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Haunted Destiny Epilogue

Waiting was always the hard part.

Some of them, like Jazz and the other Titans, already knew this first hand. For others, like Jack and Maddie, who never truly been in a situation like this, the wait was unbearable. The impatience, the helplessness. The fact that they were willing to do something, anything, but in the end unable to do anything. They were suddenly very aware of what their children had gone through the past year.

The moment Danny collapsed, and then Raven a moment after, all of their hearts stopped. They all rushed to the scene, calling out their names, worry creeping into their voices. Their emotions overruled their common sense, their courage dissolving as bundles of nerves took their place. Rabin was the first to clear his head, as it should be; he was their leader. He took charge of the situation, breaking them out of their collective reverie. He ordered Starfire and Beast Boy to take their injured comrades to the medical bay, with Cyborg in tow for preparation. He assured the Fentons they would do anything and everything in their power to heal their son the best they could. He tried his very best not to let any emotion show. They didn't need an emotional mess; they needed coherent guidance, something he had learned back in Gotham. He had plenty of time to fall apart later.

Once the patients were in the infirmary, they went to work. Robin relied on his first aid training taught to him by the Dark Knight, while Cyborg relied on his experience with the team. Being a Titan and a superhero in general, they had to know the basics: how to treat wounds and burns, how to bandage, how to stitch. Cyborg kept an eye on the various meters and readings, making sure their heartbeats and breathing were stable. Jazz fought the urge to help; she was studying in medicine herself but all the knowledge she had was in theory; she had no practical experience whatsoever. She was not going to be of any use, no matter how much she wanted to help, so she held back, along with her parents.

Hours later, they were finished. It was the best they could do under the circumstances. Field training could only do so much compared to years of education and experience a real doctor would have. Danny looked the worse of the two; bandages covered up most of the teen's body, making him look like a mummy. Danny's body was covered in burns, from first degree burns that made his skin red and tender to the more serious third degree burns on his hands and the stab wounds in his shoulder. They actually were pretty lucky; the intense heat seemed to cauterize the cuts, lessening the bleeding. They knew that a myriad of surgeries and skin grafts were probably in Danny's future.

Raven faired a bit better, but only slightly. She had burns as well, though not as severe and Danny's. The worst of it was the second degree burns around her neck, their shape looking almost like fingers. They re-bandaged her ribs to help them to heal and to alleviate her pain as she slept (Cyborg was quite impressed with the patchwork that was done to Raven beforehand). Once they were done with their first-aid, the two patients were placed in beds next to each other, screens monitoring their status on the walls behind them. Cyborg had the medical computer wirelessly linked directly to his own systems so that any change, whether good or bad, would be sent to him ASAP.

The Titans knew their options were limited. Both Danny and Raven had the means to come out of this more quickly than an average person. Their first fight with the Pyres showed just how quickly Danny's ghost powers mended his wounds. The Titans were also well versed in Raven's own healing powers, which she used on occasion for both herself and the other Titans. The main cause for concern was exhaustion. The recent battle left both the heroes tired and drained. There was a very serious risk that they were just too worn-out to heal themselves. Danny's parents, fearing this, repeated what they did when their son was first wounded from the fire ghosts: supplementing his IV with a bag of purified ectoplasm, hoping his body would be able to process it fast enough to heal. Unfortunately, there wasn't much they could do for Raven except to keep her on an IV and hope she recovered. Robin and Cyborg did decide, however, if they got any worse, or they didn't get any better, that night that they would take them to the local ER.

Exhaustion was something they all had in common. All of them wanted to stay and watch over their fallen comrades and family, but the effects of the battle were taking their toll. Robin, exerting his executive power once again, declared that all the Titans needed rest and ordered them out of the medical bay, despite protests. Maddie tried to do the same, ordering that Jack and Jazz should get some sleep as well and that she would look after Danny. She was met, however, with defiance, but not from Jack but from her daughter. Jazz stared down her mother with a look that screamed that she wasn't backing down anytime soon. She calmly lay out a seemingly airproof case: that Maddie was just as tired as everyone else and needed rest herself; that Jazz hadn't done as much as the rest of them and could do without a little sleep. She even added that they could come back later and relieve her in a few hours. Maddie could see her eyes pleading and finally relented. She smiled and ushered her husband out the door, leaving Jazz alone with the two patients.

