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It was 2 a.m. in the middle of an empty classroom the morning after finals when someone in the crowd that had gathered for the post-finals party suggested a couple of rounds of "Spin the Bottle." This was met with a loud voice of approval from the crowd of sugar-high girls, so a butterbeer bottle was quickly acquired and placed in the center of a rapidly growing circle of girls trying to squeeze in. Now all they needed were some males…

"Marly, you are insane!" said Lillian Evans groggily as she was roused by her night owl of a friend in the very early hours of the morning. "What's going on?"

"I need your help," answered Marlene McKinnon quietly so as not to wake Alice Green, who was sleeping in the bed next to Lily's and was a very light sleeper.

"With what?" asked Lily tiredly. Marlene was known for her crazy schemes and far-out stories.

"Ummm, well…" Marlene stretched out each syllable to give herself the most amount of time possible to think of an explanation that Lily would accept.

"Just spit it out Marlene."

"Okay, just don't yell; you know how light of a sleeper Alice is," began Marlene.

"We'll see."

Figuring that Lily deserved to be a bit grumpy and bitter for being awoken early in the morning after a week that was probably more stressing for her than 98 percent of the student body, Marlene divulged the mission that had been entrusted to her by the gathering of girls at the party.

Lily listened to the whole story silently and then, at its conclusion, she just sighed deeply. Marlene got involved with the most outlandish plots, and she usually convinced Lily to help her out.

"Let's just skip the pleading and I'll just say yes right now," said Lily tiredly.

Marly squealed louder than was necessary and said, "Thanks Lily!"

"Okay whatever, so what part do you want me to play?"

"Well, I need you to do some of your fancy charm work for me."

"I figured as much…" muttered Lily. "Let me guess, a couple of disillusionment charms?"

"You know me too well," said Marly with a grin. "But, there are also a coupel of other things I need you to help me with…"

"No way!" said Lily loudly when she heard what else Marlene was asking of her. "Never in a million years!"

Just then the curtains surrounding Alice's bed, which helped to muffle the outside noise that might be disturbing to her, were shoved aside briskly.

Marlene turned to her friend with a sheepish grin on her face, "Good morning sunshine!"

Alice did not look amused.

"Well, as long as you're up, you can help too!"

Alice didn't respond at first. Then, much like Lily, she sighed audibly. "I heard most of it, and sure, I'll help too; though you have to understand that I think this is an incredibly stupid idea."

"No need to be callous now Allie," said Marlene gleefully.

"It is a stupid idea and you know it, otherwise you wouldn't have thought of it," said the normally very passive Alice.

Marlene looked a bit pouty for a moment, but quickly shrug it off. "Come on! You two need to get dressed! Well, you need to put on what I tell you to wear."

Lily and Alice rolled their eyes and exchanged looks of exasperation.

Twenty minutes and many arguments later, Lily and Alice, normally rule-abiding students, were tiptoeing down the squeaky girls' dormitory staircase and into the common room.

"Now I have already done most of the dirty work," said Marlene conspiratorially. "All you guys have to do is help me levitate them and of course disillusion them and ourselves."

Lily and Alice shrugged and set to work. The trio walked up the boys' dormitory stairs, more loudly because they didn't know the creaks and squeaky boards to be wary of, and stopped outside the door of the sixth year boys' sleeping quarters.

Marlene, who was heading the little group, signaled her friends to be silent with a finger pressed to her lips and proceeded to push open the door to the room. Lily looked and Alice and rolled her eyes; Alice giggled softly. Marlene turned around and glared at them. She probably would have shushed them also if she wasn't afraid of making more noise.

As the three girls crept into the dormitory, making as little noise as possible, Lily lit her wand with a silent 'lumos' spell.

The light illuminated the mess that covered the floor; of course none of the six Gryffindor boys had even started to round up their possessions, which prevented several potential accidents.

A few stifled giggles later (a couple of the boys snored and another one talked in his sleep), Marlene found the bed of one of their two victims and Lily soon stumbled upon the other.

