Title: Easy, Tiger.

Warnings, Disclaimer and Setting: See first chapter.

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Chapter 2-

Sam stared at the kitten in shock. It mewed, almost pathetically.

"Dean!" Sam called, in the general direction of the motel bathroom. "There's a cat in your bed."

The kitten hissed and jumped up, and it was only then that Sam caught a glimpse of the pendant, hanging where the kitten's collar should have been. Dean's pendant.

Now, most people would not immediately jump to the conclusion of, 'Oh, my brother's turned into a kitten', upon finding a cat in their brother's bed. But Sam wasn't exactly normal.

'Oh,' thought Sam blankly. 'My brother's turned into a kitten.'

The kitten looked up at him, with big green eyes, and Sam started laughing hysterically. Dean wasn't a kitten... Dean couldn't be a kitten. It was impossible.

The kitten hissed again and Sam sprang back. It jumped off the bed and onto the chair, where Dean's leather jacket was lying. The kitten purred.

"Are- are you Dean?" Sam asked, feeling quite stupid.

The kitten mewed and its head seemed to move. Sam just stared at it, and it gave a sort of growling sound.

"Was that a yes?"

The kitten moved its head again, and Sam started to feel frustrated.

"Okay, if you're Dean and you can hear me, jump back onto the bed."

The kitten immediately sprang back onto the bed, digging its claws into the thin pillow. It sat there, staring expectantly at Sam.

"Uhh..." Sam cleared his throat. "So... how did you turn into a... cat?"

The kitten -Dean- looked at him as though he was stupid. Kitty!Dean opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was-


Kitty!Dean growled, in what was presumably frustration. Sam couldn't help but smirk, until he realized how serious this was.

"Okay, do you know how to turn back?" questioned Sam, still feeling kind of stupid for taking to a cat.

Kitty!Dean made a snarling sort of sound and Sam sighed.

"Okay, then," said Sam. "Well, since you can't talk, I guess I'll have to figure this out on my own. Let's see... traditionally, people can be changed into animals by curses, bites -or any other wounds, really- hey; one of those cats scratched you before! Maybe that's how you changed..."

Kitty!Dean meowed loudly and Sam looked at him. "Yes?"

This just got him a blank stare, and Sam sighed again. "Okay, I guess I'll be doing all the talking from now on."

Kitty!Dean hissed and Sam gave a slight frown. "Look, I didn't mean it like that... come on, let's go and have something to eat."

His brother –still in kitten form, of course- sprang down from the bed. Sam bent down and pulled the pendant from Kitty!Dean's head, earning another hiss from him.

"Look, this is going to fall off if you keep it on you," reasoned Sam. "Plus, it's going to look pretty stupid on a cat."

Kitty!Dean turned up his nose and twisted away. Sam was left with a horrible feeling in his stomach.

"You can't ignore me like this," Sam said desperately. "Come on, I'm sorry!"

Once again, he realized how stupid this would have looked if anyone was watching. He was apologizing to a cat... a very stuck-up cat.


"You can't bring that animal in here."

Sam stared at the waitress, who'd walked over to the door to stop him. "What? Why not?"

"Health regulations," she said, examining her nails. Her gaze drifted up to Kitty!Dean, clutched in Sam's arms.

Sam scowled. It'd taken long enough to even convince Kitty!Dean to forgive him, and now... this? It was just plain species-ist. And Sam made the mistake of telling the waitress so.

"You're species-ist."

She looked unimpressed. "Oh, yeah?"

Sam shot her a frustrated look. "Yeah!"

She rolled her eyes. "Well, go marry your cat or whatever. It doesn't bother me, as long as you get the hell out of here before I get fired."

She walked off and Sam's jaw dropped open. He looked down to Kitty!Dean in his arms.

"Come on, Dean, let's just go," he said tiredly.

Kitty!Dean growled, but stayed still. Sam sighed, and walked them both back to the car. Sam knew Kitty!Dean didn't like the idea of him driving his car, but, well, he didn't exactly have a lot of choice.

Sam stopped the car at a general store. Kitty!Dean sprung out of Sam's door before Sam could stop him.

"Uh, Dean?" questioned Sam. "Don't you think you should wait in the car? Chances are that you're not going to be allowed inside."

Kitty!Dean seated himself on the pavement. Sam shrugged and locked up the car, hesitating before walking into the store. After failing at several attempts to try and get Kitty!Dean to stay in the car, Sam walked into the store.

After standing in front of the tuna fish cans for almost three minutes, debating on whether or not to buy Kitty!Dean some, Sam finally gave in and selected several different types, seeing as he didn't know how long Dean would be a cat for. After picking up a few other things for them to eat, Sam paid for his items and left, ignoring the 'Please come again!' from the man at the checkout.

Kitty!Dean was still perched on the pavement, next to another cat, a tabby. The other cat was purring and Dean seemed to be... talking to it? In cat language, of course.

Sam approached them and the tabby cat bolted. Kitty!Dean growled.

"Were you just... hitting on that cat?" Sam asked, bewildered.

Kitty!Dean mewed. Sam chuckled, wondering if that was a 'yes' or a pathetic attempt at denial.

Or both.

Sam began walking towards the car, Kitty!Dean at his heels. Before they could reach it, though, they were interrupted.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Sam turned to see a man, with a gun aimed at him. He was sneering, and had some type of tattoo on his arm. Sam realized he hadn't brought a gun with him, and had no way of escaping without being shot.

Kitty!Dean hissed, and sprang in front of Sam, as though he was trying to protect him.

'Thanks, Dean,' thought Sam. 'But I don't know how we're going to get out of this one.'


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