Huh? Only once have you ever asked me that!"

Dean shrugged. "I just feel a bit-" He shook his head. "Whatever. It's nothing."

Sam looked at his brother, but didn't argue. He settled himself in the passenger seat, while Dean sat behind the wheel. They drove off in silence.

"Uh... this isn't an opening to start playing your music, but, uh, shouldn't you be playing your music?" asked Sam.

"Huh?" Dean asked blankly, not even bothering to look at Sam.

"Um, Dean, are you okay?" questioned Sam, staring at his brother properly. "Your hands are shaking."

Dean looked down. "Oh," he said vacantly. "So they are."

Sam just stared at his brother. Something was wrong. But before he could ask again- "Dean, the car!"

Dean looked up in time, swerving the car and narrowly missing a tree. The car veered off the road, leaving skid marks. It came to a halt in a muddy ditch.

"Dean- are you okay?" Sam asked quietly.

Dean just sat there, staring uncomprehendingly at his hands, which were still shaking. "I feel sick," he said suddenly, then hurled himself out of the car. He tripped and fell into the mud, just before emptying his stomach full of Lucky Charms.

Sam opened his door; rushing to his brother's side. "Dean? What's wrong?"

"I just puked my guts out in the mud, that's what," Dean replied sarcastically, which gave Sam some relief.

"Yeah, well I told you not to eat all the Lucky Charms," Sam retorted. "Come on, let's get back."

Dean nodded, which worried Sam. Dean would usually protest at getting mud all over his precious car, but today? Not a word.

Sam drove them back to the motel in relative silence. When they arrived, he got out and opened his brother's door. "Dean?"

Dean muttered something and Sam smiled to see that he was still asleep. He didn't really want to wake him, not when he hardly ever saw his brother so peaceful, but he didn't really have a choice. They had to go inside.

Sam shook Dean awake.

"Sam... I want tuna fish," Dean muttered, opening his eyes blearily.

Sam gaped. "Excuse me?"

"Tuna fish, I want-" Dean opened his eyes. "Oh."

Sam shook his head slightly. "Are you feeling alright? Last time I checked, you didn't even like fish."

"I don't," Dean replied.

Sam shrugged slightly. "Okay. Well, we'll discuss this inside."

"Discuss what inside? Dude, I had a dream about tuna fish. It may be a difference from the usual Angelina Jolie and pineapples, but-"

Sam grimaced. "I don't wanna know."

Dean grinned. "C'mon, man, let's get inside."

Sam agreed and they walked inside. Sam handed over a fake ID, frowning slightly as the woman gave them an once-over.

"Room five," she said. Sam took the keys from her with a muttered 'thanks' and they entered the room, throwing their bags down on the way in.

"Do you want something to eat?" asked Sam.

"Tuna fish," Dean replied absently.

Sam's mouth dropped open. "You did it again!"

"Huh?" Dean replied, turning to face his brother.

"Tuna fish! You mentioned tuna fish!" Sam replied.

Dean gave his brother a confused look. "Whatever. If you've stopped your freaky tuna fish psychoanalysis, then I'll be going to sleep."

"Whatever," Sam replied, rolling his eyes.

He turned away and Dean stripped down to his boxers before climbing into bed. He curled up into a ball, licked his hand a couple of times, and then promptly fell asleep.

Sam just stared at his brother's sleeping figure in confusion. Dean was acting strange... even for him. He shook the feeling off, before leaving again to pick up some food.

Hey, maybe Dean would eat the tuna fish.

"Dean?" Sam called.

He fumbled with the light switch, managing to flick it on. Dropping the greasy bag of take-out on the table, he walked over to his brother's bed.

"I brought you some tuna fish," Sam said, hoping for a reaction. When he got none, he rolled his eyes and continued. "Fine, I got you a burger as well."

There was still no reaction from Dean, which brought a slight frown to Sam's face.


Sam gave a start, and looked around in surprise. Realizing for the first time, that Dean's bed looked empty, he walked a step closer and pulled back the covers.

All that was beneath them was a tiny, grey-striped kitten.

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