Lily gently pulled back the scarlet curtains that had sloppily been pulled into place only two hours before and was met by the sight of James Potter sleeping. His hair was as messy as ever, the ebony locks starkly contrasting with the white of the pillowcase. It was the same James Potter, and yet, Lily didn't recognize him. The boy who had crashed on top of his wrinkled blankets after some late-night, last-minute prank pulling with his best mates, was not the same person that Lily was currently gazing upon rather shamelessly. The person that was spread out on the bed had a creased brow betraying the turmoil and problems within. Lily hadn't ever seen James looking quite so serious and not himself; it was as if he was more a man than a boy, and that scared Lily.

Lily didn't want James to grow up; she knew that she would fall for him if he did. No matter how much she had always tried to deny it, she really did like James, and not just as a friend. The only thing that was standing in the way of a relationship between Lily and James was James' lack of maturity and Lily's overdose of it; that was the only thing that had ever been between them.

"Found him," Lily whispered into the darkness without taking her eyes off of the boy, no, the man, before her.

Marly appeared at her side suddenly. "Excellent. Alice is levitating Sirius, I'll get James, and you just follow us down to the common room; you can perform the charms there."

As she stepped back to let Marlene do her part, Lily felt the need to say, "I told you that this was insane, right?"

"Just a couple of times," said Marlene as she concentrated on navigating James' rather limp, yet slightly and erratically moving, body out of his bed and around the other beds in the room.

Once in the common room, Lily fulfilled her main duty and then turned to go back up the stairs to her nice soft bed in her dormitory.

But, before she could even step on the first stair, Marlene caught her and said playfully, "And just where do you think you're going missy?"

"Back to bed. Thanks to you, I have gotten only a very few hours of sleep tonight," replied Lily wearily.

"I don't think so," said Marly. "You're coming with us to the party."

"I think not," said Lily.

"Come on Lily, if I have to go, then you have to go," Alice whined.

"You don't have to go, no one is making you."

"But Lily, I want to go. Don't you just want to do something crazy and impulsive for once in your life?"

"No, I can live without the excitement and possible punishments that come out of it. Nothing good is going to come out of this."

"Oh stop being a wet blanket Lil," said Marlene, who was very annoyed by her friend's reluctance to break the rules. "You're just being a paranoid baby, nothing horrible is going to happen to you when you walk out of this portrait hole."

"Please Lily, I don't think I can do this without you."

"Come on Lil, you look fabulous! You can't let those tight jeans go to waste; you have a nice ass and with those jeans you look amazing."

Lily was still hesitant; she found it hard not to think of all the things that could, and probably would, go wrong with this plan.

"Fine! I'll go," said Lily as Marlene and Alice's faces lit up. "But on one condition, I get to leave whenever I want to, no arguments."

"Sure, fine, whatever," said Marlene, not knowing that Lily would actually have a reason to leave before the party was over.

Lily then disillusioned herself and followed her friends out into the night.


"Shut up everyone! Now here are the rules provided to you by Ophelia Wilkes," said a Slytherin sixth year named Danielle, soon after all of the night's victims had arrived.

"The name of the game is Spin the Bottle. The rules are simple, a girl spins the bottle and whoever the neck of the bottle points to, she has to kiss. Now, as you know, we have voted on the hottest guys at school, two from each house, and their housemates have been kind enough to retrieve them for our little game. I present to you James Potter and Sirius Black, from Gryffindor," the fifth year Slytherin girl gestured to two sixth year guys, who had been recently awoken from their magically induced sleep, courtesy of Marlene, and were looking very pleased with themselves. Then Ophelia introduced the other six guys who were looking much like James and Sirius, not at all distressed at the thought of being kidnapped early in the morning but a few hormonal teenage girls for a kissing game.

"Anyone who spins the bottle and it lands on a girl obviously gets to spin again until it lands on a boy. Now, I'll go first and show all of you novices how it's done."

As Ophelia spun the bottle, Sirius could have sworn that he saw a flash of a wand from her direction that caused the bottle to come to a stop directly in front of James.

