by: NefariousImp

Chapter 3

Back in Sunnydale a few days later:

Buffy got a call from Angel saying that a letter had come in. She had him read it to her over the phone and got a return address. She was a little concerned about the P.S. and the prophecy.

Prophecies were rarely a good thing since they usually resulted in an Apocalypse or her death. She thanked Angel and sat down and wrote a reply and sent it in the mail a few hours later.

She called the Scoobies and let them know that they were okay but had them keep an eye out for a prophecy that sounded like what Spike and Dawn had written about. She called Dawn's school and let them know that Dawn had gone to stay with her father in Europe for an undetermined amount of time and didn't know if or when she would be returning for the school year.

Back in China a week later:

"Spike! The monk guy is here. He brought a letter from Buffy!" Dawn said jumping on his bed and waking the vampire up. He sat up and opened the letter and read it out loud.

Spike and Will,

I'm glad you are doing well, we are doing much better here. We are back in Sunnydale. Angel and Giles went behind my backs and killed Ben who was Glory's human host. I was so mad at them cause he was an innocent, but I do understand despite how wrong it feels.

You guys can come back if you want, but I'll understand if you want to finish your training. I won't hold you back. Just let me know how it's going. Please, elaborate in your next letter more about that prophecy. And what the hell you meant by a destiny together.

When Glory attacked us in a gas station before we went to L.A. Willow was able to mind suck Glory and put it back in Tara. Which weakened her enough for us to escape while Glory wiped out the knights of Byzantine.

Don't think we ever have to worry about them or Glory again.

So, I think we can drop the code names cause it's just weird. Giles is recovering well from his spear wound. He's leaving though. He's moving to London. He hasn't said why yet. But I'm okay. One more guy to walk out of my life. I'm used to it by now.

Xander and Anya are doing good. Well, I guess that's all the news around here.

I love you, Dawn. I miss you guys.



They scribbled a letter in reply and sent it with the monk whose name, they found out was Cho. Then began their routine as usual.

Back in S.D. a week later:

She got a letter in the mail and ripped it open.


Hi, I miss you and love you we would tell you about the prophecy, but he says we aren't ready to know yet. Spike pouted and called him Mr. Miagi. And I told Spike that compared to the Master, Mr. Miagi was a wannabe.

We got some awesome new weapons. I've got Twin Elven Daggers, they always come back to me and they won't break or anything. Then I've got The Quarterstaff of Jade, it's so pretty. It speed's up my reflexes and healing and gives my eyes increased perception so that the scene looks like it's in slow motion and I can react to what's coming.

Spike got a pair of blades called Angels. They grafted themselves to his arms and pop out like Wolverines blades whenever he thinks about them coming out.

He also got The Quarterstaff of Fire. It's red and black and was made for a vampire. It makes him immune to fire as long as he carries it, which includes sunlight. Double's his hit strength and can suck the blood out of his enemy and put it in him. Ewww.

Master won't let us train with those yet, he says we need more control.

There's no blood up here, but there's a cup. I would get into detail, but let's just say Monty Python didn't have a clue where it was hidden and Indie was looking in the wrong place too. And they all didn't have a clue what the heck it really did.

The first night here, Spike was out of blood, Master decided to test Spike. He told Spike to drink from Lao. A five year old student that lives here with us, but we don't see him much.

Spike freaked out and started yelling saying he didn't like to drink innocent blood, that was Drusilla's thing, and told me we were leaving.

He almost walked right out into the sunlight.

Master stopped him and told him it was a test and gave him the cup. He said only the only other blood the cup would allow in it was mine. So I filled it up and Spike drank it terrified that it would dust him cause he said it was like drinking liquid crucifix, Holy water, and Sunlight all rolled into one. He was right, it would have dusted any other vampire immediately, but Spike is the Keeper of the Key.

He put the cup down and the cup refilled itself with my blood! Totally weird. As long as he leaves a drop in it, it will replenish itself and will stay fresh.

Speaking of the Key.

I was doing my meditation on the first day and was seeing my energy flowing back and forth and decided to play with it and made green fire come out of my fingertips. It caught a bush on fire. Spike pouted about not having any special powers and me now being a bigger badass than him. Big baby.

We are doing really well and I'm kicking Spike's ass. Oh, I can speak Chinese! Every day Master gives me a new book to read in a different language. I read it till I fall asleep and then read it the rest of the way till sunset when we start training. I can read super-fast.

I can now speak eighteen languages besides English. Funny, I never was able to understand my French teacher this fast.

My abilities as Key must be growing. I feel stronger, more powerful.

Master says there are weapons here you could use, but he must meet you first. He says not all slayers are good. Been there done that with Faith.

That and he says he must train you how to use them properly. You'd drool. He has a whole room full of mystical or supposedly lost weapons.

There's a Crystal Claymore in there that caught my eye. You would love it. It's entirely made out of crystal, but it will never break, none of the weapons will. Well, I'll shut up now, I love you and miss you.

Here's Spike.

