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Author's Note: Beginning of a series of rambles.

Theme: Genius

Being a genius is no walk in the park. When you're a mission, people look to the genius to get them through—simply because they are what they are: a genius.

Take, for example, this last mission. Something—someone, I don't know who—messed something up. But it was my plan, the genius's plan, so it must be the genius's fault.

If a plan works, you're liked. If it fails, you're twice as hated.

I was getting a verbal beating from the mission's leader (who was not a genius, and therefore, could blame me) when Tenten stormed in.

She didn't look too happy, I might add.

"Why are you blaming Neji?" she was raging. "I screwed up. Okay? Something came up and I didn't follow the plan. It's my fault completely."

I knew I loved her for some reason.