Author's note: You know, this could be one of my favorite ficlets yet. I never realized how fun and angsty the Shredder could be... lol!

His people had been wrong.

They all had thought that space was black, a kind of unending darkness that enveloped the individual so completely as to make them an infinitesimal speck in the universe.

The humans had thought the same; and even worse, they waxed poetic about the wonders of space and the stars and planets and moons until they were utterly convinced that space was the final and only frontier left for them to conquer.


They sent up their pitiful little rockets and ignored all the pockets of technology that had managed to crash on their planet. Practically gift wrapped, those ships were. If it hadn't been for those turtles and that thrice bedamned rat, he would be at the top of an industry built solely on that technology, and he wouldn't be on this asteroid straight out of the underworld… And he would finally been in a position to take his true revenge on the Utroms and he had been so damned close!

He raved and cursed at the space around him, but he heard nothing in return. Space never answered his curses, and he hated and loved it for doing so.

But it was to no matter; the humans would continue to fight their petty wars and pretend to be doing the work of gods for years to come, and nothing would ever come of them. He had seen many races come and go, just like the humans, and they certainly wouldn't be the last that he would see.

Even on the asteroid. No one could stop Ch'rell. Or Oroku Saki, or the Shredder.

For he knew the truth. He and himself and all of them, they knew the truth.

Space was colorless. Like the glint off his armor, like his many-chambered heart pumping the colorless ooze that was his blood. He was in his element.

He laughed, but there was no sound. A condemnation, indeed... To be at home in the very place that was supposed to be his punishment… It was an irony that made his life livable.

Yes, he could make this work.

He wouldn't be on the asteroid forever, and then the Utroms would pay. And after the Utroms were no more… Earth would be his for the taking!


He squirmed with delight, his tentacles practically tying themselves in knots. First he'd get the turtles, one by one, and then he'd kill them slowly in front of the rat…

Yes, and then it would be DAYS before the rat found his peace!

Saki laughed again, but the silence of space stole the sound away.

Sound was colorless too.