Alternate Life or Real Life? 21

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A young woman lay on a metal table, her eyes closed and she appeared not to be breathing. Electrodes covered her forehead and down the sides of her face. She had more electrode patches on her chest and two IV lines running into the veins in her right forearm, her left arm trapped under a metal cuff looked bruised and abused.

With only a thin cotton sheet covering her nakedness, she gave an ethereal appearance, like an angel without wings.

A young man lay on another surgical table, also attached to machines monitoring his every brain wave and thought or dream. His left arm had the IV cannula inserted into his and his right one looked just as abused as the young woman's arm. Also covered with a thin cotton sheet covering his body, but his muscles constantly twitched and his eyes appeared to be flickering quickly. He was aware of his surroundings and everything happening to his physical body, but was unable to do anything about it; he lay instead, trapped in a nightmare.

Images of the two young prisoners played out on the computer screens surrounding them, each machine monitoring a different condition. Other machines whirred as they collected all of the data and electronically sent it to an unknown source.

'Dean, it's killing me.' Sam whispered clutching his heart, his face devoid of any colour he opened his eyes and tried to focus on Dean's face, 'over there.' He nodded weakly to a large machine with a small satellite dish attached to it.

'That? That's the fucker?' Dean ground out, as he pulled his attention away from the two young people as they started to writhe in pain simultaneously.

Drawing his gun from his hip holster, Dean took aim and pumped all of the rounds loaded in his gun into the computer. Sparks flew and small flames licked at the singed ends of the wires as the bullets ripped through the casing and destroyed the intricate micro-wirings and boards in it.

An ear-piercing scream filled the air as the young woman started to convulse, blood running from her eyes, ears and nose, and then moments later the young man screamed and started to convulse as the machine ripped away at their bodies and their minds.

Sam looked at Dean and then gazed down at the young woman, 'Belle?' he whispered before finally succumbing to the teasing blackness and fainted. Dean swore under his breath as he quickly worked to free the Isabelle and the strange young man from the computers, leaving the IVs to last.

Sam moaned softly and tried to sit up as he stomach lurched and with a shuddering heave he expelled the last of the contents of his stomach, mainly soured bile and fluids over the floor. Weakly he wiped the back of his hand over his mouth and grimaced with the aftertaste, pushing himself away from his own mess Sam managed to sit upright pulling his knees up to his chest he huddled into himself and waited for his stomach to settle down.

'Nice Man really nice.' Dean muttered as he finally finished freeing the young man.

'Sam?' Belle opened her eyes and turned her face in his direction, 'is it really you?'

'Yeah, it's me Belle.' Sam mustered up a small grin trying for the third time to get to his feet without keeling over again. On shaking legs he forced himself to walk over to her bed and sank down on the stool next to it.

'I thought you were only a dream.' Isabelle whispered wrapping her fingers around his longer ones.

'So did I Belle, I thought it was all part of my coma but...'

'You have to get out of here, they'll be here soon, and the alarms would have already sounded when you destroyed the signal.'

'What did they do to you Belle?'

'It's okay Sam, I'm fine but Tristan? How is he Dean?'

'Unconscious but I think he'll be alright.' Dean said still unsettled about knowing someone from Sam's memory not his. 'What the fuck is going on here Belle?'

'They brought me here when Tristan's power started to wane, I have been used to heal him somehow, or to boost his power I'm not exactly sure what or how.' Belle's eyes filled with tears as she tried to make sense of her jumbled memories. 'They have been using Tristan to power their machine, it is what lures anyone with psychic abilities above a certain level, then they use them for experiments and study like lab rats, discarding their bodies after it is all too much and their victims pass over.'

'Ah touching reunions how quaint.' Grayson said as he leered at them from the doorway, behind him heavily armed guards stood with their guns aimed at the group of young people. 'I must admit Sam that you are a lot stronger than I have given you credit for, your mind is quite ... unique.'

'You are nothing but a freaking monster.' Dean growled stepping between Grayson and Sam. 'How can you use them like this?'

'Why they are the ones who are the freaks Mr Winchester, I am merely doing the world a service by trapping them and using them to find ways of stopping their kind all together.'

'What do you mean by that?' Sam asked, 'what did you do to Belle and Tristan? To me?'

'Your lot are freaks of nature, not even human ... you are dangerous and should not be allowed to live in society. Manipulating minds, moving things, preventing the natural order of things occurring, the lists go on and it must stop before your kind turn on the rest of us.'

'You're delusional Grayson.' Sam said as he stepped up to stand next to Dean, 'we are no different from the rest of humanity.'

'No? Then explain why you can predict things by visions and I can't? Can your brother do that? No ... I didn't think so.' Grayson's facial appearance changed as he ranted, the fervour of his convictions radiated from him like a feral heat. 'You and your kind Samuel must be removed and studied so we can prevent further contamination in the future.'

'But the doctor?

'Ah yes that fool of a man, a bit of a quack with a wonderful sadistic streak he was quite a useful little man. He did enjoy his job immensely.' Grayson laughed as he casually walked closer to the two brothers. 'I see you have found my little trap quite ingenious isn't it. Using freaks to trap freaks.'

'You're finished Grayson.' Dean ground out, barely able to control his temper.

'Now, this is interesting you are human, not freakish like the others and yet you protect them, especially him.' Grayson nodded towards Sam, 'such passion, perhaps you would make an interesting subject to study as well.'

