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Some characters you will recognize and others you may not. Also, some of the things involved in the story are not fully canon. In other words, this fic is AU (Alternate Universe)

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Fatal Instinct

Chapter 1


The sunbeams were pleasant to the senses, revitalizing her as she took it all in. The crisp air smell had reached her nose after inhaling deep, a smile curving at her lips. Despite the exposure of the sun, the air was not as warm as it should have been today. A red bikini, thermos, and suntan lotion almost seemed inappropriate now in this situation.

Miles of sand, pebbles, and swaying palm trees were all Anna could note through tinted sunglasses. It was not often she had a chance to relax at the beach, so she considered this a blessing. After all, there was nothing more appealing than watching well-tanned men walk by in shorts and undershirts.

Her friend and former colleague, Bruce Irvin, sat beside her in a lounge chair. After not seeing each other for nineteen years, the two had reunited. Tracking him down had not been easy, but she had succeeded.

Time was the only thing that seemed to have changed Bruce; he had grown a slim goatee with sideburns and packed on more muscle in his upper body region. His gaze had veered toward the roaring sea, as if lost in the conversation they were having. Something seemed to be on his mind, but he did not give any indication as to what it was.

Without even turning his head, he grumbled and broke the silence. "How's life been treating you, Anna?"

She sighed and smiled at him, draping the white towel over her shoulders like a coat. "Life's been treating me well, friend. What about you? You still Kazuya's lap dog or what?" There was a chuckle in her voice. It came as a joke, but Bruce did not seem to find the comment humorous as his stony look stayed intact.

"Nah, I'm done with that part of my life. I've aged quite a bit and I'm not as stupid as I was once before. Been moving on to better things. Heh, with my luck lately, I might end up getting married and settle down somewhere." He nodded, crushing the cigarette butt between his fingers with a sizzle.

The Irish woman's brow rose, never expecting to hear such things from the ex-mercenary. However, the contradiction itself did amuse her. Maybe his time away from Kazuya influenced the change within him. "You? Married? Whatever happened to, 'there's no woman out there who measures up to my standards'?"

"Ugh, must you quote everything I say?" He put an open-palmed hand to his face and shook his head. "A guy can change his mind, you know? Don't act like you haven't done it." Getting off the subject, he moved on to pursue a different one. "So," he continued while scratching his short, thin black Mohawk, "what's your line of work now?"

She looked back at him through the corner of her eye, reclining in her chair. "Oh, nothing big. Just a small job to get by," came the response with an inaudible snicker.

"What, you finally started working as a stripper?" He smiled.

Anna grimaced at first and then replaced her frown with a grin mirroring his own. "Oh no! Of course not. Bet you were fantasizing about it, though."

"Me? Fantasize about you? Oh, you're funny, kid. Real funny."

At least he had developed a sense of humor, something uncommon of him.

Waves of the ocean crashed upon the sand, a flock of seagulls seen soaring about in the distance. The atmosphere itself had made Anna want to stay longer than she had planned; however, she knew that was impossible.

Soon, she had detached herself from the chair and stood, draping the towel over her shoulder. They took a walk across the beach, weaving through the thin crowds of people.

"Met anyone special?" Bruce's gaze focused ahead as he asked the question.

Anna's hand came to rest at her nape while in thought, feeling the sand wedge between her toes. "Mmm, not really." A fingernail trailed down her trimmed hair. "It's kind of hard finding the person you want out there. Then when you think you've found the right one, they're often someone they're not. I don't waste time with fools like that. Besides, there's probably not a man on this earth that can handle me."

Funny they were talking to each other like this. When they used to work in the Mishima Zaibatsu under Kazuya's rule, the discussions were much different, less personal. Then again, Kazuya did not allow his employees to have regular chats with such strict regulations. If it did not concern what he paid them to do, he would forbid it. Nevertheless, Anna tried to steer her memories of working in the Zaibatsu away as best as she could.

"So how's Ganryu?" She faced him with curiosity, eyes blinking. "We really ought to get together and play cards again sometime, no?"

"Haven't seen or spoken to him in a while. Probably still obsessing over that girl." He chuckled and shook his head. "Heard he opened a sumo stable and works as a trainer to other sumo wrestlers. The ole Buffalo Butt's doing fine, I take it."

They stopped once they were away from all the indistinct commotion, bathing in shade under a lonesome tree. The sky was beginning to darken, clouds eclipsing the sun serving as the cause. A storm must have been afoot as Anna heard thunder rumbling, felt water droplets land on her arm.

"Damn it, not now." She hissed and looked up to feel another drop touch against her cheek. Rain always had a tendency to disrupt things and she hated that.

"I better go." Bruce looked over her shoulder and took her hand with his own. "Nice seeing you again, friend."

She returned the handshake with a firm squeeze and nodded in appreciation. "Same to you. You take care of yourself."

