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The gem was born of evil's fire.
The gem shall be his portal.
He comes to claim. He comes to sire.
The end of all things mortal!

With those last words said, Raven began to ascend into the air while other Titans watched in terror as their friend and fellow teammate accepted her fate. The markings on her body began to take on a life of their own as they circled around her. He hand, which was desperately grasping a coin, the lucky penny given to her by Beast Boy, relaxed as the penny fell to the ground below. And with one final gasp, a blinding light engulfed her.

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin and Starfire shielded their eyes as the portal was formed. They looked back again to see the stone hand, which had been the centerpiece of the lair, was destroyed and in its place, a real one reached for the sky.

Trigon was free.

"The Earth is mine!" he roared, declaring his claim on their planet.



Danny Fenton and his friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, could barely hide their amusement at the way Jazz was acting. Danny couldn't even explain how the heck his sister had talked him into giving her a grand tour of the Ghost Zone, the dimension where most ghosts inhabited. Though he, Sam, and Tuck had been there dozens of times (many times by the seat of their pants) Jazz had never been, and she had decided that it was time that she did.

Danny smiled at the fact that his sister, who had at one time rejected ghosts and their parent's crazy, almost illogical obsession of them, was now just as obsessed. He figured it was probably because of her discovery that her little brother had been for almost a year now, as the hero Danny Phantom, fighting them and keeping them from wrecking their town of Amity Park. He looked on as Jazz stared out of the window of the Specter Speeder, wide eyed like a kid in a candy store. He then began to chuckle as she pulled out a notebook and began taking notes of what she was witnessing. 'Just like Jazz' he thought.

He made sure that he avoided many of the usual haunts of his known enemies, and was again grateful for the fact he had made a map of the Ghost Zone; it had helped him out in more than one occasion.

While he navigated the craft, he looked over at the other passengers: Tucker was next to Jazz, once again using the Fenton Phones as wireless headphones for his PDA. He was swaying to the beat of whatever song he was playing, oblivious of everything around him. Sitting between Tucker and Danny was Sam. She was in charge of keeping the map, and making sure Danny was headed in the right direction. She nodded her head toward Jazz and Tucker, and gave a knowing grin at the pair's antics. Danny smiled back, and then looked down at the time on the console.

"Ok, ladies and gentleman of Fenton Ghost Tours!" said Danny, mimicking a cheesy tour guide. "We are now making our way back to the ghost portal. Please fasten your seat belts and return your trays to their upright position."

"Wait! I'm not done!" yelled Jazz as she began to write faster on her pad.

"Not done with what? We've been out here for hours already", her brother asked.

"We have to stop! I wanted to interview a ghost or two," Jazz answered. Both Sam and Danny looked at her like she had grown another head.

"Jazz, you're my sister and I love you dearly but are you trying to get us killed?" Danny hollered.

"I'm doing research on the habits of ghosts in their natural habitat," Jazz stated matter of factly, like she was talking about wild animals instead of supernatural beings.

Sam rolled her eyes, thanking whoever was up there that she was an only child while Tucker was oblivious of the exchange, still dancing in his seat along with the music from his PDA.

"Jazz, as much as I'd love to get attacked and eviscerated by ghosts, I agree with Danny. It's already late and we don't want your parents wondering where we are. Isn't that right, Tucker?" Sam said as she nudged her oblivious friend.

"Huh? What? What's going on?" Tuck asked in bewilderment.

"Never mind. I guess you're right. But next time we run into a ghost that I could have easily helped pass on today, don't blame me!" Jazz told Danny, firing her last verbal salvo at her brother before continuing to write in her notepad. Both Sam and Danny rolled their eyes while Tucker looked back and forth, still clueless over what just had happened.


The ride back was uneventful as they made their way back through the Fenton's Ghost portal. Landing the Speeder in its usual spot in the lab, they made their way out of the craft and began to head upstairs.

"At least Mom and Dad aren't here. I'd hate to think what woul…" Danny paused abruptly as he stopped at the top of the stairs.

"You'd hate to think what? What were you…?" Sam also stopped mid-sentence behind Danny.

