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Neji: She owns nothing. Why am I doing this again…?

A/N: A mix of humor and serious stuff in this one.

Theme: Flower (Theme from Se-chan)

Maybe it was the Byakugan. Maybe it was his clothing. Maybe it was just the way he was. But everybody thought Neji's favorite color was white.

When he had fangirls (Academy days—they got the 'I hate you' vibe a bit more quickly than Sasuke's, thankfully) they flooded his doorstep with yep, you got it—white flowers. Most of these ended up in a trash can, or better yet, burned up.

These memories came back to him as he was lying in a hospital bed—white walls, white ceiling, white sheets—and white flowers, from friends and (unfortunately) admirers.

He was slowly cracking from all the white. And then the door opened.

Oh dear holy mother of God please no more flowers! he thought, closing his eyes.

"Hyuuga-san, you have a visitor," said the polite nurse. He could hear footsteps, but he wouldn't open his eyes. No. He would pretend he was sleeping.

His nose twitched. He could smell flowers. Those stupid white flowers…

Seriously, weren't white flowers for funerals?

"Neji-kun, I got you flowers!" said a cheerful, familiar voice.


He opened his eyes, and there was Tenten, arms laden with flowers of all different colors—blues and oranges, yellows and reds, and best of all, no white.

"Where should I put them?" asked the weapons mistress. The nurse gestured to Neji's nightstand, where there were no flowers at all. (He'd thrown them all away.) Tenten quickly busied herself arranging the bouquet.

The Hyuuga prodigy sighed in relief. He knew he loved her for some reason.

(I half-like this one, half-not. It's weird. But so am I. xD)