She sat down in her usual spot; besides her brother's bed, worrying her heart out. She felt her anxiety weighing down on her shoulders as tried desperately not to cry. She gazed at his still form, so covered in dressing that hardly any skin was showing; the only sign that he was even underneath the bandages was parts of his face and a tuft of raven-colored hair. His eyes were furrowed as he slept, a sign that he was probably in pain. She wondered if he would ever get better, let alone ever wake up from his injuries. All she could do was sit by idly, helplessly, watching over him …

Except maybe there was something else she could do. She thought about something she read in some of her psychology books about patients in comas; that sometimes the subconscious could pick up stimulus from the outside world. Maybe she could talk to him, keep him company. She cleared her throat, "Danny?" she said meekly. "Danny, it's me, Jazz. How are you doing?" She stopped herself and then gave her forehead a good smack. "Argh… stupid question, I'm sorry. As you can see, we've been under a lot of stress lately." She paused again to collect her thoughts.

"I just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you, Danny. You did it, little brother. You saved the city and probably the whole world today. Not that any of us had any doubts or anything." The red head sighed as she continued, "If anything I've ever said before made you think that you weren't a real hero, it was dead wrong because you are a hero, Danny. And more than anything you're our hero… my hero. Don't let anyone tell you any differently." She placed a gentle hand onto Danny's, giving his a small squeeze. She clenched her eyes shut, fighting off the tears that refused to stop flowing.

"That's why…that's why you have to fight, Danny. Everyone is worried about you: Mom, Dad, Sam, Tucker, even the Titans. You can't just give up, little brother, not now. You still have a job to do. Who is going to protect Amity Park without you? Who's going to protect us from Walker and Vlad and Technus? Who's going to keep everyone safe if you're gone…if you…" She choked back a sob as she could no longer hide the torrent of emotion that flooded her senses. Her voice cracked from the strain as she uttered one final phrase before breaking down into sobs, "Don't you dare die on us, Danny…"


At that very moment, the half-ghost teen was heeding his sister's reassuring speech, a very rare occurrence between the Fenton siblings. Danny was fighting for his life, trying desperately to hold on to the world of the living, despite his body craving for the contrary. He was exhausted, both body and soul and both wanted desperately to give in to sleep of the eternal kind. To just let go; to just give in was so tempting, but there was a part of him that wasn't quite that ready to leave the mortal plane just yet. That side of him was the one that kept him alive: that will, that drive to protect his family, his friends. It fed off his sister's words and used them as fuel to keep him going.

Deep down inside he could feel his strength and powers returning, slowly but surely. The slowly part was the trouble, though. At the moment his returning strength just wasn't enough; his body was just so overly strained from the last battle. Even though he fought to hold on, he could feel that he was slipping in an uncomfortable rate. All he could do now was hang in there and hope he could weather it out.

As he floated above the abyss in between the living and the not so living, he could feel something else; another presence close by. At first he thought it was his ghost sense acting up, but this was different, but at the same time somehow familiar. It felt as if he knew it; as if it was something close to him. His next train of thought was that it was just Jazz, though he ruled that out as well. It finally dawned on him on what or who it was: Raven. It felt the same as when she lent him her powers during the final battle, except it was weak; significantly weaker than when he had felt it flowing through him before. It was so weak that he was surprised that he could even sense it. He shuddered as he felt waves of pain coming from her, which seemed to wear down on what little strength she had left.

It was then he came to the realization: she was dying. After everything he had done, everything he had been through to protect her, she was still dying. He had failed yet again. He felt despair creeping up inside him, threatening to overwhelm his emotions, but that determined feeling, the courage and chivalry which was the only thing keeping him from deaths door prevented it. Instead of giving in, his mind went racing, trying to find a solution to the situation. He had to help her, even if it meant sacrificing himself. The solution finally came to him. "I'm sorry Jazz," he said as he began to focus on the task at hand…


Jazz was still crying into the sheets of the bed, lamenting over her brother's plight, when the alarm sounded. Her head shot up and she wiped away the tears from her eyes as she studied the instrument panel. Her face became ashen at the readings. Everything was dropping: heart rate, breathing, temperature and most importantly, his ecto-levels. She looked at the readings twice more, to make sure she wasn't reading them wrong; she wasn't. It was as plain as day: Danny was dying. She immediately slammed her hand onto the intercom.