Within a minute, he disappeared on walking toward the street corner ahead. Then the communicator strapped around her thigh beneath the sarong caught her attention. She ducked away into the shadows of a more secluded area and switched it on. First, there was static, then silence as a snowy image began to blend into the miniature screen.

"I have another job for you." came a deep voice that sounded a bit hoarse in its delivery. "I'll brief you soon, so stay in touch." The voice then fizzled out, leaving Anna to muse as rain fell from the forming clouds above.

"Another assignment. Wonder what it is this time."

Skies that were once blue had converted to a pitch-black, ushering in the pale light of the full moon. Such conditions were perfect for this kind of mission.

The hovering vehicle lowered Anna to the building via rope before she jumped off and landed on crouching unnoticed. Cold had shrouded her, making her form shiver upon the square-shaped rooftop.

'Been waiting a long time for this.'

She never thought she would come back here again. It brought back memories, but there was no time to reminisce the old days; there were other matters to focus on.

It took one beep for her to realize she was receiving another call. The screen of the communicator flashed on and she held it close to her lips. "I'm here." She whispered.

"Excellent. Make sure the kill is quick. Do what you need to, but don't harm any unarmed civilians, if you happen to cross any."

"Sure you don't wanna leave this to the law?" Her tone was teasing. "What I'm gonna do may not be very law-abiding."

"The law is ignorant to mostly everything the Zaibatsu does. That's where we come in, exterminating the threat before it becomes even bigger. We serve justice the way it was meant to be served."

Anna gazed at her surroundings before releasing a cold breath. "You know, the people here already seem very rude. What, no welcoming committee? No red carpet? The boys sure know how to greet a gal." She shrugged with sarcasm.

"This is not something to joke about. You have approximately fifteen minutes to get in and get out. This'll be a bit more arduous than your training exercises. By then, your ride will show up, assuming you've accomplished the job. Once your finished, contact me. Don't screw this up, Williams." The voice responded before the device went back into loud static.

"Gee, I love you too." Her eyes rolled with a shaking head.

Equipped with a silencer pistol, an infrared scanner, and various other tools, she stole into the financial building. Security was tight, as guards seemed to fill every corridor. One wrong move could jeopardize the mission if not careful. They had installed cameras all through out the complex to warn of any intruders. No matter, she was not intent on having them discover her.

The tail end of her black qipao dress flapped with her movements as her gaze swept over the metallic interior. There were a couple of armed guards patrolling the area, oblivious to her presence. They had no clue that death awaited them in only a matter of seconds.

The Irish woman kept her back pressed to the wall and peeked around the corner to ready her first shot. Her index finger fastened around the trigger and had the unfortunate guard within her crosshairs. When the timing was right, the pistol shot a bullet straight to his neck, puncturing the skin.

He froze in place and uttered one last breath before collapsing forward on his knees. His comrade witnessed the demise and came over to investigate, but received the same fate as his partner.

Anna's high-heeled slingbacks clicked across the steel floor as she made a break for the next room. Some doors required specialized keycards for entry, no doubt meant for the higher ranked officials. A conversation was going on from the north, indicating more hostilities.

She pinpointed the enemy's location through infrared goggles, deciding to pick them off one by one. Sneaking up on the first guard from behind without the others knowing was not a problem. Her hands grasped his head and jaw, snapping his neck in the process.

She discarded the corpse behind a desk, with his allies noticing his disappearance too late as she charged. Anna drew double-edged knifes from the holster and drove three inches of cold steel into soft yet vulnerable flesh. Lifeless, they fell before her and were nothing more than mere stepping-stones on her continuing to the furthest hall. Any blood left over from the aftermath, she diluted.

A mechanical whine brought movement to a halt before reaching the corridor, expanding her perception. Her eyes spied the security camera on the ceiling turning side-to-side between three-second pauses. A few steps closer into its focus and an alarm would have sounded to alert everyone in the building. It only took one shot to the lens to put it out of commission for good; sparks flew out thereafter.

Kazuya's office should not have been far now, at least from she remembered of the building's previous layout. More guards had dispatched to replace those that had fallen, but it did not concern her much. The large double doors coming up on the right gave hint she had reached her destination.

Not a moment sooner, she entered to hide behind a couple pillars without any sign of Kazuya.

She kept her weapons drawn and swept the office, but came up short on finding anything. Then her heart jumped once the double doors flung. She retreated to the nearest wall and saw Kazuya's face carrying that standard cold, emotionless expression. The man did not look any different than he did nineteen years ago; moreover, he still donned that tacky purple suit.

He sat upright at the desk, dialing numbers on his phone before turning to where she had hid. "So, when were you planning to kill me?" A pause came with the flicker of his thick brows, his voice deepening. "That's what you came for, right? I'm sure it wasn't to help me do my paperwork."


Anna's eyes widened with gritted teeth, discarding the shocked look on revealing herself. Despite the eerie, dissimilar colored glow in his eyes, she mocked him with a giggle.

"Nice to see you again, boss. Or should I say…ex-boss?"