Three minutes and forty-three seconds later, Ophelia returned to her spot in the circle of extremely giggly girls; her lip gloss was severely smudged, and she looked extraordinarily conceited.

Nine girls and nine kisses later, it was Lily's turn. Normally she wouldn't have participated in a game that she considered to be demoralizing and sexist, but Marlene had forced her into the circle at the last minute and now she was stuck. She rolled her eyes and spun the bottle. Amazingly Ophelia's wand was seen to have flashed again just as the bottle slowed down almost to a stop in front of James. She caused it to speed up slightly enough to land on Sirius, but it was not obvious enough for anyone but Lily and James to notice.

James had already been kissed four times and looked extremely self-satisfied, but he looked a little twitchy and nervous as it came time for Lily's turn. This increased as the time came for the girl he was crushing on to kiss his best friend.

Lily had very conflicting feelings. She wasn't sure, first of all, what she felt for James; especially after she had witnessed him kissing four girls and enjoy it. James was the bad boy every girl dreams of, he was a popular jock, good-looking, but a serious flirt and he was always teasing and hexing people. Though, Lily had noticed that he had ceased to be such an arrogant bully in the recent months. He had also stopped asking her out and making rude comments to her. In fact, he was actually behaving himself for the most part, at least in front of Lily.

Lily was starting to see him as a companion, maybe even a friend, possibly as something more, which is what really was scaring her out of her wits. She wasn't supposed to fall in love; that just wasn't on her agenda. Lily considered herself much too practical to become one of those giggly girls who seemed to live only for their boyfriends.

As the bottle was slowing down, these thoughts flashed through her brain, accompanying the already present wishes that she hadn't let Alice and Marlene convince her to go to the party.

But then as Ophelia's wand appeared, Lily suddenly felt better, a little anyways. Now she wouldn't have to confront herself about her feelings towards James. That is, she felt better until she considered who Sirius was.

"He is James' best friend," was screaming in her mind. Everything in her said to just leave, but that was before she glanced over at James. He was whispering to a Hufflepuff girl in a far too tight shirt and very ripped jeans, who was sitting right next to him, on the side of him that Ophelia hadn't claimed. She started to blush and he was smiling and snickering. That image stuck in her mind for a long time, like a peanut butter sandwich on the roof of your mouth, and Lily didn't have any milk to wash it down. Lily then decided her next action.


Back in their dormitory with stashed goodies from the kitchen, three teen girls were discussing the night's events between bites of food and bursts of giggles, and trying to keep it down so that their dorm mates, Dorcas Meadowes and Heather Falland wouldn't wake up, after all it was only three in the morning. They were both very heavy sleepers, so they had not been disturbed yet, but that didn't mean they would stay asleep forever, so for extra protection, Lily took out her wand and cast a soundproof charm around her four-poster bed, which they were all crowded on.

"Allie," began Marlene in a teasing voice, "I believe we totally mistook little Miss Lillian. First she pretends not to want to go to the party at all and then…"

Alice, catching on replied, "I know what you mean Marly, who would have thought that she was after Sirius?"

"At least we were close. James, Sirius; Sirius, James, it's the same difference; they're basically the same person in two bodies."

"Just stop it! There's a huge difference!" shouted Lily.

Ignoring her Alice continued, "Don't worry, with that kiss we can tell who you are totally in love with; it's obviously Sirius."

"You know Alice, I think I saw some serious tongue action tonight."

"Oh you mean some Sirius action?" joked Alice.

"Totally! Who would have thought our Lily was such a party girl?"

"It was so obvious that Sirius was surprised and..."

"Absolutely like, excited about this new, previously hidden side of dear Lillian," finished Marlene.

"Yeah Lily, don't think that we didn't notice his hands running through your hair," teased Alice as Lily turned away from her friends.

"But did you see James' face Alice?" said Marlene as if Lily wasn't even there.

"Who could have missed that face, he was so totally crushed, surprised, crushed and horrified, but mostly he was crushed."