"Somebody, anybody! Emergency in the medical bay. Please…"


Raven knew that she was dying.

She wasn't going to lie to herself about it. She was expecting something like this to happen eventually in her life; she just wasn't expecting it to happen so soon. In reality, she was just living on borrowed time. When she had learned about the prophecy years ago, she fully anticipated that she would not to survive her fate. Having lived a full year after the defeat of her father was a miracle in and of itself. She was very grateful for the time, however. She got to spend it doing what she loved: spending time with her friends and protecting the city she came to call home. Although she'd prefer to continue living, dying saving the world was a better proposition than dying destroying it.

She fought desperately to stay alive, but she knew her options were limited. She had expended nearly all of her energy helping Danny defeat Valara. As a result, she wasn't able to using her healing powers or to enter into her healing trance, the two things that would have saved her life. Raven knew that her friends would do their best to try and save her but ultimately, she felt that her fate was sealed. And surprisingly enough, she was content with that; everyone had their time to go. The only regret that she had at the moment was a certain halfa who had found away into her heart.

Missed opportunities: you tend to have a lot of them when you think you're about to die. She had more than a dozen pass through her mind last year when she though the world was going to end. Most of them involved her friends and letting them know how much they meant to her. This time, she felt a little more satisfied with how things were left off with her friends. Things with Danny were different, however. If anything, she wished she had a little bit more time getting to know him. She had just recently realized her affection for him for over a day, only to have it end like this. Her mind wandered, wondering what might have been between them. If there was anything she could do to prolong her life just long enough to see his face again, she would have done it in a heartbeat

She suddenly felt something come over her, spreading through her like an electrical charge through wire. It tingled as it coursed through, causing her to shiver. The moment it began, Raven began to feel the deterioration of her energy slow to a stop; as a matter of fact, she began to feel a strength return to her. If she didn't know any better, she could swear that it had a familiar quality to it, almost ethereal, ghostly….

"Danny?" she called out suddenly, realizing who it was from. How was he even doing this? "Danny!" she called again with her mind, this time stronger than before.

"You rang?" he replied, swiftly appearing in front of her. He was in ghost form, his eyes shining along with a boyish grin.

"Danny," she said in a low whisper, grateful that her unspoken wish had come true. Something uncharacteristic overtook her as she closed the gap and gave the halfa a hug, catching him by surprise.

"I'm glad to see you, too," he responded, "I'm also glad you seem to be doing better."

"But how…how are you doing this?"

"The how is still a bit fuzzy to me. That's more your department. I just figured that since you helped me before by lending me your powers, I should do the same to help you." He smiled again, though it quickly turned into a grimace as he doubled over. Raven grabbed him to provide support. She noticed immediately that the glow that normally surrounded him was getting dimmer.

"Danny, no," she argued, "You can't do this. You need your strength more than I do."

"I beg to differ," Danny answered, "I'm not going to let you die; not if I can help it."

"You have to stop," Raven demanded, "You'll die if you keep doing this. You have family and friends who need you and…"

"And so do you," Danny retorted, "The Titans need you; I need you. I'm not going to be able to live with myself knowing that I could have done something to help you, even if it meant trading my life for yours. I made promise that I'd protect everyone I cared about no matter what. You are as much a part of that list as anyone else." Raven was amazed by the amount of determination that shone brightly in Danny's eyes. He was willing to give up everything just for her. There it was again: that almost chivalrous stubbornness that she was quickly remembering him for. Ironically enough, she realized it was one of the many qualities she liked about him. She closed her eyes in defeat, a whisper of a smile playing on her lips.