Hey, Slayer,

You'd be so proud of the Bit, she wasn't exaggerating, she has been kicking my ass. She'd probably give you a run for your money. The girl looks like a slayer. Doin all them fancy flips and kicks and such. I think she stole that side flip kick of yours though.

She's right on the prophecy he won't tell us yet.

And I did not pout.

Cheeky Brat.

Her hair's grown a bit. It's past her ears now. She looks like a shaggy boy though. I think she's adorable.

Tell the Whelp I've got his Grail. nana, nana, naner!

Well, till the next letter. I think we're gonna keep on with this thing. We are both making such progress that I think the entire Scooby gang should come and learn. If nothin else just to visit.

Alright, so I miss the lot of you.

Sod off.


Buffy dialed the phone and called the Scoobies together. The arrived shortly and Buffy let them read the letter.

"Is he saying he's got the Holy Grail!" Xander yelled. "And he's Wolverine. Man, I say we go."

"Are you sure?" Buffy asked.

"Why not, we can learn to be like Superheroes. Come on Buff, this is our chance. We can fight evil somewhere else. We don't have to be on the Hellmouth. Besides, we just stopped our Apocalypse for the year."

"Sounds good to me." Willow grinned at Tara. "We could learn how to control our power a little better. And if nothing else we can visit Dawn."

"Well, I guess we are going. But only for a few weeks, we can't afford to...Dawn?" she froze and looked down the hallway. Coming out of the downstairs closet was her little sister.

Dawn stared at Buffy in shock. She looked back at the room she came out of. Sure enough it was the hallway outside of her bedroom back in China.

"Spike!" she screamed. Spike rushed out into the Hall and rushed to her, slamming to a stop as he saw what she did. "Do you see the Scoobies?"

"Uh, yeah. What did you do?" he asked.

"Nothing, I was just missing them and wishing I could see them as I walked into my room and instead I walked into this room." Spike smiled warmly at her and scooped her up in a hug and twirled her around making sure not to bump the door and shut it. She grinned.

"Sweetheart, you are a Key that can open dimensions. Surely you can open a portal to your own home." She giggled and hugged him.

"Ahem," a throat cleared. They looked back at the Scoobies, "Where's the Holy Grail?" Xander asked. Dawn and Spike burst out laughing. "Has anybody else ever seen Spike laugh like that before?"

"No, but it looks good on him." Willow smiled.

"Dawnie?" Buffy said. Dawn stopped laughing and rushed to give her sister a hug. They hugged and cried for a few minutes. "God, I've missed you. What is this?" Buffy said pointing to Dawn's back. Dawn pulled away and pulled out her Twin Elven Daggers.

"These are the Twins, my Twin Elven Daggers. Spike care for a demo?" Spike grinned and threw his arms down strait. The blades slid out quickly. "Show off."

"I am totally jealous. So, trip to Mt. Wanahokalugi, China, looking a lot more enjoyable without the week long trip getting there. I'm going to pack. Be back in an hour. Don't leave without me." Xander said pulling Anya out the door. Willow and Tara waved and took off as well. Buffy stared at them.

"Dawn, you do look like a boy. And Spike's right you do look adorable. So, Where's this Master I've heard so much about."

"Master Xioquan, can you come here a minute?" Dawn shouted in the door.

"Holy crap, you do speak Chinese!" Buffy said.

"Huh, I didn't even noticed I switched languages."

"So you've finally discovered your gift, or at least one of them. I was wondering why it was taking so long for you to miss your family. I knew that was the key to you finding out." Master said coming through the door.

"Ah, the Slayer." he said speaking English as he went to Buffy and looked in her eyes. "Dawn was correct, you are a true force of Good. However, the weapon for you is not in China, it is here."

"In Sunnydale?" Buffy asked.

"Yes, we will go together, the four of us, to retrieve it. Spike and Dawn go retrieve your chosen staff's, you will need them." They nodded and ran through the door to get their Quarterstaff's of Jade and Fire. They returned moments later.

"Wow, those are so cool. I want one." Buffy pouted.

"Let us go. We must hurry to be back in time to meet your friends." They left the house together. The sun was still up but Spike had his staff. He twirled it as they walked, smiling up at the sky.

"Wonder if you'll freckle." Buffy grinned slyly at him. He grinned back, remembering the day he had the Gem of Amara. They arrived at an old winery. Buffy pulled open the door and they went in. Looking around Dawn gasped as she saw nearly forty set's of golden eyes staring at them. "Uh, Master? You weren't leading us into a trap were you?"

"Of course not, for the three of you this should pose no problem."

"Dawn, I think you should run." Buffy said. Dawn snorted.

"Not a chance. I'm not the helpless little sister anymore Buffy. I've got my own destiny. You know, one girl in all the world, yada, yada, yada."

"Ladies, I believe your attention is needed elsewhere." Spike said as one of the vamps from the nest dove for them. He stuck his staff strait into it's stomach. The vampire looked astonished as his blood flowed out of him. It ran through the grooves and into Spike's hand, soaking into his skin.