'Fuck you.' Dean breathed tightening his grip on his gun.

'Do you really think that you can shoot your way out when you have already used up your bullets shooting out the computer?'

'Always got more where they came from.' Dean said with a cold grin forming on his face, 'always be prepared for any emergency, that's my motto.'

'Again I ask do you really think you can escape from here?' Grayson turned and indicated his armed escort and their weaponry. 'I do have quite substantial back up.'

'No more!' A weak voice came from the metal bed startling everyone in the room. Tristan sat up and stared blankly at Grayson, his skin so pale it looked translucent, large pale grey eyes stared unblinkingly at his captor, 'you have no way of escape Grayson.'

'And what do you think you can do to me?' Grayson laughed, 'shoot them shoot them all.'

But before the guards could follow his orders, a wind started to whip through the laboratory, sparks and flames shot out of the banks of computers and monitors filling the air with an acrid burning stench. Tristan's long blond hair swirled around his face as he slowly got off the bed, ignoring his nakedness he walked towards Grayson placing himself between the man and his intended victims. 'You have used me for the last time Grayson, I am not going to take it anymore.' Tristan lifted his hand and flicked it, suddenly the guns held by the guards flew out of their hands and crashed against the wall, landing in a molten mess of plastic and metal. Then he turned his attention to the guards flicking his hand at them they tumbled backwards out of the door as it swung shut locking them out. 'Gee now it looks like we're alone Grayson, just you and the freaks.'

'Look Tristan I'm sure that we can work something out.' Grayson stumbled backwards, his eyes wide with fear as Tristan stepped closer to him, and blood spurted from Grayson's nose and then dripped from his eyes, he started to hyperventilate as the blood filled his throat choking him.

'Tristan please no more.' Isabelle begged as she leant heavily against Dean, 'stop his pain, ah it hurts.'

Tristan turned his attention to the frail young woman and let Grayson drop to his knees, 'he has to be punished Belle, for what he has done to us and all of the others.'

'I know Tris' but please I can't ... if you keep hurting him, it hurts me until I have to heal him or die.'

'Get her out of here.' He said turning to Dean and Sam, 'go on please leave now, and take Isabelle with you.'

'What about you Tristan?'

'I am no longer part of your world, no longer part of mine. I shall make sure that Grayson will never hurt another gifted child.'

'How long have you been his prisoner?' Sam asked unable to take his eyes off the broken man huddled on the floor.

'I was his first.' Tristan said with a heavy sigh, 'I have been here tied to his machines for much longer than I care to remember. I cannot leave and survive out there, but I can make sure that he will never hurt another person again.'

'Why can't you? Tris' I can heal you.' Belle asked not willing to give up on him.

'No, he has altered me too much, I need the machines ... I died five years ago Belle, don't fear for me I am finally going to be able to rest.'

Dean guided both Isabelle and Sam out of the room, made sure that they were safe and then turned to run back in and retrieve Tristan, when the doors slammed shut in front of him, smoke and thick flames licked at the edges, the heat driving him backwards.

'Sam, Belle outta here now!' Dean bellowed as he propelled them along the corridor, the guards having already left in such a hurry that they hadn't locked up after them.

Coughing and with eyes watering the three young people burst through the outer doors just as a large ball of fire came hurtling through the tunnels after them.

'Tristan!' Belle screamed as she felt his 'psychic' death as keenly as if it was her own.

'Sam, Belle listen to me we have to get out of here now.' Dean said frowning when he got no response from either of them. Gripping Sam's arms he squeezed just enough to make Sam wince and glare down at him. 'You with me Sammy? We have to get out of here.'

'Okay, I'm alright Dean but you have to let go now' Sam hissed.

Two days later Sam and Dean finished packing the car and made their way over to Isabelle's home to say goodbye. Still looking gaunt and haunted Sam had healed physically, especially with Isabelle's help but his memories whether real or from an alternate reality filled his dreams, making it hard for him to have a peaceful sleep and instead set his insomnia into overdrive. Dean had decided the best medicine for Sam was to get as far away from Trinity as possible and in as short amount of time as possible.

'Thanks for everything Belle.' Sam said brushing a chaste kiss on her cheek, 'I mean that.'

'Take care of you Sam, and please stay in touch.' Belle smiled reaching up she cupped his cheek in her small hand letting him nuzzle it slightly before she dropped it and turned to Dean. 'So Dean.'

'So Belle.'

'It's been great meeting you, getting to know you even if it was pretty whacked.'

'Yeah well, welcome to our life.' Dean said giving her a wink, 'look after yourself Belle.' He turned to leave and then stopped hesitating for a heartbeat before turning to look at Isabelle. Quickly covering the few steps between them, he cupped her face in his hands and ran his thumbs over her eyes and down her cheeks. He leant in and kissed her on the lips, at first lightly but then the kiss deepened as she responded to him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. They both kissed with their hearts, minds, bodies and most importantly with their souls. Finally they broke the embrace and with flushed faces murmured goodbyes, kissed more chastely this time before Dean joined Sam in the car.

'You know we can stay a little longer if you want.' Sam grinned giving Belle a wave goodbye.

'Next time.' Dean grinned as he pushed a cassette into the tape deck and turned the volume up, his fingers beating the steering wheel in time to Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters' 'it's a good day for a road trip Sammy, a very good day.'

'Oh and Dean ... it's Sam not Sammy!'