"Idiot," she spoke softly. She opened her eyes again, giving him a look that was equally as determined as his. Her body began to glow as she activated her healing powers. She then placed a hand on his shoulder as the glow traveled up her arm and washed over him as well. He gave her a perplexed look as she smirked, "Like I'm going to let you die…"


"Clear!" Maddie Fenton as she pressed the two paddles onto Danny's chest. Cyborg and the Fentons had arrived a few moments after Jazz had sent the alert on the comm. system. After assessing the situation, the two elder Fentons pulled out something they had been working on recently: a modified defibrillator that sent shocks of energized ecto-plasm instead of electricity. As the paddles discharged, Danny's body jumped as the emerald energy surged into his body. "Just hold on, sweetie," she said as she rubbed the paddles together. She looked up at Danny's ectoplasmic levels on screen. Although they peaked after the shock, the levels dropped again, "Jack, increase the charge of the next pass."

"On it, Maddie," Jack replied, cranking up the level of ecto-plasmic discharge. She waited till the device reached its maximum charge and then repeated the process of trying to save her their son. The others waited by the sidelines: Robin and Starfire were sitting, with his arm around her and her head lying upon his shoulder. Starfire was on the brink of tears as she watched the scene unfold; she absentmindedly petted a green kitten sitting on her lap, which was trying desperately to comfort her. Jazz was crying frantically into Cyborg's metallic chest as he gave her a hug, all while he monitored the progress from the two patients. The mood was solemn as they watched helplessly.

"Wait, that can't be right…" Cyborg suddenly stated as a stream of information was fed to him wirelessly. Detangling himself from Jazz, he made his way towards the information panels above the beds to make sure the information he received was correct. The red head gave him a confused look. "Raven's brain activity is spiking dramatically. And her heartbeat and breathing are increasing almost as much as Danny's are decreasing. If I didn't know any better, I'd say…" before he could finish his sentence, a bluish glow covered Raven's body, which suddenly began to float until it was half a foot above the bed.

"Suffering spooks!" Jack shouted in shock. Both Cyborg and Jazz turned to see what the commotion was about and froze in awe as they watched Danny mirroring Raven, hovering above his bed with the same glow around him.

"Well alright!" Cyborg whooped as he studied his instruments, "Their readings are stabilizing…. Both of them. Raven must have found a way to help herself and Danny out. I think they're gonna be ok." The response was immediate as the room was filled with loud sighs of relief and cries of joy. The Fenton Family was especially elated that their son was going to be ok; Jazz was so happy that she jumped up, grabbed Cyborg by the neck and planted a big kiss onto his cheek, causing the metallic titan to blush profusely.

With their friends out of harm's way, everyone went back to their rooms, thankful that the worse was finally over.


A groan escaped from his lips as consciousness slowly returned to him. His eyes opened; slowly at first, squinting as light assaulted his unaccustomed vision. He found himself staring at a very familiar ceiling. He turned his sluggish head to study his surrounds and found his assumption was correct: he was in the Titan's medical bay. "I really have to stop waking up here," he muttered to himself sardonically.

"I know the feeling," a voice answered back. The halfa turned to his right to find Raven, who was propped upright with a book in her lap. A cup of steaming hot tea sat on the table at the side of her bed. She looked up from her book with a small smirk on her face.

"Raven!" he cried, or rather croaked, as his already strained vocal cords protested at the sudden increase in use. Clearing his sore throat, he continued in a quieter voice, "Raven, are you ok?"

"A little tired, but nothing some meditation won't fix," she replied. Her look turned into one of concern, "What about you?"

"Considering I pretty much went through hell and back like ten times, I'm feeling a lot better," he answered as he examined his bandaged hands, "My voice is pretty much shot at the moment, probably from that last wail; but other than that, I'm peachy. Looks like I owe you my life, again."

"Not that I'm keeping tabs or anything, but yes, you do owe me," Raven playfully replied. "I may or may not collect later. With interest." A soft chuckled was emitted from the halfa's lips. He suddenly turned his attention to his lap, his face wearing a forlorn expression.

"Listen, about before… when I took the book…"

"Danny, stop," Raven interrupted, "You don't have to apologize about that. You did what you thought was right at the time."

"And I hurt you in the process," he admitted, "I should have listened to you. I should have waited instead of letting the Fenton family stubbornness get in the way."