He grinned as the vamp disappeared in a poof of ash. He bounced on his toes. "What a thirst quencher. Maybe Xander can have that cup after all. Who's next." he asked.

The mass of vampire's looked decidedly more nervous than before but attacked anyway. This time Dawn was the first one to get a vampire.

She grinned as she started swinging her staff. Twirling, and flipping, killing one after the other with a quick jab to the heart. Her staff was still made of wood, even if it did look like Ivory.

She killed eight before Buffy shook herself out of her shock from watching the two create a swath of dust through the horde. She smiled as she jumped in the fray.

Within five minutes the place was cleared out, but had a layer of dust on the floor at least one inch deep.

Buffy stared at Dawn and Spike.

"What? Did you think we were exaggerating to get you to let us stay?"

"Honestly? Yeah, I did, but... Wow! You do look like a Slayer out there. And Spike? You've gotten better as well. So, Mr. Miagi, where's this weapon?" Buffy looked over at the man.

"Buffy, don't piss him off." Dawn said rolling her eyes. "You're as bad as Spike."

"I believe there is a door that leads down below. And as Dawn pointed out to Spike. Mr. Miagi, is just a wannabe." Dawn laughed. It was the first time she had heard him crack a real joke.

They looked for the trap door and Buffy found it under several barrels. She opened it and climbed below. Dawn and Spike went to follow her but the Master held them back.

"This is for her, this is her destiny. She will share it when she is ready." They waited for several minutes before Buffy popped back out holding a wicked looking Scythe. It was blood red with silver here and there. On one end was the blade, curved and razor sharp, on the other end was a wooden stake.

"This is mine." Buffy stated. "I can feel it. It belongs to me. I can feel the power. I feel stonger, faster...powerful."

"A weapon, forged in secrecry, for One. Created to destroy the last pure demon. You are correct, it does belong to you. Now, we must go. It is almost time for your friends to return." They left and returned to the Summer's house. They walked in the door and the four heads stopped and looked at them.

"What took you so long Buffster, thought you'd left without us. Holy moley, what is that?" Xander cried out staring at the Scythe.

"Slayer's Scythe. Made for me. It was embedded into a rock like the Sword In the Stone. Hang on while I run and get some stuff." She handed the Scythe to him and ran upstairs. She returned a few minutes later with a bag slung over her shoulder. "All ready?"

No! God, I almost forgot. Hand on." Dawn yelled and ran up the stairs. She returned carrying a portable CD player, with headphones, a CD case, two packs of batteries, and a portable CD Boombox, and the batteries for it. "Ready to go. God, I thought I was gonna go crazy not being able to listen to music up there."

"Oh, the poor deprived Third world countries. How do they survive?" Spike said dryly. "You bloody lot are so spoiled, when I was a kid there wasn't the telly or radio, or anything. You wanted music you got a string quartet. If I'd have thought about it I could have beaten you guys years ago. And all I had to do was steal your electricity. Spoiled Children."

"Says the guy who never misses an episode of Passions." Dawn grinned. Spike opened his mouth to reply but sighed in defeat. She had her point.

"Come on let's go." Everyone went through the door leading to Xioinchi. Dawn was last and shut the door wishing the portal away. She reopened it to see her bedroom back as it should be. The group went into the main room.

"Now, where's this Holy Grail." Xander asked. Spike went into his room and retrieved it. He showed Xander the blood in it then drank it all. He showed him the empty cup and everyone gathered round and watched as the cup filled it self back up. "It really is the Holy Grail. Can I try?"

"Never knew you were partial to blood, Harris."

"Ewww, No, can we like dump the blood and put some Mountain Dew in it? That would be cool."

"I would never just dump this blood. It's Dawn's. And if we clean it out after I drink it and fill it up with Mt. Dew, then eventually I'll need to put more blood in it so It will refill itself, the only blood it'll hold is the Nibblet's. And I ain't lettin her bleed herself for me again." Spike said taking the cup back to his room. Xander looked at Dawn.

"Looks to me, like you've bled her more than once." The Scoobies gasped as they saw the marks on Dawn's neck for the first time. "So, how long have you had the chip out?" Spike came back into the room and sighed heavily.

"The chips been out for about two weeks, but that was done before it was out." Buffy shoved Spike against the wall with her Scythe hadle.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't dust you." suddenly she was flying back and suspended in the air.

The Scoobies were staring at Dawn, whose hair, that had grown to her chin, was flying around her face and her green eyes had a leaf green glow. She had her arm outstretched towards Buffy.

"I can give you a hundred. The first one is that this mark wasn't to feed, it was to protect me. I asked for it after we were attacked by a group of vampires that were gonna kill him just to use me as a meal.

"The second is that he is a part of a prophecy reguarding me. I need him. I had the Master remove it.