"What's going on up there?" Jazz questioned as she and Tucker finally made it up the stairs. She gave a sharp gasp as her mind finally registered what was in the Fenton's kitchen.

In front of them were two stone statues, resembling the likeness of Jack and Maddie Fenton, their faces twisted in expressions of agony.

For a few minutes nothing was said. Danny was the first to move. He slowly walked up to the statues, with a look of dread on his face. The others joined him, still not quite sure what they were looking at.

"What happened?" Sam asked meekly.

"Ghosts," Danny muttered suddenly. His head hung low and he was clenching his fists.

"Danny, we don't know if it was ghosts," Tucker replied to his friend.

"How can it not be ghosts? We live in Amity Park, ghost capital of the world! Some ghost took advantage of me being gone and got back at me through my parents."

Jazz finally spoke up, "We don't know anything for sure. We have to figure out what's going on first before we jump to conclusions." Jazz had already decided she was going to be the calm, collected one of the group and try to prevent any hysteria from breaking out.

Danny reached out to touch his mother's face, only to hesitate and pull away before he touch it, afraid that he might somehow damage her. He clenched his fists again, anger flaring. Meanwhile Sam walked into the living room when something had caught her attention: a large hole in the wall where the windows used to be. What was beyond the wall shocked her even more and her eyes went wide.

"Danny? Guys? You better come over here. Now would be nice!"

The others ran quickly to her side and found they were equally awestruck: Their town was sporting a horrifying new face lift.

The sky, which should have been deep blue and riddled with stars by now, was as crimson as blood. The buildings looked ragged and decrepit, like they witnessed a great war. Rubble littered the streets, alongside statues, similar to the ones standing in the Fenton's kitchen. They all seemed to be starring at the sky, their faces full of fear and pain, as if they were being tortured.

Danny's fists began shaking. His eyes flashed green with anger as he looked at the carnage left behind in the city. His city. The one he promised to protect.

"I- it's my fault. Damn!" Danny's outburst knocked everyone else back into reality.

"Danny..." Jazz began.

"No, Jazz it's my fault! I - I should have been here! Should have done something to stop this! I should have...should have," Danny stopped, unable find the words to continue.

"Danny, you can't blame yourself for this. You can't be everywhere at once! And besides, you don't know what would happen even if you were here. You could have been turned to stone just like everyone else."

"Are you trying to say I'm not strong enough to protect the city? Thanks a lot, Jazz"

"That's not what I meant. Danny!" Jazz defended, trying her best to calmly reason with her brother, but he wouldn't let her finish. Transforming to his ghost self, the halfa flew upwards, phasing through the ceiling leaving the three other teens behind.

'Oh no," Sam exclaimed as she suddenly realized something. "Mom! Dad!" For the first time, she was worried about her parents' well being. She quickly pulled out her cell phone and dialed her home number. Tucker did the same, calling his house to see if his parents were all right.

Meanwhile, Danny looked out to what was left of his city from above Fenton Works. The devastation seemed to go on forever. He could see the bay, now filled with lava instead of water. He wondered his mind what ghost could be powerful enough to do this.

Was it Plasmius? Pariah Dark? Dan? A new ghost he'd never met before? He pondered over the list in his mind, all the while feeling the mountain of guilt piling up on his shoulders. He had failed them all: his family, the city. He failed to protect them from whatever threat that had caused all this destruction. And what Jazz had said added to his guilt: Would even have been strong enough to stop it?

His mood deflating, he floated back down phasing back into the house. He returned to the living room, landed on his feet and then fell onto his knees defeated.

Tucker and Sam's calls confirmed their suspicions; there had been no answer at either of their houses. Were their parents all right? Were they statues like the Fentons and everyone else in the city? Both of them saw the fire of hope flickering fast.

"It's my fault," He repeated it like a mantra over and over, like a person possessed. Jazz realized her brother had returned and ran to him. She dropped down on her knees and began to hug him.

"You listen to me, Danny," she said, "You can't beat yourself over this. Everything is going to be ok, little brother. We'll get out of this, somehow."