"Especially after Lily threw him that smug look afterwards," said Marlene, still playing her game.

Addressing Lily, Alice said seriously, "Lily, you really hurt him tonight, you know. That was low, especially for you. You really shouldn't have done that to him; you know, put him through this. I thought that you were starting to actually like him. Everyone thought you were on the verge of dating."

"Yeah," joined Marlene. "I can only imagine what he's going through right now. Think about it." She paused then continued. "Sirius is his best friend. It's like James kissing Alice. We did not think you were capable of using him like this."

"It's so bad because you knew he liked you and you didn't stop him from flirting with you. Lately, you even seem to have been encouraging him. Don't think we hadn't noticed."

"Why does everyone insist on running my life?" Lily practically screamed. "Does anyone even care about what I want? Maybe I do like Potter and maybe I don't! But it's my life and it isn't anyone else's business whom I like and whom I want to date. Maybe I did really like Potter, but after tonight I realized that I was, once again, wrong about him. He's never going to grow up; he'll always be the same idiot little boy with only girls, pranks and bullying because he can, on his mind. I guess I can thank you guys for helping me to come to this life-changing realization. I suppose you guys have saved me a lot of heartbreak and trouble. Instead of spending the summer playing the 'he loves me, he loves me not game', I can focus on other things, like my internship and homework. Sound to me like this is going to be a great and memorable summer!"

Marlene and Alice were shocked. Lily was like an ice queen; she hardly ever really displayed her true feelings. This was one of those rare occasions when she let someone actually witness her melt-downs, which occurred far more frequently than Allie and Marly could have ever guessed.

"Just forget about him Lily; he's not worth it anyways," said Marly. "Do whatever you want this summer; you don't owe him anything."

Lily sighed and just stared out at her curtains, not really seeing anything. Finally she said, "Men are such annoying scum! Pass me the frosting would you please Alice?"

Marlene and Alice laughed easily, glad to have their friend, the demur, calm Lillian Evans, back.


As soon as Sirius and James were out of earshot of the empty classroom and alone in the hallway, James stopped short, grabbed Sirius' shoulder, punched him in the face and shouted "You jerk! What the hell was that?"

Instead of answering Sirius just took the punch, turned and just started to walk away. But he wasn't able to get far because James ran and tackled him from behind. Then Sirius got mad, but he didn't throw any punches; it was an unwritten code of the Marauders to just let each other vent, let the annoyed one punch the others a couple of times, then laugh about it and be friends again. Punching back would just prolong the process. But Sirius did throw a few kicks and several swears. After about three minutes of fighting, James' adrenaline ran out and Sirius had him pinned on the ground.

"Prongs, mate, what is your problem?"

"You know fully well what my problem is."

"Not unless you tell me I don't!" shouted Sirius. Then he as paused, waiting for a reply, he looked at James' irate face and it finally dawned on him. "Hey, this is about Evans, isn't it?"

"No," replied James with so much sarcasm that his tone could be mistaken for being sarcastic about being sarcastic, if that makes any sense at all.

"Ok then, so what is this about?" asked Sirius confused as he got up off of his best mate and stood up.

"EVANS! YOU! KISS! HER!" screamed James, exasperated as he ignored the hand that Sirius had extended to him and got up off of the ground on his own.

"Huh? Oh, so this is about Evans…"trailed Sirius.

"Obviously," sneered James.

"So what?"

"So what?! So what?!"

"Yes, that is what I said, so what?" replied Sirius casually.

At this James got a surge of energy from his new surge of anger, and he was able to catch Sirius off guard and pin him up against a wall.

Then as he pressed his best mate into the stone wall, James yelled into Sirius' face, "You, of all people, should know that I really like Lily! You're my best mate! Why would you go behind my back like that?! You know that I have worked long and hard to deflate my head slightly, at her suggestion, so that she would stop hating my bloody guts! And now you're making out with her! And obviously she kissed you back!"