"The third, is that I love him. If you ever raise your hand to him again, any of you, you will be shown the door back to Sunnydale and you will never see either of us again. Do I make myself clear?" All but Buffy nodded vigorously. She stared Dawn in the eyes for a second before hesitantly nodding.

Dawn lowered her to the ground and withdrew her power. Willow looked at her amazed that she wasn't on the floor drained from the exertion of that much power.

"The only reason I am agreeing to it is because you obviously have enough power to take care of yourself. But so help me if he ever hurts you, all bets are off. And what's this about you being in love with him. He's a vampire, he'll never love you back and even if he could he thinks he's in love with me."

"Actually, that's not true." Spike said coming to stand next to Dawn. "I loved her from the moment I met her the night I met your mum. But I fell in love with her a few weeks ago. I think I loved you, or the idea of you, but I wasn't in love with you."

"What a load of bull-shit. Vampire's can't love." Buffy spat out.

"Actually," The Master spoke up for the first time, "this vampire can love. He has a place in prophecy, if you will come with me, I will explain the prophecy to you all." he said leading them all into the main room.

They sat in a circle. Spike was on the Master's left, then Dawn, Tara, Willow, Xander, Anya, then Buffy on the Master's right.

The Master handed an old scroll to Dawn. She pulled off the tattered ribbon and carefully unrolled the yellow parchment. She read the ancient words over and over until she began to understand what they said, only when she could read them completly did she begin to read outloud.

"When the Key for every lock and door to all dimensions bonds with the Vampire of Light.

He shall become the Keeper of the Key.

They shall embrace their destiny and become every dimension's guardians.

She shall become Immortal when her human body reaches the age of twenty and one.

And the Keeper and the Key shall both be unable to die in any manner.

They shall both discover the powers that lie dormant in their hearts and shall vanquish every foe encountered.

When the Key's human family have all left the mortal coil, the Key and the Keeper will travel through all of the dimensions until all evil everywhere is destroyed forever.

When all humans have no evil in their hearts and every dimension is at peace.

They shall have the choice to become mortal or retain their immortality."

They all paused and looked around but they kept staring at Spike and Dawn.

"How come she gets all the straitforward prophecies? I only get the cryptic ones." Buffy pouted.

"It is straitforward because I wrote it." Dawn said.

"What? What do you mean?" Willow asked. Dawn looked at them.

"I wasn't always Dawn Summers. The Key has been in many forms, I remember writing this. Actually I had one of the monks write it but I do remember. This was what I was created to do."

"Um, I have a question." Xander said raising his hand. "How are you going to destroy the evil in the hearts of humans? Do you just kill all of the bad ones?" Dawn smiled.

"There are some that are too far gone to save, But I believe I would have to kill the root of evil to take out the tree. I think the First Evil would be the root, wouldn't you agree, Buffy?" Buffy nodded solemnly.

"It's true, you really are the Key. Well, I'm the Slayer and I'm helping you as long as I'm alive. So, when do we take out the First?"

"Not until she's Immortal, Slayer. I'm not losing her just cause you're impatient." Spike said.

"Besides, we aren't done training yet. How could we take out all the evil everywhere when we aren't even out of boot camp."

"Spike is correct." Master said. "All of you shall train until she is twenty-one. Only then will she stand a chance. Every day at Sunrise you will all come here to train. Willow, will stay here.

"Willow, you are powerful and untrained. You need to master yourself before you can master your magic or the magic will master you and you will become one of the evil humans that are too far gone to save.

"Xander, you lack any skills with weapons. You have made it this far on sheer luck. You will stay as well and train.

"Anya, you do not wish to be in this fight, but feel obligated to do so out of love and loyalty to your friends. Obligation has no place on the battlefield. If you continue, you will perish.

"Tara, your power is pure, but still weaker than it should be. If you wish to stay you may.

"Buffy you are the Slayer, you cannot stay, the world needs you to defend it until the Key and her Keeper are ready. But you may come anytime you have free and train.

"But first, follow me. You all need appropriate weapons." Buffy jumped up looking excited as did Xander.

"Gotta love new weapons." Buffy said.

"No fair you've already got one." Xander pouted.

"Come you may each choose two, Buffy already has one of hers."

"And he uses the term 'you may choose' lightly." Dawn snickered. "You'll be lucky if you don't have weapons smacking you upside your head going 'Pick me, Pick me!'" Spike laughed and pulled her to his side in a hug. The other continued on following the Master but Dawn pulled Spike into a side room and shut the door.

"What are you doing, Nibblet?" Spike asked looking nervous.

"When were you going to tell me?" she demanded folding her arms across her chest.

"Tell you what?" he stuttered knowing exactly what she was refering to. She slapped his arm.

"When were you going to tell me that you were in love with me?" he sighed and took her into his arms.

"I was going to wait until you were seventeen, let you grow up, grow into a woman, cause God knows I feel like a cradle-robbing perv just holding you like this. You know let you grow into who you are without having a man to define who you are."

"You already define me." she said kissing him. He leaned into her and kissed her with relish. "I tell you what." she said leaning away catching her breath. " We won't have sex till I'm eighteen. Deal?"

