Title: Dead Man's Chest
Rating: This Chapter: PG-13 Overall: NC-17
Pairing: Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, James Norrington and various permutations thereof
Warnings: character death, violence, non-con, spoilers
Summary: 15 men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Disclaimer: At no point do I claim any form of ownership of any of the characters depicted in this piece. My representations of them are not necessarily indicative of the intentions of their original creators. The plot in which I place these characters holds no relationship to their original context. I make no profit from borrowed characters. Don't sue me.
Word Count: 2,063
Notes: Don't overlook the warnings. I implore you, for the love of all that is holy, do NOT overlook the warnings. If you have an inkling that this sort of thing will rub you the wrong way, now would be the time to stop, before you're reading this like one watches a train wreck. And then you'll be mad at me. But I warned you.

I. Bargaining Begins

Norrington left Lord Beckett's office with his title and his confidence restored. Now, he was to set sail, for where he did not know, as Davy Jones would surely be waiting for any man who kept acquaintance with Jack Sparrow.

Just as he expected, not mere days into his excursion, the Flying Dutchman and her cursed crew rose from the depths to inquire about the missing contents of the now-uncovered chest. True to the cleverness he'd exhibited in ferreting the heart out from under the noses of his comrades, Norrington never gave away all his cards. He struck a deal to reveal the location of the stolen heart in exchange for one thing. He wanted the compass Jack had once carried. Davy Jones was cautious, but ultimately eager to oblige and when Norrington produced a list of ships that would be carrying the heart, he sent Norrington away with compass in hand.

As the Commodore sailed toward the horizon, Jones sent his men round the great works of the ship, calling for the Kraken. When it was summoned, Jones ordered it to spit Jack up along some beach, and it was off with a great rumbling of water. Norrington sailed in its wake, compass guiding his course homeward.

Even with the blessing of Davy Jones, the newly reappointed Commodore made much slower pace than the Kraken and arrived at port several days after Jack had washed up on shore. As Beckett no longer had any use for him, he'd been left well enough alone by the authorities and was being cared for and hidden by Will Turner. A knock came suddenly at their door, some mornings after Jack seemed to be restored to his health.

Will stuck his head out of the door, saw the Commodore on the stoop and stepped outside, closing the door behind him.

"Commodore," Will greeted, coldly.

"Mr. Turner," Norrington countered with equal disdain.

"Commodore, if you please, I should like to make our words quick, as Elizabeth has been of poor temper since the postponing of the marriage."

"I understand," Norrington's countenance almost softened. "Then, I will not trouble you with pleasantries. I know there is something you need to free your father from the service of Davy Jones."

Will's jaw went momentarily slack and he opened his mouth to speak.

"Do not ask, it is unimportant. What is important is the price of the thing you seek."

"For the heart of Davy Jones I will trade all I have," Will said, resolutely.

"I have not the heart," Norrington said, "but something very nearly as valuable that can lead you there."

"The compass!" Will whispered.

"Yes…" Hissed the Commodore. "I will expect you in my chambers at midnight to negotiate its price."

Before Will had a moment to object, Norrington spun on his heel and strode away.

Will ducked back inside and found Elizabeth staring him down.

"What is he doing here? You should've killed him right on the stoop," her voice cracked with rage.

"What do you care!" Will spat.

"What do you mean?" Her eyes narrowed.

"You know very well what I mean! Did I not see my own fiancé kissing a man I trusted only to save her life before he was taken to the depths? And all of this time while our wedding is being rebuilt, you have still never had the decency to confess!" Will shook with the effort of his words.

"It was the only way! I chained him to the mast, did you not see that, as well? Jack did not elect to stay behind, I condemned him! Do you not see how my grief destroys me!" She sank to her knees and wept bitterly.

"I have had enough of your lies!" Will shouted and pointed to the door, "get out of my sight! Get out and do not return!"

"Will…" she pleaded, but to no avail. He stood pointing until she left the house and ran down the drive, tears streaming down her face.

Will stormed off in the direction of the room he'd allowed Jack to occupy. He flung open the door with such force that Jack was jolted from his sleep. He sat up abruptly, brow crinkling to reflect his confusion. Will could keep silent no longer.

"I have saved your life time and again, I have been loyal to you to the utmost, and now, you have cheated me out of my fiancé and my father. Confess! What happened on that ship?" Will demanded.

"I would have told you, but I thought it better to let you live your life…" Jack began, his expression softening with sympathy. "She surprised me. I never would have taken her from you, even if it was what she wanted!"

"Why did you stay on that ship?" Will asked, as always, being more willing to hear Jack's stories than he thought he wanted to.

"She asked me to stay. For you. For your marriage. She asked me to do it so you could be happy together. I thought of you, both of you, living your lives… And I realized that an old pirate like me has got a lot less to live for than either of you alone, but especially together."

Internally, Jack braced for impact. The lie was potentially far too absurd to be believed, but it was the best he could come up with, jolted out of sleep with such a difficult question. And he did love Will. Had Will been the one doing the kissing, Jack knew, there would have been no handcuffs needed. Even in his negotiating with Davy Jones, he knew he'd willingly face his servitude along with Bootstrap for the likes of the old man's son.

"She's gone," Will said, sinking down onto the edge of the bed. "She told me she fastened you to the mast and that you stayed because you had no choice. I should have known when she didn't tell me of her own accord… I made her leave."

