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Theme: "Tenten was scratched up in the arms and Neji thought she was cutting herself…" (Theme from Kari480)

Tenten had cuts up and down her arm. Cuts that weren't there the day before. Neji attempted not to stare at them. She's cutting herself, whispered his evil inner voice.

His rational outer self asked, "Where did you get all those wounds?"

"Eh? Oh, Lee accidentally pushed me into a pine tree last afternoon," replied the kunoichi, not making eye contact with the Hyuuga.

I told you so. You know, she thinks she has nothing to live for, et cetera, and so she's cutting herself to relieve the pain.

He had thoroughly convinced himself, so he reached down and grabbed Tenten's slender wrists. "Tenten, I just want you to know that you really mean a lot to me," he said as honestly as possible.

"Um…Yeah, I did know that. Why else would you be dating me?" Tenten gave the Hyuuga a strange look.

"It's not worth it, Tenten," he continued. "Please… this has to stop."

Tenten collapsed to the ground. "I…I don't believe it," she began to sob.

"I'm sorry, but I had to tell you," he finished.

"Why, Neji? Why?"

Neji gave her a look. "Why? Because I care too much about you! I don't want you cutting yourself!"

Tenten returned the look. "Oh, I thought you were breaking up with me," she replied with a happy sigh.

"How can you be so cheerful? You're cutting yourself!" sputtered Neji, confused.

The weapons mistress gave Neji yet another look. "I just said that Lee pushed me into a pine tree yesterday."


A laugh, a kiss, and the end.

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