"It wasn't your fault," she disagreed, "She was manipulating you; using your friends to push your buttons. You don't have to apologize for wanting to protect your friends. To tell you the truth, if I were in your shoes, I would have probably done the same thing. Heck, I have done the same thing. So don't worry about it. "

"Still, I don't want you to think that I don't trust you or anything, because I do. And I don't…I don't want to make you cry, ever again."

"As long as you don't pull off any more stupid stunts, you'll be fine," she replied in a tone reminiscent of his mother.

"So, any idea what happened after the fight? Is that big hole in the sky gone?" he inquired.

"Well, we're not in the middle of fire and brimstone, so I'd say the portal should be closed by now," Raven explained, "When you got my powers back, it should have started to seal. As for what's been happening, I'm not sure myself. I just woke up about ten minutes ago. The tea and book were already here, and the cup was still hot, so the others must have been in here recently."

"So it looks like we won, huh?" Danny asked a little bit less enthusiastic than he would have liked, "The city is saved and the ghosts are gone, which means my parents have no reason to stick around. Looks like once I heal up, we'll be leaving." Raven, realizing what he was implying, simply nodded silently. They had only a few days left at most together before Danny and his family would be heading back to Amity Park. Raven gave a ragged sigh as the reality of the situation finally weighed down on her. She wished that there was some way for them to extend the time that they had, but she knew that he still had friends and a city to protect back home. It would have been selfish of her to ask him to stay. She too was just as bound to her own city and home.

"Listen," Danny began after a few moments of awkward silence, "I know it probably be hard. It might be a little bit crazy, but…I still want to try. I want there to be an 'us'… that is, if there is an 'us'."

"Are you sure?" Raven asked hesitantly, doubt drenching her voice, "I mean, I'm no expert but it'll be hard on both of us. I wouldn't want to hold you back or anything. I'm sure there are other girls you'd rather date back home…"

"I'm pretty sure," Danny replied, "I like you, Raven; enough that I'd want to at least try to make this work. I'd really like to get to know you better. Besides, we wouldn't be that far apart. I'm sure the Specter Speeder could make it here in a few hours no problem. And if that doesn't work, I'm sure you could work some teleportation magic or something. Maybe I could even talk my parents into letting me stay for a while; tell them that its superhero training or somethi…" his train of thought was cut short as Raven's lips pressed against his. She had levitated herself over to his bed, unbeknownst to the halfa who had been rambling on. After the shock had worn off, Danny evened the score, bringing her in closer as their lips continued their battle for dominance. This went one for a few moments before they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. The two separated immediately and turned towards their visitor, an incriminating blush on each of their faces. Standing in the doorway was Jazz, who wore an intrigued look.

"Looks like you're well enough," she said with a smile as she made her way to the bed and promptly gave her brother a warm hug, "Glad to see you're doing ok, bro." Danny didn't reply; he knew that wasn't going to hear the end of it from her now, "And don't worry, Danny: your secret is safe with me." And with that she walked out the door, but not without saying in a sing-songy voice, "Danny has a girlfriend…"


Robin was exhausted. The paperwork he had to fill out after the Titan's recent skirmish was higher than normal. Not only did he have to give detailed accounts of what had happened (stretching the truth a bit to protect Danny's secret, of course) but he also had to fill out damage and repair request forms from the tower's siege, as well as to make sure the Fentons were properly paid for their help during the ordeal. It took him days to get it finished; days that he knew were fraying Starfire's nerves. She understood they needed to be done, but still, even he was annoyed at what little time he had to spend with her. He knew that he'd have to make it up eventually and it looked like it would be soon, as he stamped the last print out. Sitting back, he gave a fatigued yawn.

He still wasn't exactly done, however. After a big case like this, there had to be some follow-up. In this case, it basically meant calling Detective Wolf to see if he had anything on his end to add. It also meant calling back the curator who had helped the Titans get the book. He also wanted to make sure of the status of the books from the old library. Choosing the curator over the police, he turned on his communicator and switched it into phone mode and dialed the number to the museum.

"Jump City Metropolitan Museum Reception Desk," a feminine voice answered the call, "How may I help you?"

"This is Robin from the Teen Titans. I was wondering if I could speak with Professor Marcus please."