At this point James suddenly realized what he was doing. He had been suppressing his rage for the past hour, when Lily had left the party. She had left right after her own turn, so it had been a very long hour for James. James let go of Sirius and slumped down against the wall with his head in his hands.

Sirius sat down next to him and started to talk as he massaged his bruised limbs. "Prongs, the kiss was nothing. C'mon mate, you know that."

Being the moody teenager he was, when Sirius spoke, it made James angry at Sirius all over again. "You're such a traitor Padfoot! You like her don't you?! You've just been waiting to make your move! I can't believe you!"

"Mate, it wasn't me. I didn't spin that bloody bottle! I didn't open my mouth! I didn't push her over! Maybe she does like me, but that's not my fault either! Pull it together man! It's easy, just pick another girl. That's what I always do when I get bored with one."

Sirius' speech actually calmed James down, so James started to feel sorry for himself. He put his head back into his hands and sighed deeply.

Sirius wasn't really good with the whole sensitive stuff, so he started to idly glance around while he was waiting for James to become rational or angry again. Anger, Sirius could deal with, but blubbering, not that James was blubbering or anything, but if he did, Sirius wasn't going to be much help seeing as it wasn't really his forte.

Luckily for him he saw a shadow coming from the end of the hall where the Gryffindor House was located. As the shadow recognized the figures sitting up against the wall, the person quickened his pace and when he finally reached the spot where the two boys where sitting, he sat down next to Sirius.

"Padfoot," whispered Remus Lupin rather irritably, "what's going on? I was sitting in the common room because I couldn't sleep, and about an hour ago Lily ran in followed by Marlene and Alice. Then just now I heard fighting and yelling. I checked the Map and when I saw that it was you two, I came out. Hang on, let me see. Three girls run into the common room and then later you two are fighting. Let me guess, you couldn't decide who got the third girl."

"Something like that," said Sirius, completely missing the aggravation that was just barely contained by Remus' very believable lie. "I'll fill you in later Moony, let's just get to the common room before we are caught. If you heard us, it's only a matter of minutes before one of the teachers gets here to investigate," said Sirius hurriedly.

"C'mon Prongs let's get out of here," said Remus tiredly. "Hurry up Padfoot and get your arse in there; I hear footsteps," hissed Remus as they were pushing each other to get through the portrait hole.

As soon as James was through, Remus and Sirius jumped through and landed on top of him, forming a laughing, tangled, loud pile of limbs. Remus was the first one to recover his composure, as usual, and as he looked up his eyes met a pair of emerald green ones. He elbowed Sirius, who was still laughing and threw a kick in James' direction before urgently hissing, "Sirius, James, look."

Sirius did look up and realized that the three of them were not exactly in a respectable state and Lily was watching them suspiciously. He jumped up, pulling James up with him, to join the already-standing Remus.

Sirius broke the awkward silence first, "Ummm… ev'nin, uhhhh… Evans."

"Save it Black. I was just going out to get some fresh air, so just get out of my way," cut in Lily sharply. "I'm not in the mood for your antics."

Silently the three friends moved; Remus stepped to the left, and Sirius and James moved to the right.

As Lily was stepping out of the portrait hole, she turned to the boys and opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, then closed it. Finally she said, "I'm, I'm, not even going to ask."

While Sirius watched Lily leave, he glanced over at his best mate standing silently next to him, and thought up a brilliant scheme.

James had watched Lily leave with a clear look of longing portrayed on his face and in his eyes. Now that she was gone, he was in a depressed mood. James slumped over to an armchair and threw himself onto it.

Meanwhile, Sirius pushed Remus over to a corner and started to talk quietly, "Moony, I have a plan."

"I knew you would, I can tell when you get an idea. What do you need me to do?" replied Sirius' good friend Remus, who knew that he better help or else risk losing his friends. Sirius didn't take too kindly to people who refused to help him, and James was sure to agree with whatever Sirius thought, and then of course, their puppy Peter would never hesitate to turn on anyone, even the person who helped him to pass school, to gain the favor of his idols.

