When You're Mad – Part 2

By Goddessgirl16328


It was 8 at night at Hogwarts when Lily wandered into the History of Magic classroom. The Marauders had pulled yet another trick on her, and, in anger, had shot a few, er, slightly bad curses at them. Unfortunately for her, it had landed her a detention. She had to clean the History classroom, one of the messiest of all. Notes and trash littered the floors and the chalk bored covered in hangman drawings. Taking out a sponge, Lily began washing the board, scrubbing off the drawings and writing.

'Having fun?" a voice behind her said, causing her to drop the sponge in surprised, It splashed into the bucket, spraying sudsy water all over her. Drenched, Lily glared in the direction of James Potter.

'Get out of here, before I hex you again…' Lily said dangerously.

'Chill Lil, I'm just here to go and change the score I got on my last exam –'

'GET OUT!' Lily screamed, throwing the sponge she had retrieved from the bucket at James' head. It hit.

'GAH!' James yelped as soap got in his eyes. He dropped his bag in his haste to wipe the suds from his eyes and its contents spilled across the floor, sliding all around the room. Growling in annoyance, James summoned everything back into his bag, which he latched closed. Turning away, James stumbled out of the room, mumbling threats under his breath.

Smirking, Lily walked across the room and picked up the sponge. Suddenly, a loud thump echoed around the room. Lily looked up and listened, soon hearing another. Lily looked around and found the sound coming from under a filing cabinet in the corner. Reaching underneath it, Lily pulled out a thick notebook which tried to fly out of her hand as soon as it came out into the open.

Lily screamed as it knocked her over and began to drag her across the room, trying to float out the door. Pulling out her wand Lily yelled, 'Imobulus!' freezing the book. Looking closer at the cover, Lily read the words Private property of James Potter. Smirking, Lily realized the book had slid under the cabinet and when James had summoned it, it had become stuck and unable to come out. James obviously hadn't noticed and now, it was in Lily's possession.

'I wonder…' Lily muttered with a grin as she opened the book to the first page. It bore a simple demand. DO NOT READ.

'Like a book can tell me what to do…' Lily mumbled as she flipped to the next page. It was a title page by the looks of it, Writings of James Potter. Next was an index, Poems on Lily, Stories of Lily, Letters to Lily, Sketches of Lily , Notes about Lily. Freaking out, Lily turned the page and found a short poem entitled, Someday.


Someday soon

You shall be

In my arms

Not a fear in the world

Happiness is all

You will feel

Someday soon

Another poem lay underneath it, an acrostic poem called 'Lily'.


L is for Love, what I feel for you always

I is for Intelligence, which I admire you for

L is for Laughter, which you spread every day

Y is for You, all that I need.

Just you.

'Ok, this is obviously a different Lily.' Lily convinced herself as she flipped to the next page, and the next page. 'I can't be the only Lily on this planet.' But then she reached the section labeled 'Stories of Lily'. The first one was about the day when Lily went skating on the ice and had to be taught how by her friends. The next, about the night when she stayed up all night in the common room, studying for OWLs.

'Oh my god, oh my god…' Lily repeated over and over as she continued to read, finding herself in the 'Letters to Lily' section of the notebook.

May 19, 1976

Dear Lily,

I saw you outside last night. You were with your friends, going off to the Quidditch Field where they were teaching you how to fly. For a beginner I think you did pretty well. In fact, you're a natural flier Lils. It amazes me how you hate flying so much though you're so good at it.

You amaze me so much. And I love you for it. I wish I could just tell you that, but you hate me. I hate you, or at least I have to pretend to. Not even Remus and Sirius know how much I care about you…

I hear you going up the girls' staircase now, so I'm going to go to bed. I hope to see you in the morning.

Love you,


'James Potter has been stalking me and then writing letter to me with no intent of sending them?!' Lily cried out as she continued to flip through the pages. She came to the sketches of Lily section and looked through the many drawings of her, in the library, at breakfast, outside, in class…

'Notes about Lily? Oh god…' deciding it was best not to read through these, she quickly flipped to the end. Suddenly, a slip of paper fell out from between the pages and onto the cold floor. Picking it up, Lily opened it and read it.

A scream echoed through out Hogwarts, and soon after James and Sirius were spotted in the hallways, unconscious and covered in bat wings, victims of the Bat Bogey Hex.