"Alright, but I am only human... well, I'm a man anyway, so, no teasing me. Got it?" she nodded and kissed him again. "Let's go find the sodding Scoobies." They left hand-in-hand and went into the weapon's room. Tara had picked up the Crystal Claymore.

"The Crystal should amplify your spells." Willow told her. The Master had made them go one at a time.

"You are correct, Willow, that is a sword for a White Mage. Amplifies spells, and has the power to heal it's carrier." The Master said placing the Crystal Claymore in a Crystal Sheath. The straps on the Crystal Sheath were a pure white leather.

The Master taught her how to strap it on her back. She smiled and pulled the sword from the sheath on her back and looked at her sword.

Suddenly, her focus landed on the far wall.

She sheathed the sword and went to the wall where an assortment of bows and arrows were arranged. She ran her fingertips down the side of a grass green bow with tiny white flowers etched into it. The string was pure white. She pulled the string and let go. The sound of the string's vibrations sounded like tinkling glass.

She pulled her hand back quickly.

"It can't be. Surely they aren't real." she said.

"I'm afraid they were. They are all extinct, now, have been for thousands of years. They didn't have the option of going to a different dimension like the dragons, fairies, and elves did." The master said sadly.

"What the heck are you guys talking about?" Xander said coming up and staring at the bow.

"Unicorn, the string is made from Unicorn's hair. A live Unicorn. When they die they turn into a white dust. This was taken off of a willing Unicorn. If they were ever captured they could disappear and reappear somewhere else. The only way to catch a Unicorn was to kill it, but then you'd only have it's dust. This was taken from a willing Unicorn. How?" Tara asked looking at the Master.

"This is an Elven Bow, it is called the Bow of Endil. It's quiver is full of arrows that are made from the shed bark off of the The White Walnut tree, dipped in liquified Unicorn dust.

"This belonged to an Elven Warrior named Arwil. He sat out on a quest to avenge the slaughtered Unicorns.

"The last Unicorn gave his life to make this weapon. The Bow will never break, and the quiver will never be empty. The arrows are created to utterly obliterate evil. The dust on the arrows harness pure light. They never miss their target, no matter how far. You have chosen your weapons well, Tara." he said and motioned for Xander to begin his hunt for the perfect weapons.

"Elves, Fairies, Dragons, and Unicorns are real. I fight demons and vampires on a nightly basis but I can't seem to wrap my mind around that." He said choosing a sword immediatly. It was curved like an S that someone had tried to straiten out. He swung it around some.

"This is cool."

"That is a High Elven Warrior Sword." Willow picked up a similar sword that was nearby. It was shaped the same but smaller. Like the female to Xander's male sword.

"That, dear, is a Hadhafang, a Great Elven Sword. Sister to the Xander's. They both have immense protective powers. They grant their wielder's immunity to all the elements, Can cut through anything, and, as long as it is on your person, you can call upon the elements to help you. They will power your sword and will increase all of your senses and reflexes."

"Found mine." Xander and Willow said together. They continued to look through the weapons for their second. Xander chose a quarterstaff. It was a bright blue and had small multi-colored dragons painted all over it.

"Ah, the Dragon Fang. This staff chooses it's owner. When it chooses it stays with them forever. The staff-bearer becomes Immortal. Should he drop it and be mortally wounded then the staff cannot save him."

Willow picked up a leather blood red whip. The handle was a thick leather that Was braided tightly and knotted at the hilt. From the hilt a solitary strip had been cut into three pieces and braided so tight that I looked to be only one strait, but slightly grooved, strip. At the very end about three inches of the leather had been left creating six lashes. She flicked the whip and it snapped up hitting an amulet hanging on the wall.

"You have chosen your final weapon and it has chosen your amulet" he said taking the amulet off the wall. He slipped over her head.

"This amulet is the one that I would have chosen for. It is the White Star. It let's you tap into the full potential of your white magic. While wearing this, you will be at your full potential. Spells of white magic and healing that you would not be able to do at your present level are now your specialty.

"It also focus's your black magic abilities so that the ones you can do will not go wrong. Also, the drain magic normally puts upon your human body is relieved."

"No more nosebleeds?" Willow smiled excitedly.

"No more nosebleeds." he smiled. Willow threw her arms around him. He looked shocked and hesitantly patted her back.

Everyone else laughed at the look on his face.

When she finally released his choke hold on him he regained his composure and he continued.

"The whip is the Scorpion's Spine. It is made from the skin of the Red Ogre and the lashes have been soaked in Scorpion Poison and Holy Water. It will not harm you to touch it, but if intoduced into the bloodstream it will kill you quickly."

He looked at Buffy. "I believe you have one remaining weapon to choose." she looked over the huge collection sad that she could choose only one.

Her eyes landed on a wicked looking dagger. It looked alot like the one Mayor Wilkens had given to Faith. The one Buffy stabbed Faith with, putting her in what the Scoobies dubbed 'the funnest coma ever'.

