"Okay, how did I get here again?" Ritz asked herself for the millionth time, sitting in the cold, dark cell. She was delievering something for Avalance and was captured by some guys in suits. Did this make sense? No, but oh well. She had been strip-serched and tortured for all information she had on Avalance, and kept there for three months. So here she was, naked and beaten. And all because she was doing a favor for a friend. Could be worse.

Her thoughts were broken by the cell door opening. Another person to beat her about an orginization she wasn't going to talk about. She looked up at the shadow that fell on her. The man had a red-haired mullet and a smug smile on his face.

"Now, now, now, what do we have here?" He asked, kneeling down to her level. Ritz shivered but said nothing. "So, you delivered two AK-47's and twenty hand-guns to Avalance. Want to tell me about that?" He asked. Ritz shook her head. The man leaned back. "Well, looks like its gonna be a long night. But damn, its cold in here." he said.

"Try being in here for three months naked." Ritz responded. The man smiled. "Oh, she talks. Can you say, 'Polly want a cracker?'" Ritz looked away. She didn't need this asshole to make her feel worse. "Polly want some clothes." She snapped back. The man looked down at her. "Hey, maybe I'll give you some if your nice to me. But first, your blue. And we here don't like our prisoners to turn blue." He said. Ritz looked down at herself. He was right when he said she was turning blue from the cold.

A warm blanket almost magiclly was produced and wrapped around Ritz. She jumped at the man's gentle hands lifting her body to wrap the blanket compelty over her body. She cracked what was supposed to be a smile at him. "The names Reno if you want to know your knight in shining armor's name." He said with a cocky smile. Ritz's laugh turned into a cough. Reno smiled at her and sat down on the rusty cot that was supposed to be her bed. "You don't want to sit there." Ritz said.

Reno jumped when the thing collasped under him. Ritz hid a smile in the blanket. Reno sat on the floor and lit a cigerette. Ritz pulled the blanket tighter around her. Reno exhaled and looked at her. "Hungry?" He asked. As soon as he said it, a loud growel sounded though the entire cell. Ritz sighed. "Yes, I am very hungry." She said. Reno laughed. "You prisoners really are well-versed in sarcasm." Reno said. Reno got up and Ritz felt his warmth leave.

A half an hour later, Ritz was thinking that Reno had left. She laid on the floor and pulled the blanket tighter. The only man who showed her kindness in all this time. The door opened again. Reno was back with some Cup of ramen. Ritz laughed. "You really are my knight in shining armor." She said, taking the ramen. Reno sat down and slupped at his ramen. Ritz ate hers like it was her last meal. Reno sat back and laughed. "They say they'll get nothing out of you." he said. Ritz looked up at him.

"Yea, you won't. Cause All I was doing was a favor for a friend." She said. "Really? And who was this friend?" He asked. Ritz rolled her eyes. So he was nothing diffrent than them. "My friend was supposed to deliver it but was sick and asked me to." 'Good job Ritz. Stick to the story. Don't let him know about anyone.' Reno snorted. "Fine, thats the story you stayed with for three months of torture. Fine. You win. Thats what I'll tell them." He said, throwing his hands in the air. Ritz looked confused. "What?"

"Oh, we were trying a new thing. They beat you until we all thought you were going to crack. Which at this point, you looked like you were going to crack or die. Hell, I thought I'd find you here dead. And then we decided to show you a little kindness. Thats when people spill everything, when they get that taste of freedom and comfort." Reno explained. Ritz buried her head between her knees. "Thats a good idea. Too bad it didn't work." She said. Reno laughed. "Fine, you win. Tomorrow, we will give you your freedom." He said, getting up.

He took the cup of ramen and left, the door closing behind him. Ritz smiled. A sob came out as unshed tears of joy came down her cheeks. She laid down, wincing at the wounds. She could finally go home where her life was waiting for her. True she was just a delivery girl helping a rebel orginization and lived in a very small apartment with her father, but it was home. Better than here by a long shot.