Sirius smiled his patented pranking smile, and said, "Go catch up to Evans. Get her to the second floor broom closet. I don;t care how you do it, just do it. Don't let her out until I get there. I'll give you further instructions then."

"Whatever you say captain," Remus saluted his mate mockingly and walked out.

"Good man, now hurry," Sirius smacked him on the back in a brotherly fashion as he walked by.

When Remus had left, Sirius approached James and sat on the arm of the chair James was sitting in and said, "Prongs, Lily's waiting for you in a broom closet."

Perking up instantly James said, "a broom closet?"

"Definitely, where do you think she was going?"

"I don't know."

"Absolutely, man she was throwing you the look, and what do you think, 'I need some fresh air' is code for? Taking a walk around the grounds?"

By now James was really excited. Sirius noticed so he got up and said, "C'mon I have a feeling I know where she's going, follow me."

While James and Sirius were leaving the common room, Remus was gently pushing Lily down a hallway saying, "Lily, please, it's very important. It means a lot to me. Please come with me."

Lily wasn't stopping Remus, but she was wondering where he was taking her. She was emotionally drained from the night's events as well as the fact that she had just finished taking seven brutal finals. So, she didn't care much, but she was still curious.

Of all the places Lily could possibly think of Remus taking her to, a broom closet was not on her list. She was shoved into the dark closet and left with only two mops and a metal bucket for company.

While Lily gave up on getting out of the closet, seeing as it was obviously blocked by Remus' body, and overturned the bucket for a seat, Sirius and James were being followed by a certain Slytherin who was entirely infatuated with James and had been going to the Gryffindor common room because she had recently bullied the password out of one of the fifth year prefects and was hoping that James was still awake, or better yet, that she could watch him sleep. Ophelia also hoped that she could maybe snag a memento from his room, a sock perhaps, or maybe a quill, possibly even a lock of his unruly black hair; he would never know that it was gone.

She had ducked behind a nearby suit of armor as Lily had come out of her common room. Ophelia glared at Lily's back. Lillian Evans had James Potter in the palm of her hand, and Ophelia was crazily jealous. Ophelia couldn't do anything to get him to notice her, and she so desperately wanted him to just look at her the way he looked at Lily, that she was willing to go to great lengths just to be near him, such as breaking into his dorm room, and stealing his schoolbooks so that he would have to talk to her to get them back.

She was about to approach the portrait of the Fat Lady, when Remus had emerged, closely followed by James and Sirius. Curious, she had followed.

Sirius stopped in front of an empty classroom and as he opened the door and said, "Here Prongs wait in here, I'll go and get Evans. She's right down the hall."

Then he left and James went into the dark classroom. While Sirius' back was turned, Ophelia quietly tip-toed into the dark classroom, and closed the door. Because it was so dark, James assumed that Lily had walked in, so he said, "Lily, about tonight… well I just wanted you to know…"

Ophelia, pretending to be Lily, pulled James into a hug and whispered into his ear, "There's nothing to say that I don't already know, so let's just forget about tonight and start our own party."

James, eager to settle the whole issue and to at last kiss Lily, whom he had noticed was warming up to the idea of them maybe becoming a couple eventually, leaned forward and just as his lips met the Lily imposter's, the real Lily was thrust through the door only to see that unlike what Sirius had told her, James was not waiting patiently to smooth things out between them to avoid tension in their friendship and make up, or out, as Sirius had put it.

Lily brushed past the stunned Sirius and Remus and ran away. Unfortunately for James, Ophelia's had him enveloped in a tight hug-like embrace, so he was unable to escape and run after the girl he liked and was stuck kissing an imposter.

Sirius and Remus were surprised, but Sirius quickly realized that he should go after Lily and try to make the situation better. He gave a nod to Remus, who then went to try to pry James and Ophelia apart. He would have succeeded except for the fact that he underestimated Ophelia's sly and clever potential; she was a Slytherin after all. She closed and locked the door behind Remus with a simple wave of her wand and with another spell had him tied up on the floor.