The blade and handle was gold with a silver hilt and etchings.

"The Dashi Dagger. This is the most dangerous weapon I have. For your enemies and yourself. Any living, or unliving, thing the blade cuts dies within seconds, even from the tiniest cut. There is no cure.

"This weapon, while excellent in your quest to destroy evil, is too dangerous to it's owner. I cannot allow you to have this blade, however, if you come up against something you cannot kill, you may borrow it." Buffy put the dagger down carefully.

"Good thing I didn't do a sharpness check." she said looking over the other items.

She picked up a small seemingly harmless blue knife. "Okay, you have all these impressive weapons here. This thing looks totally harmless. And in my line of work, I've found the ones that look the most harmless can sometimes surprise you. Take Spike for instance. Who knew he'd last this long." she grinned at him.

"Oi, I bloody well do not look harmless! I'm the Big...I give up with you lot. Even without the chip I can't scare you." Spike sighed in defeat.

"Anyway, so, seemingly harmless knife, what's the deal with it?" Buffy asked. The Master took the knife from her.

"I do not see a little knife. I see a Mace." he said with an impish grin. Before their eyes the little blue knife turned into a big blue mace with spikes on it. Everyone's eyes went wide. "Or maybe an axe." he said and the mace turned into a double headed battle axe.

"Sold. Can it change into any weapon I want?" Buffy said.

"Yes, It's called the Crisigrim but it may look like the weapon." he said changing it into the Slayer's Scythe. "But it does not have it's powers." he said handing the newly formed scythe to Buffy. She sighed.

"You're right. With the Slayer Scythe I could feel the power. With this I feel nothing. But It's still mine." She said turning it into the Dashi Dagger. "Oh, see, I've still got my dagger with none of the deadly papercuts." she turned it back into the small knife and put it in a small sheath, strapping it to her thigh.

Master Xioquan looked over at Anya who had been standing quietly to the side.

"So, you have decided." he said. She looked around the room at the others faces before settling on his. She nodded.

"I can't do this. All these weapons are cool, but I'm not a warrior like you guys. It's not that I couldn't be, it's that I don't want to be. I want to get married and have children. And I don't want my children or my husband to wander if I'm coming home from battle that night. I also don't want to wonder the same about my husband." they all stared at her.

"Anya, I understand if you don't want to be a part of this, but this is something that I want...I need to be a part of." Xander said.

"Xander, you could die, and probably will, A horrible, bloody death."

"Yeah, I could. I could also die in a car accident tomorrow, or from a brain aneurism next week. I'd rather go out taking a demon with me than lying in a bed from old age."

"Well, I guess that's it then. I'll be moving to London. Dawn, could you give me a door to my apartment and then one to Giles in london?"

"Anya, are we over?" Xander asked. She nodded. He sighed in defeat with tears rolling down his face.

"I still love you, always will, but I can't...I just can't. I've been alive for over a thousand years. It's time I settled down. Dawn?" Dawn nodded and led the way back to her bedroom.

Wishing she was in Xander's apartment she opened the door. She was still surprised when the door opened in Xander's living room from his closet.

Dawn followed Anya into their bedroom where she began to pack up her stuff. When she was finished They went back through the door into the hallway. Dawn thought hard about Giles and opened the door.

She had never been in Giles home so she couldn't do anything but think about Giles.

She opened the door only to pull it closed quietly as she realized she had opened the door into Giles bathroom.

Giles was in the shower singing 'I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts'.

Dawn and Anya stared at each other in shock before busting out laughing.

"I think I'm scarred for life, and I'm Immortal." Dawn whispered. This caused them to bust out laughing again.

The Scoobies came around the corner into the hallway.

"What's so funny, Bit?" Spike asked. She contained her laughter to tell him to poke his head in the door.

He raised one eyebrow and did so only to pull it back a second later.

With his eyebrows as high as they could go and his lips pursed tight he fought the smile. But he took one look at Dawn and he lost the fight, doubling over laughing.

One by one the remaining Scoobies took a peek then promtly burst out laughing.

Suddenly the door was flung open and there stood Giles stark naked, yelling:

"Caught you!" only to see who it was and the slam the door with a "Good Lord!"

They all burst out laughing again. Dawn's sides were about to cave in. She cracked open the door to yell.

"That's a lovely bunch of coconuts!" she closed the door and wished for her own room.

She opened it up again and saw her bed.

The laughter had hit a peak, nobody seemed to be able to stop, even the Master was chuckling.

Finally, Dawn was able to wipe away the tears and calm down, as did the others. "I think we'll give him a few minutes to get dressed and try again. This time preferrably not the bathroom."

Ten minutes later, Xander and Anya were curled up in a corner talking quietly.

Dawn and Spike had gone to get some tea for Master.

And Buffy, Willow, and Tara were sitting on the floor playing with their new weapons.

Dawn and Spike came back in the room.