"There, there, lad," Jack soothed, putting a hand on Will's hardened shoulder. "There are plenty of fish in the sea."

Will recoiled and Jack cringed apologetically. Will did not mention the Commodore and the visit he would be making at midnight. Jack needed nothing further to vex him if he were to help Will secure his father's freedom once the negotiations were complete. Jack needed to heal and Will did not intend to delay the process. Yet, when Jack leaned close, Will could not make himself pull away. Jack's presence was comforting… Unexpectedly so. Will turned his face to Jack's.

"I don't know what to make of it that the Kraken spat you out. What did you do?"

"Sea turtles…" Jack muttered, tilting back a bit. He didn't have an answer either. From the moment it swallowed him, he could make no sense of the whole affair.

Will eyed him critically.

"What does it matter? I'm here, now. I'm glad to have you back, and I'll help you in any way I can. We'll get him back, Will, even if I have to barter my soul back to the sea."

Will nodded. He didn't think Jack would need to do any real bartering after they got the compass back, but he appreciated the sentiment, nonetheless. He stared into Jack's dark eyes and Jack stared back. Jack saw hurt and anger and confusion and he longed to ease them.

"Don't you know me by now, Will? Don't you know that your bonnie lass was the last person I ever wanted to kiss?"

"How could I know?" Will asked, his voice small and weak.

"Because you know me, Will. And I want you to know me," Jack said seductively.

Jack leaned closer, still, trying to divulge his intentions gradually. Perhaps it was shock, or perhaps it was simply that Jack's manner had always been rather touchy, but Will did not startle until their lips met. For a moment, his jaw tightened and his muscles tensed, but then he relaxed slightly and Jack extended a gentle tongue. Cautiously, Will began to open his mouth and leaned into the embrace. Jack's hand brushed his face gently and touched his hair. He kissed Will with a tenderness that belied his roguish manner.

"Do you want to know me?" Jack asked, pulling away with eyes blazing defiantly, in spite of his obviously vulnerable position.

"Yes," Will answered, after a moment. "Aye."

"Aye, Will," Jack breathed and he put his hand into Will's loose ponytail, entwining his fingers close to the scalp.

Will refused to take his eyes from Jack for several moments until he was overcome by the tension of Jack refusing to make another move. Will closed his eyes and leaned forward, pulling Jack closer by the fabric of his shirt. Jack let out a low, throaty moan when they kissed, and Will felt his voice vibrate. They kissed for long minutes until Jack began to undo the fastenings of Will's shirt, which seemed to interrupt Will's thoughts… or rather, lack thereof. He hesitated with indignance and watched Jack's hands work at the buttons. The kissing was comfortable, but any further change was confusing to Will.

His fears, however, soon subsided as Jack slid a nimble hand into Will's shirt. The callous on Jack's hand was rough, but not unpleasant and the warmth of his skin and breath was intoxicating. Responding to the tug at his own shirt, Jack broke their embrace to remove it and sank back against Will, pushing him slowly down onto the bed. Will clutched at Jack's skin with ferocity, tormented by inner conflict, but unable to deny his lust. He held Jack by his slender waist and pulled their bodies together. Jack laid flat over Will and explored the exposed skin with his fingertips. His eyes fluttered half shut, but as he bent for another kiss, Will tensed again.

"Jack," Will whispered. He sat up abruptly, shoving Jack to one side.

Jack stared back with his usual look of sexual dejection. His brow furled and he leaned his head back in question. Will stared almost blankly away from Jack.

"I can't," he said. "I can't do this, Jack. What about Elizabeth?"

"You said so yourself. She's gone, mate."

Will sighed.

"I'm sorry, lad. It's all too soon." Jack got up from the bed and put his shirt back on.

Will looked worried and upset, but he stood and buttoned his shirt again.

"I've got all the time in the world," Jack said slyly. He intended it to lighten the mood, but he couldn't tell if the effect of the words had done more harm than good. Will turned purposefully and left the room without saying a word. He needed his thoughts in much better order before he faced whatever weird meeting awaited him with Norrington.

Will stared intently at the candle on the table late into the evening. Jack had long ago gone to bed and was sleeping deeply, as evidenced by his loud snoring. It must surely be about midnight by now. Will got up, grabbed his coat and dashed out the door.

When he arrived at the Barracks, Will found the door of the Commodore's chambers unlatched, with a little stream of light flickering underneath. Will let himself in and stood expectantly at the desk.

"Good evening, Mr. Turner," Norrington spoke with some sly intent barely hidden by his practiced countenance.

"Commodore," Will muttered his standard greeting. His teeth involuntarily clenched. There was a moment of silence and then the Commodore continued.

"Well, I won't take up much of your time with bargaining. I can give you something you need and you can give me something I want."

"Jack has nothing else of any value and I'm not giving you his hide," Will countered, loyal to a fault.

"What I want has nothing whatever to do with Jack Sparrow," Norrington said, flatly.

"Captain," Will began strongly, but finished with less gusto, "Captain Jack Sparrow."

Norrington's eyes rolled with disgust.

"What is it you want?" Will asked, through with any pleasantries the Commodore had in mind. "Name your price."

"What are you willing to pay?" Norrington looked deadly serious except for the wicked gleam of his eye.

"Anything," Will said valiantly, craning his neck and stepping into his words.

"Good," Norrington answered and he reclined in his chair. "Let the bargaining begin."