Meanwhile, Sirius didn't know where to start looking for Lily. He ran down the corridor, but was afraid to call her name because, after all it was only just after four in the morning. Deciding that he would be off using his dog sense of smell, he transformed into his other form, Padfoot the big bear-like dog. As he tried to think about where he would go if he was a girl, Sirius caught a whiff of a human scent and he felt a cool breeze drift towards him from the entrance hall.

Then it came to him, Lily had originally wanted to go get some air. The doors in the entrance hall had obviously just been opened, so she must have gone outside. He returned to his human form and strutted towards the door, feeling very proud of himself for having figured out the mystery and as he gazed out, he saw a thin teen girl seemingly flying over the grounds. She was running so gracefully over the manicured lawns of Hogwarts that Sirius finally understood why James was willing to do anything to get her attention, even behaving. Sirius stood for a moment admiring the fair figure that was sprinting across the grass, and then started to walk down towards her.

As Sirius exited the school, Lily reached her destination on the shore of the lake and sat down on the cool sand.

When Sirius had reached her Lily was sitting back on her heels and as she heard someone approach she said, "James Potter I never want to see you again. You are a rotten, conceited jerk and I don't want to ever be your friend again! So just leave me alone!"

Sirius replied with his easy calm way, "Now if I was James, I might take offense to that."

Lily realized her mistake and turned around, "I thought you were Potter."

"I realized that."

At this point the moonlight from the nearly full moon, reflected onto the lake and illuminated Lily's face, which looked like it was chiseled out of a block of marble. Sirius was amazed at the flawless control that Lily had over her facial features. He could now really see why most of the guys at Hogwarts called her an ice queen behind her back.

He sat down beside Lily and put his arm around her in a friendly way, because he was a friendly guy and enjoyed supporting distraught girls. "You're cold," he remarked simply.

Sirius was starting to feel uncomfortable because Lily was just staring out over the lake as if he wasn't there, so he decided to break the silence by saying, "So, are you as crazy about James as he is about you?"

"He doesn't really like me. And regardless we're just friends. He doesn't like me as anything more than that; after tonight I'm sure of it. How could you think anything different; you were there, you saw him with that blonde."

"Of course he likes you more than a friend!"

"Yeah right. It's so obvious that he likes me from the way that he goes out with everything in a skirt!" said Lily sarcastically. "Everyone except me, of course."

"That's just because he respects you too much," Sirius said, defending his friend.

"No, it's just because he is a womanizing jerk and he knows that that doesn't work with me, so he finally gave it up!"

"Hey! That's my best mate you're talking about, and besides, he's not the womanizing jerk; if anyone is, it's me."

"There's nothing that says that you can't both be womanizing jerks," Lily pointed out.

"Cold, Lily, that was cold."

"As you pointed out only a moment ago; I am cold."

"But I meant it in the literal sense the first time and in ah, the, ah, other sense the next time."

"Figurative? Metaphoric? Analytical? Symbolic? Abstract?"

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a bit too smart?"

"You mean besides you?"


"Yup, just about everyone, but you know what, I think of it as a compliment."

"Way to be a positive thinker."

Lily laughed and said, "It's better than beating myself up over being smart."

"Too smart for that, eh?"

Lily laughed again and Sirius joined in, their vastly different voices mingling in the early morning air; his deep rolling chuckle and her light tinkling laughter.

Then as their laughter faded away, Sirius turned to Lily and said, "He really does like you Lily and everything will work out I'm sure; everything always works out for James Potter," he added with a hint of bitterness.

"You're a good friend Black, thanks a lot."

"Anytime Evans," said Sirius sincerely.

Lily then took a step that she rarely did, "Call me Lily, my surname doesn't really suit me."

"Works for me, and just to be clear, call me Sirius; there's just too many Blacks out there that I would rather not be associated with."

Little did Sirius know that James was at the top of the stairs to Hogwarts, breathlessly watching the whole exchange between Sirius and Lily. Sirius also couldn't imagine the cold shoulder he was about to receive until he finally set things straight, again.

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