"Let's see if it's safe. Nibblet?" She concentrated on Giles's bathroom door, but wished to come out of the bathroom instead of going into it.

She opened the door to see a conservatively furnished apartment and Gile sitting in an armchair looking like he'd seen a ghost and drinking strait from a bottle of Scotch.

The all filed into the apartment.

"Hi, Giles." Dawn said. The bottle flipped around in the air and landed on his lap, soaking it with the liquer.

"Bloody hell! How are you doing that? I opened the bathroom door and you were gone. Now, you are coming out of my bathroom. What the bloody hell is going on?" Giles stood up fuming. Everyone tried to keep a straight face.

"I'm the Key."

"I already knew that." he stopped. "They found you."

"Actually, Spike found me then I found them. I'm the Key, you know, opener of doors and portals. Just came from China." Giles still looked confused.

"Bloody hell, Rupes, she figured out how to use her powers."

"Are you saying she is able to open doors to dimensions at will?"

"Dimensions or your bathroom." The group snickered. Giles plopped himself down in the wet chair.

"We must research what this means, surely there is a prophecy..."

"Already know the prophecy."

"Besides" Buffy said. "We didn't come by to tell you all this. You've chosen to remove yourself from our lives so you are. We are here to drop Anya off. She's chosen to remove herself as well.

"Although, we do understand why she is leaving us. I think we'd all rather forget the things that go bump in the night and pretend all this was a dream. Have a normal family. But some of us are chosen.

"The reason I have such a problem with you leaving wasn't cause you were leaving the Slayer buisness, it was because you were leaving me. We are all still children, Spike included." she looked at him.

"Spike especially." Spike gave her a dirty look. "I didn't have the guts to say all of this when you left because I was too hurt and had other things on my mind, but it's just as well. Well, have a good life, you too Anya." Everybody gave Anya a hug.

"What is this prophecy?" Giles asked. Dawn turned to him.

"We aren't your concern anymore, which means the prophecy isn't either."

"Well, maybe I can deciefer it. I have years of extensive train..."

"Already done. Already activated." Giles got angry at Dawn's flippant attitude and took a step towards her. Spike stepped in his path.

"Don't touch her."

"Get out of my way Spike or I'll stick a stake through your dead heart." Giles said, Ripper coming out to play.

Giles was thown back by a streak of green energy. He slammed into the wall.

Dawn calmly walked up to him as he stood back up.

"Don't ever threaten him again. He's mine. Besides, he's also chipless, he can take care of you himself. But I wanted you to know you'd have to go through me first."

"What happened to you." Giles stuttered.

"I'm...We're fulfilling a prophecy. One that saves the world from every evil. Not only every world but every dimension as well. The Key and her Keeper. Our destiny is to wipe out all evil."

"But that's the Slayer's job."

"Maybe, but the Slayer isn't immortal and she can't reach other dimensions. And she can't go into hell and kill the first evil without opening the hellmouth. I can. I will." he stared at her.

She turned around and they all began to file through the portal leaving Anya and Giles to stare after them.

"Is any of this making any sense to you, Anya?"

"Oh, fine, I'll tell you the damn prophecy, but don't bother me until I've finished." she said and began to explain what all was happening.

Back in China:

"Well that was fun. So, Master, do we all get amulets?" Spike asked. Master nodded. Everybody gave him a look. "What? We lost the Watcher and Demon-girl, can't believe you lot didn't see it coming. Life goes on and all that rot."

They sighed and followed the Master back into the weapon's room.

"Spike, come here." Master said taking a black and red amulet off of the wall. He put it around Spike's neck. Spike gasped and took a step back. "This is the Amulet of Xie'e, or Darkness. It can sense evil nearby."

"Why do I feel it so strongly?" he asked with a look of confusion on his face.

"Because you are a vampire. You are sensing the evil that lies within you. You will eventually come to ignore your own evil and be able to sense the other evil around you. You need time to get used to the feel of your demon. Soon you should be able to distinguish your evil from another's evil. That is why I did not give it to Dawn. You are already used to feeling it to a degree, having a constant evil around her would be harder on her. But this will aide in your quest. Several years ago, the evil in you was much stronger wasn't it?" Spike nodded.

"Dawn, come here." he picked up a small silver ring with a green stone shaped like an eye in it. "This is the Ring of Zhi Bing Cha, or the Ring of Wisdom and Inspection.

"It grants its wearer wisdom and the ability to notice things they would not normally see." she put the ring on and looked around.

Her eyes stopped on the Master.

"Exactly how old are you?" he smiled.

"I am six thousand four hundred and thirty-seven. My birtday is next month."

"And why, may I ask, are you still alive?" Dawn asked putting her hands on her hips.

"I am the last remaining Elf in this dimension." he said pulling his long gray hair off of his ears. They were fairly long and pointy.

"Elves as a rule are immortal as long as they are not mortally wounded. That is why I have such an extensive collection of weapons and knowledge at my disposal. I'm a pack rat." he said with a sardonic grin.

"How come no one has ever found you up here?"