"One moment please," the secretary replied. Robin could hear fast typing as she referenced her computerized phone directory. "Marcus, Marcus… I'm sorry; we don't seem to have a listing for a Prof. Marcus. Are you sure you're not looking for someone else?"

"I'm sure," he replied, "Can you check again. Professor Julian Marcus. He's supposed to be the curator."

"I believe you're mistaken. The curator for this museum is Bob Haney. He has been for the past three years." Robin could feel a chill at the pit of his stomach. Something wasn't right here.

"What about the artifacts," he continued, "From the old library. You wouldn't happen to know what the status if of those, do you? Are they still at the warehouse?"

"I'm sorry, but as far as I know, there haven't been any artifacts from the Library. The city has a ban for even going there. The museum has asked for clearance and excavate, but we're still stuck in the red tape. Is there any…" The Boy Wonder hung up the phone, getting everything he needed to hear. He let his mind stew over the revelation: they had been had. The so called professor had been a hoax, as well as any sanctioned excavation. During the chaos of the ghost battle, they had slipped away undetected with who knows how many books and items that could be potentially dangerous in the wrong hands.

He sighed. It looked like Starfire was going to have to wait a little longer. Picking up his communicator again, he called Detective Wolf. It seemed that things weren't exactly over yet. Then again, it never was for the Teen Titans.


He had failed her.

He had failed to watch over her, failed to protect her from his world. He failed to keep that promise he made to his friend all those years ago, to keep her safe. And for that she had paid the price. He watched as she slept, her brown hair splayed out underneath her head. The sound of medical equipment beeping and whirring filled the otherwise silent room. A pair of glasses laid on the table beside her bed, the frame still warped, as if from intense heat. He would have to remember to fix that before she woke up. If she ever woke up. The doctors weren't sure about that small detail. Someone like her shouldn't have eve survived what she went through. If it wasn't for his quick thinking she probably wouldn't have survived.

"How is she?" some asked from the doorway. He turned from his eternal vigil to the man dressed in black, his jet black hair slicked in a way that screamed executive.

"She could be better," he replied in a British accent, "Even if she does manage to wake up from this, the doctors aren't sure how much of her will be left in there. She may end up being a bloody vegetable for the rest of her life."

"That truly is a shame," the new comer replied, "She seemed to have much potential, almost at the same level of her father. We could have used her here."

"This is why I never told you about her. I wanted to protect her from the life I led here. That's why I left her alone. The less she knew about what kind of work I do here, the better. I should have realized she would be too curious about her father. She's just like him: obsessive to a fault."

"It's not your fault, Julian," the man assured, "It would have happened eventually. You could say it was her fate."

"I don't believe in that fate and destiny compost," Julian rebutted, "We make our own destiny."

"That is true," the other man agreed, "And the destiny of mankind rests with us. She could be a great help with our future plans. She'd have to wake up of course." Julian sighed, his fingers pinching the bridge of his brow. This exactly what he didn't want, though he knew it was inevitable. He knew his 'friend' only feigned concern, but in reality he was seeking out her abilities for his own gain, just as he did so to so many years ago to Julian. "Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done with the last mission. Not only were you able to get the artifacts back into our hands, you were able to get precious intel on the Titans and their new ally." The man in black pulled out a small device and pushed a button on its side. Suddenly, holographic screen appeared in the air above it, spouting different stats and data. Pushing the button again, the screen changed, this time showing Downtown jump City over a week ago. They both watched what they'd probably seen a thousand times already: The ghost known as Danny Phantom falling to the ground after an intense battle and transforming into a human boy.

"Inessa tells me that a human/ghost hybrid has a great amount of potential. He could be of great use to us."

"I'm glad I was able to help," Julian replied unimpressed, "I'm sure she'd get a kick out of dissecting him, like she always does."

"Her curiosity is quite insatiable, among other things," the other man said, innuendo hanging in the air. "Anyway, I'll leave you be, Julian. I do hope she gets better." And with that, he exited the room, leaving Julian alone once again with his charge. He turned back to her and reached out, petting her hair caringly.

"Don't worry, Lara; your Jules will make sure nothing ever happens to you ever again. I promise…"

End of Volume 1

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