Aladdin held the door open for his beautiful wife Jasmine. She kissed his cheek to thank him. Aladdin smiled, and closed the door gently to their bedroom. The two were really tired. Especially Jasmine. She was 9 months pregnant, and could have the baby any day now, so Aladdin had to keep a good eye on her. It was late, and cool out. Jasmine got in bed, and began resting her head on a big comfy pillow. She pulled the covers up when she felt the cool breeze come through the balcony. She began to close her eyes, but was interupted by Aladdin's sweet voice.
"Do you need more covers?"
"No thank-you" She replied in a polite yet sleepy tone. Aladdin went over to her side of the bed and kissed her goodnight. He then went his side of the bed, and got under the covers. Secounds later, Jasmine cuddled next to him. He put his arm around her shulder, and fell asleep.

The next morning, Aladdin began waking up from his dream. He turned his head, expecting to see Jasmine sleeping peacfully, but instead she was gone. Aladdin sat up, he looked around the room,but didn't see her any where. He pulled the covers off, and got out of bed. He was beginning to worry.
How did she get out of bed so quietly? He wondered. Aladdin didn't think to look on the balcony, and soon he did, and was releived to see her and the 'baby' safe. She was gazing out at the city. Aladdin could see she had somthing big on her mind, because she had a serious look on her face. Aladdin took her by surprise as he swong his arms around her waist. She gasped, but didn't jerk away from his warm and loving arms. After awhile, Jasmine turned to face Aladdin. He kissed her passionatly before saying,
"Is something wrong?"
"No... I was just thinking" Her voice trailed off.
"What were you thinking about?" He asked.
"About the baby," she said softly. "I was just thinking of a name for when it comes." She smiled, then began to rub her stomach. Aladdin saw the happiness in her eyes. Suddenly, without warnning, Jasmine fell forward to the ground. Luckily, Aladdin caught her. Jasmine was on her knees and was starting to deep breath. Aladdin was starting to panic. He helped her to their bed, then ran out to get the nearest doctor that was strolling in the halls of the palace. Aladdin told the doctor what happened, and the doctor acted quickliy. In fact, he was a head of Aladdin. Aladdin didn't need to give directions, because they followed her screams. The doctor went on in while Aladdin waited out side.

Aladdin began pacing back and fourth. He was happy to be a father, but was also concerned and a bit worried. What if I'm no good at being a father? He thought. He vowed never to leave nor dissapoint Jasmine, but what if his child hates him? Aladdin got goose bumps thinking about. He shook the idea out of his head. He remembered how his own father,Cassim, left him and his mother and never came back. Aladdin never wanted his child to go through that. He is gonna be there for his baby and his wife.
A few hours went by, and finnaly the doctor came out. He turned to face Aladdin and smiled.
"Congradulations Prince Aladdin!" He said cheerfully.
"It's a girl." Aladdin smiled and shook his hands.
"Thank-you so much!" Aladdin said. The doctor gave him a quick bow before leaving. Aladdin ran to Jasmine's bedside. She was sitting up, cradiling their new born baby. Jasmine saw Aladdin, and smiled.
"Do you wanna hold her?" She asked him. He nodded. Soon he was cradiling his child. Aladdin took a good look a t her. She had dark golden eyes, and sort black curly hair. He gently kissed her forhead. She began reaching and touching her face. He pulled back slowly.
"She is beautiful" He said softly.
"Did you come up with a name?" He asked.
"Yes" She began."Alicia."
He looked down at the baby and smiled.
"Alicia is a perfect name for her" He said. He slowly and gently placed Alicia in Jasmine's arm. He kissed her on the forhead, and left the room with a big smile on his face. Wait till dad and and the guys hears this. He thought. He ran to look for every one to tell them the news.
"Oh My!" Genie said in a high pitch voice.
"My little Al is finaly a dad!"
Genie gave him a big hug, and Abu joined in. Finaly when the hug ended, Genie's words ran across Aladdin's haed. I'm a father now. He thought. I have a big responsibility.
"Is it a boy?" Genie asked in his normal voice. Aladdin shook his head.
"It's a girl. Her name is Alicia" Aladdin said.
Genie smiled at the name.
"Is Jasmine alright?"
Aladdin nodded.
"She seems tired, it'll probably take her a day or so to get all her strength back, but otherwise she seems ok" Aladdin went outside to get some fresh air. Soon guards, servents and chamber maids ran up to Aladdin congradgulating him on his first new born child. He told every one it was a girl and her name was Alicia. Ever one liked the name and then went back to their duties. Aladdin was all alone now. He began walking when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see his father Cassim. Aladdin huged him, and told him everything.
"Congradgulations son" He said. Aladdin offered him to see Alicia, but he shook his head.
"Maybe later. I wanna see her when she is bigger." Aladdin shrugged. He didn't understand his dad sometimes, but he didn't question him. Cassim said goodbye, and before Aladdin knew it, He was gone.