"I have a spell placed on my mountain. You can't find it unless I want you to.

"That was a fine example of wisdom and observation.

"Now, Tara, my Little White Fairy, it is your turn. This," he said holding up an amulet that had blue lines crisscrossing all over it looking like tangled vines, "is the Amulet of Qian Yi, or the Amulet of Teleportation. It will transport you short distances, through objects or walls but you must be sure of where you are going or you could end up stuck inside a wall."

He slipped it over her head. "Now, in order to transport, you must see in your mind where you are going as best you can and say the word: 'Ban' which means 'move'." Tara whispered the word 'Ban' and disappeared reappearing behind Willow and saying 'Boo!' making Willow whirl around in surprise.

"I think I like this." Tara smiled shyly. "Thank you, Master Xioquan."

"You're welcome dear. I'm glad these weapons and things finally have a use instead of sitting gathering dust.

"Now, Buffy, This is the Amulet of You Ling Jing or the Amulet of the Ghost Eye." he said placing an amulet around her neck.

It was clear like crystal but had indistinguishable etchings in it. "It renders the wearer invisible for a short time upon activation. The word is 'Ci' which means 'clear'."

Buffy smiled and whispered the word under her breath disappearing completely.

Suddenly, Spike was floating in the air with his duster bunched up on the back of his neck. He started flailing around.

"Bloody hell, Slayer, put me down. I ain't a soddin puppet."

"If I was gonna stick my arm up your ass it would be to shut your mouth not to make it talk and there are far easier and less disgusting ways to do that. Course the look on your face might be worth it." she giggled dropping him to the floor.

His arms and legs were still flailing so he fell down face first on the ground.

"Bloody bitch." he grumbled picking himself up.

"Okay, how do I turn this off or do I have to wait it out and if so for how long?"

"The word is 'Du'. It means 'see'. And if you were to wait it out it would last for twenty minutes." Bufffy said the word and appeared next to Spike. She stuck her tongue out at him and he returned the gesture with a two-fingered salute.

"What does that even mean?" Buffy asked.

"It's the English version of 'Flipping the Bird'." Dawn giggled.

"Oh, my turn! My turn!" Xander said bouncing around like a puppy.

"See, that's why I call you 'Whelp'." Spike grinned.

"Yes, Xander, it is your turn. This is the Ring of Xin Zhong or the Ring of One's Thoughts. It allows you to read anothers thoughts. Once put on you are able to read anyone's thoughts near you. You can hone in on one person in a crowd or hear them all at once or block them all from your mind. It is a tough skill to master and if you never block thoughts it could eventually drive you insane."

"Yeah, Buffy's already been there done that." Xander said. Buffy grinned at him.

"Yeah, at least I'm not the one who has to hear 'What am I gonna do? I think about sex all the time. Sex. Help. Four times five is thirty. Five times six is thirty-two. Naked women. Naked girls. Naked Buffy...'."

"God, have you remembered everything I've ever said?" Xander asked in disbelief.

"Ooh, Ooh!" Willow said excitedly. "How about 'I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away.'"

"Or 'For I am Xander, King of Cretins. May all lesser cretins bow before me.' and 'I'm gonna do what any man would do about it: somethin' damn manly.' "Buffy grinned.

"Or how about the time I said 'You're not gonna be young forever.' and he said 'Yes, but I'll always be stupid.'"

"Or 'I don't get this. This candy's supposed to make you all immature and stuff, but I ate a ton and I don't feel any diff... never mind.'"

"Alright, alright, enough. I'm a complete spaz. We all have the picture. And tonight I say we have a slumber party and relive your spaz days." Xander smiled.

"How about when he told Spike 'I hate to break it to you, O Impotent One, but you're not the Big Bad anymore. You're not even the Kind of Naughty.'" Willow said ignoring him. Spikes eyebrows raised.

"I had forgotten about that. Tell me Xander, now that the chip is out do you think I"ve been upgraded to 'Kind of Naughty'?" Spike said smiling wickedly at him. Xander stuttered for a second.

"Yes, Spike, you're 'kind of naughty', heck, I'll even raise it to 'very naughty'." Buffy said rolling her eyes. Spike scowled at her.

"You, missy, are just one step away."

"Giles, help he's going to scold me!" They both smiled remembering the bathtub. As they thought of Giles everyone sobered up. "Do you guys think that I was too hard on him?"

"Some," Spike said. " But he should have thought about what he was doing. He should have realized you'd been left by every man in your life. But I think the main thing that decided it for him was Joyce's death. First that gypsy bint and now Joyce. Has the man ever had a woman that he loves just dump him? Or have they all died?"

"What are you talking about? Giles didn't love my mom! Having sex on the hood of a police cruiser...twice...does not love make."

"Are you all bloody blind? Have none of you noticed the awkwardness they had around each other?"

"Oh, God! You're right! I never realized...we'll talk to him tomorrow. I think we should give him some time to cool down and let Anya explain some stuff first."


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