Sam followed Jazz's lead and eventually even Tucker joined the embrace of their hero as they all tried to comfort him and each other. Danny was now sobbing his eyes out into his sister's shoulder, no longer being able to take the pressure. She calmly held him; stroking his hair much his mother did when he was small. She was going to be strong for Danny; that's what big sisters were supposed to do.

Everything was looking down for Amity and the rest of the world.


Jump City


Trigon stepped back as his Raven uttered her signature magic phrase, now clad in brilliant white instead of her normal dark blue. As she uttered the magic words, a giant white bird, seemingly made of light rose from her and headed towards the demon.

Trigon was shocked at what was about to happened. His own daughter, the portal, his tool that brought him to Earth, had turned on him. He wondered where this power came from that was quickly engulfing him.

The other Titans averted their eyes as their city was once again was plunged into brightness…


The four teens in Amity Park were still locked in an embrace in the Fenton's living room when they felt the ground rumble. They all looked up just as a light overtook them and the rest of the city. They all were disoriented from the glare, which seemed last only a few moments. As they rubbed their eyes, all of them did a double take: everything was back to normal.

The walls and windows were once again whole, bringing in the shine of the morning sunrise through the blinds and illuminating the living room.

As they marveled over the apparent miracle, the sound of groans coming from the kitchen caught their attentions.

"Mom? Dad?" Danny uttered as he quickly ran into the kitchen. In front of him were Jack and Maddie, back to flesh and blood, their faces full of confusion and disorientation. The halfa could hardly contain himself and he nearly knocked his parents over (no small feat, considering Jack's size) as he hugged them both. They looked perplexed at their son's reaction, as he held on tightly, almost afraid they'd disappear if he let go.

"Danny? What's going on?" Maddie asked her son.

"And why do I feel like I just spent 20 rounds wrestling an elephant?" Jack Fenton wondered.

Danny was so overjoyed that he couldn't form any words and he felt tears once again flow from his eyes, though this time they were tears of joy. He heard another 'humph' from his parents and when he looked up he saw Jazz had joined him in hugging them.

"Dad! We were so worried about you guys!" Her roll of big strong older sister now over, she allowed her own tears to trickle down her cheeks.

Her father gently patted her head, still confused on what was going on. "Jazzypants, why are you two so worked up all of the sudden!"

The eldest Fenton sibling looked at her father with a questioning glance. "You mean you guys don't remember anything?"

Maddie thought for a moment. "All remember was that I was stopping your father from having another late night snack when I suddenly felt a stab of pain. Next thing I knew Danny had almost knocked us over!"

Danny looked up with a worried look on his face. "You mean you guy didn't notice any ghost attack?"

"Ghosts!" Jack looked around suspiciously. "No, I would have noticed any spooks attacking us. But now that you mention it: Maddie! To the lab! We have to see if there was any ghost activity while we blacked out!" And with that, the bear of a man ran down the stairs to the lab, with his wife not too far behind.

Sam quickly rushed in, with her cell phone in hand. "My parents are okay!" she cried with relief.

Tucker came in with the same look of happiness on his face confirming that his parents were fine as well. "Hurry up!" he yelled, "There's something on the TV about it!"

They all ran to the TV to see what was going on. The bottom of the screen read 'Live! From Jump City' as a familiar reporter composed herself before beginning her report.

"This Harriet Chin reporting live from Jump City, as the world is still reeling from the near end of life as we know it! If you confused on what just happened last night, stay tuned as we interview the now world famous Teen Titans as talk about how they stopped a massive demonic invasion from taking over the world!"

"You see, Danny? It wasn't ghosts after all!" Tucker exclaimed as he patted his best friends shoulder. Danny hardly registered it as he starred at the screen as they began to interview the Titans on their defeat of some demon named Trigon.

Though he was happy his family and his friends were ok, he couldn't help feel … helpless. He wasn't able to anything for them. The last time he felt this helpless was at the Nasty Burger incident, when he thought he had lost his family in the explosion. He looked down at his hands. He saw them shake. He didn't hear his sister call out his name, or when Sam and Tucker rushed to him as he collapsed to the ground. The last thing he heard before he slipped into a shock-induced unconsciousness was a voice, his voice saying he wasn't strong enough…

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