Title: False Life, Real Dreams

Author: TanteCarla


Summary: Fleur wonders about her life with Bill after he was attacked and dreams of what could have been. Takes Place after 'Half Blood Prince'. May contain Spoilers. Written With Lesbian-Lover (Hermione) and EverTheDreamer (Ginny)

Author's Notes: Don't sue :p ... Oh and if I made any spell or grammatical errors please let me know J

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and its characters are owned by J.K. Rowling.


"You thought I would not weesh to marry him? Or per'aps you 'oped?"

"What do I care how 'e looks?"

All these scars show is zat my husband in brave!"

Fleur sat in Hogwarts Library, correcting essays from her students. But her mind wasn't set on the task. The pieces of Parchment lay before her untouched. Her eyes where fixed on a single person.

Hermione Granger sat a few tables further, her back turned to Fleur. She didn't notice that she was being watched.

After the end of the school year last year Fleur married Bill Weasley as it was arranged. She tried to convince herself that she still loved him even when he howled at the full moon. But she was fooling herself more then the people around her.

Now she felt drawn into this Chestnut haired creature. Was it love? Or were these feelings a way to escape the thoughts of Bill? She had to figure that one out for herself yet.

And if they were real, would she be brave enough to step forward? Divorce Bill? Molly would surely come after her if it were to come to that. Fleur smiled sadly at the mental picture of Molly chasing her with a Broomstick, it looked quite humorous.

She sighed and gathered her things, no correcting would happen if she stayed in here.

Her eyes still fixed on Hermione, she bumped into someone on her way out.

"Sorry," a familiar voice said to her.

Ginny Weasely, her sister in law, a girl who resented her for everything she was.

"Phlegm," she said

Fleur cringed at the word but regained her posture quickly.

"Such impudence! Ginny, you should really be more respectful. I am your professor!"

"You're a skank. A horny skank, Phlegm. I see the way you've been looking at Hermione since Bill got bitten by Greyback! You disgust me!"

Fleur was shocked when she heard this. How could she say all those nasty things? She must really hate her guts. And not only that, she had noticed her sudden interest for Hermione. Fleur thought quickly and replied angrily so she wouldn't lose her face.

"It's Professor Delacour, 'baby zister.' And I rezent zat! I 'have not been looking at 'Ermione! And a word of advice, 'zister, darzing': be nicer to me or you will find yourself in detention all year. With Filch."

There, that should do it… for now. Fleur quickly moved out the library to avoid anymore conflict. While she walked the hallway to her office her thoughts ran free again. The young girl was right about one part though. So it was clear from this point, she loved Hermione… but how would the story go from this point?