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Chapter One

They were all bored. They had been trying to avoid this new Fire Nation threat all day. Thing is, these girls were much better prepared than Zuko has been, and the leader, Azula, seemed to be much more powerful. Appa was getting tired too. They would have to find a place to hide for the night.

Soon, Katara spotted a cave, and told Aang to land there. An Earth Kingdom bird was outside the cave. "Hey Toph, can you feel how many people there are in that cave?" Aang asked. Toph frowned. She couldn't feel any vibrations in that tunnel. She couldn't even tell what the cave would have looked like could she have seen.

"I can't feel anything" Toph said. "It's like there's a barrier around this cave. I can feel the bird, and then… nothing". The others looked surprised.

"Well, it's not like there are any fire benders in there. That's an Earth Kingdom bird" said Sokka.

"I suppose. Let's go" Aang said hesitantly. They had had some bad luck from unusual caves. "We can't leave Appa outside though. What if those girls spot him?"

"Bring him in then, Twinkle Toes" Toph said.

"Appa doesn't like caves. The last one we were in caused… a few problems" Katara explained.

"It's either he comes in the cave, or we are toast. There is plenty of room for him" Toph said, not leaving room for argument and stomped inside the cave.

"Come on, Appa. We need to go inside the cave, otherwise those girls will find us" Aang said, trying to coax Appa inside. It took a while, but he, Katara and Sokka managed to get Appa a good distance inside the cave.

"Hey Toph, where are you?" Katara called out.

"I'm over here, with a friend I met not so long back. Turns out there were fire benders in here" Toph shouted back.

"And you're friends with this guy?" Sokka said, absolutely astounded.

"Well, yeah. Not all fire benders are evil psychotics" Toph retorted.

"Most of them were. Zuko, Zhao and now those three girls" Sokka muttered under his breath. They turned the corner in the cave, where Toph's voice had come from. Instantly, Sokka withdrew his boomerang. He saw Toph sitting with Iroh, drinking tea, and not so far off, was Zuko. "Toph, are you crazy? Remember what we told you about this guy?" Sokka shouted at her.

"Yeah. It's his uncle I know. We got talking a while back" Toph said, not taking any notice of Sokka's discomfort.

"But still, Zuko was the one trying to capture Aang not so long back. He's dangerous" Sokka protested again. Toph turned to glare at Sokka by using the vibrations to sense where he was. Since she had come into the cave, she had been able to see everything. Sokka almost cringed. It was eerie being glared at by a blind girl. Katara stepped between them, ever being the peace keeper.

"Come on guys. We need to rest for the night, and we need a place to hide from those girls. I'm sure we can come to an agreement, right?" she said, turning to Iroh. Zuko's head jerked up when he heard 'those girls'.

"What girls?" he spoke for the first time.

"There are three of them. One of them can use lightening, one can disable our bending and the other has a habit of throwing sharp objects. Why?" Katara answered. Zuko's face immediately grew angry. He looked towards his uncle. Iroh also looked grave.

"You seriously think you lost them?" Zuko asked. "You aren't very bright. Azula and her friends are the best the Fire Nation has".

"You know them?"

"Yes. Azula is my sister" Zuko said.

"Then you're on their side, you're helping them" Sokka accused. Iroh tried calming them down.

"No. We are also on the run from them. We have been labelled as traitors to the Fire Nation. They are also after us" he explained.

"Why would you be seen as traitors? You've been working to capture Aang all this time, which is what the Fire Nation wants, right?" Sokka said.

"You remember the incident at the North Pole, right? Word got back to my brother, Ozai. He is not very forgiving, even though destroying the moon would have also destroyed the Fire Nation" Iroh said.

"Be that as it may, you are still a traitor, Uncle" came a female voice from near the entrance of the cave. They all turned around to see Azula, Ty Lee and Mai standing in front of them. Zuko stood quicker than the blink of an eye, ready for a fight. "You still want to try and beat me, Zuzu?" Azula mocked.

"How did you find us?" Sokka demanded.

"I saw your bison land in this area, and the big bird outside was a dead give away that my dear brother and uncle were here" Azula answered with a smug look on her face. She got into a fighting stance, her two friends following. Aang and the others also got ready to fight them. "The Avatar and two traitors in one day. Father will be most pleased. This time, father will kill you Zuzu" Azula said. And the fight began. Fire, earth air water and lightening being thrown in various directions. No one noticed the bright light the cave was emitting. Not until it seemed to absorb them at least. When they did notice, they stopped, and looked around them. They couldn't get out. The cave had sealed itself, and even Toph couldn't remove the boulder in their way. The light finally consumed them.

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When they woke up, they found themselves on the border of a forest. Not the usual kind of forest either. This one seemed to be emitting an evil vibe, and it made even Azula shiver. When Azula noticed that Aang and Zuko were still with them, she got into fighting stance again. As did Zuko, but Aang seemed to just stand there. "Hey, where are we?" he asked.

"I don't know. I have never seen this place before, and I have done much travelling in my time" Iroh said. Aang walked over to Azula and Zuko.

"Listen, we don't know where we are. I don't think this is even our world. It feels too different. Maybe we should call a truce until we can get back to our own world" he said. Azula and Zuko relaxed, contemplating his words. At least, until a lightening bolt headed for his direction. Iroh ran forward and let the bolt strike him, leading it out through his other arm.

"Will you listen Azula?" he said to her, raising his voice slightly. "We don't know where we are. What good will capturing us do you? You have nowhere to take us" he said, trying to reason with her.

"Your uncle is right, Azula. Capturing them now will just give us more trouble" Mai said, hoping the headstrong princess would listen. Azula lowered her arms.

"Fine. I will agree to a truce. But as soon as we know how to get back, don't expect me to let you go" she threatened.

"I don't, but we're all in the same situation, and we all want to go back. We have to work together if we want that to happen" Aang said peacefully.

"Aang? Are you losing your mind? This girl is crazier than Zuko is. How can we trust her?" Sokka asked.

"Fire benders honour" Zuko said suddenly.

"What's that?" Katara asked.

"To the Fire Nation, honour is very important. They will keep their word, no matter what… at least, most of the time they will" Aang explained. Azula sighed.

"Fine. I swear on my honour as a citizen of the Fire Nation I will not do anything to physically harm or capture any of you while we are in this world" she stated. Ty Lee and Mai also made the same vow, closely followed by Zuko. "What about you?" Azula asked Aang.

"He's not the one trying to kill anyone" Sokka spat at her. Azula glared. Sokka glared right back at her.

"She's right. She needs our words as well that we won't harm her and her friends" Aang said. And there were yet more promises of not killing anyone. "So… how to figure out where we are".

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